Southern Belle

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“You found anyone yet?” Clayton asked, stretching out on the bed.

“I think I might have,” the white woman lying naked beside him replied, resting her head in the crook of his arm.

“What’s that mean? You either have or you haven’t.”

“Well she’s new to town and different to my other friends.”

“Yeah; how so?”

“Well she’s a bit more…I dunno; like…innocent.”

“Hmmm, innocent! I like that. This girl sounds like she has potential. What’s her story?”

“Well; she’s fairly naive.”

“Naive! I like that too. Naiveté’s good. What else?”

“Typical white Southern Belle. Married young; to a rich Mummy’s boy. She doesn’t need to work and has no real inclination too. Likes shopping, but sits home most of the day; or exercises. I think she’s a bit bored.”

“Hmmm, bored is she. Bored’s good as well. Naive and bored. Looks?”

“Yeah…Ok. She’s quite pretty. Shoulder length dark hair; cute figure for now, because of all that working out, but she’ll go to fat when she has babies and stops exercising.”

“Yeah, what are her tits like?”

“Gee Clayton; do you have to be so crass. She has full breasts. Is that OK?”

“Don’t give me attitude bitch, or I’ll flip you over and tan that white ass of yours. Ok?” he snarled, grabbing her arm and twisting it hard.

“Sorry; sorry Clayton. That hurts. Please let go of my arm…you’ll break it. Oww!”

“That’s better. You white girls got to know your place. Do you know your place Krystal?”

“Yes; of course I do Clayton…you know that.”

“Well that’s good baby,” he said releasing his grip. “Cause you fuckin better. Now come back down here and tell me more about this bored Southern Belle you’ve found for me. What’s her name?”

Krystal calmed her breathing and settled back down on her black lover’s chest. She’d always viewed herself as a strong woman; a feminist even. She liked to think she had an air of confidence about her. Certainly she’d never let any man treat her in this manner previously. Clayton had sliced through her confidence. He’d shown it to be merely skin deep.

Krystal couldn’t work out why she allowed his domineering. Certainly if her husband, Mike, tried any such tactics she’d leave him directly. Then she’d shame him to family and friends. Krystal wondered if part of the problem was Clayton knew no shame. She knew nothing of his family and little of his acquaintances. Their relationship virtually occurred in a bubble, separate from the real world.

Krystal’s blond hair spilled onto his dark chest. She felt Clayton begin to stroke it with affection. This was the usual routine. Angry and dangerous one minute; loving and affectionate the next.

“Tabitha; her names Tabitha,” Krystal finally continued. “But I call her Tabby.”

“Tabby! I like that. Like a tabby cat. Are you my little tabby cat Krystal?”

“You know I am baby.”

“Describe her body.”

The thought of having to describe another woman’s body to her man saw Krystal’s anger flair again. However she bit her tongue.

“Well she’s got nice…tits,” Krystal said with a giggle. “She exercises a lot. Yoga and jogging so her butt’s pert. She’s not so tall. A little shorter than me. Maybe five-four or thereabouts.”

“She hasn’t got fat ankles has she? I don’t like fat ankles.”

“No, no; her ankles and calves are fine. Nice and slim…like mine.”

“Ha ha! Yeah baby you got the most beautiful slim ankles, but you know Clayton needs a little more than one woman…don’t you.”

“Yeah; I know that baby,” Krystal replied, being careful to hide the discontent she felt at having to, once again, procure her lover another woman.

“Her thighs?”

“They’re OK. Toned! Not as sexy as mine though,” she said giggling again.

“She shaved down there?”

“No; I caught a glimpse of her in the gym shower. It’s thick and black; from what I saw.”

“Well that’s no good baby. You know I don’t like that. You’ll have to take care of that.”

“Take care of it?”

“You know. Convince her bald is best. C’mon baby, I’m counting on you.”

“Ok Clayton. I’ll see what I can do.”

“What are her lips like?”

“Nice; she’s got nice pouty lips.”

“Like yours?”

“Yeah, like mine,” Krystal said, deliberately pouting her lips.

“Have those lips ever had a cock pass between them?”

“No, I don’t think so.”

“Not even for her husband?”

“From what she’s said I think her husband would like that, but he’s only got as far as having her lick it.”

“Hmmm…good. That’s very good,” Clayton mused, automatically reaching for his cock.

He was pleased at how this young white wife was being described. He didn’t want a virgin, but at the same time, he liked reluctance. To glimpse a bit of inner turmoil, while he fucked her for the first time. Clayton felt a small ache in his groin.

“Let’s talk about your lips baby. You got great lips.”

“You mean that?”

“Course I do baby. And what are those lips good for girl?”

Krystal escort bursa laughed again as she raised her head and located Claytons lips. They engaged in a long kiss. During it he took her hand and placed it on his semi-erect cock. It was still wet from their recent fucking and the juices saw her fingers slide along it with ease. After a time Clayton began to harden and broke off their kiss.

“I think your lips are required elsewhere baby,” he said, placing his hands behind his head.

Krystal knew the drill. Six months ago she’d never tasted a black man’s cock. Now it went in her mouth every time they met up.

Continuing to stroke him she kissed her way slowly down his hard black torso. She raised herself up onto her knees and manoeuvred her body sideways to his. Clayton’s hand looped around behind her leg and began to lightly massage her inside thigh. She liked that.

Krystal held his cock high and kissed down the shaft to his balls. She’d never had any man’s balls in her mouth prior to Clayton. He’d taught her many new things since she’d become his plaything. Things her husband would have likely enjoyed, but which she’d never offered him.

Clayton’s balls, like his entire body were devoid of hair. Krystal liked this fact. She took one into her mouth and sucked on it lightly. She monitored his reaction and could tell from his face that he was enjoying it. His fingers moved higher up her soft inner thigh, now only an inch below her mound. She’d have preferred his tongue, but knew better than to ask. That would be to risk a severe spanking. When Clayton got upset and spanked her she had to hide her butt for days, to avoid her husband seeing the welts.

She moved to the other ball, while her fingers continued to stroke the black shaft back to full hardness.

“You like that baby,” she asked, needing to hear positive feedback.

She was allowed to ask; just to make sure.

“Yeah that’s good my little white bitch. You can move onto my cock now.”

As he instructed her he moved his fingers to lightly brush her pussy. She was smoothly waxed. Clayton had ordered this. Her husband, Mike, had never asked her to shave, so she’d had to pass it off as a birthday surprise. She hadn’t known what she’d have done if he’d rejected it. Fortunately Mike had liked her nude.

Krystal had now kissed and licked her way to the top of Clayton’s eight inch cock. She never failed to be impressed by it; a full two inches longer than her husbands and wider in girth. The cock was circumcised and for Krystal this went to make it all the more impressive.

Her own odour assailed her nostrils. She was used to her own taste by now and began to swirl her tongue around the head. His fingers settled more fully onto her most sensitive area and began to work their magic. Her arousal grew and Krystal moved to concentrate on his knob.

“Hmmm, that’s real good baby,” she was relieved to hear him say.

A finger slipped up inside her by way of reward. She let out a long breath and squeezed her muscles to clench the digit. Then she slowly engulfed half his shaft, as his thumb lightly played with her rear button. As her own arousal rose, Krystal embraced the black cock pushing into the top of her throat. She was very proud of herself for overcoming that gag reflex and accepting so much of her lover. Another finger entered her.

Now they began to pleasure each other. Clayton was tempted to force her to take even more, but he knew she couldn’t. She had already reached her limit and her hand kept the bottom half of the shaft stimulated. He began to finger-fuck her with more force.

“Hmmm, she’s a greedy bitch,” Clayton thought. “My white bitch. She’ll cum in a minute; always does.”

The two lovers began to move in unison; her on his cock and his fingers in her pussy. They sped up, both now eager to experience the pleasure that was so close.

Then she felt it. The black cock twitched. Krystal quickly moved to concentrate on the top two inches, aware what was imminent. She moaned and hummed and worked him feverishly, while humping his fingers.

Soon the black rod spurted into her mouth, down her throat. She swallowed hard, with all her might. She’d never swallowed prior to Clayton. Always spat it out, but he would have none of that. She took him deeply one last time and then relaxed, concentrating on bringing forth her own orgasm, clenching her thighs to trap his hand, as it arrived.

They both took their full pleasure for the second time that day and then slowly began to relax. Krystal returned to the here and now, opened her thighs and let the hand go clear. She let the cock slip out of her mouth. She knew to show him she’d swallowed it all.

“Good girl,” he said patronisingly. “You like that?”

“Yeah I loved it. I love those long fingers of yours baby.”

“And what about my cum?”

“Hmmm; I loved that too,” Krystal replied, licking her lips.

“Right then what’re we going to do about little Miss big tits, Tabby cat. How we gonna get this bursa merkez escort thing going?”

“I’ve thought about that and I thought maybe I could convince her to come to your gym.”

“Yeah maybe; but I thought you said she’s a yoga and jogging chick.”

“That’s right, but she’s interested in keeping that body of hers tight. Maybe on a day when you’ve got white trainers on.”

“That’s Thursdays, and I’ll get rid of Abe and Clarence. Swap them to the Friday. Nearly all white boy’s then. Let’s do it.”


Tabitha Longmire, nee Broad, was the third of four daughters to Gary and Mary Broad. She was meant to be the boy. Her oldest sister was the bright one, her second sister had the model looks and baby Gemima, known as Gerry, was the outgoing, sporty one. Tabitha was none of these attributes, so she’d struggled to make her mark in the family. However she was a pretty young woman and could be engaging, in the right setting.

Austin Longmire was about as plain looking and uninspiring as Tabitha was pretty and engaging. Not dog ugly, but not at all good looking. Her friend’s viewed them as an odd couple, but Tabitha was aware it was what her family wanted and defended Austin stoutly. Eventually his father prompted him to propose and the wedding was arranged. Tabitha was 21 and he 24 when they were wed.

Assuming Tabitha was still a virgin; her older sister had provided her with some lube. However, Tabitha wasn’t a virgin. She’d had boyfriends from an early age. At 18 she’d allowed her then boyfriend, Thomas Reynolds, to move beyond heavy petting. Tabitha had enjoyed it and they’d begun to have regular sex. Then she discovered Tom was also sleeping with another young woman in her social circle. It was shortly after this she started going with Austin. She’d determined not to suffer a similar hurt and denied Austin until their wedding.

On this first night Tabitha had dressed in a sexy, see-through negligee. They began kissing, but Austin soon pushed her back onto the bed. He was in a rush and Tabitha realised he was much less experienced than Thomas had been. She urged him to slow down and took hold of his rigid cock. She began to stroke it, but this had only hastened things.

“Oh gosh Tabby, quickly take your panties off.”

“I don’t have any on” she’d replied with a giggle.

“Good!” Austin said, immediately rolling on top of her and pushing her legs apart.

Breathing heavily he’d begun to probe with his cock.

“I can’t… I can’t find…”

There were two problems. One, he couldn’t locate her hole and two, she wasn’t wet. Then she’d remembered the lube.

“Wait!” she cried and reached for the tube. She quickly squeezed it out and reached between them to locate his hardness. She spread it over the head then down the shaft, feeling it twitch again.

“Hurry Tabby. Please hurry,” her husband pleaded.

She brought the head of his cock to her pussy and showed him the way. She felt him lodge in what felt like the right place.

“Go Austin. Push it into me…”

Despite only being slightly aroused, Tabitha enjoyed the feel of her new husbands cock moving up inside of her. She let him know this with a soft groan and he began to move in and out of her. Unfortunately, Austin was so excited this only continued for barely fifteen seconds; at which point he let out a long moan of his own and collapse on top of her.

“Is that it,” thought Tabitha, fighting back the desire to state the words.

After a while her husband still hadn’t moved and his weight began to feel uncomfortable.

“Can you come out of me now darling? I’m a bit tender.”

“Oh yes… yes; sorry about that Tabby. I got a bit carried away. That was fantastic,” he said, rolling aside to lie next to her. “Hope it was Ok for you.”

“Yes: real good,” she lied. “A little bit sore; that’s all.”

That set the scene for their marriage. The sex improved, but the naivety remained. They settled into the life of a wealthy, white, upper-class couple, living in their large house, she soon to have babies. That is the way it was still headed after two years of marriage. There had been no babies, but they remained certain they would come.

Then Austin’s father had promoted him. This entailed a move north, to a new city. Far enough away that Tabitha had to make some friends or risk being very lonely. Her sister put her in touch with a few people she knew, one of them being Amanda Short.

Amanda had invited Tabby out to lunch with a group of her friends. One of them was Krystal Vercoe and Tabitha had liked Krystal the most. She was the only one who’d called her again and they’d started shopping and lunching regularly.

Tabitha had never had a friend like Krystal. She liked a drink and had a naughty side to her. They’d gone out with their husbands on one occasion, but it was clear that the two men had little in common. They didn’t try this again. Tabitha was relieved by this.

Now Krystal had bursa yabancı escort invited Tabby to join her gym, so they could see even more of each other. She was overwhelmed by her friend’s generosity. She was being so kind to her.


Krystal was finding Tabitha hard work.

“She’s so ditzy,” she absentmindedly complained to her husband.

“Her husband was just plain boring…a total dickhead,” her husband had replied.

“He was wasn’t he?”

“He liked the look of you though. Couldn’t keep his eyes off you.”

“Oh really; I didn’t notice”.

“You noticed alright. You always notice.”

It was true; Krystal had definitely noted that podgy Austin had allowed his eyes to rove over her. However this wasn’t an unusual experience for Krystal.

“Why on earth do you keep seeing her? It’s not as if you’re short of friends,” Mike continued.

“Oh, I don’t know,” Krystal said, having to quickly backtrack. “She’s new to the city and I feel sorry for her.”

“That’s not like you,” her husband had answered.


Despite resenting the role she had to play in procuring her lover another woman, Krystal knew better than to drag her feet. She soon convinced Tabitha to get the wax job. She played on their friendship, knowing Tabitha had few other acquaintances in the city and was desperate to keep Krystal as a friend. As a result Tabitha had her pussy waxed nude and had not turned down the suggestion that she attend Krystal’s gym.

Krystal watched her friend approach and could sense Tabitha’s nervousness about having to visit an area where there were a number of black people on the street. Tabitha even asked if her car would be OK, parked in this neighbourhood. Krystal assured her it would, while silently laughing at her friend’s casual racism. Especially given Krystal knew what was likely in store for her.

Clayton watched the two women enter his Gym, from his office overlooking the gym floor. It was the same vantage point from where he’d first noted Krystal. The two women moved to the aerobics area where a white female instructor was about to begin a class.

“My lady’s done well,” Clayton thought, appraising the dark haired woman. “She’s pretty enough, in a homely way. She’s got ample tits, a tight butt and slimish legs. Just like my girl told me. All that, plus rich, white and racist. She’ll do just fine.”

Clayton continued to watch as the lesson began. The two women both exhibited plenty of athleticism. He brought his hand to his cock and stroked himself to full hardness.

Krystal knew Clayton would be appraising the woman she’d brought for him and looked up and smiled on occasion. Clayton looked down impassively, before moving away. He’d let the new woman enjoy his gym and wait until her next visit before introducing himself.


Clayton had business to attend to on the friend’s second visit, so it was Tabitha’s third time to the gym before Krystal raised the idea of meeting the proprietor. She’d forewarned Tabitha that he was Afro-American. Tabitha was hesitant at first, but Clayton had produced the relaxed charm, Krystal knew so well and Tabitha quickly mellowed.

“Gee he’s nice,” Tabitha drawled, in her southern gal accent, after they left the Gym.

“Yeah; he’s a sweetie,” Krystal lied, pleased to hear Tabitha’s first impressions.

Clayton was there the next time. Krystal was impressed how he never rushed matters. Just a bit of engaging banter during the first couple of meetings. In her case it had been fully one month before Clayton had invited her to see his apartment. By then Krystal was so ready to go to bed with him, she virtually ravaged the black man, the minute they were alone. Their first fuck took place fully clothed, thong pulled aside, just inside the apartment door.

When Tabitha again commented on how nice the black owner of the Gym was, Krystal suggested that the next time they ask him if he wanted to come on their lunch date, following the gym. Tabitha was taken aback by this suggestion. Casual banter was one thing, but dining with a black man was another entirely. Where she was raised blacks and whites rarely dined in the same restaurant, let alone at the same table.

“Yeah; I guess,” she offered half-heartedly, wondering what on earth other people present would think.

“He’ll probably be too busy, but we’ll ask him,” Krystal said, downplaying the idea. “You’re OK with that, aren’t you Tabitha?”

“Yeah sure; absolutely,” Tabitha replied enthusiastically, not wanting to sound like the conservative southern girl she was.

Having achieved her objective, Krystal had immediately changed the subject. Clayton was extremely pleased with her efforts as she knew he would be. He paid her special attention at their next love making session. His tongue and lips brought her to two orgasms before he entered her and drove her to another.

“Golly Clay, that was amazing. You were a beast today.”

“Anything for my number one girl,” he said as she rested in the crook of his arm. “Now let’s plan the seduction of Tabitha Longmire.


“Clayton said yes to your invitation Tabby,” Krystal announced, while they changed after showering.

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