Spicing Up Relationship Ch. 02

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Big Tits

I was on the bed thinking about everything that happened today and feeling embarrassed and horny at the same time. Memories of him spanking me for the first time wasn’t letting me sleep. Also, the excitement of tomorrow was making me touch my erect nipples. I tried to push these thoughts away but nothing actually worked. After a long try I surrendered to myself and started taking off my shorts and panties. There I was lying in the sheet wearing a translucent blouse and touching myself and wishing for the next task to be as bad as this one.

I was so exhausted that I didn’t have a track when I dozed off. The first thing I did the next morning was check my phone lying there on the bed to see if I have received today’s task yet. I opened the mail as soon as I saw it to know my task. And, here it said I have to remove my pants and panties in the car while he will be driving. Also I have to flash him my boobs whenever and wherever he asks for. At the bottom of the mail it was mentioned I will not say no for anything in the time frame of 24 hours.

“That was umm…. okay.” My mind said. All my excitement died in a minute. I woke up and started with my routine. It was early summer afternoon and my phone rang. Yes, it’s him. He asked me if I read a task and if I was ready. Well that isn’t a task to be honest so who won’t be. But also I cannot break his heart so I decided to close with a neutral reply.

I took a shower and got dressed in a blue crop top with minimal coverage and black padded bra. Down my waist I wore black joggers and a blue thong. I love my hair loose, wore a ring he gave me and peach nude wedges. He made me wait for like 4 to 5 minutes when he knew I hated waiting. But I didn’t want to make it an issue as these are all efforts to avoid fights. He got there in a plain white shirt and blue denim jeans. He kissed me and made me sit in. I felt his kiss sexier than ever. He used his hands exactly as I always wanted but couldn’t explain to him. In my mind I thought of this all if working rushed, making me blush and feeling so happy about it.

After around a kilometre he said if I remember what I was asked and I should start doing the task.

“But this place is quite a busy one. Like so many people here.” I replied in shock.

“Don’t worry they will enjoy it if they will be lucky enough to see your sexy body. Rest I will take care. Just do as you were asked, love.” He assured me.

I yalova escort hesitatingly unbuttoned my trousers and looked out and then looking at his smile assuring me I pushed them down. Leaving them there. Now, my hands were on my thong. I looked at him for his approval. He nodded and I pushed it down too. So, nervous about being caught I placed a cushion on my lap to cover my pussy.

“You don’t need it. Just love it and don’t worry I am here. At the end of the day you will be in love with whatever happened.” And he pulled the cushion back resting it under his arm.

He asked me about my feelings. At that moment I realized how embarrassed and nervous I was about someone noticing me like that.

“Take off your top and bra. Show me your boobs so that I can play with them.” He ordered.

Not before that I realised how erect that feeling of being seen has made me. “Shit….I am so wet.” my brain announced. I turned towards him to see if he noticed. Well, yes he did from long ago. I started taking off my top and I unhooked my bra. I sat there naked with a seat belt around my body rubbing my one nipple badly. My face was red and my body wanted more. I was actually feeling horny and slutty.

He parked in a mall parking lot. It was basically an open area parking but too remote in comparison to where I got naked. I don’t even know if someone saw me or not. He unbuckled my seat belt and started playing with my nipples. He came closer and whispered that he realised how wet I am. He was in no time rubbing my pussy and his lips started with my nipples. I was moaning low and digging my nails in his head. His middle finger entered me and made me moan harder. He sucked my nipples, licked them while his eyes were on my face waiting for expressions he needed. His finger came out and he was kissing my neck then middle and ring finger got back in me. This time leaving me screaming a little. Now, I was spreading my legs and asking him to fuck me. He pulled his fingers out.

In a moment he was out of the car and opened my door.

“Be on your fours baby.” He said leaving me surprised and without any movement. Thoughts rushing down me of getting fucked in a parking lot.

‘What if someone saw me, what if there was someone I know, isn’t there any guard to penalize us’ with this another thought builds ‘how we will be penalized by any guard. Like happens in porn will he ask to fuck me.’

I regretted yalova escort bayan that immediately. I should be thinking about getting fucked by someone else while my boyfriend is waiting for me to be fucked by him.

“Hurry, do it. We will cater your imagination too but later, my love.”

‘What! He knows what I am imagining. Umm…. no he doesn’t.’ I thought.

“Baby.” I felt his hand touching me. Without a single word or thought I got on my fours facing outside and my ass and pussy on a display for him. Waiting for his dick to tease and fuck. He pulled his dick out and held me from my waist. He used his dick over my pussy rubbing it from outside and teasing me. His hands moved on my body. He started getting rough but didn’t get in yet. He moved me leaving my boobs jiggling. He cupped at times. I was dripping wet. We both can see and feel that well. He kept on teasing and I closed my eyes. He asked me to tell him what I wanted though he knew it well. I replied that I want to be fucked.

“Do you want to be fucked here in a parking lot?” He asked


“What do you mean by yes? Say it all. Beg me to do it.”

“Yes, I want to be fucked here in this parking lot. I want to feel like a slut. Please fuck me, make me cum.” I don’t know what made me say that but something for sure is there which I liked. He started putting his dick inside and as I threw my head up I noticed a woman staring at me.

“Oh shit! Baby, there is someone looking at us.” I felt terror. It was my first time getting fucked not just in car first time ever and someone is watching that. I felt myself grew more wet and trembling.

“Let her enjoy my slut getting fucked.” He replied.

So, he was going to fuck me like this only. I mean almost going in. That woman left a minute after he entered, making me cry. I wished for not to be seen again. My focus went back as he made me cry more. But my psychological mind was in fear of being seen or maybe I wanted to be seen again as that made me way more wet than I was earlier. He continued fucking me there for a few minutes more. Then he asked me to sit back and handed me a bottle of water while he cleaned himself. I took a couple of sips from the bottle and moved it towards him. He drank way more than me. I felt exhausted but tried to reach for my clothes where he stopped me.

“It’s not over yet, baby. Rest for a minute and you have to turn towards me where escort yalova I will suck your damn wet pussy.”

“Again.” was only the word coming out of my mouth.

He turned me towards him. Sat between my legs, outside the car. Spread them well, making me anxious about getting seen again. I tried closing my wide spread thighs but his hands were way more powerful. He started kissing me and going down from there he pulled his tongue on my pussy lips parting them. He entered inside, making me moan. Getting deeper and rough. He was sucking there in no time. I was moaning harder.

“Play with your nipples for me.” He said. I followed without any thought. My one hand was on his head sliding my nails in his hair while his mouth was fucking me and another went to my boobs. I started twisting them, grabbing them and all the fondling continued. My eyes were closed all the time. As soon as I opened my eyes, I saw a couple standing in front of us. Looking at what we were doing. Firstly, I thought they were surprised. Later, I realised we are being filmed. ‘Oh shit!’ I trembled in fear. Pulling his face out I asked him to stop but I know he didn’t realise why. After a minute getting my wits to normal I finally was able to told him about what’s happening.

He stopped immediately and cleaned his face. He stood up and held me from shoulder and softly asked me to not get panicked. He will be coming back in a minute after resolving this. But how in the hell can I not get panicked. While I was thinking he went there and they were talking about something I cannot hear. I was desperate to hear but they were slow and I was not in a state to go out and listen. I closed the door as soon as I could and sat in covering myself. And this feeling started falling down. I realised I panicked with the thought of them filming us not by seeing us. Rather, it made me horny that someone is watching us. ‘Is it that I wanted to be seen? No, no, don’t act crazy.’ I paused my mind. While indulging in my thoughts I didn’t notice him coming back into the car. I looked towards him and he hugged me saying I have taken care of it. He kissed my lips touching me from neck to boobs and down my waist. I hugged him harder.

“Did you like being seen though? You were more excited in that moment so I thought let them see.” He asked.

“So, did you know there is someone?”

“Yes, from the moment they were. And I know how horny you got with them being there. But filming made you stop it.”

I blushed.

I started getting dressed with his help. We drove home.

I recalled all the memories lying in my bed. And to be honest I loved being seen naked and sucked.

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