Spring Break Arrives Ch. 02

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As I stirred in the bed I could feel the blood pounding at my temples. I hadn’t had a headache like that for years. I opened my eyes and things were still a bit of a blur. I knew I couldn’t focus in on anything yet because the room would spin when I did.

“What a fucking headache!” I thought.

My mind raced back to the night before. I instinctively reached out and felt the bed. There wasn’t anyone there. I glanced at both sides and found myself alone.

“Could I have dreamed about last night? Was it really real?” these and others questions popped in to my mind.

I eased myself to the edge of the bed and rolled my legs off, setting them on the floor. I sat there what seemed like an eternity. I pushed myself off of the bed and headed for the bathroom. I still had one grand hard on, the usual in the morning, full of piss! I stood there taking a leak and thought about what had transpired the night before. All I could think about was the pure raw sex that had taken place. Then the thought about having sex with Susie flooded my mind.

“Fuck I must be some kind of a pervert. How could I take my own daughter?” I pondered.

I looked in to the mirror and just shook my head. I knew what we did was wrong but it was so fantastic just the same. My mind pushed me back to both girls. Their firm, tight, succulent bodies flashed threw my mind. Their young pussies were so tight and wet and they both knew how to suck cock! I couldn’t believe it; I looked down and watched my cock start to grow not with piss but with blood! I tried to think about other things but my mind was held captive.

I knew I had to do something so I grabbed a robe and headed out of my bedroom. I heard nothing but silence. I hollered out for the girls, but only the birds outside made any noise. I stopped at Susie’s bedroom and looked in. It was as if there hadn’t been anyone there. I made my way down to the spare room where Kim’s stuff was. Once again it looked as if no one had even been in that room also. I scratched my head and thought.

“I know I couldn’t have dreamed all of this! Am I losing my fucking mind?”

I made my way down the hall until I got to the kitchen and noticed a note on the table. My sanity came back to me.

“Good morning Daddy! We hope you slept well. We tried to wake you but you wouldn’t move. Did you know that your beautiful cock has a mind of it’s own? It sure can get hard in the morning!!! Thanks Dad! Anyway, we went out shopping and will be home later. All our love! Susie and Kim”

Thank God I wasn’t dreaming! I wondered what they had been up to this morning? I headed for the shower.

I let the water run down my body and as it flowed over me my body started to feel better. I lathered myself up and worked the soap in. Once I reached my cock I stroked its length. My cock now started to expand in my hand with each stroke. I leaned against the shower wall; hot water penetrating my pores. I closed my eyes and thought of Susie sucking on my cock. With each stroke I drew closer to cumming. I then eased my left hand under my ball sack and slipped a finger to my waiting ass hole. The soap had made everything slippery so I had no problem entering myself. The deeper I plunged the faster I moved my hand on my throbbing cock. My thoughts were concentrated on how well Susie sucked cock. I envisioned how she wrapped her soft lips around the head and drew me deep in her mouth. How she would let me slip deeper in to her throat. I could feel my cock swell and the beginning of cum working its way to the slit at the top of my cock. The first shot hit the shower door, another burst and it almost brought me to my knees. Man this felt great. I milked my cock dry of its juices. I now stood there spent; my cock was slowly decreasing in size.

“I wonder what the girls are really up to today?” I thought.

I managed to keep myself busy throughout the day. I stopped long enough to eat lunch. My mind still wandered to the girls but a bit of hard work quickly took my mind off of them. I cleaned the pool and hot tub, making sure that there were plenty of clean towels around both locations. The sun had felt good on my body today. I glanced up and saw that the sun was making its way down. I didn’t realize that it was so late. No wonder I was hungry. I entered the house and looked at the clock. It was now 7:30.

“Okay girls, where the hell are you?” I muttered to myself. Just about that time I heard a car pull in to the driveway.

I opened the fridge and looked to see what I could eat when all of a sudden the door burst open. I looked up and Susie and Kim were lugging packages in. They were so full of life and giggling; I just smile.

“I’m sorry about not calling dad, we’ll have to make it up to you.” Susie replied. “We’ve got a treat for you daddy, we’re got steamed shrimp and crab legs for you!” She sounded so excited.

They both made their way to the kitchen. Once again the beauty that stood before me took me back to the events that had unfolded the day before.

“You girls are so full of yourselves, what’s up?” Yıldırım Escort I chimed in.

“ We just want to make you happy Mr. Smith!” Kim smiled at me.

“Okay Kim, before we go any further, would you please stop calling me Mr. Smith. You make me feel like an old man.” I said. “You can call me Ben or Bill or Joe, I don’t really care but not Mr. Smith. Okay?”

“How about calling you daddy?” Kim replied as she batted her eyes at me.

“That would be fine…” I started to say.

“Better yet, how about it if I call you Big Dick?” Kim said.

“Watch your mouth young lady! You know what will happen if you keep on trash mouthing me.” I said.

Kim replied, “Ohhhh I’m so scared! Do you want some of this Big Dick Bill or Ben or Joe whoever the fuck you are?” as she turned her ass to face me. Kim grabbed her cheeks and wiggled them at me.

“Wait until after dinner, then I’ll give you something for what ails you.” I said.

“ Promises, promises!” She shot back playfully.

I jumped and had a hand on her before she knew what happened. I pulled her ass towards my crotch and bounced her there a few times. My cock started to expand with blood!

“Go ahead and beat her ass daddy. Kim talks so dirty daddy, you should hear the fucking words that come out of her mouth.” Susie piped in.

“Okay girls, that’s enough, I’m hungry as hell.” With that said, we all sat down for dinner.

We managed to make it through dinner and then the girls mentioned that they would like some desert. I knew they were up to something by the way they asked.

“Daddy, why don’t you head out to the pool and we’ll make desert for you.” Susie said with a big smile on her face.

I pushed away from the table and headed outside. The warm air felt good. I sat down on a chase lounge and swung my feet over so I could lay back. I reached up and slipped my shirt off and made myself a bit more comfortable. I could hear the girls from inside the house. They were laughing and giggling. I leaned back and closed my eyes.

I didn’t even hear them come out but when one of the girls managed to block the sun from my eyes, I opened them. I almost creamed myself. Susie and Kim stood before me with absolutely nothing on but smiles. Kim was holding a tray with various items on it. There was a can of spray whipped cream, a jar of cherries; another one was filled with honey, one with chocolate and another with caramel. The girls had made me a big tall drink as well. I also noticed that Kim was now sporting a freshly shaved pussy. The soft black hair was now gone, exposing her pussy lips. They both were so hot looking.

Susie squatted down on my right side with Kim moving over to my left side. Kim placed the tray on the table and said, “ Daddy, do you mind if we have our desert first? I can promise you this, you’ll love it!”

It was kind of odd to have someone else call me daddy but it also felt natural.

“Go ahead girls, eat until you burst.” I laughed. Both girls placed their hands on my shorts and slowly tugged at them. I responded by lifting my butt off of the lounge chair so they could remove them all the way.

“Doesn’t daddy’s cock look delicious?” Kim said, as she handed Susie the whipped cream.

“Kim, why don’t you pour some caramel and chocolate on daddy’s lollie-pop.” Susie replied.

I glanced down and watched with interest as Kim picked up both jars. She moved closer then popped the lids and proceeded to pour the contents on my semi-hard cock. It was a weird feeling having myself made up like a bowl of ice cream. Then Susie shook the can of whipped cream and started spraying the head of my cock first slowly making her way down to my ball sack. When she was done you couldn’t even see my crotch! Kim now had the jar of cherries in her hand. She removed the lid and started to shake them out on to the pile of whipped cream.

“That sure looks good enough to eat!” Kim squealed. “Go ahead Susie and have firsts!”

Kim had barely gotten the words out when Susie had already started to lower her head towards the mound of whip cream. My cock flinched with the anticipation of her mouth. It was almost comical the way the whipped cream jumped.

“Oh look, it’s alive!” Susie said. She then buried her face in the pile!

Some how she found my cock under all the goop! The sensation was almost too much to bare. Susie smacked her lips as she came up for air. Her face was completely covered with cream. Kim and I both laughed at the sight. Susie then lowered her mouth to my waiting cock.

Susie’s lips parted as they engulfed the head of my cock. She twirled around the head as she sucked. With one slow motion she lowered her mouth all the way down my cock. Her lips were gobbling at the base of my cock. I could even feel my cock as it entered in to her throat. Kim moved over and spread my legs apart. She eased her hand down and cupped my balls. Kim then lowered her left hand to my ass. She didn’t need any further lubrication to push her finger in my asshole. My asshole Escort Yıldırım seemed to open up on its own as she slipped her finger in as far as it would go. God this felt great. I knew I wouldn’t be able to take much of this before I blasted Susie’s mouth with cum. The girls acted like machines on my body.

All of a sudden Susie pulled her mouth off of my cock. She looked up in to my eyes. They were glassed over. I couldn’t believe how incredibly beautiful she was.

“Okay Kim, its your turn now!” Susie said. They switched positions and started to work on me again. This time Susie didn’t use her finger but a new toy they had bought earlier. Susie pushed the full-fledged dildo in my ass. With Kim’s mouth working deeper on my cock I knew it wouldn’t be long! The motion was too intense for me and I could feel my ball sack swelling. Kim must have sensed this and she moved up and down my shaft with new vigor. My ass had never felt so good. The dildo felt like it was a log and Susie was working it in and out with a new passion.

“Cum daddy, cum for your little girls!” Susie hollered out.

“Fuck me Susie, fuck my ass hard. I’mmmm cummmming!” I managed to blurt out as the first wave hit me.

“Suck my cock Kim! Suck my dick!!!” I grabbed Kim’s head and forced her mouth down my cock as far as it would go. I could feel her gag briefly.

Surge after surge of cum erupted from my slit. I could see the over flow easing out of Kim’s mouth. Cum now started to mix with everything else on my cock and balls. When the final wave subsided Susie pulled the dildo out of my ass, making a plop sound. Kim now removed my shrinking cock from her mouth. I was totally spent.

The girls continued to massage the mix of whipped cream, cum, chocolate and everything else all around my groin area. I was in fucking bliss.

“Well are you ready for some desert too daddy?” Susie asked.

“You bet I am! Who’s first?” I asked.

The girls looked at each other and turned their heads both looking at me. “We both are!” They got up and spread some towels on the patio and then laid down. They were side by side now. I picked up the tray of goodies and made my way to them.

I looked down and could see that both of the pussies, which stared up at me, were quite wet. Susie parted her legs first, exposing her pussy lips. Her lips were engorged and swollen. They looked like a flower ready to be picked! Not to be out done, Kim moved her leg over the top of Susie’s leg, spreading her herself out even wider than Susie.

I reached for the honey. I stood over the girls and started to let the honey flow over their bodies. I let it run over each breast, making circles around their erect nipples. Susie reached out and squeezed one of Kim’s nipples between her fingers. Soft moans erupted from Kim’s lips. When the jar of honey was empty I picked up the whipped cream. I started to spray cream everywhere. The girls giggled and laughed as it landed on them.

“Okay girls, I want you both on your sides, facing each other.” I commanded. “ Good.” I replied as they began to move.

“Now I want you two to embrace each other. Rub your bodies together for me.” I watched as the girls complied with my commands. “This is great, they’ll do anything I command!” I thought.

“ Okay girls just be yourselves, act like I’m not even here.”

With that said, the girls shared their lips with one another. Their hands roamed freely over each other’s bodies, gliding along softly. Their bodies became one as they moved together. The whipped cream oozed out between their bodies as they rubbed on each other. What a sight to see. I got down and sat at their feet enjoying the show. From my line of sight I could see their pussies throbbing as they ground together. The juices were flowing, mixing with the honey and whipped cream.

“That’s the way to work it girls!” I said. “Now stop what you’re doing!” I barked out.

Both girls froze in their tracks. Their bodies were sweating; I could tell that their breathing was labored. I knew they were highly excited.

“Now Kim, I want you to lay on your back with your legs parted. Susie, move yourself up and squat over Kim’s mouth.” I said. My cock started to expand as the girls complied with my demands.

“Great!” I exclaimed.

I could now see the tender pussy lips of Kim fully exposed. They glistened with her juices. What a beautiful sight it was to see Susie squatting directly over Kim’s waiting mouth. Her pussy lips were wide open. Kim instinctively reached up with her tongue…

“Stop!” I hollered out. “ Not yet Kim. Soon enough you’ll be able to suck her pussy.” She withdrew her tongue obediently.

I started at Kim’s ankles. I softly caressed her skin until I reached her inner thighs. I then moved my hands to the top of her thighs working my way further up towards her waistline, my hands glided towards her belly button. They now rested just above Kim’s pussy mound. I could feel Kim quivering under my touch.

With each hand I traced the outline Yıldırım Escort Bayan of her pussy mound. When my hands met in the middle where her lips joined together, I slipped one finger up to her clit. I pushed lightly on the nub, working it back and forth under my finger. Kim pushed her hips upward, moaning every so softly.

“Okay Susie, you can let Kim suck your pussy now.” I said.

Susie responded by spreading her legs further apart and lowering herself to Kim’s mouth. Kim’s tongue touched Susie’s pussy and they both let out moans of approval.

“Yes Kimmy, suck my pussy! Suck my clit you bitch.” Susie said, as her hips moved in circles on Kim’s mouth.

I couldn’t take anymore so I repositioned myself and slid up between Kim’s opened legs. I spread her legs even further apart, her pussy gapped open and I could see her juices running out, down towards her asshole. I grabbed my cock and placed the head at her opening. I then slid it up to her clit, rubbing it back and forth and then back down her slit.

“Please don’t tease me anymore daddy!” Kim hollered out. “I want to feel your hard cock fill me up!”

I plunged in all the way with one move; I was buried deep with in her pussy. I stopped long enough to feel her muscles in her pussy latch hold of my cock. “Shit, I don’t even have to move, she’ll milk me dry on her own.” I thought. Kim let out a holler and started to quiver underneath me. Her pussy was grabbing and releasing my cock now. I started backing out and then plunged forward again. This sent Kim over the top.

She stopped sucking on Susie’s pussy long enough to holler out, “Fuck me daddy, I’m cumming…faster, faster…make my pussy ache.”

That I did until she stopped moving. The feeling of her tight pussy flexing on my cock was unreal. It was only a few more deep strokes when I felt the old familiar swelling in my balls. I grabbed Kim’s legs and lifted and pushed them back so they now were resting on her abdomen. I was now only inches from Susie’s body. I glanced down and saw the juices running down the inside of Susie’s legs, dripping on Kim’s face. My body started to tense up and with one final plunge I started to cum.

“Kim, hold on! I’m gonna fill your pussy with cummmm.” I shouted, as the first blast came out. I could feel Kim’s pussy milking my cock. My cum and her juices made her pussy so wet.

“Kim, suck my pussyyyy!” Susie hollered out as she lowered herself on to Kim’s face.

Kim’s body started to shake once more as I assumed she was cumming again. I reached out and grabbed Susie’s sides as her orgasm flourished on. I slipped one hand under Susie’s ass and made my way to her pussy. I could feel her pussy lips on either side of Kim’s chin and mouth with Kim working on her. I couldn’t believe how wet her pussy and Kim’s chin was. This sent Susie over the top. I thought she was going to smother poor Kim.

We all had come to a stopping point. Kim’s body had stopped shaking, Susie had released the leg lock on Kim’s face and my cock was shrinking fast. I was completely spent or so I thought. I pulled out of Kim and rolled over on to my back, glancing up to the heavens. Susie moved around until she was lying next to Kim and me. She moved a hand across my chest running her fingers every so lightly around each nipple.

“Daddy, do you think you have enough energy for a little more desert?” Susie whimpered.

I looked at my daughter. How beautiful she was, “How can I deny her.” I thought. I rolled over and embraced her, our mouths met and she forced her tongue deeply in to my mouth. I could taste pussy! I shot my tongue at her and forced my way in to her mouth. Susie freed a hand and reached out for my soft cock. She touched it so gently; it flinched upward. I released my mouth from hers and lowered my lips to hers breasts. I rolled my tongue around on one nipple first, then the other.

“Oh Daddy, you make me feel sooooo gooood!” Susie moaned softly.

I gently forced Susie on to her back. I knew I had to taste her pussy. There still was a mixture of whipped cream and honey all over her body making her taste even sweeter than she was. My lips caressed there way down to her belly button where I ran my tongue in circles around it. Susie placed her hands on my head, lightly pushing me downwards. When my mouth reached her clit, Susie stopped pushing and held my head there. I nibbled at her clit button gently, sucking it in to my mouth then releasing it.

“Suck me Daddy! Suck my wet pussy.” Susie moaned.

I lapped at her clit for a while longer then I forced my way to her gapping lips. Susie parted her legs allowing full access to her throbbing pussy. I buried my mouth completely over her pussy; she arched her back forcing herself harder on to my mouth. My tongue was now buried deep within her. I sucked and sucked her juices, savoring every drop.

Susie grabbed my head and said, “Please Daddy, I need your cock in me.” She started to lift my head upwards.

I licked my way up from her pussy, over her belly, then up to her breasts. My cock was now poised at her entrance. I could feel her pussy lips on either side of the head. Susie begged me to enter her. I slipped just the head in waiting for her response. Like clockwork, Susie started to push her pussy on to my cock. I teased her and backed out, allowing only the head to remain inside her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32