Spinal Meningitis is No Joke Ch. 02

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I lay there dazed for a few minutes after that mind-bending, explosive orgasm. Charlene shook with her own orgasm as she furiously frigged herself and swallowed the rest of my cum. She buttoned up her scrubs and kissed me tenderly on my cheek and neck. She then left to take her post at the nurses’ station, leaving me in the hands of Heather and Sarah.

My hospital bed was inclined to about 30 degrees or so, giving me an excellent view of everything these sexy nurses were doing. What Sarah was doing was tearing off her pants and thong. Her breathing was ragged as she prepared to claim her prize. Heather had reached down to grasp and stroke my cock. Her enormous breasts, tipped with rock-hard, coral pink nipples, shimmied and bobbed with every movement of her arm. I don’t think I actually got soft, even though I had now been sucked off twice in the 3 hours since I came out of my coma.

I cleared my throat. “May I?” I asked Heather. My hands reached out to those unbelievable breasts.

She looked at me and my eager hands and nodded her approval. She continued to gently stroke me. Her nipples felt incredibly hot in my palms as I filled both of my hands. Wow. Her breasts are each bigger than my entire head.

“You actually got bigger.” Heather’s silky-sweet voice cooed. “I didn’t think that was even possible.”

My eyes were all over the place. Sexy painted nails stroking a giant cock. Unbelievable gravity-defying breasts bouncing and filling eager hands. Between my feet, Sarah had bent over to remove her feet from her thong, displaying the hottest ass I had ever seen. Heather’s smoking green eyes boring into mine as she grasped the sides of my face and devoured my mouth. I felt the bed move beneath my legs as Sarah climbed up. Felt her knees settle into the mattress on either side of my hips, her hand grasping my cock and holding it in place. I think my brain melted a little bit when I felt her boiling hot pussy swallow the head. Sarah was soaking wet, her pussy drooling juice down my shaft, onto my balls, even into the crack of my ass. Even so, she was so unbelievably tight that the fat cock head felt like it was stuck fast just two inches inside her.

It was too tight, really. My dick hurt as Sarah started to move, and I worried that the skin on my sensitive cock shaft was about to tear. The pain increased, to the point I was about to cry out…and then it suddenly stopped hurting and felt really, really, completely fucking fantastic. “Oh my god! I love pussy!” I thought, as every nerve along my shaft was simultaneously stroked, licked, and sucked by the soaking, velvety smooth walls of Sarah’s fantastic pussy. This was so much better than anything I had read, better than my mind had built it up to be, better than I could have ever imagined!

Heather’s eyes lit up as she read my expression. She growled hungrily as her tongue found mine. Then she was sucking my tongue hard into her mouth. I am certain that if I hadn’t just come minutes earlier, I would have already lost it.

Suddenly, everything deteriorated. My heart monitor started going nuts, I felt dizzy, and Heather broke off the kiss with a strangled cry. Sweat broke out all over my body. Sarah’s sweet pussy spasmed and clamped down on my rapidly softening dick, and then she was dismounting.

Charlene came into the room again, pushing the curtain back to the wall as she did. I lay there panting, and watched as the three nurses transformed before my eyes into a team of exceptional medical professionals. Within minutes, they had stabilized me. I had another IV pumping fluid into my left arm. My hospital gown had been removed, and my body was washed and dried. Then I was out.

When I awoke a few hours later, my immediate response was panic – I was afraid I had gone back into a coma, and who knows how much time had passed this time! Heather was there, sitting by my bed and holding my hand.

“Sarah said to tell you she was really sorry. We all are,” she said. She smiled at me, a little sadly and continued, “We waited so long for this day. Your body just isn’t strong enough yet.”

I wanted to ask “What happened?” but my mouth was so dry I couldn’t get the words out. I croaked out “Water?” instead.

Heather nodded, left, and returned with a massive pitcher of water with a lid and straw.

“Don’t gulp it,” she warned as she handed it to me, “You haven’t eaten or drunk anything, so your stomach will need to take in small quantities at a time. If you gulp down kastamonu escort water or food, you’ll probably throw it up.”

Duly warned, I sipped the cool water. I swirled it around in my mouth before swallowing. I took a second sip and handed it back to Heather. The weight of the pitcher was enough that she had to reach out quickly and grab it from me, to stop it from crashing to the bed.

“What happened?” I finally got out.

“Your muscles, including your heart, have atrophied. Part of your daily care has always been moving you around, rubbing your muscles to stimulate them, but that’s not the same as actual exercise.” She pursed her sexy lips before continuing, “It’s like…everything will be harder for you to do for a while. Getting up and walking ten steps now would be like sprinting a marathon. Having sex now is just too much for your body to take, even with you just lying on your back. You just barely came out of a coma, after all.”

Never in the course of human history has anyone been as motivated to get into physical therapy as I was at that moment. If I had any strength in my body at all, I would have been making passionate love to this sexy nurse instead of lying there helplessly and listening to her.

Heather continued, “Once we had you stable, Sarah went home. She made sure we knew to apologize for her as soon as you woke up. It’s actually her day off now. Sarah, Charlene and I share a house not far from here. Jeannie will be in later this morning. She’s really sweet, and a great nurse. She’s also happily married, so she hasn’t been in on our…enjoyment of you. She doesn’t know, so please don’t tell her. She would have no choice but to turn us in.”

“Of course,” I nodded, and she continued.

“You should know, none of us are like that normally. If you didn’t have such an amazing dick…I certainly haven’t given any other patients blowjobs. When I caught Sarah going down on you, I should have been appalled at her. Instead, I was immediately thinking, ‘Now why didn’t I think of that?’ We wound up talking about it, and then shared with Charlene a few days later. We’ve been best friends for a while now, and you have only brought us closer.”

I noticed her hand, which had been on my hip when she started talking to me, had been gently stroking my skin beneath my hospital gown. As she had begun discussing blowjobs, her hand was stroking closer and closer to my groin. When her hand bumped into the base of my dick, she turned to look at the tent I was pitching there.

“Josh, you have been everyone’s favorite patient. But we haven’t been able to keep a man around for three months now.” Her hand flipped up the bottom of my gown, leaving my fully erect cock exposed and standing tall. “None of those poor guys could hold a candle to this. We’ve been talking about, dreaming about what we were going to do with you when you woke up. Thanks to all the attention, this muscle” she squeezed my dick, “has stayed in excellent shape.”

She finally made eye contact again. “Even though I know it might kill you, there’s a dark, sick part of me that is mad – I mean really pissed off – that you aren’t filling my pussy with that hard cock right now.”

My cock lurched in her hand. “Dang,” I croaked, “it would be worth it.”

Heather smiled and laughed prettily. Her hand began gently stroking my cock as she leaned in and kissed me. Her kiss was gentle this time, loving and lingering and sweet. Afterwards, she stood up and her left hand trailed down to my stomach.

“How does your stomach feel?”

I looked at her confused.

“You just drank that water. Is your stomach upset?”

“Oh. No, it’s fine.”

“Good. Have a little more.” She handed me the pitcher again, pretty much setting it on my chest for me to sip from it. After two sips, she took the pitcher and set it on the small table / shelf next to my bed. She finally released my cock, as she walked around to the foot of my bed.

“I hope you don’t mind, but I really need this.” She spread my feet apart, pulling me by my ankles so that I slid toward her. Then her hands slid up under my ass, squeezing my buttocks as she pulled me into her mouth.

My knees were resting on her shoulders. My (still can’t believe it’s “my”) enormous cock head stretched her lips into a big “O” as she sucked. I don’t know if she was being especially gentle because of earlier, but her mouth was soft and gentle as she took more of me inside. kayseri escort Her tongue made soft circles around the head, and she only took about three inches in. The fine features of her face, combined with her short red hair, made the thick shaft sticking out of her mouth look even bigger. Her eyes were on mine as she gave me a wonderful, sensuous blowjob.

She pulled her mouth off of me, stroking my shaft while she did. Grinning up at me, she said, “It’s so weird to see you with your eyes open while I’m doing this,” then sucked me back in.

I began moaning a bit as I enjoyed what Heather was doing. I noticed the beeps coming from my heart monitor had sped up slightly. I looked out the door to see Charlene sitting at the nurses’ desk, watching and smiling. After a few minutes, my balls began churning.

“I’m going to come.” I warned Heather.

“Mmhmmm,” she responded around my cock.

She increased the suction, and her hand stroked me faster. My head thrashed side to side as I erupted in her mouth. My eyes locked on Charlene sitting out there, and she blew me a kiss. The heart monitor slowed back to a steady rhythm. Heather was sucking and slurping and moaning as she took my load into her mouth and gulped it down.

Charlene sauntered over to my room and checked my vitals from the left side of my bed. Heather still had me in her mouth, so it felt odd and a little exhibitionist to me. Charlene asked a couple of questions about how I was feeling, checking my pupil response to her little pocket light, feeling my pulse in my wrist and elbow. The whole time I was still being gently sucked and licked, while my ass was being squeezed and stroked.

Heather finally released me. She gave my cock head a kiss before covering it with the bottom of my hospital gown. She stood and pulled my feet together in front of her.

“Try to push yourself back up the bed,” she instructed. I pushed against her and wiggled my buttocks and shoulders, and managed to get my head back up onto my pillow. It took a full minute, and was exhausting.

“Oh,” Charlene spoke up, “did you tell him about Jeannie?” We both nodded in response. “Good,” she continued, “she’ll be here in two hours. Did you tell him about Dennis?” This time we shook our heads.

“Dennis will be here for your physical therapy at ten this morning. One of the doctors is usually here when Dennis is, and of course your parents will probably be back in to see you before either of them gets here. Maybe we’ll need to give you a haircut today as well.” Charlene was running her fingers through my hair while she said this.

It occurred to me at that moment, “Can I get a mirror? I haven’t taken a look at myself since I woke up.”

I wasn’t prepared for it.

The face looking back out of the mirror was not mine. My hair had been blonde; now it was dark brown. My jaw was robust and square now. The entire face was gaunt, from my long ordeal, but it was chiseled bone and angles now. Clearly a man’s face, complete with some stubble. I ran my hand over my jaw and just stared.

This was my dad’s face.

Now don’t get me wrong, my dad isn’t unattractive or anything. I just didn’t expect to look like a young clone of him. I had always looked like my dad’s son, but this was uncanny.

“How long have I looked like this?” I asked aloud.

“What do you mean?” Charlene responded.

“I mean, how long have I looked – has my face looked – like this?” my hand made a circle in front of my face.

Heather and Charlene looked at each other, then back at me. “What’s wrong?” Heather asked. “You seem upset.”

“No, it’s not that,” I sighed, “It’s just…don’t you think I look almost exactly like my dad now? I didn’t look like this before.”

“Oh! You know, I think you’re right. You have looked pretty much like this since I’ve been working here. What do you think, Heather?”

“Yeah, this is the face I recognize. Do you think your dad is ugly or something? ‘Cause I have to say I always thought you looked hot.”

I had shaken my head “no” as I looked back in the mirror. At this last, I dropped the mirror in my lap, looked Heather in the eye and said, “Thanks.”

At that point, a buzzer sounded from out at the nurses’ station. Heather and Charlene rushed from my room, and I heard the double doors open down the hallway. A minute later, two orderlies wheeled in another patient on a gurney. From what I could see, the patient kıbrıs escort was a young woman. She was on a ventilator, and all sorts of tubes and wires led from her body to a profusion of equipment. At least three different IV bags were suspended above her. Both of the orderlies were male, and one of them kept trying to chat up Charlene as they moved this woman to my old ward. I returned to studying my face in the hand mirror.

“Wow.” One thing was for sure, I needed to put on some weight. I reached over and grabbed the water. I had to use both hands to pick it up, and strained to pull it over and to set it on my belly. I felt a small surge of accomplishment as I took a victory sip of cool water. By the time the new patient was settled in and the orderlies left, I had managed to drink half the pitcher of water. My stomach was gurgling a bit, but I didn’t feel any nausea or discomfort. As my stomach settled, however, I realized I needed to pee again.

I hit my buzzer. Then I realized that it was the first time I had done so. Then I realized with a little embarrassment that I was about to ask for help again to go to the bathroom.

Charlene answered the buzzer. Her look of concern softened into a smile when she saw my embarrassed expression. “What is it?” she asked.

“I have to pee again. I drank half of the water you gave me.”

Charlene seemed genuinely surprised. “Oh, that’s excellent. How do you feel?” She took my water bottle and set it back on the little table next to my bed.

“I feel like I have to pee.”

“OK.” She laughed a bit. “We won’t be able to take you into the bathroom right now, so…” She produced a bedpan and moved to the foot of my bed between my feet. She raised my gown and slid the bedpan up between my thighs, and plopped my dick onto the edge of it.

“Go ahead.”

I couldn’t do it. I wasn’t getting aroused, but having her hold my dick, knowing she was looking at it, I just couldn’t urinate. I was so embarrassed.

“I can’t do it,” I said finally. Out of desperation, I was bolder than I would have been otherwise. I grabbed the control for my bed, using it so that I was sitting up, and took my dick out of her grasp. “I’m sorry, but would you mind giving me a little privacy? I just can’t pee knowing you’re watching.”

Charlene chuckled. “Sure, but please don’t pee all over the place.” She smiled, letting me know she was joking, and went back to the ward to continue helping Heather.

I only peed on my leg a little; most of the stream went into the bedpan. I was looking around for something to dry myself when Heather poked her head into my room.

“How did it go?” she asked.

“I got a little bit on my leg. Is there a towel or something…?”

Heather went to a little cabinet I hadn’t noticed earlier. It was against the wall and mostly obscured by the curtain that could be drawn around my bed. She grabbed a hand towel, came over and took away the bedpan, and wiped the wet spot from my thigh.

“Not bad,” she said, “When we’re done next door, we’ll be changing your bed linens next.” She made a note in my medical record of how much urine I had produced, then took the bedpan into the bathroom and dumped it into the toilet. She washed her hands and the bedpan, and then returned. She set the bedpan on the little bedside table next to my water. She squeezed my hand, gave me a smile, and then left.

I started trying to do leg-lifts. I could only hold my feet in the air a couple seconds at first. On the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth try, it was closer to five seconds. After that, I couldn’t do any more. I searched around and found the remote for the television and turned it on. The sound was off, and the captions were on. I fiddled with the remote a bit more, but decided to just leave it that way. After all, I reasoned, they may have the sound off on purpose.

A few minutes later, I saw Charlene and Heather taking the dirty linens out of the ward next door. I heard Heather say she needed to use the bathroom as Charlene wheeled a large cart out of sight. Just as Heather went into the staff bathroom, a woman walked up to the nurses’ station and picked up a clipboard. She was tall, almost six feet, with black hair combed back into a ponytail. She was pretty, and wore glasses. Her scrubs were maroon-colored, unlike the more typical aqua colored ones that the other nurses wore. She looked around, but her back was turned to my room. She then turned and walked into the ward.

Seconds later, she rushed back into view, looking ashen. Charlene was just coming back with the now empty cart.

“Joshua’s gone!” the woman blurted out, “Did he…” she choked a bit.

“No, no!” Charlene reassured her, “He woke up! He’s in the recovery room behind you.”

That was how I met Jeannie for the first time.

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