Spanked by Her Boss Pt. 01

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I am writing this story about my wife when she was eight teen. Marry was lovely she stood five feet six inches tall. 124 pounds, red hair top, and bottom. She had a 32- inch waist and perfect ass. 36,d boobs with no sagging and one-inch long nipples. Marry was on her own, her parents were gone. Marry was still attending school part-time Marry managed to find work and accommodations from a Mr. Jones. he ran an import company he was a 39-year-old man from England. marry did typing and secretarial work. Marry was late sometimes getting downstairs to the office and made errors when she typed. Mr. Jones was an old-school English man. He got very upset with her he called marry to his office.

Marry I will give you a choice. I can fire you Marry had no place to go and begged him not to. I am sorry sir but I need this job and this place to live. if you agree to let me discipline you. Marry was scared to be on the street so she agreed. Fine Mr. Jones said you will be spanked hard across my lap naked for twenty minutes. Thursday night at six pm. you will come down to the office in just your robe. Now today is Thursday so get undressed and across my lap. Mr. Jones gave Marry a twenty-minute long hard-ass tanning. Marry cried her eyes out it kaçak iddaa really hurt.

Mr. Jones enjoyed spanking Mary’s bare ass once a week. He would tell her she had a perfect ass for, spanking she felt so much shame. He also made her kiss and lick every inch of his large ten-inch cock swallow his cum, and suck his balls. Marry hated swallowing his cum and hated even more having to suck his balls. He made her take one at a time fully into her mouth and suck it good for long periods.

Mr. Jones started fucking her, Mary”s pussy was small and really tight. Since his cock was 10-inches fucking her tight pussy deep hard and doggie would stretch it. Fucking her hard and him slapping her ass and pinching her long hard nipples made Marry squeal loud. Her pussy would cum hard over and over on his big hard cock. marry felt so much shame and discuss. He would make marry bed for his cock, Make her say fuck me hard and slap my ass. She had to beg him to please cum in her mouth so she would not get knocked up. Mr. Jones would make her work naked in his office when no clients were due to cum in. And when she was dressed and working in the office she had to always be braless.

One time he had tree friend over on a Thursday night. They kaçak bahis watched in amazement as he spanked Marry in front of them they could see the shameful look on her face. He made marry and tell them how tight her pussy was. how she loved Mr. Jones fucking her hard for hours. She really grew to hate the old bastard. He forced Marry into letting Larry his 42-year-old black, African friend spank her bare ass with a paddle.

Marry really squealed loud when Larry spanked her. Larry made her suck his big black cock. he grabbed Mary’s red hair and made her look at him when he cum in her mouth. This made tears run down her face. Mr. Jones and Larry would fuck Mary’s mouth and pussy all night long every two weeks Being fucked that way made her orgasm three or four times. That made them fuck her even harder. Those two depraved bastards really enjoyed fucking Marry. When Larry spanked Mary’s bare ass with the paddle she would get really wet and horny. Marry would cry out in lust, her sex juices dripping on the floor. She came twice from Larry’s hard-ass tanning. Marry cried in shame the whole night.

She hated Larry even more than her boss MR. Jones, they were blackmailing her not to tell me. Larry’s large 11-inch cock and balls were like illegal bahis a horse and when he fucked her tight pussy doggie he made Marry scream. I met Marry when I was eighteen we had just started being friends. When Larry fucked Mary he would slap her ass and pinch her nipples. Larry would force her to tell him how she loved being fucked hard by his big black cock, how she loved kissing and sucking his black nuts and swallowing his cum. He made her kiss and lick his cock for over one hour each time. Being fucked by a black man and coming for him made marry wanna die she would cry out like a cheap whore in heat. He would always fuck her tight pussy doggie.

The total shame she felt when she cried out in sexual lust made her sick in her tummy. Having to swallow his cum and tell him how much she wanted to be fucked by him made her just want to die. Larry really did love spanking marries bare ass. the contrast of her white body naked over his black lap made him smile. The excitement he got from spanking, this lovey sexy red-headed teen. made him want fuck her even more. Larry would make her crawl naked to him. marry had no choice. To tell him how hungry she was to service his big black cock and suck his balls. On her knees he made her suck one of his balls well she slowly jerked his cock. When he cum he make here kiss and lick all his cum off and swallow it. Looking up at him with tears in her eyes. eat my cum, eat it

end of part one

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