Splash Week 02

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It was officially the longest weekend on record. Or at least that is how it felt to Barbara. She refrained from any of her weekday activities. Saturday was shopping day. It was hot and humid, and she could not even go for a swim. No more fancy five start restaurants for dinner, just a family BBQ at home. Sunday was church again it was hotter and more humid then before. Barbara was starting to be a little concerned for her-self. Her mind was drifting onto matters sexual and she could not help it. First she imagined the altar boys being naked under the white garbs they were wearing. Then she imagined them falling over and exposing themselves to the entire congregation. This made her amused as well as aroused and she wished she could tug on her sensitive skin.

Then she kept thinking of the Priest, and what he would look like naked under his robes. If only she could touch her nipples. Her clit.

On the way home, her mother started to fuss over her, because she was concerned about how distracted she was. She was trying to blame it on some sickness, except Barbara never looked healthier. She lost a little weight, the daily sunning made her tan a little although it was hard to tell, because she had no tan lines. There was nothing to compare it to. Her mother was baffled, but still fussed over her all the way home. After the Sunday lunch, they all settled in the TV room to watch a family movie. Barbara kept glancing out to see if Mr Kelly would go out on Sunday as well, and would he come back at 10 past three like during the week. Instead of Mr Kelly however, a summer storm arrived at three o’clock with strong winds and lots of rain.

Barbara was sad. No more swimming tomorrow if it is raining. But why not. If she is naked, then what is the difference? But will Mr Kelly go out if it is raining.

They went to bed, but she could not sleep. She stood by the window, looking out into the darkness that was Mr Kelly’s pool. It was very late by the time she fell asleep. The storm was spent, and the night was very still.

She woke up at 6 o’clock to the usual splash noise as Mr Kelly dived into his pool next door. No sign of the storm. The sky blue, the Sun warm, already shining brightly. She stood by the window watching him, but she felt that he kept glancing up at her window when he turned at the end of the pool. Could he see her? She never did look up from the pool to her window, to see if he could see inside. She moved deeper into the shadows of the room as she continued to play with her nipples. She wanted to last the full thirty minutes of his swim. He was starting to look sexy to her. She never considered that aspect when she looked at people. At men. Now she only looked for that. She saw the grey hair on his chest, the strong biceps on his arm as he took a stroke up and down the pool. She climaxed and she realised that she was whimpering as the orgasm shook her pelvis. She ran to the bathroom again. He was still swimming.

She could not go back to sleep, but she did not really want to face her parents either. She decided to go back into her bedroom and listen to some music. She put it loud enough to stop her parents coming in. Eight o’clock. They must be gone. She dressed and wandered down to the kitchen. “No! They are still here. Must be running late.”

“Hello dear,” her mother greeted her. “You want me to stay home with you? I am still concerned that you are not well.”

“Mom,” Barbara almost screamed, “I am fine, I do not need a baby sitter I am over eighteen you know.”

“Hello Barbara,” her father emerged from the bathroom. “Ok dear I am good to go.”

“Are you sure? This is the third time you had to run off to the bathroom.” Barbara’s mother now started fussing over her husband. “Maybe it was something you ate last night. Are you sure you will be all right?”

“I am fine, come on lets go, we are late already.” They both kissed Barbara good bye and headed into the garage. Barbara waited for the familiar sound of the garage door opening and closing. Then the noise as her father revved the car up the street to make up for lost time. Lucky she did not wander down from her bedroom naked. That would be hard to explain to her mother.

She made her breakfast and sat down to wait for 11 o’clock and the start of her swim. The pent up sexual excitement was making her wet just sitting fully dressed in the TV room, waiting for Mr Kelly to walk past on his way to the bus stop. Her mind was already imagining what it will be like when she strips down naked and dives into the pool. The water will be cold, even if the sun was leaning into it the whole morning. She already imagined how hard her nipples will be when the cold water hits them. How tender her clit will become.

There he is. Mr Kelly was walking past the front of the house, but instead of his usual military march, he was walking slower, his eyes scanning the window. She knew he could not see her, but she felt like he knew she was there anyway.

She Anadolu Yakası Escort waited a little longer now to check if the bus has been. She stopped checking by Wednesday last week, but something told her to check today. She waited for the clock to chime 11. Then she walked out onto the street. She saw the bus already driving away into the distance. The bus stop empty. Mr Kelly gone. She raced back inside the house and out into the back yard. She was much more skilled at climbing the fence now, and no longer need the chair or any help.

She walked out of the garden bed and towards the outside furniture. She quickly stripped down and put her clothes over the back of the chair. Splash. She dived in just like Mr Kelly did this morning. Several quick strokes and she was on the other side of the pool. The cold side. The deep side. The exciting side. She busied herself with her nipples and between her legs. Both nipples and her clit feeling hard as a rock. She brushed her nipple against the rough pool wall. She cried out from the pleasure and the pain. She knew that the climax was not far away.

“You are Barbara. You live next door. Jim’s daughter. That right isn’t it?”

She froze as she realised that someone was talking to her. She spun around, forgetting for the moment that she was naked. Mr Kelly was standing in his back yard, watching her. How long has he been there? Has he been watching her touch herself? Did he just hear her sigh from the pleasure? Barbara just realised she was naked, and even though she was fully submerged in the deep end, she instinctively covered her breasts with her left hand and her crotch with her right.

“Doe your father know that you come naked to my pool to masturbate?” Mr Kelly continued with his level voice. No emotion. Just a lot of force and power. No nonsense. No argument. No discussion.

Barbara was frozen. She could not speak. She shook her head to indicate no. Her throat dry. She is busted. “My father,” her mind screamed to her. “My father will kill me when he finds out.” She realised that even as she was busted, and her soul felt like dying, her right hand slide a finger between her lips. She was so hot. She was so wet. Her finger slid deeper in. She could feel her virginal skin. Her hymen, still intact. “Will her rape me?” her mind screamed at her, as she realised how much she enjoyed her finger between her lips.

“OK, come out of there.” Mr Kelly continued with his commanding voice.

“Does he not realise that I am naked in here?” Barbara thought to herself. She still could not speak out loud. She again shook her head no.

“Come out of the water. Right now!” his commanding voice booming at her. She still shook her head no, but unable to resist, she started to walk off the edge. Once she could no longer reach the bottom she started swimming, searching for the bottom on the shallow end. There it was. She returned her hands back to cover her breasts and crotch, as she slowly walked out of the pool.

“These modern swimmers are so small, it looks like you’re not wearing anything at all,” he commented sarcastically as Barbara rose out of the pool, keeping her hands firmly across her private parts. Barbara stopped in front of him, looking down at her feet.

“Stand at attentions, when you address me soldier,” Mr Kelly put his full military voice into the order and Barbara had no option but to comply. She slowly lid down her hand exposing her droopy soft breasts and the hard erect nipples. Then her right hand released her crotch, leaving exposed her brown curly pubic hair, still wet and dripping with the water from the pool that was still beading and dripping from her wet naked body.

“Lift your head up. Look me in the eye soldier,” Mr Kelly barked out another order as Barbara responded by straightening up and lifting her head.

Mr Kelly now slowly walked around Barbara who was standing at attention, quivering from cold, and fear and the nervousness of standing naked in front of a stranger. A grown man. Who was now devouring her body with his eyes.

Mr Kelly now stopped behind Barbara. The hardness in his pants was starting to drive him crazy. He slid his open palm between those two beautiful butt cheeks and sending his long fingers searching for the magic opening between her legs. His finger quickly found home and buried itself in the slick wetness up to the first knuckle. Barbara screamed in surprise at the force of the violation. She felt his rough finger invade her most private place, where only a few seconds ago, she had her finger there.

“Well, you are a dirty little slut,” he hissed into her ear as he felt the hot wetness of her cunt. But then, his finger felt something else. Something he did not encountered for some time. Her hymen. An intact, un-ripped hymen. The effect it had on him was like a cold shower, a wake-up call. He extracted his hand and walked back to stand in front of Barbara again. He lifted his wet finger Kadıköy Escort up to his nose and inhaled.

“Now I know it was you and your wet cunt that was using my towel to wipe up all its dripping juices all of last week,” but his voice was less harsh. He was now a little unsure what to do. The plan he had, the expectation he had, was turning out a little different. He though he would find some kids trespassing, having sex orgies and drinking. Instead he found his neighbours virginal daughter swimming in his pool naked. He was not sure what to do next.

Barbara knew she was at the end of her strength. At the end of her nerves. She was standing naked in front of this giant man, with rippling muscles that was going to destroy her life by exposing her to her father. She wanted to cover her face, to rub her eyes, but she was told to stand at attention. The tears started to flow freely down her face, as deep sobs raked her body every time she tried to take a breath.

“What is that soldier?” Mr Kelly asked, the voice again less confronting. “Are those tears? Are you crying?” Barbara just nodded. She could not speak even if she knew what to say.

“Are you sorry for what you did?” Again she nodded.

“And what did you do? What are you sorry about?” Barbara stopped crying. “What did he just ask me? What am I sorry about?” She looked back at him, panic and fear made her totally paralysed. Her head shaking from side to side. “What should I be sorry about?” She did not know. She did not know what to say. How to act.

“Are you sorry for trespassing on my property?” Mr Kelly asked. Barbara finally understood what the hell he was talking about. She eagerly nodded. She was prepared to be sorry. To apologise. Anything to avoid being exposing to her father for what she has been doing last week.

“Are you sorry for using my pool without permission?” Mr Kelly continued with listing of her crimes. Again Barbara nodded accepting her guilt.

“Are you sorry for using my towel to wipe you… … self?” he said, and suddenly realised how stupid his line was. He was to one who had the erection over smelling her cunt juices on his towel. He was the one whose loins were set on fire just from the smell of her cunt juices. But she was a virgin. And a daughter of his neighbour! Who attended church every weekend! Suddenly, he was not sure that his plan to confront the trespasser was working out as well as he originally planned.

Barbara was in no position to argue. She was prepared to agree to anything he said to her.

“You agree that you were trespassing on my property,” Mr Kelly continued, his voice now more gentle. Barbara nodded again. “You agree that you did not ask for a permission to use my pool.” Again she nodded. “You agree that I was wronged. That you should be punished.” Barbara now looked down. Here it comes. She steeled herself for what was coming.

“I should call your father,” Mr Kelly spoke again, still not entire sure what to do. She felt tears welling up in her eyes again, but she still kept her posture. Her hands by her side. Her naked breasts dropping down. She shuddered from the cold and the anxiety of the situation.

“He would be very upset with you.” Barbara nodded. She just managed to stop herself from crying.

“Maybe we do not have to go through all the hurt and upset.” Barbara nodded, though she did not fully understand what he meant.

“You know soldier, in the army, everyone in the unit is a buddy. They look out for each other. They protect each other. They keep each other’s secrets.” Barbara nodded again. Feeling for the first that she might be able to scrape though this without her life falling apart. Without her father getting angry with her.

“Would you like to be my buddy? Would you like to be my friend?” Mr Kelly was now speaking softly. Barbara looked up at him. She nodded and lifted her hand to wipe her eyes. “I could keep this little even a secret.” Again she nodded. “I would not tell your father or anyone else about this.” Another nod.

“But you did come here and used my pool. And damaged my garden. Without permission.” She nodded to each question, feeling her heart sinking again. Was she in the clear, or is she still in trouble.

“So do you think that I should be compensated in some way?” Mr Kelly asked cryptically. She realised that she may still be in trouble. If he wants her to pay, she will have to go to her father, and explain why she needs to pay Mr Kelly, and she is back in her original. She nodded. Not so sure how this will play out.

“And we are buddies, because I know your secrets and you know mine. And we keep each other’s secrets.” Barbara had no idea what he was talking about now, but nodded anyway.

“You see Barbara, I have a problem that you could help me with. Ever since I could smell you on my towel, I had this problem with my pants.” He decided to go for broke. He could not contain himself. He was consumed with lust İstanbul Escort for this young naked innocent girl standing in front of him. Her beautiful face looking so tragic. Her breasts drooping down, but her nipples so large and swollen. Promising to be so soft and welcoming to fondle and bite. And the mystery of her hairy bush. How he would like to discover what she looked like down there, what she felt like, riding his rock hard cock.

He reached down and unzipped his pants. He let the fall down. He stretched his underpants over his protruding member and let them fall down as well.

“You see, it has been rock hard and I have not been able to get it to go down.” Barbara looked down. It looked amazing. She had never seen a grown man before and she suddenly realised that she was still wet and excited. “So he is going to rape me,” the realisation was not as big a problem as him telling on her to his father.

“You will have to show me what to do,” she finally found her voice, though it was still a little unsteady and soft. “I’ve never done this before. You will have to show me what to do.”

He reached over and pulled down the towel. He stepped out of his pants and walked over to the outside furniture. He sat down in one of the chairs and he put the folded towel down in front of him.

“Here. Come and kneel here,” he said as he put the folded towel on the floor to make her more comfortable. “Now take me into your mouth. You can lick it like a lollipop. Or you can take me into your mouth and let me push myself down into your throat.” She walked over and kneeled on the towel. This is not so bad, she thought to herself. She was certain that to have sex, he would have to push himself between her legs. This is not sex. She still keeps her virginity. She took him into her mouth. Even though he was a giant of a man, his cock fitted nicely into her mouth. It was just what she considered a good size for her to handle. Not that she had any experience in this field.

She was surprised at the reaction her mouth had on Mr Kelly. He cried out and slumped back in the chair. He sighed loudly as she moved her head up and down, her tongue trying to press on the underneath of his cock. Soon she worked up a nice rhythm and made Mr Kelly grunt. Even though it was her first cock she had in her mouth, she managed to bring him to his climax very quickly. It could have something to do with how long ago he had a blow job. And the kinkiness of the situation. Really he did not care. He was climaxing, and now grabbed Barbara’s head and started pumping her face like a maniac.

His ejaculation surprised Barbara, as she felt something hot strike the back of her throat and then coat the inside of her mouth. She panicked a little, because she found it hard to breath, but she realised that Mr Kelly was telling her to keep swallowing. She started swallowing and she managed to get it down her throat. She even licked and sucked the rest of the cum from his cock as it started deflating and freeing up her mouth.

She released the flaccid cock from her mouth, as she sat back on her heels, and looked up at Mr Kelly, who was lying back, his eyes closed, enjoying the post climax endorphin rush. She enjoyed the moment when it happened to her, and so she patiently sat there, taking her time to view his cock, as it twitched and shrunk even more after his climax.

“Girl, you do not need any lessons. You are an absolute expert at this,” he spoke and Barbara startled a bit. Feeling a little guilty at staring so closely at his cock.

“This is the first time I ever did anything like this,” Barbara replied, and was shocked to see him smile, and his features relax.

“You know, I interrupted your relaxation this morning. If you like, I can help you relax as well.” He could tell she was not sure what he was talking about. “Here, try to sit up on the edge of the table here.”

She was not sure what was about to happen, but she was curious to find out what he was talking about. She was still quivering from the fright of being discovered and the excitement of sucking Mr Kelly’s cock, but now she was feeling her own excitement, and somehow she felt that whatever Mr Kelly had in mind will feel pleasant.

She sat on the edge of the table and Mr Kelly placed a chair in front of her. He sat down and raised her legs so that she rested her feet on his knees. She had to spread her legs now, her hair covered mount exposed to Mr Kelly’s full view.

“You can lie down if you like, it might be more comfortable for you, ” Mr Kelly suggested, but she was far too curious to miss out on seeing what he intended to do. First he gently slid up his hands up the inside of her thigh and then reached all the way up to her lips. He gently parted her pubic hair and then gently pulled apart her pussy lips. Before she realised what his next step will be, his face descended on her pussy and his tongue and lips launched a licking and sucking attack on her pussy that she never expected. Or experienced. She screamed and squashed his head between her thighs, but that seemed to only push his head deeper into her. His tongue deeper into her. His nose harder against her clitoris. She rolled back, her legs flying up. Her thighs locking around his head.

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