Star Wars: The Restricted Files – Chapter 9 – Asajj Ventress vs. Anakin Skywalker

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Disclaimer: The following story is not connected with the Star Wars franchise, or its creator, George Lucas and does not represent the characters, writers or producers of set franchise.

Story Codes: mf, MF, anal, BDSM, cream pie, grope, inc, hp, preg, spank, voy

Star Wars: The Restricted Files Part 9 – Asajj Ventress vs. Anakin Skywalker
by Avatrek ([email protected])

Anakin Solo snuck around the corner of the ship after leaving his Uncle Luke and brother Jacen in the cockpit. He was on a very secretive mission; once every two days, his sister Jaina had washed her little Ahsoka Tano imitation outfit with the ship’s cleaning droid and while she did this she always took a little nap in her cabin, completely naked. Because of poor foresight and the need to keep at least tolerably hygienic on the trip back to Yavin, Jaina was forced to hide her nakedness under the covers of her bed while the cleaning droid did its work on her leather outfit and long white leggings. Anakin’s mission however, was to catch Jaina in her room, naked, while she slept. After seeing her sweet little tight ass and pussy, Anakin had been dreaming every night about getting a peak at her entire body and especially her perky little tits he had not had the pleasure of gazing upon. The bulge in his pants was all the proof needed to know that he desperately wanted to succeed in his little mission, hopefully unsuspected and undetected. Using his uncanny mechanical skill, Anakin picked the electronic lock on Jaina’s door and slid it open without making a peep. Like he had expected, Jaina was sound asleep under her silk bedcovers, probably dreaming about the last holovid she had watched of Ahsoka Tano being abused by the Sith Assassin, Asajj Ventress. Using his superior Jedi stealth abilities, Anakin was able to sneak up to Jaina’s bed and slowly pull down her covers. Anakin instantly grabbed the bulge in his pants after getting his first glimpse her immaculate teenage body, her tight bald pussy and her small perky breasts. Anakin just wanted to reach up and squeeze one of them, but before he could even get close to her, Jaina stirred and flipped onto her stomach to give Anakin and even better view. Anakin nearly fell over with excitement as he was treated once again to an up close and personal view of Jaina’s flawless teenage ass. Seeing an opportunity to at least get a good grope in of her juicy little ass, Anakin moved his hand to her supple backside and cupped one of her warm cheeks. Anakin squeezed it once, and before he could even move to the next cheek to get a second feel in, Jaina stirred again.

“Shit…” Anakin said to himself as he continued to grope Jaina’s supple ass and made sure not to wake her by squeezing her sweet cheeks to hard. Not able to hold out any longer, Anakin used his other hand to pull down his pants and underwear and proceed to rub his fully hard six inch shaft as he massaged his older sister’s amazing ass. “So fucking hot!” he groaned to himself quietly as both his hands worked furiously over her ass and his throbbing hard shaft. Noticing that his groping had still not woken his deep sleeping sister, Anakin decided to take it one step further; if feeling her ass up didn’t wake her up, then maybe sticking his cock between her gorgeous ass cheeks and pumping it back and forth wouldn’t wake her either. It was a gamble, but Anakin was too turned on to stop now and as he eased himself on top of her bed and over her ass, Anakin nearly decided to go for broke and simply bury his six inch shaft into her tight little pussy and see what would happen. If she did wake from the intrusion, who’s to say that she wouldn’t just go with it and actually enjoy having her little brother’s hard cock pumping her from behind. Anakin thought better of it though as the tip of his cock rubbed up against her moist pussy and decided instead to follow through on his original plan and simply get off by sliding his cock between her juicy ass cheeks. Anakin was already well on his way to a sticky orgasm as he slid his cock between Jaina’s butt cheeks and began thrusting slowly back and forth with purpose. It was so warm and tight that Anakin imagined he was fucking her sweet pussy as a tide of ecstasy swept through him before his cock began to jerk and spray both her back and long beautiful hair with a healthy warm dose of his hot seed.

“Fuck it… I need to fuck that pussy!” he said to himself as he finally stopped cumming and realized that Jaina hadn’t even stirred from her sleep, even after being pasted with several streams of hot cum. Still semi-erect and ready for a second go, Anakin spread open Jaina’s ass cheeks just a little and guided the head of his cock into Jaina’s tight pussy. Although tight Rami Escort and a little painful, Anakin slipped the head of his cock past her tight little hole and pressed it up against her fleshy hymen. He moved his shaft back and forth in her pussy a few times to become accustomed, but just he was getting ready to slam through Jaina’s virginity and fuck her silly, she finally stirred and starting saying something. Anakin, afraid for his very life, pulled the tip of his cock out her tight snatch and ran from the room before getting caught red-handed.

“Come on Uncle Luke… Please fuck me!” Jaina had said in her sleep as Anakin ran from the room and woke her just as her incestuous dream was getting good. Disoriented and feeling a little weird, Jaina got out of bed and made her way to a nice hot shower. After receiving her cleaned outfit from the cleaning droid, Jaina rejoined her two brothers on the bridge for the final hours of the voyage to Yavin 4, none the wiser about what Anakin nearly did to her only minutes earlier. It had taken them six days to make it to the doorstep of their destination, and although the Solo children had been fortunate to find a few hours alone to watch another holovid from the data chip they had stolen from C-3PO’s restricted memory files, their Uncle Luke had not gotten a wink of sleep or meditation since.

“Have a good sleep, Jaina?” Luke asked his niece after he stood up to stretch his legs. Anakin looked over at Jaina and was instantly relieved to see that she had no idea that Anakin had snuck into her room and defiled her while she slept.

“Yeah… I was having a real vivid dream.” she replied, trying to remember all the elements that had been involved in her erotic dream. She couldn’t quite remember all the players involved but she did remember that she was just about to get fucked when she had suddenly woken.

“Always remember Jaina, that some dreams may actual be glimpses of the future.” Luke replied, yawning and getting ready to finally leave the bridge for meditation.

“I can only hope it was a glimpse of the future.” Jaina sighed, moving her hand towards her pussy and blushing a little in the process.

“We should arrive at Yavin 4 within the next three hours… Do you mind taking us in you three, while I meditate and prepare myself for the rest of the students?” Luke asked the three Solo children. Jacen nodded eagerly and bade his Uncle a restful meditation cycle before Luke left the bridge and made his way back to his quarters.

“Shall we?” Jacen said with a smile as soon as he was sure his Uncle Luke was out of earshot.

“We most certainly shall! I can’t wait to watch what that Sith bitch does to Ass-hoka next!” Anakin chimed in before taking a seat and waiting for Jaina to put the chip in the holo-projector.

“I don’t know, but I think Grandpa will save the day.” Jaina replied as the holovid started to play.

* * *

“Ahsoka… Where are you…? Ahsoka!” Anakin Skywalker called on his radio after traveling down a separate tunnel to that of his Padawan in search of the treacherous Sith Assassin, Asajj Ventress. Realizing something had to be wrong, Anakin ran back towards where the two paths diverged. He then followed Ahsoka’s tunnel until he nearly tripped over her communication link and lightsaber.

“That Bitch!” Anakin cursed out loud, knowing for certain that Ventress had kidnapped or worse, killed his young Padawan while they had been separated. Feeling guilty for having split her from her side, Anakin ran down the darkened tunnel in search of both his Padawan and any sign of Ventress. Realizing that his anger was disrupting his concentration and probably hindering in his search, Anakin sat down cross-legged and began meditating. After only a few minutes, he could feel Ahsoka and Ventress’s life energy somewhere through the walls. After another five minutes of searching Anakin found the hidden passageway and quietly made his way towards the hidden lair.

“Now for the best part my young apprentice… You’ll beg me to be my apprentice after I do this!” Anakin heard Ventress hiss as he rounded a corner and was shocked to see his apprentice chained and shackled in mid air with one of Ventress’s lightsabers submerged in her wet pussy and a second slowly nudging up against her as of yet, untouched asshole.

That’s my ass, Anakin thought as he leapt out from the shadows just as Ahsoka fell into unconsciousness.

“Stop Asajj Ventress!” Anakin cried, re-lighting his lightsaber with a snap-hiss as he charged at her with all haste. Caught off guard and with only one of her lightsabers in hand, Ventress was unable to properly defend herself and was quickly subdued by the advancing Escort Rami Anakin. With one swipe, her lightsaber was knocked from her hands and with a swift kick to the head; Ventress was unconscious and on the ground beneath Ahsoka.

Enraged at what Ventress had done to his young Padawan, Anakin pulled her other lightsaber out of Ahsoka’s wet pussy, licked it off for good measure, unchained her and placed her in a nearby chair to recover before picking up the Sith Assassin, shackling her to the chains she had shackled Ahsoka with and began to avenge his violated Padawan.

“Let’s see how you like being chained up and defiled.” Anakin said out loud as he starting tearing off Ventress’s tight-fitting Sith clothing. Before long, the Sith Assassin was completely naked and her shining white body was glistening in the dim lighting of the cavern.

“Hmmm… What? What are you doing Skywalker?” Asajj Ventress shouted at Anakin after waking and realizing it was now her naked and hovering a few feet in the air; shackled and chained by the Jedi Knight, Anakin Skywalker.

“What’s wrong Ventress, don’t like the taste of your own medicine?” Anakin sneered back at her as he unbuckled his pants and started groping her large firm breasts.

“Fuck You Skywalker… You don’t even know what kind of medicine I can give out.” she replied defiantly, remembering how she had nearly turned his Padawan to the Dark side by jamming his lightsaber in her pussy. She knew Skywalker was no saint, but there was no way he could keep up with what she had planned for his young Padawan.

“I don’t usually fuck bald chicks, but I’ll make an exception for a whore like you Ventress.” Anakin spat back at her as he made his way towards her face, pulled down his pants and got ready to face-fuck the bald assassin without a second thought.

“Nice big cock you got their Skywalker, but do you know how to use—” Ventress started before Anakin slammed his cock into her open mouth until he was balls deep and could feel his shaft hitting the back of her throat.

“Not such a tough bitch now, are you slut?” Anakin said with an evil gleam in his eyes as he grabbed hold of her firm breasts and used them as leverage as he moved his cock in and out of her mouth at a torrent pace.

“Mmmmpfff… Mmm… Mpffff!” she tried to mumble, unable to speak, breathe or do anything to stop the assault on her throat.

“That’s what I thought!” Anakin replied laughing as his balls slapped against her face with each savage thrust. Within a couple of minutes, Anakin was fully hard and Ventress had nearly suffocated from the lack of oxygen. With one movement, Anakin pulled out of her hot mouth and moved over towards her pussy, intent on completely disgracing the once proud Sith Assassin.

* * *

“HOLY FUCK!” Jaina said out loud to her two brothers as she watched her grandfather finish face-fucking the Sith bitch that had defiled her idol, Ahsoka Tano. “Serves her right… But this is pretty dark stuff for a Jedi to do.”

“Quiet down Jaina… We don’t want to rouse Uncle Luke again and besides, I think this is one of the reasons Grandpa Anakin went all Dark side.” Jacen said, shushing his sister and stuffing his hand down his pants again.

“I probably would have done the same thing to that bitch.” Anakin growled towards the holo-projector, thinking about how hard his grandfather would fuck the Sith Assassin and comparing it to how hard he would have fucked her if he would’ve gotten the chance.

* * *

“Wait… Skywalker… We can cut a deal!” Ventress pleaded with Anakin, trying to catch her breath, as he lined his cock up with Ventress’s tight white pussy and got ready to wreck her like no man had ever done before or ever would after.

“Why would I want to make a deal with slime like you?” Anakin asked her as his cock began rubbing up and down against her tight slit.

“I can give you names of Senators and conspirators.” Ventress replied, looking concerned at how quickly Anakin’s attitude had changed since finding his abused Padawan. Asajj Ventress wasn’t against getting fucked by a nice big cock like Skywalker had, but the thought of being the submissive bitch to him while he ravaged her without her explicit permission, was unthinkable to her.

“Really… I don’t believe you… Yet!” Anakin shouted, slamming his hips forwards with all his strength and filling Ventress’s pussy with six inches of his thick shaft in a single thrust.

“AHHHHHH… You bastard!” she screamed as Anakin began thrusting his hips backwards and forwards with as much force as he could muster. Soon he was balls deep inside the Sith Assassin and loving every second of it. Initially, Rami Escort Bayan Anakin had wanted to just punish the dirty slut for abusing his Padawan, but after he felt her pussy convulse and her hot juices run over his cock, Anakin began enjoying himself just slightly.

“This pussy isn’t bad Ventress.” Anakin groaned as her pussy started to grip and contract around his shaft, just daring him to cum right then and there.

“You’re not so bad either, Skywalker… Unghhh… But you’ll never get those names from me now… No one fucks me without my permission… UNGHHH!” Ventress groaned again as she went through a second powerful orgasm, coating Anakin’s shaft in another helping of her warm juices.

“I still got one trick left up my sleeve… Ughhh… Ventress and I know you’ll be begging… Unghhh… me to let you tell me those names… UGHHHH… Before I’m done with you.” Anakin grunted, pulling his cock out of her pussy and catching his breath. Drenched in sweat and just about ready to pop his own load, Anakin decided to play some real hardball. He reached down and picked up one of Ventress’s discarded lightsabers and moved it towards her extremely tight asshole.

“You wouldn’t fucking dare!” Ventress screamed as she felt her own lightsaber being prodded against her little asshole. “You wouldn’t—” she started again before Anakin proved her wrong and slammed almost the entire lightsaber handle up into her ass, nearly causing the Sith Assassin to black out immediately. “ASSHOLE!” she screamed at Anakin as the hooked lightsaber stretched her ass like nothing had ever done before.

“No… It’s in your asshole slut… Ready to give me the names yet?” he asked with a smirk on his face, as he twisted the lightsaber and caused her to scream out in pain.

“Never!!!” she cried defiantly before Anakin shrugged his shoulders and guided his eight inch shaft back towards her wet snatch. Without letting her say another word, Anakin plunged back in and fucked her harder than he had ever fucked her before, moving the lightsaber in and out of her ass as he did.

“Unghhh… Mmmmm… I think I’m about ready to cum Ventress and unless you want a little Skywalker running around in about nine months time, it would be a good time to give me the NAMES!” he shouted slamming his cock in and out of her faster and harder, getting so close to spilling his load deep inside the assassin’s womb.

“No don’t… I’ll tell you… I’ll tell you!” Ventress relented, breaking against Anakin’s threat of dumping his load inside of her. The possibility of getting knocked up was extremely unlikely, especially since both she and Skywalker were of different species, but the thought of possibly having a little Jedi Skywalker growing inside her was too great a risk for her to take. As Anakin slowly continued to fuck her, Ventress gave up the names of some fifteen Republic Senators that were supplying information to the enemy. “There… That’s everything I know… Now leave me alone!” she demanded of Anakin after releasing the names and holding up her end of the bargain.

“Too little too late honey!” Anakin grunted before slamming his full eight inches into her and blowing a massive Jedi load of hot sticky cum, deep inside her unprotected womb. Stream after stream filled her pussy full of the potent seed as Anakin gloried in what he had done and how he had just double-crossed a Sith Assassin. Before Ventress could shout out in anger, Anakin also slammed the hilt of her lightsaber almost completely into her ass, making her black out immediately. With his orgasm finally coming to an end, Anakin pulled his softening cock from her cum-filled pussy and jammed Asajj Ventress’s other lightsaber into her pussy, not letting one drop of his potent seed to leave her fertile womb. With that, Anakin pulled back up his pants, picked up his Padawan and left Ventress shackled, chained and hopefully carrying a little Jedi Skywalker in her womb.

* * *

“That was kind of mean.” Jaina said, rubbing her pussy in front of both her brothers as the holovid ended.

“Yeah… But she still deserved it!” Anakin said, staring at Jaina’s pussy as she worked it over with her fingers. If he would have had only a few more minutes earlier, Anakin would have been balls deep in her sweet snatch.

“I just wonder why he didn’t take her into his custody and bring her to the Jedi Temple… I mean, she was a Sith.” Jacen said, confused, but also very interested in what Jaina was doing to herself in front of him.

“He probably didn’t take her in because he knew that she’d tell everybody what he had done to her and that would mean almost certain expulsion from the Jedi Order.” Jaina replied, finally taking her hand off her pussy and daydreaming about how good it would feel for someone to cum inside her. “No time to discuss it though… It looks like we’ve finally made it to Yavin 4… You better go wake Uncle Luke, Jacen.”

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