Step Daughter_(2)

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Step Daughter

Sharon was nine years of age when her Mother and I married. There was no difference to her and any other child her age, well nothing I could put my finger on. But I just didn’t like her very much. Don’t get me wrong, I tried my hardest to be a good Dad but we just never got on. Her natural Father didn’t live too far away and she would run off to his house if a decision were made at our house that she didn’t like. Mostly petty rules about what time she had to be in by, bedtime or use of phone (No computers in them days). She was only trying to blackmail us into getting her own way, typical child like tantrums. She gradually gave up when she realized her Dad was phoning us to let us know where she was and that his rules were very similar to ours.

When she reached her teens and started to develop she had a body to die for, she was far from ugly looking but she wasn’t the prettiest either, but amongst her friends she had the finest sexiest body of all by far. Long slim well-shaped legs that finished at the cutest bubble shaped arse ever. Wide child bearing hips, (as my old mother used to say) flat firm stomach, topped by at least a 36 inch C cup pair of firm looking boobs. She always dressed well, nothing too provocative but sexy, tight jumpers or blouse, skirts down to mid thigh and stockings to just above her knees, no suspender belt so they must have been self-support. No wonder that the boys were always knocking the door or hanging around outside. She was popular with the girls as the house was always noisy with her and her friends running around. I tried my hardest to not look, but I am an ordinary man.

We still didn’t get on too well it was more like we tolerated each other for her Mothers sake. I didn’t treat her wrong and tried to help as much as I could, with money or driving her to wherever, I even tried comforting her when it was needed.

My work took me away from home for 3 month at a time, but then I would be at home for 3 month. My wife had a part time job for 3 mornings a week; our life together was pretty good. I earned good money, we had a holiday every time I returned home from work, and our sex life wasn’t too bad. All in all I was happy with my life.

One morning the wife had gone to work and Sharon had as I thought gone to school; I was lying in bed and feeling really horny, I had to take care of myself as I couldn’t wait until my wife got home. I was lying there, the blankets thrown back cock in hand slowly wanking, I was getting closer and closer to finishing, and just as I shot my first load onto my stomach I heard a gasp, I opened my eyes and Sharon was in the door way, I couldn’t do anything I kept on spurting, trying to hide myself pulling the blankets up, all the while (which seemed for ever) Sharon was stood there wide eyed mouth open saying “Oh my God”. She then ran out of the room.

I cleaned up got dressed and went downstairs. Sharon was there and when she saw me she backed away. I apologised explaining that I thought she had gone to school and that I would never do anything to upset her. I asked her why she had come into our bedroom, as she never usually did. She explained that she had overslept and missed the school bus and had come to ask if I would drive her to school. I agreed to if she still wanted, she said she had an exam she couldn’t miss so off we went.
On the way to school I apologised again and asked if I had upset her and what can I do to make it up to her. She said she wasn’t upset just more shocked, as she had never seen anything like that before. I was glad to hear that, as after all she was only 15. I apologised again and said that really she shouldn’t have seen that until she had a boyfriend that she really liked and was a couple of years older. She told me she had seen a couple of boys before when her friends were with them but that she had always left when her friends went that far. She wanted to know what that white stuff was that shot out of the end of it. But by the time I had thought of an explanation that would be both practical and non abusive we had reached her school. She asked if I would pick her up after school and tell her then.

I met her after school and gave her an explanation, she said I made it sound boring but she had been thinking about it all day and had found it exciting. She had even asked her friends about it, a couple had said they had done it to their boyfriends, some had watched their boyfriends, one even offered to let Sharon watch her and her boyfriend. I asked if she had told them about seeing me but she hadn’t (thank god), but she would like to watch me again. Boy did I want to but I explained that it would be wrong and that we can’t do it again. She looked disappointed and sat in the corner of her seat in one of her childish huffs.

As time went by she started to come into our bedroom in the mornings, no knocking just walking in quietly, sometimes when her mother was there but mostly when she was in work. Her skirts were much shorter and she would stand close to the bed with her legs slightly apart, her school blouse was open a few buttons showing plenty of cleavage, she looked really good but I knew what she was doing and I was damned if I was going to give in to her. In the evenings she would lay on the settee watching TV her feet were pointing towards me and she would open and close her legs giving me plenty to look at, a couple of times she had not put any knickers on. She would always be upstairs when I came out of the bathroom after showering, or walk in the bathroom when I was in the bath, but she always apologised explaining she didn’t realise I was in there. When her mum was working and she was off school she would walk around the house in her pyjama’s, which consisted of very loose very short legged shorts, and a thin practically see through top, no bra or knickers. She would walk to and from the bathroom to her bedroom naked after showering. I was as horny as hell and really wanted to bed her but I never gave in. I didn’t want to ruin my marriage and cause all sorts of problems.

I told her in no uncertain terms that all this had to stop; I told her that I had photos and video (a total lie) that I would show her mother if she didn’t stop. She denied doing anything wrong and that it was my fault for wanking in front of her and that I was an old pervert. I called her bluff and told her to tell her mum or anyone, but not to forget I had proof.

Our relationship went downhill from there. After a few years she married and had children, 2 boys and a girl. I loved them dearly and we babysat every opportunity we got. The children would stay with us for weekends to give their parents a break. We had a great life with them and every time the children were asked if they wanted to come to visit us or their other grandparents they always chose us. When asked why, they explained the other grandparents were very old and no fun. Although their other grandparents were the same age as us, I was chuffed to death with this explanation.
On some days when we were visiting at Sharon’s house she would still try to tease me with Beylikdüzü Escort flashing parts of her body “accidentally”. But the look on her face said, “You have no chance”. Some of her remarks let me know that in no uncertain terms that she hated me and only put up with the situation for her Mum’s sake. I usually said that I have a good movie she and her husband should watch. Childish and petty I know but that was the situation between us.

One Saturday morning we were expecting the grandchildren, we had made arrangements to take them to the seaside for the day. I thought I would shower and get dressed before the children arrived. I was now in the bedroom wearing my dressing gown towel over my head drying my hair. I felt my dressing gown being pulled to one side and a soft hand grabbing my cock, nice I thought the wife hasn’t done this for a long time, and then I felt a nice warm mouth on it. Oh God the wife hadn’t done that for years, I lifted the towel off my head and to my horror I saw my 5 year old granddaughter sucking my cock, I recoiled in horror, covered myself and when I looked at her she was smiling. The innocent smile only children have. I asked her why, and she told me her Daddy likes her to do it. I don’t think the words shock and horror are strong enough to describe how I was feeling. I sent her downstairs to help her grandmother prepare the picnic. I needed to think.

I had to find out what had been happening to this little girl before I said anything to anyone else, for now I was in too much shock to think straight, I knew I had to talk to her first and when we were alone, I had to be certain before I told the wife and the authorities. I had to make sure the children were safe. I asked the wife if they could stay with us for the rest of the weekend, and when she phoned Sharon to ask her to bring the children’s school clothes, as I would take them to school on the Monday. There was nothing unusual in that, as they often did. All I had to do now was get my granddaughter alone to talk.

We did manage to talk, and with gentle questioning she told me that she often gave her dad a blowjob and sometimes her mum helped her. She didn’t like it very much when he did a wee (that was her name for his cum) in her mouth, because it was thick and sticky, but her mum liked it, and it was better if he told her first. She also told me that sometimes daddy would stick his willy into mummy’s front bum (her description of a cunt) she sometimes put her whole arm in mummy’s front bum, her mum really liked that. This had been going on for about a year now. She assured me that her brothers didn’t do any of those things as they were not as special as she, and it was a secret and I couldn’t tell anyone.

The wife said I seemed to be in a world of my own all weekend and was it something I wanted to talk about, oh how I wanted to talk but I couldn’t. It would destroy so many lives; my biggest concern was making my grandchildren safe.

After taking the little ones to school on Monday morning and after the wife had left for work, I phoned Sharon and told her I needed to talk to her urgently as it was very important. That is all I told her, I said I was coming to her house then, she didn’t really want to talk to me but as I was so insistent she agreed.

Yes I thought, lets see how ready you are for this bombshell and for going to prison and losing her children and everything else.

When I entered her house she had a look of defiance on her face and she was ready for a fight. I settled myself on the settee and told her to sit as what I was about to tell her was going to be a shock, she immediately thought something had happened to her mum. When I assured her that her mum was ok she relaxed a bit. Then I told her that I had been talking to her daughter and how her mummy and daddy had told her how special she is. Sharon’s jaw dropped, she swallowed then she tried to fight and denied it, calling me a fucking pervert for making up such a horrible story. I told her all that I had been told and that if I were lying the police would soon get to the truth.

She changed her tack then, saying that her daughter had a very creative imagination and that she was always making up stories, this was true but all her stories were based on fairy tales such as the sleeping beauty and the like. What 5 year old could imagine the things she had told me.

Sharon realized that I didn’t believe a word she said, she then begged me to say nothing, that she would do anything I wanted as long as I said nothing. She started to undo the buttons on her blouse to show me how far she was willing to go. But I snorted and stood up to leave, she was on her knees holding on to my leg begging me, I relented a bit and told her I would make my decision by Wednesday morning, her mum would be in work the little ones in school and her husband in work, I would come back about the same time as today and let her know what I was going to do.

Over the next two days I thought hard, my first priority was the children, next was my wife, she doted on her daughter and grandchildren. If the police were involved the first thing they would do is get the social and the little ones would be taken in to care, we would have a fight on our hands trying to get the authorities to grant us custody, and because I worked abroad for six month of the year I would most likely have to resign to be at home for the children. Then there was the horny devil on my shoulder, I was in my mid fifties and the wife wasn’t as keen on sex as she once was, but I still wanted plenty. What fun I could have and at the same time teach that bitch of a stepdaughter what perversion, obedience and discipline were really about.

Wednesday morning I arrived at the stepdaughter’s house about nine thirty, she was waiting nervously. When I entered she asked me what I had decided, I told her we would sit in the living room and talk over a cup of coffee, I went and sat on the settee and could hear her in the kitchen, I heard the kettle boil and a minute later her footsteps. I called her name she replied she was just coming, I told her to wait a minute, as I wanted something else off her. I heard her sigh before asking what, I told her I wanted her to be naked when she served me. Of course she refused and not too politely, when she had finished I asked her if I could use her phone to call the police. She cried begging me not to and agreed to do it. She came in with my coffee naked.

The look on her face was fantastic; I would have been dead if looks could kill. I told her to put her arms down by her side and to stand in front of me with parted legs. Even after giving birth to three children she still had a fantastic figure, hardly any sag to her breasts, clean-shaven pussy with protruding lips. I told her to turn and to bend and touch her toes stiff legged, her pussy looked gorgeous framed between her slim thighs and her puckered arsehole was tight and a dream come true for an anal fucker like me. After I had my eyeful I told her to kneel in front of me while I explained how things were going to be from Escort Bayan now on.

I told her that from now on she will do everything I tell her without question or hesitation, if not then she would be punished severely. Also I would give her to friends of mine when I was in the mood. When we are alone together she will always be naked, when I phone her to come to my place to always get naked in the hall before entering the living room. Always after I have finished and am satisfied she is to lick my cock clean and say thank you Master. If she slips up and doesn’t do as I have told her she will be punished. If you are ready for this I told her to say, “Yes Master thank you”. If not I will call the police.

She knelt in front of me with her head bowed; her hands in her lap and her shoulders slumped. After a minute or two she said, “Yes Master thank you”.

Good I said now stand up and sit in the armchair one leg on each arm so your pussy is in full view. Now play with yourself until you orgasm, and no faking it. She made herself comfortable and did as she was told, but the look on her face said she wasn’t enjoying it one bit. I told her to relax and forget why she had to do it and enjoy herself, as I wasn’t going to allow her to stop until she had an orgasm. It took a while but finally she did cum, and boy was there some juice, thick white just like a mans, it just ran out of her pussy, all over her arse, thighs and fingers. I couldn’t resist it I made her gather it all up in her hands and lick them clean. When she had finished I made her kneel in front of me and told her now she was going to see me wanking just like she wanted to when she was young. I got my cock out and started pulling, it didn’t take long as I was now as horny as hell, I told her to open her mouth and hold her tongue out as I was going to cum in her mouth and she was to swallow it all, at that I came with powerful spurts shooting down the back of her throat, three or four powerful spurts then more leaked onto her tongue. She swallowed without a gag and even licked her lips. I pushed my cock into her mouth and boy did she have a talented tongue, she cleaned me up swallowed and said, “Thank you Master, may I do anything else for you”. (Was the bitch enjoying it, or scared of what I would do).

I told her to make me another coffee then to come back and suck my cock while I asked her some questions. There was no hesitation, within a couple of minutes I was sat there with a coffee in one hand a cigarette in the other and my cock in her mouth getting one of the best blowjobs I had ever had, I thought her tongue was talented but then she deep throated me it wasn’t just in and out, no she got me down the back of her throat held me there and worked magic with her throat muscles. When she came back up the look on her face was a picture she seemed to be really enjoying it.

I asked when and why it started with the granddaughter, she told me that one night her and her husband were having a session on the settee, they had got carried away in a sixty nine, when she came up for air the little one was standing there watching, nothing was said because of the shock, she knew her husband was close to cumming. Just as she made up her mind to take the little one back to bed the little one bent forward and took her dads cock in her mouth, fair to say he didn’t know it was her, he thought Sharon was doing something new and he exploded into the little ones mouth, when she went ugh he looked up and realized what happened. They cuddled the little one trying to make her better and telling her they were sorry and that she shouldn’t have really done it. They couldn’t chastise her, as she didn’t know any better. But after that the little one would climb in their bed and start sucking his cock mostly while they slept. She told her mum and dad that she liked it and the taste, things snowballed from there, and they knew it was wrong and should never have done it but they did and now it can’t be changed. I made her promise to make it stop. I offered to let the little ones stay with us for the next two month before I went back to work, we would think of a reason why.

While she was talking she was playing with my cock and balls, when I was talking she was sucking my cock. This went on for about thirty minutes I was ready to cum. I told her and she took me down the back of her throat and worked her magic with her throat muscles whilst licking my balls. I am sure I shot the same amount down her throat as I did the first time I came in her mouth but the orgasm was much more intense and lasted longer. She didn’t release me until I pulled her off she said thank you master may I do anything else for you, then licked her lips and swallowed. (I was convinced the bitch was enjoying it). I told her I would have to go, as her mother was due home soon, she asked if she could masturbate for me before I went. I gave permission and she asked if she could get something first, she came back with a vibrator and a towel. She spread the towel on the seat of the armchair made herself comfortable spread her legs and started playing. It wasn’t long before her juices started to flow, she hammered her cunt with the vibrator and it wasn’t long before she was squirting her orgasm, writhing and shaking with the force of it. She nearly passed out, she lay there with a grin on her face and said thank you master may I do anything else for you. I told her I had to go and she was to think of a reason for the kids to come and live with us for a couple of months as I would have to persuade her mum soon. She told me she would speak to her husband that night assuring me nothing would be said to him about the real reason why I wanted the little ones.

Sharon telephoned the next morning her mother answered the phone nothing concerning what had gone on the day before was mentioned. She asked if she could speak to me, which the wife found odd, as she knew we didn’t get on. We talked and she asked if I would be visiting her that day, I told her that her mum and I were going out in an hour or so and that I would be round the next morning when her mum had gone to work. Sharon sounded disappointed, I was now convinced she had enjoyed yesterday. I told her to skype me we could have 30 minutes together on there. I went to my ‘office’. The wife was getting ready to go out so I knew we had at least an hour.

When I answered the skype call I got a blank screen, Sharon’s voice asked if her mum was there I replied no, the screen flickered and Sharon appeared, she was naked. When I asked why, she replied that I had told her to be naked when we were together alone. She told me she was feeling very horny and that she needed me, I asked who she thought she was talking to, as I was the one who decided what happened between us. She replied that she was a naughty girl and deserved to be punished. Gobsmacked was not the word to describe how I felt, but I was. I asked if she was enjoying this, she had a grin on her face when she replied that she was doing it for me for punishment for what they had done to the little one.

I thought I would istanbul Escort make her suffer, I told her to get her vibrator, she held it up with a grin on her face, I told her to put on a show and start masturbating, she leaned back in full view opened her legs wide and started. When her juices were flowing running down her arse crack I told her to stop, she looked disappointed but did as she was told. I then told her to use her juice to lubricate her arse and fuck it with the vibrator, she asked me not to make her do that as she had never had anything up there and was scared it would hurt. I told her she was already going to be punished for daring to call and expect sex, and for hesitating to fuck her arse when told to, and that she had better get used to it as I was going to be fucking her arse a lot. I could see the pain in her face as she did it but I didn’t care. Then as she was getting used to it, relaxing and enjoying it I told her I was hanging up and would see her the next morning, and to look out for me so that she could be naked when I enter her house. She pleaded with me to stay so that she could finish, but I refused and hung up. I wasn’t sure who was being punished here.

The next morning when I arrived at Sharon’s house she greeted me by being naked and on her knees just inside the door, “Good morning Master” she said, “May I do something to please you”? Fucking hell I thought she is really into this, she had a dog collar on with a lead attached. She handed me the lead and crawled behind me into the living room. I sat on the settee and she knelt in front of me and asked what she could do to serve and please her master.

I got her to turn around and kneel with her shoulders on the floor, arse up and legs spread so that I had full access to her cunt and arse. I told her to reach behind and spread her cheeks so everything was open and on view. I touched her cunt for the first time with one finger, she let out a low moan and her juices started to run. I put one finger inside her and she orgasmed, spraying juice all over my hand and arm. I inserted two fingers and started frigging her searching for her G spot, I must have found it as she started pushing back onto my fingers, moaning loudly bucking her hips wildly and squirting non stop streams of juice. I had to taste it; I was sucking and licking her cunt and clit while frigging her with two fingers. All the while she was pouring and squirting juice, I had never seen so much. Finally She collapsed breathing heavily and her whole body twitching. I gave her a few minutes to rest, she resumed the position and I started fingering her again, but this time I was fingering her arse, at first she was quiet and still, stiff and tense. But after a few minutes of gentle fingering she started to relax, it wasn’t too long after that she started to buck her hips and moan. She loosened up so I inserted another finger, I had two inside her as far as they would go and was frigging her quite hard when all of a sudden she squealed squirted cunt juice and collapsed. When she recovered she turned to me and was kissing my feet and saying over and over again, Thank you Master, Thank you Master. She explained that she didn’t even know that she could have an orgasm with her arse being fucked never mind one as strong as that, in fact she said that it was a different feeling orgasm all together. Then she asked, “If it pleases Master would I fuck her arse with my cock so that she could feel me cum in there”. I was feeling as horny as hell and knew I wouldn’t last long fucking her so I told her to suck me off first; I had no sooner finished saying it than my cock was out of my trousers and down the back of her throat, she was licking my balls and working her magic on my cock with her throat muscles, she didn’t come up for air until I had shot my load down her throat.

I sat on the settee drinking coffee and having a cigarette recovering, Sharon knelt between my legs playing with and sucking my cock getting me ready for another round. We talked; I asked her why she enjoyed it so much. She told me that she had always been submissive and it was one of her fantasy’s to be a sex slave having no say whatsoever in what was done to her body, her husband had tried but didn’t really like it. When I had confronted her about the little one she was scared of what would happen to her, then when I told her to serve my coffee naked she was shocked I would even think of making her do that. But she realized she was turned on by the idea, the consequences of not doing it were too much to contemplate. She felt she had to complain about it to see if I was serious, but when I made her pose and show me her body, then masturbate and suck my cock she knew she was getting everything she always wanted. Ever since that morning when she saw me wanking and cumming she always wanted me. She had tried everything to get me going but nothing worked, and for that she hated me. Now she said she was willing to be my sex slave for as long as I wanted her. But with a smile on her face she asked how severely she would be punished if she did anything wrong. Would she just have her bottom smacked or would Master cane her severely. I told her to wait and see.

I got her to lie on her back and put her ankles behind her ears so I could play with her. I couldn’t get my fist up her cunt but I came very close to it. I did manage four fingers up her arse; I told her that one-day I would get my fist up both holes. I made her sit on me and to guide my cock up her arse and to fuck me, she had a pained look on her face when I was all the way in but she soon got used it and really enjoyed herself. When I told her I was about to cum she used her anal muscles to milk the cum out of my cock, I shot four or five spurts of cum deep into her bowels and the thrill was intense, one of the best orgasms I have ever had. When we had both come down she climbed off and licked and sucked my cock and thighs clean off both our juices, licked her lips and said, “Thank you Master, may I do something else to please you”?

It has been a few years now, the granddaughter is now 19 years of age and I am convinced she was never abused again; she is happy and doesn’t seem to have any hang-ups.

Sharon is divorced has been for a few years now. She is still my sex slave and at my beck and call. I have punished her over the years, ranging from slapping her arse to a very severe caning that raised welts on the skin of her arse and tits, but the more I did the more she enjoyed it. I once made her book into a hotel for a day for her punishment, there I tied her ankles and wrists to the headboard of the bed and blind folded her. I had made arrangements with six young lads to go in there and use her any way they wanted, they could use any hole, as many as they wanted at the same time, I gave them six hours with her. The only thing that they were not allowed to do was talk, I didn’t want her to have any idea who was fucking her. When I went to collect her she was still tied and blindfolded as I had left her, but now she had cum oozing out of her arse and cunt, her face and tits were covered in cum and she had the biggest smile on her face. When I had untied her she said, “Thank you Master, may I do something else to please you.

I am racking my brain to find a punishment for her that she doesn’t enjoy.

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