Step Daughter #4 – Part 2

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Part two.

I left for work the next day fully anticipating my thoughts about what the evening would bring and into the weekend with her sleeping over and now her friend. As mentioned in part one, the friend is African-American and a complete knockout. I got home around four and they were already in the pool tying it heavily to margaritas. I asked if they wanted steaks and shrimps for supper and I would go and begin dinner. They both eagerly agreed and off I went to the kitchen. By about 530 I had a table set a nice bottle of wine out and they came from the upstairs both wearing summer dresses and smelling coppertone with like coconut scent, glistening from a day in the sun. It’s funny because if I have a shift of day drinking in the sun, by the time supper would come around I would be bagged, but these people complete opposite . I had a 1 L wine opened up and they were hitting it pretty good already. I served dinner and I sat the head of the table with either of them on each side of me. My short covered legs brushed against both of theirs quite often and it felt fantastic. This kind of went on for a bit and certainly from her friend I was curious if it wasn’t on purpose.

I cleaned up the kitchen and loaded the dishwasher and I went to sit in the back yard put some music on had a cold beer and relaxed , fat and satisfied from a great dinner.

Although I didn’t really need it I put on patio heaters to make the area comfortable, as the sun has just gone down. Both girls came out new glasses of wine and a new 1 L opened, they were already both feeling very good. I just sat back and relaxed listening to them for a while, my eyes completely observing these two perfect bodies and what I would love to do to them.

The stepdaughter went and laid on one of the lounge style pool chairs, with her wine and now in a plastic glass, and she was kind of on the nod. Her friend somehow now totally engaging me in some conversation I could care less about went to the outdoor couch laying down like it was in a psychiatrist office, talking about the woes of a 24 year old etc. etc. she asked if she escort gaziantep ofise gelen bayan was allowed to stay for a few nights with the Step Daughter and I agreed with no hesitation.

I gazed on this Nubian goddess and this perfect body and a nice beautiful sundress with her system coursing full of wine, and it made me excited. I have a stepdaughter completely passed out on a lounge chair I could hear her snoring, in between both of them I’m pretty sure that they were about a litre of wine each at this point .

It didn’t seem like it took too long before the conversation between the Nubian goddess and I became one-sided, because she stopped responding, plastic wine glass gently on the ground beside her empty, and she was out.

I didn’t want everybody getting eaten alive by mosquitoes so I figured it was time to try to get them inside. I went to wake her up with everything in my arsenal and nothing worked. So I went to the stepdaughter, and got her up and she went into the family room in the basement where the lounge chairs recline and the nice sectional recline. I helped her into the corner of the sectional gave her a pillow and she curled up fetal style in front of some relaxing show while her ass and panties were showing from her short dress riding up. She was out again and snoring.

I was now in my enclosed backyard with 100% privacy and this Nubian goddess snoring unmoveable on my patio couch. I didn’t think anything wrong with it at this point to go and explore these beautiful legs of hers. I prepared myself to do it in the guise of waking her up just in case she did. But she didn’t. I put her one leg on the ground the other one over the edge of the patio couch exposing very thin white panties.

Her breasts were perfect 34B, and her legs were so tone and firm and smooth it was arousing and amazing. I rub my fingers along her perfect pouty lips and she naturally sucked my finger in her mouth still out of it.

I want to taste this perfect black meat in front of me , and I rested escort gaziantep öğrenci bayan my head down onto her perfect white panties pushing them aside and I started to suck on her pussy. I slowly slide a finger in while sucking on her clit. She was still snoring, and now she was absolutely soaked. I repositioned myself over her , and her legs were now over my shoulders and my rock hard cock was pressing the tip of her pussy. I did not want any evidence or any indication that I was going to fuck this black goddess. I lubed myself up with my spit, and I let her naturally suck me into her beautiful warm body . I started by fucking her super slowly enjoying the tightness of her and the exoticness of fucking this black girl. A first for me. I picked up my pace, while playing with her firm breasts which I slid out from under her sundress. As I tweaked her nipples I fucked her harder and harder , enjoy every savouring moment of this perfect opportunity. I started to get very close and I knew it was the best thing to do which was pull out and I went and ejaculate in the bushes. There was no way at this point of the night I was anywhere near done fucking this black broad, but I did have to get her inside . I fixed her up put her back on the couch just the way she was, and I went into check on the stepdaughter. She was in the exact same position I left her, and I knew there was gonna be a few hours of this comatose opportunity.

I lifted the Nubian and got her into the house on the couch on the opposite end of the sectional. Close and lock the patio door, and I knew I had these two perfect goddesses at my beckoning fucking, with no interruptions and no issues.

I went over to the stepdaughter again with visions of what I did to her the night before, and I knew her resilience to staying asleep was high, so I finger fucked her and used her moisture to cover my cock. I bend her over the edge of the sectional face down, while I looked at this perfect tight smooth tanned legs, panty covered ass and pussy. I pulled her panties straight escort bayan oğuzeli down and off, and I use my perfectly lubricated cock from her juices pressing gently against the tip of her asshole. I let her body do the natural driving as I slid myself fully into her ass. She was super tight but not restricted and I was able to stroke inside her to a decent medium pace , fully erect throbbing hard fucking this young goddess in the ass on my sectional while her friend was passed out on the opposite side. I has positioned her friend with legs wide open and panty off to the side so I could see her pussy while I fuck the stepdaughter in the ass.

I was pounding this beautiful ass for about 10 minutes until my body could no longer take anymore and I knew I was going to come, so it was time to pull out and rub everything out on the bathroom sink. I went back and slept your panties back on , but I left her bent over at the edge of the couch to save me the house or from doing it again in case I decide to fuck her again.

I gave it about 30 minutes of having a beer or so and stroking Nubians legs before I was ready to violate her in every way I wanted. I positioned her as the same as a stepdaughter, bending over the sectional arm dress hiked up panties off and her tight black asshole staring at me. I fingered her lubricated myself with her juices and I did the same thing. I stuck my white hard cock against her black asshole, and let her do the driving. It took about five minutes of slowly entering , before I was fully burried in her ass and at the point where I could easily pound in and out. I was completely enjoying fucking her ass looking down at her perfect legs pulling on her hair reaching around and feeling her breasts and just fucking her violently at this point.

Again when I was ready to come I pulled out rubbed out in the sink went back and re-dresser, now placing both girls on the couch in a somewhat more modest position so that when they woke up on their own they were without issue.

Because their drinking and then subsequent coma seem to be a regular routine, I had the perfect thoughts on these two for the next night, if I added a few Ambien to their drinking diet, and invite a couple of my close buddies over to enjoy these two models as I have been, I could extend the evening without any waking risks, and the actual thought of watching my two best friends fucking both of these asses aroused me even more. Stay tune for part three.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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