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“It’s been months since she has orgasmed. I think I’ve just about had it! Tonight I’m gonna do something that I wanna do, and she will just have to accept it. She will just have to enjoy it.” He thought to himself while she was coming home from work. “I’ll just have to make sure it won’t get either of us in trouble.”

She came through the door kinda sluggishly smiled at him, it’s always nice for him to see that smile, the way it lights up her beautiful face. Her green eyes shimmer, and her teeth shine. She has the perfect body for him, a sexy ass, her boobs aren’t huge, but they are definitely there, her stomach isn’t perfectly flat but she is far from fat. She has the curves that any man would love to hold and caress. She is perfect to him.

She said hello and then proceeded to tell him about her day. She works at the spa in town as an aesthetician, doing manicures, pedicures, massages, facials, and hair removal. She tells about the clients who were great, and the others that were hell to deal with, the boss was kinda being a bitch today, but other than that she was just really busy today, and so she is sore and tired.

“Well I was thinking going to the spa and hot tub tonight would be nice, so that sounds like what we will do, once we finish supper.” He responded. “He pulled the dish out of the oven and she was almost drooling over the lasagna, it looked that good. “Give me a second to change and I’ll be right back” she said as she left to go to the bedroom. Part of him wanted to follow, because watching her change was always a delight, but he decided to just go ahead and plate the food for them.

She raved about how good it was, the different spices, amounts of meat, cheese and sauce in it. All in all the lasagna was a success. When the food was done, it was time to digest and watch some shows on Netflix. The cuddles were nice, and the show was entertaining. some show about a girl and a guy that everyone knew was supposed to get together but for the ratings they just don’t for far too long. You know, the typical rom-com-esque show.

After a couple episodes he got up silivri escort and brought her to their massage table and started to strip her down “You seem like a massage would help you darling” He offered and her response of “mmmm” with a smile was all the consent he needed. She lay down face first and he put oil on her back and started to rub it into her skin. As he massaged her back he let her just rant about he day, and her job, and her family, offering little “awes” and such here and there to help her know he was listening. And after close to an hour he said “Alright lets go to the hot tub!”

When she got up he towelled off the oil and gave her the bikini he wanted her to wear, no it wasn’t anything too skimpy, her body was sexy enough, she didn’t need any help from her clothes. It covered her all up and he put on a t-shirt and his swim shorts underneath a pair of sweats, she grabbed a flowing dress for afterwards and they headed out the door to the spa where she worked, they got in free because of her working there.

The place in beautiful, nice neutral colours all over, and the pool in heated, theres a steam room, and separate changing rooms with showers, calming music is played through the whole area. The spa radiates relaxation. When they get there, the lady at the front desk gives them each a key for their lockers and tells them that its been a crazy slow night, which puts a smile on both their faces, but more so for him.

After changing their clothes they hop into the hot tub, and continue cuddling, his hands keep moving around her body and she can tell he is sexually charged. “Let’s go into the steam room babe” he states, as he gets up out of the water. She can see that he is half hard because of the way the shorts pull in when he stands up. And before she can say anything about it he is already up and walking towards the steam room, beckoning her to follow him. So she gets up and starts to follow.

When she gets inside he helps her to sit down and once the door is all fogged up he kneels in front of her, merter escort pulls her bikini bottom to the side and starts to suck on her clitoris. At first she puts up a bit of a fight, but she just cant shake him, and she tries to rationalize it that its been a slow night, the door is all fogged up already so if someone did come she could stop him before they got inside, and damn its starting to feel really good. As she was beginning to feel really good, he reached one of his hands up to her face and lovingly brushed it, as he made his way down to her boobs, caressing them each separately, and gently pinching her nipples.

As she started to show signs of getting close to orgasm, he brought his other hand to her opening, and he felt how wet she was, felt how ready she was to be filled by him, and for a second almost lost control of himself to take his shorts off and enter her right then and there, but no he had a plan! He couldn’t risk her losing her job because of him and his urges. Instead he got up, and covered her back up, and asked her to follow him again. This time she saw his penis was completely hard and reached out to grab it. Again he almost lost control and took her right on the spot, but he held himself back, tried to adjust himself so it would be less obvious if they met up with anyone, and then left the steam room. They went back to the change rooms, and He checked his first but there was a man inside, so she checked hers.

The ladies room was empty, so they went in there. They decided it would probably be best to head straight to a shower stall and pull the curtain across so it would be less obvious. They turned on the water, but stayed at the other end of the stall and started to strip their clothes off. Once they were naked, they started making out. One of his hands was busy with her nipple, the other was playing with her clit, and she was slowly rubbing his dick. Once they were back to being fully turned on, he lifted her up and set her down on his penis, it slid right into her vagina with ease. For a couple mecidiyeköy escort of seconds they just enjoyed being so very connected, so very together. After a little bit he backed himself against the wall, and started to grind his hips against hers. He sucked on her nipples until he felt the wall had warmed up enough he flipped around and held her against it.

Now he could have a free hand, or two. At first they found their way to her nipples which he pinched and pulled on, giving her more pleasure. Then he had one slide down her stomach to play with her clit again. As he was slowly thrusting in and out of her, he started to massage her clit, and he could tell it felt great for her. Her kisses were telling him everything he needed to know about how it was feeling for her. He wanted to make sure she was enjoying this just as much as he was, and it seemed like he was succeeding. After a couple minutes of humping her against the wall he slid himself out of her, and bent her over as he entered her from behind in a standing doggy style position.

Once her hands were free to move somewhere other than around his neck she reached between her legs and started to play with his balls. and oh shit that felt awesome. His hands made it back to her clit and nipple, and he noticed that her other hand with playing with her other nipple. Damn that was hot, she hasn’t ever done that with him before, but he’s always wanted her to touch herself when he is making love to her. It was all he could do to not unleash his sperm inside her right then and there, but as her vaginal muscles started to clamp around him in her own orgasm, he didn’t have a choice anymore. They orgasmed together, rocking back and forth. They slowly made it back to the wall, where they half collapsed together, spent of energy.

Once his penis had shrunk back down and slipped out of her they waited in the shower for all the sperm to fall out of her, and then cleaned each other up. Once they were done cleaning themselves, he put his shorts back on, and she checked to make sure they were still alone, and then he slipped out of her changing room back into his, where they each got into their dry clothes and left.

When they got to the car, he lifted up her dress and started to hold her vagina until they got home. He thought about trying to give her another orgasm when they got inside, but he could tell how tired she was, so instead, they just cuddled and fell asleep together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32