Steamy Early Morning Penetration

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Angela White

I awoke feeling a warm ray of sunshine caress my face, the cool morning air was already beginning to warm up. I heard some birds singing merrily in the garden.

You were still asleep. The blanket had slid off you almost completely and I lay close to your naked body. My arm was holding you. As I remembered the passions and pleasures of the night before, also my desires awoke and soon I was yearning for you again. I moved a little bit closer to you to make sure you would feel my hardness when you woke up. Still sleeping, you awarded me a little moan when I positioned my cock against your but.

I couldn’t resist taking your nipple lightly between my thumb and forefinger. I gently blew some air over your cheek and playfully nibbled the tip of your ear with my lips. It was a wonderful feeling to sense your body against mine and feeling how your smooth fit perfectly in my hand.

By now, you too were starting to wake up. You wiggled your butt a little and felt my hard-on pressing against you. For a moment I let my hand abandon you breast, but only so that I could moisten my fingers tips with some saliva. Soon, I again took your nipple between my now lubricated finger tips.

“Good morning, my love!”, I whispered into you ear, “Only horny dreams, I hope?”.

“Mm-mm … “, you replied and I could feel how you put your hand behind you, upon my hip, in order to pull yourself closer to me.

“I don’t know if can handle any more after last night …”, I said, teasing you, while I at the same time let my fingertips exploringly find their way down towards your belly and on towards your lovely triangle of kırşehir escort neatly kept hair.

Suddenly, before I had managed reach my goal between your legs, you rolled over.

“You wouldn’t dare run away!”, you said mockingly in a hoarse voice, and then you were all over me. I was flat on my back and you were on top of me. Your long hair fell onto my face and you silenced my retort by engaging me in a deep and passionate kiss. While our tongues swirled around each other I felt your fingers dig deeply into my shoulders and how you slowly moved your pelvis to caress your love button against the length of my cock.

You pressed yourself hard against me and suddenly I felt how you slowly let my shaft slide into you. When you had me penetrating you fully, I put my hands on your but to stop you from moving. I wanted for a moment to fully savor the sensation of having all of me deep inside you.

We broke off our kiss, gasping for air. I looked deep into eyes and could see your burning desire. Slowly you started to move along my throbbing love rod. I held you tightly and pushed a little trying to once again place my cock fully inside your wet and warm pussy.

Almost at once we fell into a rhythm. We were fucking. Our gazes were locked. We were making love. Soon, the pace began to increase. You were fucking me. I was fucking you. You sat yourself up, riding my cock in long strides. By reflex my thumb found its way to your clitoris, caressing you as we you moved together to fill your soaking pussy with my cock.

By now, you were moaning loudly. It was kocaeli escort wonderful to see your beautiful body, your bouncing breast, and how all your horny arousal was expressed in your face. You were enjoying my cock in your pussy. You were enjoying my fingers on your clit. You were enjoying being loved and you were loving being fucked.

I knew you were close now and again grasped your hips with both hands, letting you caress your clit yourself. A deep and loud song of pleasure started to emerge from your mouth as I could feel the waves of orgasm roll through your body.

Almost before the first gale of your orgasm had subsided, you slid off me and positioned yourself on your knees, showing your inviting pussy to me. You mumbled something incoherent, “Fuck me … “, I think you were saying.

I was quickly in place behind you and let my hardness penetrate you anew. First I made only small movements back and forth as I tried to find your G-spot with the tip of my cock.

After a little while I could see that your fingers were back caressing your clitoris again and I increased my pace. I held your hips and was fucking you fairly hard. Every stroke I made was rewarded with a loud moan from you. Again I could feel that you were starting to approach an orgasm.

I let some saliva fall on your but hole and started to massage your anus with my thumb. While I caressed you I kept pounding you hard. My cock was gleaming with your juices as it entered your eager pussy in long forceful strokes. This was wonderful raw sex. I felt my own climax starting to build konya escort slowly and I tried to speed your climax by talking to you in a soft voice. I knew you liked a little bit of dirty talk and I was saying things like, “Come my love!”, “Fuck me!”, and “Feel my cock inside you!”.

My efforts paid off because soon you came, again. This time you announced your orgasmic pleasure with a long and loud shout. I gave you a few final strokes with my now almost ready to explode cock before you slid off me and rolled over on your back. You extended your hand and took my cock into your hand.

We’ve been doing this before and both you and I knew what was coming next. I sat down beside you and felt how one hand engulfed my cock and how the other hand slid in between my legs and started to tickle my balls.

You caressed my and stroked me. With skilled hands you retracted my foreskin to the base and let me feel the tip of your tongue swirl along the rim of my glans. I moaned as you slid my cock deep into your mouth, almost full length.

You fucked me with your mouth, the way you know I love. Soon it was time for me. I closed my eyes and let the orgasm carry me away. My cock ejaculated, hard. And once again. And once again. I spurted my jizm onto you while I felt the universe around me tumble. I opened my eyes and looked down on you to see you squeeze and lick the last drops of cum from my throbbing dick.

I saw that you had some of my sperm on your chest and some in your hair. I sank down beside you and pulled you near again. Sticky cum was on our bodies, as it should be after steamy love making. When we joined in a wonderful tasty kiss I knew you had taken a sizeable portion in your mouth as well. We lay together for a little while, feeling unrestrained love for each other before life started to return to normal. Shower, breakfast, work … but we both knew that the bed would be waiting for us at the end of the day!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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