Sow Primer Ch. 02

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“After work today I am taking you out for dinner. There is someone I would like you to meet.” Carl was beaming at her as he spoke. Kate was dumbstruck. She had been half expecting him to kick her out, but instead he was taking her out to dinner! Her boss was taking her out to dinner! My God, Debs was so right about him, he was so understanding and all her doubts from yesterday evaporated. She hardly knew how to respond.

“Thank you very much. I’d love that.”

“That’s settled then. I’ll pick you up from your apartment about 6:30.” He turned and walked off and that was it. The arrangements had been made; she would be ready and waiting for him.

Sitting there in the bar of the restaurant sipping at their drinks, Kate could see there was something on Carl’s mind. She glowed with pleasure that he should take her out and even allowed her to call him Carl. The impossible risks we take when we reveal our most hidden secrets never knowing how they will be received, but the utmost pleasure when shared and accepted. Katie, as he liked to call her, wondered about this friend he wanted to introduce her to, what did that signify? Was he really so interested in her?

Afterwards she was to spend many long moments trying to recall that precise moment when her world seemed to slip sideways in front of her: all the realities and sureties she took for granted evaporating; space and time clattering over a set of points and onto a new and alternate future. She would torture herself endlessly on whether she could have done anything, whether she had allowed it all to happen, been complicit. Had she secretly known what Carl had meant, but pretended to herself not to? She would forever recall her fantasies lying in her bed the night before that signified to her she was not so innocent or so naïve as she would afterwards like to think.

Striding purposefully across the bar directly towards her was her trainer from the sow farm. Ricky oozed with self assurance, a hard look of intent upon his face, even his tall build made Katie shrink inside. As her thoughts scrambled in confusion, her willpower drained away leaving an empty shell waiting for him to fill. She stared into his eyes, a little lost girl, having run away and been found. She belonged to this man in ways that her conscious mind could no longer comprehend: it was instinctual.

Ricky was staring straight at her as he crossed the floor, moving effortlessly through the crowd. A tightness gripped Katie’s throat, her palms were sticky and her leg was shaking under her skirt that hung in long folds about the stool. Something was yelling inside her to run but she was glued firmly to the stool, the power over her limbs already surrendered to this approaching man. Vaguely, Katie’s mind was rebelling: “No. No! This cannot be happening. Not now. Not after all this time. I ran away from him. I escaped. He can’t come back now.”

Carl looked up and then smiling he stood. He offered his hand to the newcomers, “Glad to meet you, and here’s Katie,” he added holding out his arm towards her. Ricky smiled as he looked down, it was a smile of possession.

“Hello Katie. I have found you again.”

The touch of Ricky’s hand upon her arm sent an electric arc of delight sweeping across her body. How often she had yearned for that touch and now as his firm grip grasped her a few inches above her elbow something melted inside. It had seemed such a long time, but the desire for him came careering back like an old favourite song. Once more she felt that familiar need for him to treat her as the sow she had desired to be, all the barriers and her resolutions swept aside like paper swirling in a gust of wind.

“I can feel you tremble, my errant sow. We have a lot of catching up to do. Shall we sit over there at our table?” He nodded towards a table near the back of the restaurant. It was in a little alcove. Katie heard the familiar ring of the word ‘sow’ rattle inside her mind tearing at her self-confidence, diminishing her. It was as if an echo had been lodged inside her mind, a magic incantation that would transform her back into Ricky’s sow; one of the herd. Still speechless, unable to open her mouth, compliant in his hands, Katie allowed Ricky to steer her through the restaurant to the table at the back. Carl followed. Was she unable or just unwilling to resist, she couldn’t tell. She felt confused, lost in a trauma that mixed genuine fear with a powerful lust for all Ricky represented to her. Her old self had been swept aside by a tsunami of emotions as Ricky entered her life once again and was steering her, manipulating her, getting her where he wanted her, and that was just what she wanted too she thought in horror.

Carl slid in around the table next to Katie and Ricky sat opposite her. Katie was acutely aware that between Carl and Ricky she had no means of escape. She was trapped, and that was very familiar too.

Carl leaned across her and said, “I figured by inviting your old trainer I’d get to find out just what attracted you to the sow lifestyle.”

He slipped his arm through hers while Ricky Maltepe Escort told her to place her hands upon the table in front of her. As she pressed her palms flat down, she felt Ricky’s grip tighten around her arms, clamping it in place just above her elbow.

“That is a nice cotton skirt you have Katie. I am not used to seeing you in clothes.” Ricky was talking as he looked through the menu. She wore a light white skirt that flared out from her narrow waist with a small white belt that secured it tight around her figure. There were some round wooden buttons down the front and she had left the bottom two undone. Katie was proud of her legs and she liked the thought of the material sweeping around them. She liked to leave enough play for a flash of her legs to be seen.

“I think it would be more appropriate if some of those buttons were opened up, don’t you?” Ricky asked. He was not looking at her, and the question was completely rhetorical. Katie felt the butterflies flutter inside her stomach as he drew her down again. Ricky nodded to Carl while Katie stared back across the table at him, searching for the courage to speak up for herself. Yet her courage failed her. Carl’s hands were working between her thighs at the buttons. She felt a strange detachment as he worked so studiously between her parted legs, like she could feel nothing. Just the occasional draught on her sex as he swung the material that was becoming looser, to one side so that he could continue to work his way up towards her sow cunt.

Oh my God, thought Katie. How easily I am slipping back into that way of thinking. Ricky was staring intently at her face, as if he could read her thoughts. She was flustered now, vulnerable between these men, her skirt slipping away across her thighs, her legs and knees entirely bare beneath the table.

“Have you taken to wearing panties again, sow Katie? I don’t recall any of the sows wearing panties, do you?” He was staring at her, and she felt the growing horror as they slowly denuded her here in this most public of places. She was surrounded by people enjoying their meals and talking of this and of that, but she was about to have her panties removed, her sex to become entirely exposed. Mingled with the fear of exposure was the slow melting dampness between her thighs. The mixture of lust and fear was a cocktail too heady for her. Her head swam in the intoxication of what this man, now her trainer, was ordering from her. He held the menu in his hands, and was choosing what he wanted from her. She sat in obedience, the offering. “I think Carl is going to need your assistance. Will you raise your ass off the seat, press your legs and thighs against the couch while he slips your panty over that rounded sow rump of yours? Keep your hands upon the table. It will take him a while to slide the garments off you, but you won’t mind availing yourself for him will you?”

In a daze Katie raised herself exactly as he said, pressing down on the table and with the backs of her thighs. She felt Carl beside her lifting away the material of her skirt, reaching up with both hands to her hips. He was a little gauche, and seemed to have difficulty grasping the waistband. Katie’s body hung in suspension, unmoving, acceding. It seemed to take an age and all she could do was wait until he denuded her, put her in her place, making an outward sign of her inferiority. Slowly first one side then the other she felt his fingers grip at the elastic and start to tug. It resisted and she had to sway first one way then the other to facilitate him. The panty slowly descended and then stretched on one side making the other side caught. Eventually she felt the elastic slide over the round curve of her ass. She could feel the tension release and then the final pull at her sex as the panty was yanked away. Her wetness glued her sow cunt to the material and she felt her cunt lips pull and then release the thin veil of protection at her crotch. Katie collapsed back onto the couch, Carl had disappeared beneath the table as he fought his way down her legs. When she was entirely free of her underwear, Carl sat back on the couch next to her and crumpling her panty slipped it into his pocket. Katie was ashamed, thinking of her excitement just before and the telltale evidence he would find on those panties later when he had time to inspect them.

Ricky ordered some bread and olive oil and they came with a small glass jar of oil. He dribbled some on the white plate and pulled out a little bag with some powder inside.

“This,” he explained, “will warm you up a little, sow Katie.” He mixed the powder into the oil and slowly swirled it around on the plate. Katie felt the tension in her throat as she watched his preparations. She did not know what was to happen next, and that was always part of the exhilaration. Katie watched as Ricky slid the plate across the table towards Carl. He smiled a wicked smile at Katie while Carl dipped his fingers into the oil and brought his hand down beneath the table. Carl laced his leg around Katie’s, and pulled it to one side. Then he slid Kartal Escort his fingers over her naked sow cunt, smearing it with oil. Katie instinctively tried to pull away but he held her firm, clinging onto her arm as well as her leg. She sat staring into Ricky’s face as she felt Carl’s deft fingers oiling her. Her legs were spread apart, her skirt falling away from her waist where it was held by her belt. The material swept away to either side of her legs, and but for the cover of the table, she was spread open before her trainer with Carl busy lubricating her entrance for him.

It was a moment or two later that the effect of the powder started to kick in, and kick it surely did. She felt her lips swell and the heat that arose in them made them itch. She struggled under the torment and Carl had to cling on to her. As Katie wriggled in her chair, all she could feel was the explosive burning arousal in her sow cunt. She had suddenly become incredibly horny. She squirmed and her face screwed tight. She twisted and arched her back as she felt Carl’s fingers continue to oil her slit. As her back arched, she thrust out her udders towards Ricky. He was smiling at her display.

“It all comes flooding back now, doesn’t it sow Katie? All the painful desire, the neediness; you have missed it haven’t you? I can see it in your face.”

Katie heard his words in a paroxysm of desire that swept through her body. She felt her nipples harden and press into the fabric of her bra which he had permitted her to keep for now. She felt Carl’s leg forcing her knees apart and she loved the sensation of that forcing, the fact she could not cover herself. It is not that she desired to conceal herself she was totally open to this man, her trainer. He had made her body yearn for the pleasures of being a sow.

The waiter came over for their orders and Carl ceased his torment of Katie’s crack which burned with a fire she tried to control while the waiter was there. Ricky ordered for them all, but Katie was only allowed a glass of milk which came with a straw. As they ate, Ricky spoke to Carl of her past, sitting there between them, listening to the betrayal of her darkest secrets, being reminded of her own despicable desires that were once more coursing through her blood. He spoke only to Carl, describing what she had become at the farm and how she had embraced the lifestyle so absolutely. While the men ate Carl continued to minister to her sow cunt. She was now so open and wet she longed for a good fucking, as if it would bring some perverse absolution. Their words babbled around her as her mind conjured images of their strong hard cocks pushing inside her, the sensations of her canal wrapped around them, her cloying juices bonding her to them and her being pummelled and pummelled hard. When Ricky was done he pushed his chair back and stared at Katie.

“I have enjoyed chatting to your boss about you, and seeing you once again sow Katie. I have missed you at the farm. We all have. You don’t come to visit us any more. I believe you left us because you knew that if visited next time you may not have the strength to leave us again.” He tilted his head by way of enquiry, then as if to reinforce the point he added, “is that not so?”

Ricky didn’t wait for an answer. Both of them understood the truth of his words, but he wasn’t here to push her and she had lost the ability to speak. She was in awe of her trainer, and capable only of guttural sounds of lust as the fires burnt inside her.

“Come my little sow, come and feed from your trainer’s cock. You have had to wait such a long time for your feed, and I can see in those eyes your desire to wrap your lips around it and taste me one more time.” There was no need for words between a trainer and his sow. He understood his charge so perfectly, he cultivated those desires in his sows that they may take pleasure through being farmed. Katie’s face did not flicker, no acknowledgement was necessary, she would do whatever he asked, for he had trained her. She loved him as only a sow can obediently love its master.

Carl lifted the tablecloth and guided Katie down upon her knees and then to the floor, bending down with her so that he could witness her submission. Katie stood now on hands and knees beneath the tablecloth watching Ricky unbutton his trousers. At the sight of Ricky’s cock her mouth instinctively opened. Carl urged her forward, coaxing her, nudging her like an animal into a stall, cajoling her into position. He started to rub the underside of her throat as he guided her head up towards her trainer’s cock. She did not need any coaxing, but with Carl’s stroking at her throat, she found herself swallowing and opening her mouth, and so Carl manoeuvred her mouth over Ricky’s cock.

Katie fed hungrily from her master’s cock. She had missed it, and the build up of sexual energy as she had been forced to sit there as they ate, disabled any resistance she might have had. She had slipped effortlessly back into the role of sow, and she wanted nothing more than to feed from her trainer’s cock as he had Kurtköy Escort taught her. It was not long before he shot his load into her mouth and Carl encouraged her to swallow it all as he continued stroking at her throat throughout. She had shared her intimate feeding with her boss, revealed to him her innermost desires that she felt ashamed to possess, but she was beyond caring. She needed something in her sow cunt, hard and full of vigour.

Ricky did up his trousers as Carl emerged with Katie from under the table linen on the other side.

“It has been good to become reacquainted sow Katie. I hope you won’t keep me waiting too much longer, will you?” He stood and as he was about to leave, he turned to her again. “I am sure you feel in need of some exercise now. Why don’t you take your boss back to your flat so that he can exercise you? You owe him a lot and I feel certain he will help you complete your transition.”

With that he was gone. Katie looked up at Carl and saw a hunger in his eyes that reflected her own. He helped Katie out of the restaurant and into her car, picking up her bag as they left. In the garage he fished out her car keys and told her she was too horny to drive. It was true and Katie allowed herself to be manipulated into the back seat where Carl arranged her in the middle. He had her legs parted and her skirt drawn back so that as he drove he could watch her in the mirror and see her waiting for him, her sow cunt glistening and moist ready for his cock.

Carl drove her back to her flat and led her indoors. No sooner had the door closed than he leant across and he kissed her directly on her mouth. She fell back against the wall, her mouth opening to swallow him. She felt one of his hands press against her udder and squeezed it hard. She loved the feel of his roughness, accentuating her softness. His other hand slid up her gaping skirt and stroked her clitoris. She was hot and ready for him. His finger drove circles round and round feeling her hardness flip first one way and then the other, dancing together with his circulating finger.

Katie desperately needed to feel his hard cock inside her she dragged him along to her bedroom where he tore off her skirt in one swift motion, the remaining buttons scattered, a tinkling chorus across the wooden floor. Katie’s personality had been swept aside by the re-emergence of her sow training, and she lay back available, in heat, desperate for Carl to take her. His passion matched hers and she could feel his heart throbbing against her udder as he lay across her, trying to sink his tongue further into her mouth. There was urgency in his manipulation of her clitoris, and she fell open before him, willing him to go further, not instigating any response but compliant in the hope he would be driven further by his desire and her availability.

Katie turned on the bed and bent over on her knees, raising her ass for him. She wanted to feel him inside her without delay. Her training came as second nature as she made herself available. Carl grasped her hips sinking his fingers tightly into her flesh. He sank his thick pulsing cock deep inside her womb. Katie grunted at his forceful entry and he started pounding her with a frenzied strength, a look of pained aggression distorting his face. She fell before him, open supplicant and tried to squeeze him in rhythm to his thrusting. She moved her hand down and pulled upon her clitoris, her lips bulging around him. Her pleasure mounted and she gasped and shrieked at the sheer energy of his fucking. Her clitoris bounced from her fingers as her body jerked and felt a tension brewing inside, the familiar slow mounting layers of arousal that would wind her up like a mechanical toy and then burst her into activity before decaying to a rag doll, spent.

On and on she climbed, and Carl fucked her with fury. She felt another orgasm tingling inside her belly and it rose to its climax as he spurted his seed within her gaping womb. She gurgled a loud moan as her body spasmed, losing control as she rocked and shook. Carl sank to her side and lay on the bed, his chest heaved. Yet she was not through, she clambered on top of him and took his cock into her mouth. She tasted herself mingled with the cloying saltiness of his sperm. She licked and sucked upon his cock, and started to feed her tongue around the great purple bulb on its tip. The hot, silky texture delighted her tongue and she carried on rubbing at her clit as she worked his member back into stiffness. She blew across the tip and flicked it with her fingers, watching its semi-erect state rock like a metronome.

Carl grasped her head and thrust his hips sinking his cock into her mouth. The onslaught was intense and she tried to pull away, yet he erupted again. A splash of sperm shot straight into her throat as she pulled back and she chocked as the second wave hit her face. She rubbed his cock over her face, coating herself in his ejaculate. She came one more time before she felt his sperm trickle from her sow cunt and onto the bedclothes. She lay upon him, wanting to feel the warmth of his body across her belly and between her thighs. She was his sow, she wanted him to command her and control her, being his plaything thing, his fuck sow. The word came back again and again, she had missed it for so long, and right now it was everything she wanted to be.

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