Stealing 30 Minutes

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He watched as she came down the walk in her usual hurried pace, closing the cell phone just as she opened the door of my Lincoln Town car. She sat down in the spacious front seat with a nervous smile on her face. She looked tiny sitting there and also slightly mischievous, like she had a secret that only she knew.

“I just called your husband to tell him that we are going to be delayed 30 minutes to pick up a gift on the way home,” he said.

“How did he take that?” she asked.

He devilishly smiled before saying, “No problem, since there was no time to change plans.”

“Then what store are we going to?” she asked.

“That’s the best part,” he replied. “I picked up the gift at lunch. I just stole us 30 minutes…”

He tuned the satellite radio to the Playboy channel a segment was beginning titled “Sexy Stories.”

She laughed and said, “How appropriate.”

He had been thinking about this moment since he had first talked to her this morning. That was when he discovered she would need a ride home. His entire day had been planning how to get the most out of these few minutes that they were going to have alone together.

They had known each other outside of the office for several years and it had been apparent for sometime that an electric connection existed between them, but until last summer they had never acted on it. Their real relationship had begun one night when he was following her upstairs at his house. She simply had an exceptional ass and he was entranced, watching it move under her tight jeans. His hand seemed to have a life of it’s own as he reached out and caressed her ass. She paused in mid-step and then surprisingly continued to pause so he could caress it even more. Since that time they had stolen moments of touching each other whenever they were together. This flirting and touching had been going on for sometime now and both of them were curious to move to the next level. Today was their opportunity.

He commented again to her how nice she looked today. Her sharply cut business suit with a short skirt looked great on her. He had also noticed earlier that she was wearing stockings. But he was betting they weren’t thigh highs. The fact was that he just simply loved stockings on women’s legs. There was just something about thigh high stockings, with sculptured tops or the fancy design stockings that set his heart pounding.

He simply loved beautiful lingerie on women, especially thong style panties, garter belts, garter slips and Merry Widows. Hell, he loved it all. But, as much as he loved lingerie, what he loved most of all was to reach under a woman’s dress to discover that she had omitted her panties completely. Just the thought of that began to stiffen his slumbering cock.

He reached across the car to his pensive passenger. As he touched her exposed knee he said, “Let’s play a game. I bet I can guess if those are stockings or panty hose.”

“Really?” she said with surprise in her voice.

“But… Here is the condition,” he replied. “You will have to lift your skirt and confirm if I am right or wrong.”

Smiling very mischievously, she said, “Okay. Then tell me smarty.”

“These are panty hose.”

“Really?” she asked. “Then tell me what kind of panties I am wearing.”

He studied her face for a minute before replying that she was looking VERY mischievous. After analyzing her grinning face for several minutes, he said, “I’m betting you aren’t wearing panties.”

She just looked at him for a minute and then smiled from ear to ear as she lifted her ass from the seat to pull her skirt up. “Okay,” she said laughing. “Tell me how did you know that?” She raised her skirt to show him he was exactly on target.

The nude colored panty hose were accentuated by one narrow dark spot in the crotch—the landing strip of her pubic ataşehir escort hair.

“With a skirt cut like that I’m betting that you really don’t want to show panty lines,” he said with a smile.

“You really are a smarty,” she replied laughing.

“I’ll bet you one more thing,” he challenged. “I bet that your pussy is extremely moist right about now.”

Laughing she replied, “You really are a very bad influence on me.”

“Why don’t we find out just how wet you are,” he challenged as they continued to drive in the general direction of her house. “Recline your seat so you can show me.”

She paused for only a moment and then reached for the seat switch and complied, leaving her skirt pulled up to her waist. He reached across with his right hand to feel her pussy while she adjusted the seat. He confirmed his third prediction as he cupped the very moist area between her legs with all of his fingers.

She sighed as his hand covered her sex and gasped as he firmly pulled up with his fingers holding her pussy massaging her entire pubic arch. He began sliding his middle finger up and down her moist slit on the outside of her now very wet panty hose. She sighed again as she laid her head back against the seat spreading her legs wider and then pushing hard up against his hand with her crotch.

“Damn. That feels good,” she commented as he alternated his touch between being very gentle and firmly rubbing her pussy. She raised her ass from the seat and pushed her panty hose below her knees allowing herself to spread her knees even wider for his touch.

He continued to stroke her pussy as he exited the highway and turned down a fire trail into a public hunting reserve. He turned the car around facing outward on the narrow road. They were now about two minutes from her house. He looked at his watch. “We have about 25 minutes.”

He leaned forward to kiss her lips and caress her breasts through her clothing. She rubbed his hardening cock through his pants. As he looked down he could see that she had her other hand in and on her vagina and was discreetly masturbating.

“Don’t hide that,” he said. “Show me where and how you like to be touched.”

He sat up abruptly and moved back to his seat. “Take your panty hose all the way off. I want to watch you masturbate.”

She hesitated for just a moment before complying with his request.

Totally removing the pantyhose allowed her to spread her legs much farther apart. Her pussy was visibly wet, her moisture glistening on her pussy lips.

“Go ahead,” he said. “Show me how you like to be touched.”

With his encouragement she hesitated for only a moment looking at him weighing his command. She put two of her fingers in her mouth wetting them and then closed her eyes, laid her head back in the seat and began to stroke her clitoris very softly with her middle and forefinger.

She circled her clit with her fingers—stroking, pinching and pulling—while occasionally dipping her forefinger and middle finger deep into her pussy, gathering lubrication for her clit. After a few minutes of finger fucking herself she removed a very wet finger coated with her honeydew and offered it to him. He took her hand and gently sucked her finger into his mouth, licking and sucking her finger like a small cock.

She lay back in her seat spreading her legs wider while continuing to masturbate with the other hand. Now she picked up speed rubbing her pussy much faster with three fingers of her hand. “Doing this for you makes me SO fucking hot!” she said.

He encouraged her to keep rubbing her pussy as he retrieved a blanket from the back seat folding and laying it across the console to make a cushion for her arm. He reached across pulling her slightly toward his side of the seat. She didn’t need much encouragement as she kadıköy escort reached for his zipper.

“Let me guess. No underwear?” she asked.

He just smiled at her as she pulled his zipper down to expose his very stiff cock…and no underwear.

He helped to unsnap his pants and free his cock from its confining prison. She closed in on his cock with her greedy mouth covering the head of his cock licking, sucking and jacking while carefully caressing his scrotum.

He gently stroked her head as he raised his hips arching his cock toward her mouth. He could see and feel the precum seeping and running down the sides of his cock. She quickly flicked her tongue on the head of his cock and moving to gently lap up the fluid. She kissed the underside of his dick and moved her head down to his balls sucking them gently into her mouth one at a time. The sucking feeling was so intense he was in ecstasy.

He laid his head back as she moved her mouth back to his dick, enjoying the intense feeling as she swirled her tongue around his cock, alternating between licking, sucking and jacking. She continued her efforts for several minutes until his cock began to twitch again as the clear precum fluid ran in streams down the sides of his cock. He whispered to her that he couldn’t take much more or he would be creaming in her mouth. She responded by licking and sucking his cock even faster and harder, taking him deeper into her mouth. Her tongue was relentless.

Soon he could feel a massive orgasm welling in his balls. The feeling spread like a wave from his toes to his brain, centering on his cock and loins. His dick was now as stiff as a piece of stone. Suddenly, he was there! As he began to cum in her mouth he felt like lightning was going off behind his eyes. He gasped as she stopped moving her head up and down and just looked up at him opening her mouth wider and letting his cum spurt freely onto her tongue.

His dick jerked and throbbed as it pulsed between her talented lips depositing shot after shot of his load into her mouth and onto her tongue. He wanted to yell out loud but was afraid he would scare her. He chose to just lay back and let her have her way with him.

After a few minutes he was totally drained as he said, “THAT was incredible!”

The French were correct he thought. La Petite Morte’—the little death explained his orgasm perfectly.

As he roused from his orgasmic delight, he pushed her backwards into her reclined seat and reached over to extend her seat as far backward as it would go. He then climbed over the console kneeling in the spacious floorboard between her legs.

As he kissed her on the mouth he could taste his slightly salty semen on her lips. He unbuttoned her blouse and reached behind her to release her breasts to his searching tongue. Her large nipples were stiff as bullets as his tongue caressed first the right and then the left, kissing and cradling them in his hands while pinching and pulling outward on the thick stiffening nipples. He lowered his head and began licking, sucking and biting her nipples gently at first and then harder.

She whispered, “You can make me come just from doing that.”

He continued to suck her breasts as he reached down to fondle her extremely wet pussy. She had been moist before but now she was absolutely flooded. She moaned loudly as he began to gently finger fuck her with one and then two fingers. He reached higher inside of her using two fingers to stroke in and out of her pussy while teasing her clit with his thumb.

She laid her head back spreading her legs to the maximum and said, “Don’t tease me. Lick me, now!” She reached for his head pushing it down towards her pussy. He smiled as he complied, lowering his head and beginning to lick her clit while gently pulling and pinching her pussy lips bostancı escort bayan with his teeth and fingers. She moaned and pushed her pussy up to his lips and tongue as he teased, sucked and carressed her clit with his tongue and lips. She pulled her legs up against her chest with her arms.

He sat up forcing her legs higher yet and raised his hand to smack first one ass cheek then the other. He delivered hard sharp smacks to each ass cheek that left her groaning and telling him what she would like to do to his ass sometime.

He then leaned his head forward and began licking her pussy from the bottom to top with long strokes using the full width of his tongue. Her abdomen tightened and her knees pressed inward against his head as she grunted. He felt her juices flowing onto his tongue as she squeezed his head tightly between her legs.

Her cum was thick and copious. He flicked her clit in a lizard like fashion as he pushed his fingers higher and deeper into the upper front portion of her pussy, searching for her “G spot.” She gasped again as he located the domed sensitive area, and began to stroke her gently. Her pussy soon developed that “hollow, open feeling” as her G spot thickened and she began to convulse on his fingers.

She felt as if she was levitating off the seat as she said, “Oh fuck! DON’T STOP! That feels excellent!”

He continued to lick and suck her clit using both his lips and tongue while he stroked her G spot. He looked at her over the top of her mound and her face was very red as her abdomen continued to pulse and jerk while she pushed her pussy upward toward his tongue and fingers.

Her ass was off the car seat as she encouraged him again “DON’T STOP!”

He continued to masturbate her. He stroked, licked and sucked her pussy, which was now in full convulsions as it pulsed around his fingers and tongue. Suddenly she cried out loud as her pussy began to squirt in a solid stream. The juice released by her G spot orgasm was gushing right into his mouth and onto his face. He tasted the thin colorless fluid on his tongue. It was a weak pussy juice but there was a lot of it.

She cried out. “Please don’t stop. Keep licking!”

Her hips jerked as she rode the waves of the orgasm crashing over her body. She finally pushed his head away from her pussy, collapsing and trembling into the seat.

“What the hell have you done to me?” she asked breathlessly.

“You mean for you,” he corrected with a smile. She laid her head back on the seat as her pussy continued to quiver and jerk around his fingers for several minutes.

He pulled his soaking fingers from her pussy and lowered his head again as he began to gently lick her pussy lips and clit until he felt her stomach tighten again.

“I can’t take much more of this,” she said. “You are going to make me cum again!”

He told her to shut up as he continued to stroke and lick her pussy. Soon her abdomen tightened and she pulled his face deep into her pussy as she began squirting a thick white fluid onto his tongue that tasted as sweet as a fresh peach.

He cleaned the remaining juices from her pussy with his tongue, gently sucking and licking the major and minor folds as she stroked his head and quivered. He stopped licking and peeked over the top of her mound into her satiated face.

She pushed his head away and he laid it on her leg looking closely at her pussy, her juices still seeping out.

He said with a wry smile “You are definitely going to have to wipe that smile off your face before we get to your house,”. He looked at his watch. “Crap. We need to get you home.” He opened the passenger door and reluctantly crawled out from between her legs.

As he reentered the car on the drivers side she shakily put her soggy panty hose back on and refastened her bra. She then rearranged the blanket on the console and laid her head in his lap.

She smiled, licking her lips as she tugged his stiff cock from his pants.

“No need wasting driving time,” she said. I LOVE the way this girl thinks, he thought as they drove away.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32