Steamy sex saga with secretary, Part – 2

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Hello again, I am back with the next part of my luscious affair with my colleague. This is the sequel of our wild lustful sex in the office. After our first seamy encounter we were terrified to death by the possibility of her getting pregnant as we both were unmarried. In India it is still a big taboo. But fortunately the morning after pill she took worked its way perfectly and within a few days she had her regular menstruation cycle.

That event changed my whole life. I had found a new pleasure and passion in her. But we didn’t get a chance to satisfy each other in next few days due to our busy schedule. On one rainy night I was fast asleep when I was woken up by the beep of my phone. I reluctantly checked who the fuck it was disturbing me at around midnight. It was her. The message contained a big red dot and a kissing smiley. It took me a minute to understand what the hell it was. Then it struck me with a flash that she had got her regular menstrual cycle and we were saved. I was immediately hard with joy and relief. I replied her with a pic of my hard dick. She in turn replied with a kissing smiley and good night.

It really was a good night for me but I could not sleep. I jerked off thrice that night but was still horny in the morning. It was a Friday morning thankfully. As usual I got to the office with us sitting next to each other in the car and exchanging some secret touches. She being on her period made me extremely horny. Within 45 minutes we reached office and resumed our daily work.

The whole day went really dull and I didn’t get a single chance to talk to her. Ain the evening we left office at around 6 pm and went to have a coffee. In the coffee shop we obviously expressed our relief on her having her period on regular time. While chatting I told her that how horny I am since the last night. She giggled and made a coy excuse of her period. I was really horny and in no mood to listen to any excuse. I bluntly asked her for sex right away. She was taken aback as she had never thought of getting fucked during her periods. She was a little hesitant. I pled her and finally my persistence paid off. She Sincan Escort agreed to come to my place. She made me commit beforehand that if she felt uncomfortable I will stop then and there.

We hired a taxi and came to my place. During the half an hour of transit I could not resist to touch her private spots in the backseat of the taxi. As we arrived at my apartment she started looking nervous. I calmed her with an assurance that I will never hurt her. She looked convinced. As we entered my apartment I asked her to have a cold drink from the fridge and relax on the couch till I get back from a quick shower.

I returned from shower with just a towel on showing off my great bulge. She smiled coyly. I asked her to follow me to the bedroom which she obeyed like a nervous lamb. I turned the moonlight on and some soft jazz music to make her mood. She was still fully clothed and reluctant to get naked. I took her by the arm and made her sit on the edge of the bed. I looked in her eyes and said “sweetheart, let’s try just once. If you feel any pain I’ll immediately stop. Believe me. But I find having sex during periods extremely sexy. Please let’s try once for me.” She agreed. I kissed her on her forehead, she closed her eyes. I started kissing her face, lips her ears with small nibbles in between. Suddenly I took her lower lip in my mouth and sucked it and bit it hard before leaving. She yelped a little. i hugged her tight and didn’t care about the towel which left my body to expose me fully naked in front of her. Her breasts were poking me in my chest. We stayed like that for a while. Again I kissed her full on her mouth. I started undressing her. I unzipped her Punjabi suit’s top exposing her lilywhite bra and dark boobs. I threw that away and started playing with her belly button with licks, kisses and bites. I was slowly but steadily making her horny. I started untying the knot of her salwaar (trouser part of Punjabi suit) and took it off in one swift motion now she was standing before me in her lily white bra and panty which clearly showed her sanitary napkin. I could not resist more and swiftly took Ankara Olgun Escort her panties off and to my surprise I found that she had a clean shaved cunt dripping with small blood droplets. I touched her pussy but I dared not to lick it. It smelt something different but definitely arousing. I slowly played with her labia and her urethral for a long moment sending her in ecstasy.

I asked her to lie down on the bed which she obeyed immediately. I went in between her legs and started caressing her inner thighs. She was feeling aroused. As she was on her periods there was no risk of pregnancy and hence I didn’t bother to use a condom. I was standing in between her spread legs on my knees holding my meat in my hand. I looked in her eyes. She looked a little anxious. I bent over her and kissed her passionately to calm her nerves. I also played with her boobs suckling and kneading them while my pole was continuously brushing her pelvis and blood stained cunt. After a few moments I got in to the position again and aligned my cock to her honeypot. I touched her love hole with the mushroom of my cock and she gasped in anticipation. I slowly pushed a little way forward and it slipped in her cunt. I stayed like that for a moment or two till she came back to her senses.

I sensed that she was ready for further action and in one swift motion I fully entered her making her yelp a little. She bit her lower lip and I was afraid that she was about to ask me to stop but thankfully she didn’t. I started having long smooth and slow strokes in and out of her cunt. I had a few blood droplets on my slimy cock as well. Surprisingly she was oozing with juices which made my entry effortless. She was so tensed that she had not given me a blowjob today before our sex.

I started gradually increasing my speed and she started responding with a rhythmic motion of her hips. Now I was pretty sure that she was enjoying as much as I was. I started humping her in full speed. I held her boobs for solid grips making her cry in pain and reached my full speed. Doing so for a few minutes I Ankara Ucuz Escort asked her to switch positions. I lied on my back with my slimy blood-stained cock upright. She sat on my cock and started slowly moving up and down. I was in no mood for slow sex. I made her bend down on me and bear hugged her tightly with my cock inside her cunt. I started furiously fucking her for a few minutes. Her moans were growing wild and loud. I felt her pussy tightening around my cock and with a sudden shudder an orgasm struck her. I felt her shaking like a leaf in my arms but I didn’t stop. I continued pumping till I was over the edge and filled her womb once again with my fertile seed. We were so exhausted that we couldn’t utter a single word for 15 minutes or so and lay in the same position hugging each other. My limp cock slowly came out drenched with a triple mixture of our love juices and her menstrual blood.

We kissed each other in satisfaction and slept for an hour or two. After some time I was woken up by some noise in kitchen. I went on to check when I found that she was making some quick bite for us and she was still naked! It was 1am in the night and I was aroused already. I went behind her and grabbed her boobs tightly kissing and licking her neck and biting her earlobe. My erect pole was poking in her crack continuously.

Without a moment’s warning I bent her down on the kitchen table and shoved my dry hard dick in her asshole. She cried out in pain but I kept a hand on her mouth to keep her voice muffled. I was so taken by the lust that I was in no mental state to care for her pain. It took me a minute or two of furious pumping to enter her fully as she was very dry and had clinched her pooper tightly. After 5 minutes we settled into a rhythm and she stopped sobbing. I held her by the waist and started pumping furiously. Her crying, surprise and painful anal sex drove me over the edge and I emptied a huge load of cum in her bowels. After I came back to my senses I felt really bad for hurting her. She was sobbing without saying a single word.

I realized my mistake and kissed her softly on her lips and promised her that I won’t do this again without her permission. After pleading for some time we slept together naked till the morning sun shone over our balcony window. She greeted me with a morning blowjob which was a true indication that how my weekend was going to be ;).

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