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Big Tits

As she was lying there in the lavender scented bubble bath, the hot steaming water glistening on her smooth, creamy skin, slowly slipping her long fingers over her gleaming body, reaching down for a soft white face cloth, and the bottle of body gel. Clicking open the bottle with her long, spade shaped finger nails, she wraps her slender fingers around the bottle and squeezes lightly to get the thick liquid onto the face cloth. Putting the bottle down, and lathering up the face cloth, starting at her neck, slowly circulating it around, moving down over her shoulders.

She comes to the mound of her full rounded breasts, first the right side, then the left, slowly massaging with her hands the foamy cloth, making her nipples into tiny rose coloured peaks. She continues this display, all the while, forgettting she left her curtains open, her neighbour was watching everything that she was doing, from lathering up the face cloth, to the massaging of her own breasts that she was displaying right now.

He turned out the light in his house, grabbed a chair, and sat in the shadows, watching this finely shaped beauty trail her hands all over her luxurious body. Her fingers massaging beylikdüzü escort her breasts, down over her flat tummy, in between her legs, and over her thighs, leaving a trail of soft bubbles from the soap. She follows the trail of bubbles she left behind back up to her breasts, her eyes half closed, enjoying the sensation her own touch is giving her at this moment.

Suddenly, her eyes open, she has a strange feeling she is being watched from somewhere. She looks to her right to see her bay windows in the bathroom, naked, no curtains or shades covering them at all. A wry smile comes across her face. Her neighbour next door thought he was spotted, and backed away a little, afraid she may scream. He is about to turn away, when he spots the smile growing on her face. Sitting back down, he begins to watch her again, feeling a growing need in his pants.

Closing her eyes again, only this time, feeling she has an audience, wants to put on a real show, and please herself at the same time. Why not kill two birds with one stone, she thinks.

Taking the face cloth away from her body, Morgana grabs a small pitcher beside the pearl coloured tub. She dips escort beylikdüzü the pitcher into the water, and slowly pours it out, over her slender shoulders, the firm roundness of her breasts, down her belly, over her shaven mound, and trailing the stream of water down each long, creamy leg, to rinse off any residue of soap left on her firm body.

The silent neighbour begins licking his lips at this display of the exotic woman that lives next to him, trying hard not to make a sound for fear she may hear him, but she seems to know he is there, and continues to do what she is doing to herself with great pleasure.

She then takes her leg, closest to the outside of the tub, and drapes it over the edge, fully opening herself up to her voyeur across the way. Her eyes still closed, a teasing smile upon her face, she draws her hands up to her face, tracing the tender jawline, moving down over to her breasts, her fingers, tweaking her perky nipples, tracing circles around them, the down to her waiting hot core. Morgana slowly places one finger against her now beginning to throb clit, moving her finger in small slow circles. A tingling sensation runs through her beylikduzu escort body at her own invasion of herself. She gasps a little, surprised at the intensity of her enjoyment. It seemed to have doubled more than usual considering she knew she had an audience. Where, she did not know, making it even more pleasurable.

Taking the finger off her clit, she begins probing herself, one finger at first, enough to dip into her now forming juices within her body. Probing herself in and out, moving faster, she places her thumb against her clit, rubbing in circles as she dips her finger deeper within herself. She begins feeling a pending explosion build deep in her body, her internal muscles clinching onto her finger, she begins bucking her hips, thrashing about in the water and crying out as her orgasm comes to a head. Her hot wet core dripping into the tub and around her finger.

Collapsing against the back of the tub, with a satisfied smile across her face. Pulling the plug for the tub, stands up, and steps out of the tub. She stands in front of the bay windows, smiling at her own reflection, and also knowing that her mystery voyeur is watching her. She reaches for a towel, slowly, seductively dries herself off, then wraps it around her, blows a kiss out the window and heads out the room.

And as she heads out the room, her neighbour collapses against his chair, completely spent, and reaching for a towel of his own….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32