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Eating Pussy

“Arrrghh, I am never going to be able to keep these straight! Graham Rudman Hollings, Budget Enforcement Act, the Budget Impoundment and Control Act, they’re all the same!” Terry groaned as she flopped back on the bed.

Vanessa smiled, “It’s ok, we’ve got a week till the midterm; trust me, you can get this stuff.”

“Yea yea, miss smarty pants.” Terry teased as she sat back up. “I bet you don’t even need to study for this test.”

“Nope, all I need to do is go down on Professor Bullingsworth.”

“God, that’s a vile thought; I bet that man hasn’t gotten laid in years. Besides, we all know you’re after our lovely TA instead.”

“What can I say, grad students with glasses drive me wild. Look, we’re not going to get anything done right now, let’s take a break, maybe grab a snack and then come back to all of this.”

“Sounds good, but since you’re tutoring, I’m buying.”

The two girls headed out of the dorms and up the hill to the campus store. It was all ready 9pm and both of them had had a long day of classes, gym time, meetings and rugby practice. They had a rough game last weekend and thus were behind on their studying, but Terry was right. Vanessa really didn’t need to study for this test, she was only helping out Terry, who was vainly hoping it was out of more than just friendliness. Terry was completely in love with the cute brunette: Vanessa (Nessa to her friends) was about 5’6″ with an athletic body that served her well on the field. She was one of the team’s high scorers, known for her aggressiveness as well as her brilliance in calling plays. Terry was one of the bigger girls; more respected for her skillful application of strength and power than for her agility. She was also a biology major, taking the budgeting course to get in extra credits. It was a bonus for her that Nessa was in the course.

She had had a crush on her since they were rookies together, but for a long time Nessa was always in a relationship with some girl. Usually someone from another team, but none of them lasted very long. It seemed as if she was looking for something that she just couldn’t seem to find; however, apparently she had lately given up the search. Vanessa had been single for a couple of months now, although not for lack of offers. It seemed every season some rookie would fall head over heels for her and she would have to deal with the awkwardness of unrequited emotion. Nessa was just vibrant that way. People were attracted to her confidence and easy smile and they stayed because of her wit and compassionate honesty. Terry sighed, as it was all of those qualities that had made her fall for Nessa almost two and a half years ago. Now that they were halfway through their junior year, Terry had almost given up. She and Nessa had been friends since they met at the rookie meeting for the team; it helped that they weren’t in competition for the same positions. What didn’t help, was Nessa’s crying on Terry’s shoulder about her asshole boyfriend for two weeks their freshman year. Terry became stuck in the role of confidant and even helped Nessa come out to her family. She had held her hand while Nessa was on the phone with her half brother, a staunchly conservative older man who was ever so slowly becoming less homophobic. Terry didn’t mind, in fact, she would have done it for any of her friends. It just made it bittersweet every time Nessa smiled at her, or hugged her, or kissed her on the cheek.

Despite her feelings for Nessa, Terry still managed to date other women, and with good reason. She was an attractive butch, and on a campus where lipstick lesbians seemed to be the norm, she was in high demand. Known for her loyalty to her friends and her unwavering support to the queer community, Terry actually could have had her pick among the baby dykes on campus. She dressed fashionably, packed more often than not and was a renowned flirt. The two girls were often seen in each other’s company and made such an attractive couple that they were always deflecting rumors that they were together. Yet another pull on Terry’s heartstrings.

As they entered the campus store they were greeted by a multitude of people and it was twenty minutes until they got their food and headed back to the dorms. Nessa stopped briefly to stretch out her back, causing Terry’s comment, “You ok?”

“Yea, it just got a little tweaked from this weekend. I think it might have been Mary trying to get some sort of revenge.” Nessa had dated Mary, a player on the opposing team, for about a month before realizing that Mary was too immature to handle an out relationship. The ensuing breakup had not been pleasant.

“And sex izle don’t say ‘I told you so!'”

Inwardly Terry grinned, she had warned Nessa about Mary, knowing all too well the signs of youthful infatuation. Outwardly she commented, “Wouldn’t have dreamed of it. Don’t worry, I’m sure there’ll be someone else soon enough…”

“Well, it’s not like it’s happened lately.”

“Oh, come on, you could have half this campus, men or women, just by snapping your fingers.”

“It just all seems so boring lately, you know? I don’t want to be invited up to someone’s dorm to watch the latest All Blacks/Wallabies game or to see Better than Chocolate one more time. I want someone I can connect with.”

“You and me both, babe, trust me.”

Nessa wasn’t dumb, although at this point she felt like she had been slow on the uptake for years. After dumping Mary, she had decided to take a brief hiatus from dating to figure out what she wanted from herself and from a relationship. Without any conscious plans to do so, she had started to look at the people around her a lot more closely and her thoughts had focused lately on Terry. She had suspected that Terry had a thing for her, but since Terry was always her friend, she had never wanted to say anything. Besides, what if she was wrong and it made things awkward. For all of her confidence, Nessa had never been willing to risk the friendship she valued so much. Lately, however, she had looked back at the patterns and realized that Terry was usually single when she was, that Terry rarely had long term relationships and that she was always there for her. Always. Even when Terry was out on a date and Nessa had needed to escape an overly amorous suitor, Terry had rescued her. She never asked to be thanked, in fact, this study session was one of the few times that Terry had asked for her assistance at all. Nessa had long believed Terry to be an immensely attractive woman; now she was beginning to realize that she wanted to act on that attraction. Her thoughts of Terry as a lover had become decidedly distracting lately.

Nessa shook free of her pornographic thoughts as she unlocked the door to her room.

“So, back to the bowels of budgeting history?”

Terry groaned, but sat down on the bed and picked up her notebook. The two girls went over the material until almost midnight, figuring out acronyms, creating mnemonic devices and committing various facts to memory. It was long past dark when Nessa stood up from her side of the bed to stretch again.

“Hey, you want me to rub your back for you?” Terry’s offer was partly out of need for another break, partly out of desire to touch Nessa.

“Sure, if you wouldn’t mind.”

“Here, stretch out.” Terry moved her stuff off of the bed and motioned for Nessa to lie down. Nessa moved onto her stomach on the bed and Terry knelt to the side, putting her large hands square on Nessa’s back.

“Where does it hurt?” she asked.

“Right under my left shoulder blade; oh, yeah, right there.” She moaned as Terry started to move her hands over the spot.

“Tell me if you want it harder or if it hurts.” Terry did have strong hands and she had accidentally bruised one of her teammates one time. She was careful with Nessa, but she could feel herself becoming aroused by the feel of Nessa’s flesh, as well as the brunette’s quiet moans of pleasure. All Terry could think was that if she was this vocal in getting a back massage, how loud would she be in getting a clit massage?

‘Not what I should be thinking!’ Terry thought to herself.

She kept the massage light until Nessa asked for more pressure; at this point, however, Nessa’s sweatshirt posed a problem. The bulky material had been fine, but now it started bunching up and while Terry tried to keep it smoothed out, it wasn’t staying put. Somehow, Nessa knew that Terry wouldn’t ask her to take it off, so she sat up, dislodging Terry in the process, and stripped it off to reveal a basic black sports bra. She then dropped back down on her stomach without a word.

Terry was shocked. She had seen Nessa in a sports bra hundreds of times, and was visually familiar with her C cup breasts. They played a contact sport together, incidental touching was the norm. However, having Nessa laid out in front of her with just a sports bra and athletic shorts on was a new experience. After a moment’s pause, she decided to make the best of it.

“Mind if I straddle you? It’ll make it easier for me.”

“Not a problem.” Nessa’s tone indicated it was the exact opposite of a problem.

Terry paused once again (Was Nessa coming on to her???) fransız porno and then swung a leg over her friend, sitting on her ass now. She leaned forward with both hands and concentrated on Nessa’s sore shoulder for a while. Once she could sense Nessa relaxing, she moved on to the rest of her back giving her a more comprehensive rubdown as well as prolonging her enjoyment of Nessa’s skin. Ignoring the abrasions above her left hip, her skin was soft and pliant, with muscle slowly relaxing beneath her hands.

Nessa didn’t object when Terry’s hands started to move over her back. She just sighed and settled deeper into the bed. Terry had amazing hands, they were strong, yet gentle; knowledgeable yet somehow tentative. It was as if she didn’t want to cross over some boundary line that Nessa had set; and all of a sudden Nessa didn’t want there to be any boundaries. She realized that her thoughts of Terry as ‘more than a friend’ had solidified into wanting her as a lover. She was wondering how on earth to encourage her in that direction when she felt Terry’s hands move down her sides, right below her breasts.

Terry could feel Nessa practically melting beneath her hands, all the strain gone out of her muscles and she slowly broadened the range of her hands. Moving them all over her back now, she took a calculated risk and began to rub her sides, moving them up just to the edge of her sports bra and then back down again. Nessa’s breasts were partially pressed out on the sides of her body and while Terry wasn’t quite confident enough to touch her there, she wanted Nessa to know that she wanted to.

Nessa’s breathless comment was like a chorus of angels to Terry’s ears, “Mmmmmmm, that feels really, really nice.”

Terry’s voice was cautious, but hopeful, “Oh yea?” as she inched her fingers higher, now lightly stroking the sides of her breasts. She held her breath, expecting at any moment Nessa to call a halt to her explorations.

Nessa was in no mood to halt her friend and in a move that she was later surprised she had managed, she flipped herself over so that Terry was now straddling her hips, with her bewildered hands hovering in the air. Nessa reached up and placed each of her hands on her breasts, moaning with the sensation.

“Nessa, are, are you sure about this?”

Nessa had a sudden fear that she had read all of the signs wrong, and answered hesitantly, letting her voice trail off at the end “I really am, and I thought you were, too?”

Terry’s smile could have lighted the world, “Oh, honey, you have no idea.” Her hands moved from Nessa’s breasts to her hair as she leaned down to kiss her. She started gentle, still half not believing this was actually happening, but Nessa wouldn’t let her be cautious. She put her hands on Terry’s head and pulled her deeper into the kiss; the two women learned the taste of each other’s mouth for the first time. Terry let her hands move lower, running them up and down Nessa’s sides, letting her fingers run the edge of her sports bra, before moving them lower again. In turn, Nessa began to run her hands up her new lover’s shirt, being gentle when she discovered Terry’s bruises, being frustrated when she realized that Terry was wearing two sports bras as well as a beater.

Nessa broke the kiss and gasped, “Some of this needs to come off.”

“I’ll take off mine if you take off yours.”

“Last one done has to clean up!” said Nessa, referring to the practice of making the slowest beer drinker clean up the party.

Terry quickly sat back and stripped off her shirt, leaving her in the skintight white tank top, leaving her friend to sit up and yank off her sports bra.

“I win,” said Terry, as she pinned Nessa’s hands down and leaned back over her breasts. She pressed hot and wet kisses in circles around Nessa’s breasts, going closer and closer in towards her nipples, but never quite touching them. As soon as she was about to reach one nipple, she’d switch back over to the other breast, starting outside and working in again. After a few rounds of this, Nessa was squirming in torment and finally started begging for her to at least touch her there.

“God, Terry, please, if you don’t touch my nipples soon, I might kill you!”

“Well, I’m never one to deny such a polite request.” And with that, she moved her mouth onto one nipple and twisted the other one between her fingers. It was only Terry’s bodyweight that kept Nessa from coming off of the bed. The sensations that coursed through her body stemmed from the twin points of her nipples. It was like bolts of lightening were headed straight teen porno to her clit and she arched her hips in demand for more. Terry took the hint and slid a leg in between Nessa’s, giving her something to press against. Nessa’s moans were sure to wake most of the building at this point; her cries for more kept getting louder. It was the dorms, though, so the only consideration that Terry gave to Nessa’s volume was how much she wanted more. Switching breasts every so often, Terry finally leaned up and kissed her new lover full on the mouth, dragging her body up against Nessa’s, letting the friction act as it’s own stimulant.

“God, baby, you are so gorgeous,” she murmured. “There aren’t even words to tell you how much I want you.”

“Then show me.”

Terry kissed her deeply once more and then moved her mouth down her body, letting her talented tongue create little fires along Nessa’s skin. She moved slowly downwards, inwardly blessing the loose fitting athletic shorts that hung on Nessa’s hips. Moving her hands back to Nessa’s breasts for yet another stimulating massage, she began to lick right along the edge of her shorts, inhaling the scent of her skin as well as the sweet scent of Nessa’s arousal. She loved teasing women like this, getting them soaking and turned on until they begged for release.

Nessa was no exception and Terry’s explorations of her body were slowly chipping away at her self-control. Her stomach twitched every time Terry licked at it and her nipples were still on fire, in frustration she cried out, “Just take them off, already!”

Terry complied and Nessa lifted her hips to make it easier; thankfully Terry pulled off her panties as well. Nessa kept herself trimmed and neat, although she was so aroused right now that all she could think about was what Terry would do next. Thankfully, she didn’t have to wait too long, as Terry continued her kissing game down her abdomen and onto her inner thighs. Just when she thought she couldn’t take it any more, Terry moved her mouth onto her clit and licked gently, just enough to bring Nessa half off of the bed. Terry soon settled into a rhythm down there, learning her shape and her scent, figuring out what made her new lover growl and what made her cry out.

Terry continued her loving until Nessa began to moan more and more frequently and her gasps for breath sounded as if she had just finished a full field suicide sprint. Nessa’s first orgasm with Terry was amazing; partly because she hadn’t realized she had wanted it for so long and partly because she had just realized that the rumors of Terry’s skills were true. As she was coming down from the high, she realized that Terry had moved up beside her and was stroking her stomach with a look of wonder on her face.

“I never thought this day would come,” remarked Terry.

“Really? How long, I mean, well…” Nessa’s voice trailed off as she looked back on their friendship with new eyes.

“Oh, sweetie, I’ve had a thing for you since the day we met. Unfortunately, the day we met you were still dating Mike and I was being chased by Susan. The timing was pretty awful and I just never thought you were interested.”

“I can’t believe how stupid I was to never see it. You always had women around you and there were always the rumors of how much of a stud you were, they’re true by the way; you were always just a friend.”

Terry leaned in for a kiss and then queried in a low voice, “So, can I ask what changed your mind?”

“It was after Mary; I decided to take a break from dating and just realized that you were my best friend; but then I realized it was more. You were the one constant in my life here and I just kept thinking how hot you were. It sounds silly and I’ve always thought you were attractive, but the past few months you began to turn me on. I’ve had fantasies of this for a while.”

“A while? Hells, I’ve been fantasizing about you for years. You mean I could have had you a few months ago?” Terry’s voice took on the teasing tone of mock anger.

Nessa’s reply was serious, though, “No, I think the timing had to be right. I was so scared of losing you as a friend and at the same time, even though I wanted to make a move, I had no idea of how to tell you. I thought you think I was joking and you’d just laugh.”

“Well, we’ve mock flirted enough times; I can see how you’d be hesitant. I do have to say, though, that I’m quite pleased with the outcome of our studying time tonight. I hope that this will be a reoccurring event?”

“Well, you do need a lot of help with the material, perhaps you should stay over tonight so that we can get an early start tomorrow morning.” Nessa’s smile promised that they would not be studying budgets tomorrow morning.

“Honey, I’ll stay as long as you want me to.” Terry’s smile promised that she meant it.

(As always, constructive criticism is welcome.)

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