Southern Girl

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This is some straight-up unedited freestyle shit. This is how it really went down.

I’m my own man. I make my cheese outside the law, and I don’t understand how any man can think himself a man and abide by these laws that make a bunch of muckety-muck motherfuckers richer and keep him boxed in. I sell anything you need. If you want it, I got it. My only worries are beef and a cop. Pussy ain’t ever a problem.

The DJ was bringin’ it funky and nasty hip-hop style the night I met Sharon, a blonde ex-sorority girl who got outta LSU and was waitin’ for a street-smart intellectual player to take advantage. I could tell right away she was ripe for the corin’. She was decked out in li’l short shorts and a tight t-shirt, with sandals showin’ off her blood red painted toenails. She bounced her head around when she talked. She drawled and said “woo-hoo!” Actually said that shit. She was all about it. Her body was just thick enough so I didn’t worry about breakin’ her back, and her eyes were blue as the blue skies. She had on this glossy lipstick, and I had a feelin’ right away there was gonna be a red ring around my sausage. I sold her a dimebag and slapped her on the ass before I made my way to the bar. In a minute, she was up there with güvenilir bahis me, talkin’ ’bout her life. She said she had a man that didn’t care about her and was at the office all the time. This right here is my office, and I’d love that weak ass boy of yours to see me tear up his silly bitch like a demolition derby. She said she wanted to see the world, and I knew that meant she needed to sip new flavors of skeet. She wanted to go home. I got her drunk and offered her a ride. She hopped in on the side.

I knew right away that all I wanted was to get straight sucked. I didn’t even want the pussy. She was about to slob the tool and lick the family jewels. After I skeeted, I’d be gone. I put in the 2 Live Crew As Nasty As They Wanna Be. You can make fun of me, bitch, but I know you were all about that shit when you were a kid. Bet you never heard any shit like that. And there’s no better tape for gauging a whore. Sharon started movin her arms and bobbin her head and gigglin. This bitch was all mine.

We danced to 2 Live for a few minutes. Then she came out her clothes. It was her place, and it was niiiice. I always play the away game when I know it ain’t shit I want to think about later. Rich bitch. She was tan all over, like türkçe bahis she got in the tannin’ bed in the buff for just the right amount of time, with fuckin’ D-cup Playboy titties. She hit the shower and I got ready to get sucked down.

She came out smellin’ like roses and smooth as silk. I hugged her a minute and then said, “take a suck.” She went down and moaned a little. The bitch flicked her tounge around the tip, played around with it, then slid it all the way in. I could already feel that lipstick stickin’ to my pubes. I grabbed the back of her blonde hair and felt her skull move in and out while she sucked it. She made some hummin sounds, but I didn’t say shit. I didn’t have shit to say. I was just standin’ there, makin UGLY faces. This sure as shit wasn’t her first time on the knees.

I was gonna squirt down her throat and get ghost, but I started watching them titties jiggle and looked down at that sweet peachfuzz pussy. The shit was winkin’ at me. I decided to flip that bitch over and fuck her in the natural position, like a dog. I was goin’ to make full use of the bitch.

I slid it in with ease. No vaseline necessary. I had a rubber in my coat, but she said she was on the pill, so I fucked the bitch with my güvenilir bahis siteleri naked head. She must’ve never been fucked like this. She looked back at me over her shoulder and her eyes said she’d never be the same. She sure as hell wasn’t getting my phone number.

I tore it up and busted the walls. I pounded the pussy. I fucked the Southern bitch for about ten minutes. She was moanin and gobblin and spit was trailin outta her smeared-lipsticked mouth. She was still high as a kite from that weed I sold her.

As I fucked, I slapped her sweet tan ass until I raised welts on that motherfucker. I reached around and tweaked those sweet beige nips til they got hard as icepicks. She could’ve put a man’s eye out with them titties.

I finally blew my paste up in the pussy. She smiled and cooed. Pretty soon she was alseep and I was out like Nixon.

It ain’t like I think all women were born to be used. I want a girl that can cook me spaghetti and speak her mind and show my seeds how to live right. But sometimes all I want is some pussy, and that’s all that bitch Sharon had to offer me. It was a perfect one night stand. She was nothin but trash to me, but I gave her the gift of a straight-up dickin’ like she’d never had. She didn’t forget to say Thank You to the Captain, either, like so many tramps do when they know they won’t be tyin’ you down.

I got home round sunrise and slept off the morning, smellin’ like pussy and feelin’ buzzed from the contact high.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32