Stan the Man

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Life can be strange at times, and this story is but one example of it’s unpredictable twists and turns that tend to amuse and entertain me. I must mention these sudden changes in life are not always a good thing.

For example, I married my high school sweetheart after graduation only to become a widow after six short years. Cancer took my love and left me lost in the world. The only consolation, if one may call it that was that it happened quickly.

I drifted for many years, taking odd jobs, hanging out in bars, and sleeping with any woman who was willing. I have never been really picky when it comes to women and sex. My standards are almost non existent in this area.

In fact the only thing I care about is that they are genuine female. Things like looks, age, weight are relatively unimportant to me as long as they are of legal age and consenting.

Longing for something more in life, at age thirty five I eventually settled down on America’s beautiful west coast. I found a steady job with a good construction company and rented a small but clean apartment.

There was a single woman in the apartment adjacent to mine named Janet. She had the most amazing, blue eyes and long, dirty blond hair that she often had woven into a French braid. Janet was four years older than me but looked much younger.

When I first met Janet, she had come over and offered me a plate of cookies. They were chocolate chip cookies, made from scratch and smelled wonderful.

Janet was not over weight but not thin either. She was somewhere in the middle I guess, plump but very pleasantly. In fact the curves of her figure made her plumpness very sexy and even erotic.

I immediately felt aroused when I looked at her and it wasn’t from the aroma of the cookies. Janet was polite and welcomed me to the complex with a smile that toothpaste companies would beg to have in their commercials.

Janet and I dated briefly and fell in love. I met her parents and several family members that lived in the area. It was surprising to meet each of her family members because they are all so different than Janet..

I don’t have a family to speak of, my parents have both passed and I don’t keep contact with my siblings. My childhood was what one might call dysfunctional and I never want to look back.

Janet has one sibling, a sister Karen who is very beautiful. Karen is two years younger than Janet and has the same incredible blue eyes. However, Karen has yellow, blond hair like their mother Nancy.

Karen is also much thinner like her mother while Janet resembles their father Dennis who is stocky. The real difference between the sisters is that Janet is educated and intelligent while Karen suffers severe mental health problems.

Janet has three male cousins from her mothers side. Nancy had an older sister Sunny who has passed but she left her three sons John, Danny, and Stan behind. The father of the three boys passed years before in a car crash.

All three of Janet’s cousins are alcoholic and suffer various other illnesses. John has mental health issues and no memory function. Danny is a criminal who constantly steals things from everyone he can.

Then there is Stan who has a lisp and a lazy eye on top of being extremely skinny. Stan also sports the largest nose I have ever seen on a human being. On the plus side, Stan is good with tools and excels at carpentry and such.

I found each member of Janet’s family amusing, but one thing had me baffled about her parents Dennis and Nancy. Dennis seemed to be intelligent and stoic, while Nancy was… well a stereo typical blond. Nancy rambles and babbles constantly.

It wasn’t until Janet and I had been married for several years that I came to understand how two seemingly opposites could be married for decades. Yes, I married Janet and we are still married today.

Janet and I were visiting her parents one weekend when her mother brought out some old videos that were formatted from eight millimeter to VHS or some such thing.

One video was of Janet’s Parents when they were eighteen or slightly older. Her father was a handsome lad with thick, black hair and a muscular frame. Her mother Nancy was a story all by herself and made me drool.

Nancy had the same yellow blond hair and crystal blue eyes but oh what a difference a few decades can make. I no longer wondered why an intelligent man like Dennis would escort gaziantep ucuz bayan tolerate decades of marriage to a wife who was quite the opposite.

Nancy had a figure that was beyond belief. Her ass was round and obviously firm. As she ran and frolicked in the video Nancy’s buns jiggled only slightly while her huge breasts followed suit.

I had to excuse myself and go to the restroom where I stroked myself to a massive orgasm while having fantasies of screwing my mother in law while she was young and sexy. It took me forever to clean my semen from the walls and floor of the guest bathroom.

That was a few years ago and much has changed in life for Janet and I. Janet’s father Dennis passed away two years ago from a massive heart attack. Her cousin John also passed away from a brain infection.

Janet’s mother Nancy is now sixty four years old and refuses to go into an assisted living environment. There is no need in my opinion, since she is physically capable of doing whatever she chooses. She is mentally alert and babbles like she has for years with no obvious sign of deterioration.

Janet however insists that one of us be there in her mothers home to make sure she is taken care of. We had hired an in home care person but funds ran out since I am not able to work. I suffered a back injury lifting a washing machine almost a year ago.

The care person wasn’t needed anyway and Nancy found her annoying. So I have been spending the days with Nancy while Janet works. In the evenings Janet takes over while I sleep or watch a ball game.

We recently moved in with Nancy to save money until I recover and can get back to work. There is a patio in the back of the house that needed some repair. Some of the stones were broken or cracked and causing a trip hazard.

Janet offered to pay Stan to do the repairs and he accepted the job. I couldn’t do it with my back just starting to heal and Stan is handy with such things. Besides we really only had to keep him Stocked with booze and he is willing to help his aunt out with her house repairs.

It was a Thursday, Janet had left for work and Stan had shown up to work on the patio. I was in the kitchen making coffee when Nancy came in and said she wanted to talk to me in private and to bring each of us a cup of java to her bedroom.

She was sitting in a chair near the bed when I entered the room. I gingerly handed my mother in law her coffee then sat at the end of the bed. I looked her in the eye and said, “You have my attention.”

With apparent hesitation Nancy shocked me to the core with these words; “Albert I am an old woman and must look ugly to you but I want to ask a favor of you.

Dennis was the first and only man I have ever had relations with. In fact, I’ve never so much as kissed another. The thing that really bothers me though is that I have never seen a penis besides his in real life.

I never saw my father’s or brother’s, not even by accident and I never dated any boys except Dennis. Would you do this old woman a favor and drop your trousers just for a moment so I can see another? I would never tell Janet or another soul, I swear I won’t.”

What was I to do? Nancy’s crystal blue eyes pleaded with sincerity and there was no chance of my not considering her request. What harm could come from granting the old gal a peek at my pal Boliver P. Shagnasty?

I stood, dropped laundry from the waist down, thus freeing my flaccid cock and drooping sack of balls. I’m average at best when it comes to size and such but when I looked at Nancy’s sparkling eyes lustfully gazing at my exposed genitals I felt like a porn star.

“Bring it closer to me” Nancy commanded. I did as I was told without thinking and stepped closer to her chair. She then asked, “Can I touch it?” I just nodded since her hand was already in motion toward my manhood that suddenly began to swell.

My mother in law took my cock in her hand and began to slowly stroke it just inches from her face. I quickly became fully erect as I watched the expression of lust combined with awe on Nancy’s face.

I suddenly came to my mind that Nancy could fulfill a fantasy of mine that I have had for many years. She has both upper and lower dentures and when removed there is not a single tooth in her mouth.

I looked down at the surprisingly firm escort gaziantep ukraynalı bayan grip of my mother in laws hand as it pumped up and down my shaft. Then looking at her face I noticed she was licking her lips slowly as if in a trance.

I said; “Nancy, how would you like to do me a favor now? I want you to take out your dentures and let me put my cock in your mouth. I want to feel your gums on it while you suck me.”

Without a word or bit of hesitation Nancy used her other hand and pulled each denture from her mouth and set them on the dresser beside the chair she was sitting in.

As I stood before my mother in law with my pants around my ankles, she pulled my cock toward her as she leaned forward and gently took me into her toothless mouth and began sucking.

I have six inches when fully erect and my girth is what I would call average or standard for a typical Caucasian male in his mid forties. Nancy took every bit of me into her mouth with apparent ease.

My balls were momentarily pressed into my mother in laws chin until she began bobbing her head. I watched her slide a hand under her sweater and start caressing her aged breasts as she sucked my cock with increasing eagerness.

I closed my eyes and pictured the sexy young woman in the videos I had seen of Nancy in her younger days. My erection was harder than it has been for many years and I felt it throb painfully with my heartbeat.

Then I felt the most incredible sensation of ecstasy when my mother in law tenderly applied pressure to my cock with her gums as she continued sucking it’s full length.

With one hand squeezing her breasts and the other cupping my balls Nancy gummed and sucked my swollen member with more enthusiasm than any woman ever has before.

My balls tensed in Nancy’s hand as the build up of my orgasm reached it’s zenith and I exploded into her mouth. I opened my eyes and looked down as she gagged on my cum, causing her to cough while pulling my squirting cock from her mouth.

My lovely mother in law continued jerking me off with her hand. She smiled up at me as several huge gobs of cum spurted from the head of my very messy cock splashing all over her face.

I was overcome with the most pleasurable feeling I have ever experienced as I looked at the increasing mess before me and knew how naughty my mother in law and I were being.

There was saliva, semen, and countless sperm from my waist to my knees. Nancy’s face and hair were equally slimy and wet while our fluids continued to ooze from her mouth and down her chin.

I was about to tell my mother in law to stand and take her clothes off so I could perform oral sex on her. I wanted to get erect again and fuck her in several positions.

However I noticed movement in my peripheral vision which caused me to turn my head and see Stan outside the bedroom window. He had been watching us and guzzling beer it seemed.

I panicked and said, “Oh shit, Stan what the fuck are you doing?” This caused Nancy run to the master bathroom in panic and Stan to grin even more than he already had been.

Nancy returned with a towel and having wiped her face clean, handed it to me. She sat on the end of her bed with an expression of fear on her face and asked, “How much did he see?”

I used the towel to clean myself and was about to answer Nancy when Stan answered for himself. He had walked around and entered the house.

Standing in the bedroom doorway with a beer in his hand Stan smiled broadly and said, “I saw everything you two horny dogs did, now I’m a horny dog too.” This was verified by a noticeably huge bulge in his work pants.

Knowing what Nancy and I were thinking Stan continued, “Aunt Nancy I have wanted to fuck you for a real long time now. I sure enjoyed the show you two just put on.

I’ll tell you what we are going to do in this situation if you don’t want me to go tell everyone what I just saw. The three of us are going to have some fun. Albert and I are going to take turns fucking you aunt Nancy.”

My mother in law looked at me then at Stan and said, “If I do what you want will you promise never to tell anyone about this? Will you give me your word Stan?”

Stan nodded his head and replied, “You have my word on it, lets have some fun and I wont ever tell a soul.” Nancy looked escort gaziantep üniversiteli bayan at me and gave a slight shrug then began taking off her clothing.

Stan walked up and stood beside me as I held the messy towel and realized my pants were still down at my ankles. Stan dropped his pants and boxer shorts together and took his shirt off.

I was in utter shock when I saw the size of Stan’s penis. Not even in the porno movies have I ever seen one as large as Stan’s. It was abnormally huge and looked like it belonged on a horse.

Then Nancy was standing in front of us completely naked and staring at Stan’s massive cock in awe. I looked at my mother in laws body and started getting hard again.

Nancy had large sagging tits with bright pink nipples. Gravity had taken effect on her ass as well but it still looked good to me. Stan started sucking on Nancy’s pink nipple then stopped.

He looked at Nancy and said, “Go get some kind of lube so I can get this big dick of mine in you without hurting you.” Nancy walked into the bathroom and returned with a tube of lubricating jelly.

Stan then walked to one side of the bed and used a hand gesture signaling me to get on the other side. I shuffled around to the other side and waited.

Stan looked at Nancy and said, “Auntie, I want you to get on the bed between us on your hands and knees. Spread those knees wide so one can fuck you while you suck on the other. Turn around and switch every now and then.”

Nancy got on the bed between Stan and I as directed. My mother in law was on her hands and knees giving me a perfect view of her ass and pussy while her face was in front of Stan’s giant cock.

I looked at Nancy’s large meaty labia hanging loosely and noticed how bright pink the lips were. My cock was fully erect and I stepped forward, placing the swollen at the entrance.

I thrust forward separating the pink fleshy flaps and buried my length deep into my mother in laws moist pussy. Nancy moaned softly for a moment but stopped as Stan pushed the giant mushroom head of his horse cock into her mouth.

I couldn’t help the interruption of my thrusts as I paused to watch Nancy try to get her mouth around Stan’s excessive girth. It was making me harder as I watched.

Nancy was able to get Stan’s cock in her mouth but only about one quarter of it’s length. I resumed thrusting in and out of Nancy’s pink pussy from behind.

Her long flaps of pussy lips slid up and down my shaft as I fucked deep into the warmth of her tunnel. Stan held Nancy’s head and fucked his huge cock in and out of her mouth slowly.

Saliva dripped from My mother in laws stretched mouth as she gagged and slobbered on Stan’s meat club. Stan then grabbed the lube and ordered Nancy to turn around.

My mother in law spun around and I noticed her eyes were teared up and bulging. Drool ran down her chin as she wrapped her lips around my cock and started slurping and sucking it once again.

Stan squirted lube into his hand then dropped he tube on the bed. I watched him smear the lube all over Nancy’s pussy and finger some into the hole my cock had just been sliding in and out of.

My mother in law began gumming my shaft as I watched Stan force the head and a few inches of his monster cock into her pussy. She made a groaning noise around my cock in her mouth as Stan pushed deeper.

Eventually Stan was pounding nearly all of his big cock into Nancy’s stretched pussy. Each time he thrusts into her she would rock forward taking my cock deeper into her mouth making her wet chin smash against my balls.

Stan groaned and had his first orgasm. He pumped a large volume of cum deep into my mother in laws pussy then ordered her to switch again.

Nancy spun around and took stan’s cock head into her mouth as his cum was still oozing from the tip. She gummed and sucked Stan’s cock making him hard again.

I looked at the gaping hole of Nancy’s swollen pussy and watched gobs of Stan’s cum slide from the depths and run down the hanging flaps of lips.

I pushed my cock into the dripping, messy, pink center and fucked it for three or four minutes before deciding it was damaged beyond hope. I took the lube and put a gob on my finger.

I rubbed the lube all over the tight opening of my other in laws anus and pushed my finger deep inside. After fingering her ass, I pushed my cock into the tight hole and fucked it slowly.

I shot my load deep into Nancy’s rectum just as Stan was squirting his second orgasm into her mouth. We continued to fuck Nancy in every orifice until we were both drained completely.

Stan has never told anyone as far as I know and I have sex with my mother in law occasionally when we are certain we are alone. Mostly just getting a quick gum job since Stan the Man wrecked the pussy.

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