Spontaneous Celebation

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He took me out to a really nice restaurant to celebrate. I wore a sexy blue dress that showed off all my curves. I knew he wouldn’t be able to take his eyes off me. We sat at our usual table in the back. We ordered wine and food and talked about our day as we waited for it to be brought out.

All of a sudden, he hopped over to my side of the booth and kissed my neck before whispering, “You know I can’t help myself when u wear that dress.” He slid his hand up my thigh, pushing my dress up with it, and started rubbing my pussy. I grabbed his hand and gave him a look that said, “we shouldn’t be doing this”. He ignored it and slid my panties to the side. His fingers felt so good…I gave in and spread my legs a little wider for him.

I tried to keep a straight face as I slid my fork off the table. It hit the floor and he slid down to “pick it up”. By the time his body disappeared under the table, my panties were around just my right ankle and my legs spread wider. He teased me at first, lightly rubbed my clit and slowly ran his finger across my pussy lips. I ran my fingers through his hair as began eating me out. My juices started dripping down onto the seat. I could barely contain myself. The fact that we were in public and anyone could see an extra pair of feet sticking out from under the table turned me on so much more. I leaned forward to hide my pussy as I saw the waiter approaching our table with our food. He decided to make this extra difficult for me and shoved two fingers gaziemir escort in my pussy and roughly fingered me. I tried to act normal, but a slight moan slipped out. The waiter looked at me and quickly looked away. He quickly put the food at our places and left without saying a word.

He climbed back up and we ate our food and carried on our conversation. I could feel my juices still dripping out of my pussy as I couldn’t shake the need to fuck him. I could tell he was struggling as well. The waiter came back to clear the table and give us the dessert menu. We ordered a slice of chocolate cake to split. As we waited, I pulled out his cock and started stroking it slowly. The waiter brought the cake and I tightened my grip causing him to tense up as he tried to hide the pleasure rushing through his body. I scraped off some frosting with my finger and slowly licked it off as his cock twitched. Then I scooped up some more and wiped it onto the head of his cock. I slid down and slowly licked it off before taking his cock into my mouth. I drooled all over as he ate the cake trying to hide his moans and grimaces. His cock throbbed inside my mouth. He couldn’t take the wait anymore; he needed to fuck me.

He pulled me up from under the table and rushed us to the men’s restroom. He locked the door behind us, stripped me of my clothes and pinned me against the wall by my throat and started rubbing my clit in small circles. On my tiptoes, I try to steady myself as he moved faster and faster. Then he slid his fingers in and out of my pussy, teasing me as I craved his cock instead of his fingers. My pussy juices ran down his hand and down my legs.

He squeezed my throat a little harder as he grunted, “I’ve been aching to fuck you all night.” I was too focused on his tone of voice that I didn’t notice him pulling his cock out of his pants. By the time I realized, he had shoved his whole length deep into my pussy with one thrust causing me to scream. He quickly covered my mouth and started fucking me slow and deep. My pussy was so tight and wet, dripping all over his cock and balls. As he slid his length in and out of me, my pussy’s hot embrace and my moans that slipped out through his hand made him mad with lust and he started fucking me faster and harder, each thrust balls-deep. He lifted me up from the ground, my legs wrapped around his body and my back against the wall. He started to pound my pussy. I grabbed at the wall as our bodies rocked. His cock slid easily as my pussy gushed.

After a few minutes, he dropped me down and pushed me back against the wall face-first. He smacked my ass leaving a hand-print and slid his cock between my pussy lips. His cock was covered in my juices and he slid it up between my ass cheeks. He teased me at first, swirling the tip of his cock around it, rubbing it against my swollen clit and back deep in my pussy until I begged him to stretch my asshole. Once it was nice and lubed up, he bent me over and impaled my ass with his cock causing me to scream which then tuned into a moan. He decided my moans were too hot and didn’t even try to keep me quiet. He decided to add more stimulation and flick my clit and finger my dripping pussy.

My moans turned back into slight screams as the pleasure began to overwhelm me. My legs started to shake, and I grabbed onto him to steady myself. There was a knock on the bathroom door. He said, “out in a sec” without even slowing down slightly. He pounded me like an animal as my ass squeezed around his cock and my pussy around his fingers. He groaned in my ear, “Cum for me babe…cum like a good little slut.” With a few good hard thrusts deep enough for his balls to smack my clit, I screamed as my pussy spasmed and my ass tightened in orgasm. He held his cock in me as I regained myself.

Then I turned around and got on my knees as he grabbed my hair and guided my head where he wanted it. I could tell by his face that he was so close to cumming. His cock was throbbing like crazy and he immediately shoved his cock down my throat all the way and I took it “like a good girl” as he says. Then he fucked my pretty mouth as he held me by the hair. The sound of my gagging and moaning on his cock pushed him over the edge. I rubbed his balls as he thrusted his cock deep down my throat. I felt warm ropes of cum shooting down the back of my throat as he gripped my hair and groaned. He released his fist as the ropes came to an end and I sucked the last drops from the tip of his cock. I swallowed every bit. Then we went back out to finish our cake.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32