Squirt and a Pee

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“Mmmm… stop it…” Haley moaned, smiling, as my fingers flicked between her lips, brushing back and forth against her hard clit. But I had no intention of stopping. I knew what I was doing.

While I never could get Haley into pee play, we learned together that she was a squirter. Which was A-OK with me. Any sex where I end up soaked is great sex in my book. And with my fingers doing what they’re doing, getting covered in Haley’s squirt was guaranteed.

“Ungh, stop, you’re…” she laughed, “You’re gonna make me squirt! I… ungh…” I moved my fingers faster, greedy, and impatient. My left hand was between my own legs, rubbing in synchronization with my right hand. Haley squirmed, her legs on either side of my head gently grazing me as she writhed on the bed, her hands gripping the sheets as the sensation overpowered her. I explored the outside of my pussy, fingers not daring to enter until the right moment.

It wasn’t long until the right moment came. Haley’s involuntary moans grew louder, and her legs quivered and tightened around my head. I focused intently on her pussy, as my fingers moved faster, rubbing her clit and my own simultaneously. Suddenly, she shook, and a small spurt escaped her lips, gushing between my fingers and dripping into the sheets. I brought my head further between her legs, licking the wetness off my fingers and her pussy, and she moaned in delight. My own moan joined the chorus as I slid my finger between my own lips, burrowing deep inside me. I licked her vigorously as I quickened the pace on myself, which brought me to orgasm as Haley came again.

Haley’s chest heaved as she came down from her second orgasm, and she laughed involuntarily.

“You really like that, don’t ankara yabancı escort you?” she asked with a chuckle.

“Mmm hmm.” I replied, my tongue was too busy to muster more of a response.

She sighed with pleasure, and squirmed a little on the bed as I continued to massage her pussy with my tongue. “Aw, we just washed these sheets from last time.” she said, pouting.

“Mm. Well, we’re going to have to wash them again,” I declared, pulling my mouth from her pussy. “Might as well make it worth it.” I brought my hand back to her lips.

“No, no!” Haley moaned through a giggle, but she spread her legs, inviting me. I positioned myself, preparing for the deluge to come. I could see the gentle swell of her pubic mound, and knew she had a lot of squirt left to give. Begrudgingly, I removed my left hand from between my legs, and brought it gently to her tummy, applying a little pressure to her bladder as my right hand began moving back and forth over her clit, gliding easily over her sopping wet lips.

She moaned, furrowing her brow as she focused on the sensation. Her legs twisted a little around me, which I took as my invitation to go faster. I moved my fingers back and forth over her clit faster and faster, and pushed a little harder on her lower tummy, and she moaned, low and breathy. I could tell she was totally focused in the sensation. She arched her back, pushing her pussy harder into my hands, and pushing my hand harder into her bladder. I knew she was getting close.

“Oh!” she suddenly exclaimed, and I felt my hands get slick with moisture, a preamble to the deluge that I knew was coming. I adjusted myself, and lowered bahçelievler escort my face closer to her pussy. Before long, my hand was dripping. Haley was rubbing her clit against my hand rhythmically, moving her hips up and down, and her breathing quickened. My own pussy was practically dripping in anticipation, and I bit my lip.

With a long, low moan, Haley finally let loose the floodgates. Hot liquid squirted around my fingers, splashing her thighs and soaking the bedsheets. It came out in a flood, and I could feel the pressure of it against my palm. Hot drops splattered my face, and I could feel it on my eyelids, my lips, wetting my hair and splashing my tank top. Aroused, I licked the splatter from my lips, tasting its warm saltiness. Suddenly, I was overcome with an urge I’d never felt before; I wanted to taste her. I wanted her juices in my mouth, and I wanted to drink her in.

I eagerly replaced my hand with my tongue, and moaned as I felt the hot liquid streaming around my lips, dripping down my chin. A thin stream trailed down my neck, and between my small breasts. I moved my right hand down my belly and between my legs, rubbing myself as my mouth filled with hot pee. My fingers frantically entered my pussy, and an orgasm was not far behind.

I came with her then, our voices harmonizing in the night. I was overpowered with the orgasm, and I struggled to keep my lips between her legs, not wanting to give up the incredible sensation, wanting it to last forever. But the orgasm was too powerful, and I pulled away, gasping for air as my body rocked with waves of pleasure.

Haley began to come down from her orgasm first. “Oh no,” balgat escort she moaned, feeling the wet sheets. “You made me squirt again.” She laughed. “We’re going to run out of quarters for the laundry!”

“Ungh huh.” I was still shuddering with orgasm, and was nowhere near articulate enough to reply. I rolled into the wet sheets, the cooling puddle feeling nice against my hot, simmering skin.

“Ooh! I have to pee!” Haley suddenly exclaimed, and ran for the bathroom. How could she have to pee? How did she have any liquid left in her after all this?

The throes of my orgasm were beginning to subside, and I stretched out on the wet, cooling sheets in the afterglow of my intense pleasure. Behind the closed bathroom door, I began to hear a slow stream of Haley’s pee splashing in the toilet. The sound of it resonated in me, and I came to the realization that I, too, had to pee.

Sitting there in Haley’s puddle, I couldn’t think of any reason to leave the bed. I shimmied myself up a little, positioning my butt over the center of the wet spot. I layed back on the bed, resting my head on a pillow, and relaxed.

The pee flowed out of me onto the bed, creating a growing warm spot in the wet wet sheets around me. I could hear the soft sound of the stream of pee splashing on the saturated sheets. The warm puddle spread around my butt, and I could feel it creeping up my back, and I lifted up my tank top up to my breasts, and felt the warm pee spreading against my naked back. My head swam as I basked in the sensation of complete relaxation.

The bathroom door opened just as the last few drops dripped between the swollen lips of my pussy, soaking into the sheets. Haley turned on the lights to look at the damage our lovemaking had wrought on our newly washed sheets. As the room filled with light, her eyes widened at the sight of the MASSIVE puddle in the middle of the bed.

“Holy shit!!” she exclaimed, in awe. “I did THAT?”

I laughed, and squirmed in the sopping wet sheets. To this day, I’ll bet she thinks she is the record holder for world’s biggest bladder.

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