Spanish Goddess Seduces a Lover Ch. 07

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A few weeks later we were sitting at her kitchen table and I was reflecting back on the last month or so. Seeing images in my head of Anastasia’s amazing body and the different love making sessions we experienced together. Her excited tone and how enthusiastic she can be or her emotional out bursts that made me giddy with laughter. Just everything in general and I was really feeling these things made her who and what she is and I was falling head over heels in love of her. This woman from heaven, this goddess, my 6 year agony ended with her.

She spoke interrupting the silence in a long monolog to me.

“As we move forwarddd… in our…….. relation… ship.” Then she looked at me and nodded as she smiled.

“I don’t want to keep anything from ju, Ok, and I expect the same. I have really known you for a while now at work, for a year now Right.” She changed the subject quickly mid-sentence.

“Un aniversario, (one anniversary) we haff to celebrate these.” Then she changed the subject back.

“So I know some about you and I think I know you, pretty well.” She said and paused for a while then continued.

“And… now… that we have been intimate for a few months?” she said as she poked her finger in me.

“I know there are few equals… to your passion…. for woman. I neva Dreeeeeamed sex could be so goot, let alone… experience it… with a man…. such as ju. Ju are so kind to me and jour are patient…. and caring, smart… gooot with your hands,” then looked me directly in the eyes “especially where it counts.” as she snickered.

Then she made a low moaning sexy sound. “AYE AYE AYE.” in a very excited tone.

“The things ju do to jour…… GAUD-Dess.” She said.

“I am in lauff with ju and I want to know how ju feel about these?” She said rubbing her fingers on me very gently back and forth. She was massaging the soft long dark wispy hair on my forearms and pulling it oh so playfully with her finger tips.

I just looked at her hands and fingers and was trying to come up with the words.

“I know you are shy sometimes,” She said as she patted my forearm then continued.

“and might… have a time expressing jour true feelings in these. But try Ok; for jour GAUD –Desssh. Oh I am beyond belief to think… there is someone, a man, Ju,” tapping me lightly “Who finds me so appealing to call me a name of such magnitude. But I promise…. I will TRY…. NOTTTT…. to take advantage… of ju… for these. OK. Not make ju do things… wrapped round my little feen-ger.” She said quietly.

She grabbed my hands and looked directly into my eyes.

“So do you luff me?” Anastasia said.

I Looked into her eyes and nodded.

“Can Ju say eat to me?” She said.

As I looked at her I started trembling and started to cry and was nodding.

“Aye we both are so emotional,” She said then continued “but that’s goot? right.” As I spoke I tried to calm down and spoke very slowly in my state of emotion. As I wiped the tears she ran over to the counter and yanked the box of tissues with her hand and quickly brought it back. She quickly pulled one out holding it near my hands.

“Hear my love.” She said quietly.

“I… have been thru divorce… and misery… and…. Depression… that destroyed…. me. I was beat down to a pulp… as a worthless man.” I said.

Holding my head down and shaking it back and forth.

“I had nothing, I could do nothing. I wished every day for any… woman… to hold again and… beylikdüzü escort let alone love again or make love to.” I said.

I held her hands in mine caressing them gently then continued.

“For half a decade I wished for someone like you. Sooooo Yesssssssssss, I absolutely! LOVE you with all my being. I worship you…. as a… god-DESS… after all. You make me breathe, you give me reason to continue.” I said.

“My many years of nothing slammed head on into a goddess.” I said.

Then she quickly interjected “In a babydoll nighty as I remember.” (referring to the night she wore it and we ran into each other in the hall)

I gasp at the funniness of what she said as she looked into my eyes with a huge smile on her face. This was changing my emotion to the positive quickly as I felt an adrenalin rush from her excited voice “And that night I was in an UN–altered…. state.” She said.

“Yes you remember well.” I said.

“Ju tend to do these when you love someone and lived the moment. The leetle things.” She said.

I nodded.

“God you are amazing, I love you so much.” I said and continued.

“Your smart perception of things is incredible how you know me so well.” I said.

“And you as well, your sharp perception of me and how to take me to heaven. Giving me just the right stimulating, and the teasing of me… to higher… and higher anticipation. To take me….Into… FEMALE… Orgasmicccc…… Blissssssss!” She said.

She quickly changed her tone so she sounded like the old 1960’s Star Trek TV introduction.

“Into… WORLDS beyond… To boldly go, Where no Wo—Man has gone before!” as she waved her hand and made the star ship swhoosh sound with her mouth. She was excitedly looking at me now.

“Ok I want to give jour first Span-Eessh les-sone.” She said excitedly.

“When we make lauff and I am in your throws of ecstasy. I speak my native tongue as it jeeest comes out ought. Soooo therefore its reinforcement to remember by seeing… listening… and touchhhing, OK. Plus I want jour un-deeeee vide-edddd attention and I know you won-‘tah forget. Righ?” She said.

She started unbuttoning her top and my eyes widened. As she got to the last button she casually pulled her shirt wide open to expose her bra and ample cleavage. Then she reached around under the back of her shirt and un-snapped her bra and let it fall down to her waist. “There,” She said looking down at her tits.

“So if I say; aspire mis pechos.” She said.

(suck my breasts)

Then she reached up and squeezed my mouth with her fingers “aspire, suck en inglés” and she put her fingertip to my mouth and gently pushed it in then moved it in and out. “That’s right aspire mi dedo” (suck my finger) She said. Then pulled her finger out of my mouth and held it up wiggling it.

“dedo, finger” She said then put it her finger back in my mouth, “dedo, finger. Ju suckkkk goot by the way.” She said excitedly as she pulled her finger out.

Next she said “pecho,” slowly as she cupped her hand under one breast and squeezed and pushed her ample D sized globe up.

“Pecho, breast…. pechooooo…. Breassssttttah.” She said very slowly. Then she oh so slowly, ever so gently lowered her breast. She was starting to breathe harder as our combined excitement fed each other higher and higher with each second. My eyes were glued to her and what she was doing with her breast and saying, beyoğlu escort as I stared at her mouth in awe. She could see my excitement and her wanton sex took over her. Next she looked me right in the eyes deeply, eyes dancing back and forth, her mouth was open sucking in air hard as she slowly jutted her chest out little by little so her boobs were starting to heave toward me. As she got more into it she pressed down with her hands on her thighs to give maximum tension and make a body builder pose of her chest. Her upper torso going higher and higher arching her back more and more. She did this breathing deep into her lungs so her boobs were puffed up, large dark nipples now rock hard and her chest full with air. Then she exhaled out some air, shook her shoulders jostling her magnificent boobs just slightly. Next she leaned in real close to me still jostling her breasts with lust in her eyes and whispered.

“Aspirrrrre misssss pechooooooossss ah.” She said as she exhaled slowly.

I quickly reached up just inches away, ever so slowly cupped the sides of her breast as she looked down at her breasts and my hands. Then ever so slowly I tilted my head marveling at their shape and was examining her breasts like a work of art caressing then tweaking her nipples, sooooo gently and cupping them as though they might break in my hands.

I leaned my head forward breathing in hard, then blowing through puckered lips as though blowing out birthday candles on her nipple. As I got close within a centimeter I stopped and just looked at them in awe. I was teasing her beyond believe not started sucking her nipples yet.

I then looked into her eyes and whispered “Aspirrrrre pechooooooossss,” I said in Spanish.

She was breathing very hard at this point in anticipation of her lover taking her amazing gorgeous tits in his mouth. I kissed her softly on the lips and she instantly started ravishing me with her mouth and I then got more into our oral combat. I quickly stopped kissing her lips and pulled my head back slowly looking at her mouth in awe her puffy full lips and slobber as she looked at me in shock.

I then slowly moved down so I could finally suck her tits and whispered again “aspirrrrre pechooooooossss” in Spanish then ever so gently kissed the sides of her bulged breast. I nibbled and sucked everything but her nipples.

“Oh Fuck yes, kiss my breasts, suck my breasts, Oh Fuck that feels so goot,” she moaned in ecstasy as she cried out loud.

“Oh fuck yeah suck ’em and doan staap.” She hooted.

I did this for quite a while as she was moaning beyond believe. Then I finally gently kissed one nipple then the other and then was kissing only her nipples back and forth. I squeezed her jugs hard together so the nipples were jutting out for my tongue lashing. I alternating between them sucking each, nibbling and squeezing them over and over again. I started sucking one nipple deep into my mouth for all I was worth and flipping my tongue over her super hard nipples.

“Oh fuck yeah suck ’em and doan staap, My pussy is soooooooo wet!” she exclaimed.

“Take me there.” She said as she held my head to her tits and was thrusting her pelvis in and out slowly.

“AYEEEEEEEE!” She screamed in a high pitched squeal and her body shook as an orgasm took over her. She melted in my arms a bit as the pleasure had taken over her now. I was getting into it now faster and faster but not being too rough.

After bizimkent escort doing this for a few more minutes I managed to lift her up to me. She gently put her arms around the back of my head. Next she flipped her head back and stretched her neck up and back to suck in more oxygen while thrusting her boobs in my face for maximum contact. I stood up and she shrieked and held on tight and she wrapped her legs around my waist pulling herself into me hard with her powerful thighs and calves. Her feet and ankles now clasped together behind me. She screamed again as she thrust her vulva on me and gyrating her torso maximizing her clit pressure. This started her second orgasm and she squeezed me quickly even harder with her powerful thighs and pushing her clasped heels hard into my back. I heard and felt my back crack loud as she did this. This adjusted my back in a chiropractic move and I let go of her which yanked her tit free from my mouth with a pop.

“Uhhhh.” she gasped in horror then she froze stiff and held her breath. She let go quickly and stepped out of my embrace, I bent over at the waist as I rubbed my back and dropped to my knees hard and fell on my side.

“Oh my GAUUUUDD!!!! I KILLED my Master lovvvverrrrrrrr.” she screamed again in horror and knelt down looking up into my eyes caressing the sides of my face trying to see if I was OK.

“Oh My god! Oh my god!” She said very, very fast hyperventilating as she spoke it over and over.

“Anna! I’m Ok, I’m OK you just adjusted my back a little see I’m ok.” I exclaimed to let her know I was fine. It actually felt better after she did that. She was shaking her hands violently and hyperventilating as she though she just ruined the best thing of her life. Killing me, her lover with one quick jealous move to maximize her own pleasure. She sat back down in chair looking at me in horror.

“Maté la mejor cosa que me sucedió nunca.” she cried out in Spanish.

(I killed the best thing that ever happened to me.)

“Oh my GAUD I am Sooooo Sorry!” She said as she stood back up.

“I am so sore-ey.” she repeated again and again looking at me and studying my face and caressing my cheeks softly for any sign of acknowledgement. Her face had more concern than I have ever seen anyone produce before.

She was sitting in the chair slumped down in front and I crawled over between her knees and she took my face in her hands still with a horrible look on her face.

“I am so sore-ey my lauff.” She said again.

“Anna, I’m fine OK. Really, I am fine. It sounded a lot worse that it was. It actually feels better now.” I said joyfully as I reached my hand back to caress my spine. She sat back in the chair exhausted, her feelings over took her and she needed to calm down.

“Aye, Aye Aye. Thoughts raced through my mind as I heard that noise thinking the best thing of my entire life, Ju, I killed dead instantly. I broke your back in my extreme lustful state. Oh my Gaud are you sure your ok, here seet, seet here.” She said.

Then she quickly got up and was helping my into the chair. Then she yanked over another chair and put it in front of me and quickly sat in it putting her hands on my face.

“Oh my god, I would kill myself like Romeo and Juliet if I lost you.” She said.

“Oh!” she started laughing at that point. “My emotion… I was so high cumming.” Then looking me directly in the eyes.

“You made me cum so hard just by sucking my tits. I never thought I would or could cum by these. Then in the next instant… I thought you were dead.” She said with a worried look on her face.

Then she kneeled down in front of me looking me directly in the eyes and rubbing my forearms.

“You are amazing, I thank god I found you.” She said.

End of Chapter 7

The saga will continue


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