Stacy Takes a Woman

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The next few days in Ilocos, Philippines were spent visiting various friends and relatives in and around her hometown, as well as a little sightseeing for me. We visited Rizal Park which had a little zoo and pool, and the Sinking Bell Tower. The people were friendly everywhere we went. The nights were spent with my little 5 foot girlfriend riding me while talking more dirtily each time. The same woman that blushed the first time I asked her if she was enjoying our sex now was beginning to sound like a budding porn star.

The week rolled on until without any outside development until Thursday morning. While we were stopped on the side of the road at a fruit stand, Stacy saw the surfer girl from the other day looking at the guava. She walked over, sneaking around behind the pretty Japanese girl. As the girl grabbed a guava, Stacy reached in and slapped it out of her hand, saying ” This not for tourist. This fruit is only for Filipinas.”

Nami, who is a few inches taller than Stacy, turned around in surprise. Seeing Stacy, her face quickly changed to a smile, her almond eyes expressing her delight. ” Hi, Stacy. You’re still surfing, right? I’d hate to think I taught you for nothing.”

” Well, I’ve been busy, Nami. No time for the beach but I’ve got time now, if you want to teach me some more. I don’t have a board, but I could rent one.”

Nami quickly agreed and after a quick logistical discussion, we returned to the Fort Ilocandia Resort, which we had switched to during the week. They had agreed to just go to the beach in Laoag, where the waves would be easier for a beginner like Stacy. After a quick change, we were out the door and headed to the beach to meet her new friend.

Upon arrival at the beach, we soon found Nami out riding the small waves. She plummeted into the foam near shore upon seeing us, hurriedly grabbed her board and ran up to us. Running over to us, she dropped the board by our stuff. She took Stacy by the hand, tugging her and saying ” Let’s go get you a board, abalbalay bassit .” Stacy blinked in surprise, then ran off grinning towards the rental shop.

The women came back soon, Stacy carrying her board and Nami with a cooler and some other things she had retrieved from the car. Setting her things down, she took Stacy the 30 feet down to the shoreline. There she had Stacy place her board down on the sand and stand on it. Nami got on her own board and demonstrated a stance. Stacy watched and imitated the various movements Nami was doing on her board.

Nami walked over to Stacy and stood behind her, coaching her stance now. I watched as the tall, slender, porcelain skinned woman stood behind the mahogany skinned Filipina, lifting Stacy’s arms a little higher. She pushed downward on her shoulders, forcing her to squat down a little lower in her position. Then she stepped into Stacy’s body, tightening herself into her. She rolled her hands out across her arms, grabbing Stacy’s hands in her own. Then she rocked on the edge of the board, apparently attempting to show her the way to roll on the board. Stacy was nodding her head, agreeing with whatever Nami was saying, the talk lost to me in the surf’s noise. Finally happy with the results, she stepped away and grabbed her board, followed by the tiny novice.

The women surfed almost continuously for the next two hours, with only a few token appearances made to me by Stacy. She was clearly improving as she rode the tiny waves, and seemed genuinely pleased whenever Nami clapped or yelled in congratulation. I sat and watched them until Stacy came back and I suggested we leave. She seemed disappointed, as I knew she would as she never wants to leave the beach, but agreed if she could have another half-hour. Having reached our compromise, she headed back out to Nami and the waves.

Soon enough, the women came back in, both looking hot in their bikinis. Stacy told me we were taking Nami to dinner and maybe out after that. I agreed, unnecessarily, and we packed up and headed back to our room.

We weren’t in our room long when the phone rang. Stacy picked up and began talking. It was Nami on the other end and I went into the other room of the suite to play a game while they talked. Stacy came in to the little living room of our suite and said ” Me and Nami decided to have a Girl’s Night Out, guapu. She has friends that have a private party every Thursday, but she can only bring one person. So if you want to, go out and have fun. I’m sorry, but she’s so much fun and after her teaching me how to surf., I didn’t want to say no.”

” What am I going to do?” I said, annoyed at the thought of sitting in the room while she was out having fun.

” Jeezus. I don’t know. Get something to eat and play a game or something. Fuck I care.”

Resigning myself to an evening indoors, I caught up with some news on the web. At about 6 p. m. Nami showed up carrying a couple of bags. Stacy and her went into the bathroom to change for their night, Stacy telling me no peeking.

In about 30 minutes, the girls emerged. Stacy looked ridiculously sivas escort cute, dressed like a Japanese schoolgirl. Her white top had a flap that squared off in the back, like a naval uniform. She had on a blue plaid skirt, white stockings and little black shoes. On her head was a white band, pulling her bangs off her sweet round face. She was grinning as she saw my reaction of surprise and delight.

” You like me in this, baby? Do I look cute? “

” You look great, but what kind of party is this? “

Nami, dressed in what was clearly an over-the-top version of a school teacher’s outfit, answered. ” We have it every week. It’s just a theme where everybody dresses like it’s going to school. It’s easy for me because I’m a teacher anyway. ” Her gray suit was so tight I didn’t know how she got it on. Her skirt, matching gray of course, ended below her knee, showing her slim legs off. Her feet had on patent leather high heels. Her long black hair had been placed into a very tight bun, held together by wooden sticks.

She walked over next to Stacy and stood next to her, placing her hand on Stacy’s shoulder. ” How do we look? ” Nami asked.

Somewhere in my head I found an answer, as I stared, goggle-eyed, at these Asian wet dreams standing in front of me. ” It’s the first thing that ever made me want to go back to school.”

The girls could tell from my reaction that they looked as hot as they thought they did. Nami took Stacy to her purse, pulling out a Mickey Mouse watch and a bracelet adorned with Pokemon characters. As she placed these on Stacy’s wrist, Stacy looked coyly at me out of the sides of her eyes. She was clearly loving the attention the Japanese woman was lavishing on her. Nami then pulled out some Pink lip frost and placed it on Stacy’s gorgeous lips. She was making her hotter by the second.

Nami then walked around Stacy, inspecting her like a sergeant checking a soldier’s uniform. Stacy stood dead still, clearly hoping for Nami’s approval. Nami walked to her bag and pulled out and enormous, multicolored sucker and told Stacy to hold it. Stacy shyly took the sucker and held it as Nami grabbed her camera and started taking photos. My mind was in overdrive watching this, hoping the photos might lead somewhere else.

Nami had Stacy pose for the next few minutes, taking various shots. She had Stacy look down with the lollipop in her mouth, telling her to act shy. Stacy, clearly loving the playacting, began to act like a dirty, little schoolgirl, making suggestive faces to the lens. Satisfied with her shots, Nami stopped and looked again at the pretty little Filipina “schoolgirl” standing in front of her.

” I don’t like that as much as I thought at first. Let’s try this.” Nami said, walking to the bag again. She proceeded to pull out a Hello Kitty lunchbox, having Stacy hold that. My cock was hard watching this decoration of Stacy occur.

” Yeah, that’s better, albalbalay. I am going to love show and tell tonight. The boys will all be hot for you, and the girls will all be jealous I found you.” Nami said, snapping more photos of my girlfriend, who looked happily back at me as I grinned.

Finally pleased with her doll’s appearance, she took Stacy’s hand and they walked toward the door. ” These parties usually end at about 11, so I’ll try to bring her home safely. ” Nami told me, causing the women to start laughing. ” She might not be in the same condition, though. “

Stacy came and kissed my cheek, saying ” Thanks again, lover. Don’t be mad at me. I’ll text you.”

I watched them depart, then sat and imagined the fun she was having as I sat reading a book. The night wore on until about 9 when she sent me a short text that said ” lotsa cute boys dressed all cute cute cute. Can’t pick just one lol. Having fun? I am. ”

At about 10 came another text, reading, ” Sitting on every Japanese boy’s lap. Some are cute, some just okay. Nami watches me a lot, always smiling making sure i am having fun.”

Shortly before 11 I got the last text. ” Coming home. Get your ass in the closet. ssshhh. Or leave. Don’t ruin this for me or grrrrr!!!”

I put on the radio just loud enough to help mask any noise I might make and made a few other preparations to watch Stacy’s show. After making sure I was ready and could see as much of the room as possible, I submerged.

10 minutes later, I heard the girls nearing the room, chattering in the hallway. The door opened, and the two entered, Stacy still looking fantastic. Nami looked great, too, although she no longer had her jacket on. She now only had a white blouse, buttoned high on her neck, on her upper body. She was also wearing glasses, which she didn’t have on when they left.

” I told you it was going to be fun. I just wish you were still going to be here next week. You could be the teacher, then. Are you sure you can’t stay? “

Stacy said ” God, I wish. So many hot guys. Jesus, I couldn’t pick one.”

” You should have picked Kenji. He liked you the most. He followed you around like a puppy all night. ”

” Yeah, but Daisuke was the hottest. I think I liked him the most. I know he kissed better than anyone else there, “

Nami said ” Not better than anyone else. ” She stepped toward Stacy and stood before her. Staring at Stacy’s face, she placed a hand under her chin, lifting her eyes, forcing Stacy to look back. Then she slowly leaned in and kissed her delicately on the lips. Stacy returned her kiss, her lips gently embracing Nami’s, holding them for 10 seconds, then parting.

Still looking at Stacy, Nami said ” Ania ti kayatmo. “

Stacy, after a brief pause, replied ” Kayatko daytoy. “

Pleased with Stacy’s answer, Nami said ” Good. Now go make yourself perfect for me. ” She handed Stacy a hairbrush and lip gloss. Stacy took them and went to the bathroom as she had been told. When she was gone, Nami went to her bags and took some things out. I couldn’t tell what as she moved too fast. She then went and sat on the couch, idly awaiting Stacy’s return.

Stacy came out, her makeup refreshed. Her lips were shining and her short hair had been returned to it’s previous well combed state, complete with white band across the top. Her face was beaming as she stepped back into the room where I could see her again.

Nami sat on the couch, awaiting the Filipina cutie’s return. When she saw Stacy, she said ” Umayka ditoy.” She pointed at the ground in front of her. Stacy dutifully walked over and stood before Nami.

Nami reached out and placed her hands on Stacy’s hips, tugging her downward. Stacy complied and got down on her knees before Nami. The little Filipina schoolgirl looked down, ashamed at the depths to which she was going for the younger Japanese teacher. Nami smiled, knowing Stacy was hers to with as she pleased.

Reaching out, she placed her hand on Stacy’s left cheek, pushing her face up to make eye contact. ” Ni Nami ti maestra. “

Stacy answered her ” Estudient enak. “

” I saw you looking at me today, Stacy. Is there something you want to tell me, a reason for looking at me like you were? “

” Napintas ta blusam, maestra. “

” Oh, do you like the way it looks on me? Is that why you were staring at me at the dance? What do you like most about it? “

” Nailet sa kenka, maestra. “

” Why does that matter to you? I saw you dancing with all the boys, sitting in their laps like a brat, teasing their cocks. Love getting the boys attention, don’t you, pokpok? Maybe I will have to inform your mother. So why are you staring at me if you like the boys so much that you kiss them all? Is it because you want to taste my pussy, babai kabassitan? “

” Wen, maestra. “

” Bagimon no kayatmo, babai dakes. Now first things first. Show me you want me. ”

Stacy leaned in towards Nami, her lips parting as they met Nami’s. The younger woman leaned down, sliding her tongue across Stacy’s shining lips. Nami then placed her hand on Stacy’s back, drawing her in further. Their tongues entwined, and the women kissed repeatedly, always with Nami breaking the kiss. ” Babai dasek bassit, you are very naughty. You need to be punished for being a cock tease tonight.”

Nami then grabbed Stacy’s arm and pulled her up, guiding her across her gray skirt. Stacy lay face down across Nami’s lap, reaching back to pull her skirt down as if to protect her ass from the spanking she was about to receive. Nami swatted her hands away, saying ” You teased those boys all night with your little ass. Having fun teasing them, weren’t you? You like making their cocks hard, don’t you? “

” Wen, maestra. “

Nami’s hand swatted down across the blue plaid skirt, striking Stacy’s left cheek. ” Speak English, ti sabongko. I can barely understand you, you little tease. “

” Yes, teacher. “

” Yes, teacher, what? “

” Yes, teacher, I was having fun making those boys cocks hard. “

” Do you think that is naughty? I think you were very naughty tonight, not even dancing once with me, and all the time knowing I wanted you. Not acceptable behavior. I think you need to be spanked like the bad little girl you are. “

” I am sorry, teacher. Stacy will dance with you now, if you like. “

Nami slid her hand under the couch pillow, pulling out a ping pong paddle that was pink in color. She lifted Stacy’s skirt, saying ” It’s a little late for that, little one. Nami wants to spank you now. I watched, my cock already rock hard, as Nami raised the paddle and brought it down across Stacy’s white panty covered buttocks. As the paddle struck her, Stacy let out a yelp, clearly having expected Nami to be gentler. Nami barely noticed the yelp though, as she was already striking the little brown ass again. The spanks were surprisingly hard, Nami clearly letting Stacy know she was in charge. She repeated the strikes rapidly, stopping after about 10 swats.

Stacy was crying, tears starting to pour down her face, as she lay across they 25 year old Japanese beauty’s lap. Nami saw the tears, but took no pity. ” At least 10 more for you for teasing the boys. All that flirting and no fucking. This is not acceptable. “

The paddle came down again. Stacy clearly was at least trying to be brave, but her tears continued to roll down her cheeks. Stacy’s ass was reddened from the paddle, and she reached back, trying to rub away her pain. Nami slapped her hands away, saying ” Take your spanking like the good little girl you are not! ” Nami then continued spanking her, not stopping until she had given her at least 10 more.

Nami stopped then, petting Stacy’s head, saying ” There you are, abalbalay bassit. Now you know not to tease Japanese boys.” Stacy snuffled her nose, the tears still pouring out. ” Next time, you will fuck one in front of me, just to show you don’t think you are too good for them. Would you like that, Stacy? “

” I would like that, Nami. But I go home next Monday, so I can’t fuck them for you. “

” Well, maybe I can arrange a special date for you before you go. I do think you owe me that.”

Reaching her hand down to Stacy’s ass, Nami slid the crotch of the clearly soaked white panties and slid them to the side. She brushed against Stacy’s lips, the moisture now visible from my spot 20 feet away. She lightly traced her fingers over her student’s mound, and Stacy pushed back to her touch, showing her willingness.

” If you can’t fuck them like a good little Filipina should, then I will have to fuck you for them. ” With that, Nami shoved two fingers into Stacy’s pussy, slowly sawing them in and out. Stacy’s jaw clenched as the teacher rapidly fucked her mahogany skinned cutie’s pussy. She stroked them in her tight canal for only about a minute when Stacy came, her cum dripping onto Nami’s skirt. Nami took the fingers out of Stacy, examining them as if she had never seen cum before.

” Goodness, such a bad little girl, cumming on teacher’s fingers. Now lick them clean, girl. ” She pushed her fingers into Stacy’s mouth. I watched as Stacy tried to stop Nami’s fingers from entering her mouth. Nami’s other hand rang down on Stacy’s butt cheeks.

” Suck them clean, babai, or I will spank you again. Stacy, not wanting to be spanked again, opened her mouth. Her fat tongue soon had the cum covered fingers on it. Stacy mad a face at first, but then decided she liked taste, and sucked them clean. She then licked up Nami’s hand, trying to get more of her own juice, lewdly tonguing her teacher.

Nami laughed. ” You tiny brown bitches are all the same. Don’t know what you want until Nami shows you. Let’s see if I can’t get your pekpek going again. “

She again placed the two fingers into Stacy, who instantly started pushing back against them. Nami said ” How many times can I make you cum, baby. You seem like a horny, bad girl to me. Look at yourself, fucking against my fingers. Let me try another finger, see if that helps you. ”

Nami placed a third finger into her student, who was making noises of excitement as she reeled at the thought of what she was doing for this younger woman. She had never let another female touch her pussy before, and now here she was being spanked and finger banged by Nami. She felt herself getting close when Nami pulled her fingers out.

” Clean these again, slut. Your pussy is gushing all over my legs, making me wet. ” Stacy turned her face back towards Nami, watching as she brought the fingers to her mouth. Stacy looked into Nami’s eyes and started to suck them clean. Her tongue twirled on the fingers, loving the taste of her own pussy. When she was satisfied they were clean again, Nami removed them from Stacy’s mouth.

Now placing her hand at Stacy’s entrance, she slid all four fingers inside the Filipina. She told Stacy ” That’s it, ti sabongko. Push back and show me how much you love being fucked by me. ”

Stacy’s ass raised as she tried to get more and more of Nami’s fingers inside her. She started to buck up harder against the fingers, when Nami’s right hand came down hard across her ass.

” I’m fucking you, girl. You aren’t fucking me.” Stacy brought her ass down, and began to moan as Nami sawed the fingers in faster and faster. Her hand was driving Stacy mad, her eyes glazing over as her lust overtook her.

Nami said ” I knew when you were letting me dress you that you would be mine tonight. Tell me you are mine, my little pussy whore. “

Stacy’s reply was muffled, her face pushing down into the couch. Nami said ” I can’t hear you. “

Lifting her head, Stacy said ” I am a little pussy whore. Make your little whore cum, teacher. ” Nami quickened her pace then, her fingers working the young Filipina’s cunt toward an orgasm . She was grinning down when Stacy came again, whimpering like the little girl she was being made into by her bold Japanese lover.

Nami pushed Stacy off her lap and onto the floor. Stacy quickly scrambled back onto her knees before Nami, looking up adoringly at her. Proffering her hand to Stacy, Nami said ” Show me again how much you like the taste of cunt.” Stacy looked into Nami’s eyes the entire time she licked and sucked at her hand. When at last she was satisfied that she was clean, Nami took the fingers away.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32