South Carolina for the Summer Ch. 02

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The train was rocking along, and the rhythm was pleasant, almost soothing. Pam dried her hands, slung her bag over her shoulder, opened the door and stepped out of the tiny lavatory, turned around to head back to her seat and found herself mashed up against somebody.

“Excuse me,” he said. It was a man. They were face to face and their bodies were pressed together, jammed on either side by the tight walls of the narrow train car. She could feel her breasts flattened into his chest. She looked up at him. He was older, but beautiful.

“Excuse me,” he said again. She saw him take a quick peek down at her body and he sucked in his breath when he realized how young and fresh she was. He gazed down into the soft red summer blouse that covered her tender breasts. Pam lifted her eyes and gazed directly into his, her pouting mouth slightly open. She indiscreetly spread her legs and pressed the soft mound of her pussy directly to his crotch. She let out a soft sigh when she felt the full length of his penis, quickly growing erect, pressing against her inner thigh. It was hard and bulged obscenely under the thin fabric of his trousers. Pam let her tiny hand drop between their bodies and it found his huge bulge. She adjusted it so it pressed directly between the soft folds of her vagina. He thrust his hips with hers, letting the rocking motion of the train rub his cock against the soft lips that seemed to beg for him to enter. The sweet aroma of her young, womanly body wafted up to his nostrils.

He reached behind Pam and opened the lavatory door, quickly ushering her back in. He closed the door and leaned Pam back against it. Pam was almost overcome. She did not have much experience with a man who was totally in control. This was very exciting.

The stranger reached down and lifted her skirt. Pam wore tight, black panties. He pulled them down and she could feel the cool air of the train on the warm skin between her legs. He touched her pussy. Pam was trembling with excitement. He pushed his finger past her lips into her cunt and her knees almost buckled under her.

“Oh yes,” she moaned, closing her eyes. She heard the familiar sound of a zipper going down and she opened her eyes. His hand was in his fly and he pulled out his penis. Pam sucked in her breath when she saw it. It was long and thick and looked as beautiful as he did. She kept her legs spread as he moved toward her. Pam held the hem of her skirt up and he inserted himself into her tight cunt. She raised her hips a little bit and felt her lips separate as the full length of his cock slipped between them. Her eyes were glazed with passion as she gazed into his eyes. Tiny beads of perspiration dotted her forehead as she slowly ran her tongue across her lips.

He was thrusting his hips and Pam’s body shook with each thrust. The gentle rocking of the train and the distant clicking sound of the wheels on the tracks had a mesmerizing effect on her. The penis sliding in and out of her felt wonderfully thick and long, like a slimy snake trying to penetrate her body. She could feel herself being swept away with the powerful sensations of the experience.

He put his hands under her blouse. Pam’s back arched, straining her breasts against the fabric. His hands closed around her tits and he squeezed seks hikayeleri them urgently. Pam moaned, biting her lower lip. She put her hands on his hips to pull him deeper into her. A sudden lurch from the train crushed them even tighter together and she cried out as the tip of his penis touched the very deep end of her womb. She suddenly knew he was going to cum. She ground against him to let him know that she was also about to cum. She thought she would scream with pleasure. He bucked his hips and held his breath and his thick, hot load gushed out of his penis and she felt the quivering spasms of her own climax. Her eyes were half closed and her head tilted back as the delicious sensations swept over her.

Delirious, panting, and completely lost in the waves of her orgasm, Pam let her bag slip from her hands and the contents spilled on the floor of the compartment. He grabbed her arm to prevent her from falling to the floor. Pam finally shook her head to clear the dizziness, and fixed her feet under herself. He pulled his cock out of her and bent down to pick up her bag and smelled the strong odor of her womanliness mixed with the smell of his cum.

He picked up the items from her bag and put them back in. Pam pulled up her panties and crouched down to help him. He found a brown paper bag with Melanie’s rubber penis sticking out and picked it up, looking curiously at Pam.

Pam grabbed it. “Thank you,” she said, blushing, and stuffed it back into her bag. They both stood up, straightening their clothes. The front of her skirt was ruffled and wrinkled, like she had pulled it up so someone could fuck her. She could still see the outline of his penis hanging down his pantleg. She could also feel the wetness in her crotch.

He bent forward and kissed her lightly on her cheek. “Have a nice trip,” he said, and opened the door and was gone. Pam quickly checked in the mirror to see how she looked, opened the door, and went back to her seat.

Aunt Mary met Pam at the train station and drove her back to the house. Pam still held a grudge against Mom’s decision, but she found herself growing excited at the idea of spending the summer on her Aunt’s farm. They weren’t really farmers, but they had horses and a boat tractor and there was a lake and woods nearby.

They got out of the pickup truck and Pam saw Todd in the garage, working on his car. He was wearing shorts and a t-shirt, and, if her pussy hadn’t already been wet from fucking that stranger a couple of hours before, the sight of his fine body would have done it. Todd waved to her and Pam waved back. She noticed that her Uncle John was sitting in the car and she waved to him, too. Aunt Mary held the door open and Pam was just about to go in when the car started and roared like a monster. The sound was as loud as a rocket taking off, and it startled Pam so badly she nearly jumped. She grabbed her chest. Her heart was hammering. This was going to be an interesting summer.

* * * *

Pam knocked. There was no answer. She opened the door.

“Todd?” He didn’t answer, but she heard the shower going in the bathroom. She thought about leaving, but decided to see if she could get a look at his naked body, all wet and shiny in the shower. escort gaziantep şişman bayan She was anxious to know what he had in his pants.

Her hand was shaking as it touched the bathroom doorknob. Very carefully, she twisted, pushed the door open, slipped in, and sat on the toilet. The air was hot, swirling with steam, and smelled of soap, heavy male sweat and hot steam.

She could see the dark form of him moving behind the shower curtain. Pam felt a curious tingling in her crotch and her panties seemed to cling uncomfortably. She put a hand between her thighs and to her surprise, she was wet. She knew what it was like to be wet; it happened when she was turned on. She was turned on now, but she couldn’t figure out why. She pulled down her pants, opened the toilet seat and sat down again, leaning back against the toilet box.

Abruptly, the water turned off and the curtain opened. She looked up. Todd was right there looking down at her, and he had caught her with her hand between her legs. Her eyes quickly fixed on his cock when she saw it.

The sight of Pam gave him a hard-on instantly. Her legs were spread, her fingers rubbed the small pink opening between the few wisps of blonde hair, and her eyes stared widely at his crotch. He was vaguely aware of his growing erection.

She orgasmed.

Her eyes were locked on his cock and her small mouth hung wide open. Rapid gasps and pants sort of leaked out of her mouth. Her ass squirmed uncomfortably on the toilet seat and her small fingers furiously rubbed her cunt. He noticed that her nipples were hard and pointing through her shirt.

She pulled her hand from her crotch and he saw her shiny wetness. She though she might have gotten herself in trouble, but the look on his face made her stay. She was a little afraid that maybe he would try to make love to her. Her eyes rose slowly to his stiff cock, and to his eyes, which looked warm and inviting.

She put her hand on the edge of the sink.

“I think I should go, now,” she whispered, and dropped her eyes once again to his cock. She pulled her jeans up slowly to let him get a good look at her pussy, carefully opened the door, and slipped out as quietly as she had come in.

* * * *

Todd was mowing the back yard around the pool. He ran his fingers through his mussed up hair and pulled his sweaty t-shirt off over his head. Pam sighed.

In the shade under the umbrella beside the table, Pam rolled a cherry Lifesaver in her mouth and pushed down her cutoff jeans, swinging her hips from side to side. She bent at the waist, offering her backside to his gaze. She knew Todd was watching, even though he pretended not to see her. Looking back over her shoulder across the pool, she could not see his eyes behind his sunglasses, but she knew he was watching every move she made. She pulled off her cutoff t-shirt, went to the edge of the pool wearing the tight, tiny, red bikini, and dove in.

Pam floated on her back, gliding easily across the pool. The sexy red bikini let her breasts hang out, spilling over all sides. A few wisps of her blonde pussy hair peeked out from under the brief bikini bottoms. The ripples of the crystal blue water reflected the escort gaziantep sınırsız bayan sunlight across the side of the house and the underside of the yellow and white umbrella covering the patio table. As she turned and paddled back to the other end of the pool, she watched a certain cloud that drifted across the sky, just out of her reach, changing shapes every second, one minute round and fat like a scoop of ice cream, the next minute long and slender like a penis. Her breasts bobbed in the cool water as her arms moved. The cool water made her nipples hard and point through the thin bikini. She did one lap and climbed out.

She stretched her legs out on the warm lawn chair, looking down at her fine, tanned skin. A drop of water trickled from her hair, down her cheek, touched the corner of her mouth, and dropped to her thigh. She wished Todd would stop mowing the lawn and look at her. He looked so cool without that t-shirt. She could see his muscles moving and she bet that if she got up close he would have that great man-smell. She wanted him badly. She was waiting to be fucked.

Pam looked at him, thinking about how good his cock looked the last time she saw it between his legs in the shower, so long and thick. Pam imagined how she and Todd would romantically make love to each other. She would press her lips to his, and when they opened slightly, she would slip her tongue into his mouth. He would untie her bikini top, exposing her breasts and squeeze them.

“I’m yours,” Pam would whisper in his ear in her deepest, huskiest voice, rich with passion, and she would lick his ear. He would loosen the ties on the bottom half of her bikini and let it drop away with the top, put his arms around her, and she would feel his fingers on her cunt.

She sighed with frustration, and was vaguely aware that her fingers were under the edge of her bikini bottoms, stroking the lips of her cunt. She shook herself out of her daydream and looked around to make sure no one had seen her. Todd was at the back of the yard. He probably hadn’t even noticed her sitting there. She got up and walked up to the patio doors, swinging her hips in a very alluring way. She looked back over her shoulder, but Todd was too absorbed with the weeds by the garden to pay attention to her. She stripped off her wet bikini and laid both pieces over the wooden railing that ran around the outside edge of the porch. She stood naked for a few moments, hoping he would just turn and glance back and see her this way, but he never did, so Pam just went inside.

In her room, she hunted through her closet for her suitcase, which had only one item she didn’t unpack. The dildo that Melanie gave her was in the bottom in a brown paper bag. She took out the bag and climbed on the bed, and removed the vibrator from the bag. It was long, and thick, and pink, and looked so unreal it made her giggle.

The water was evaporating from her skin, leaving her covered with tiny goosebumps, and she was trembling with excitement as she caressed the shaft of the vibrator. She laid back and spread her legs. When she placed the head of the vibrator to her cunt, her muscles contracted and squeezed on it because it was so cold, not hot like a real cock. She gently pressed it in and grunted, bucking her slim hips. Finally it sunk past her lips into her cunt, and she let out a faint gasp, while she held the thick end in a tight fist and her other hand held her supported so she could watch it going in. She could feel the bumps on its skin rubbing the skin in her cunt as it disappeared inch by inch. Finally, when it reached bottom, she clenched her lower lip in her teeth and closed her eyes.

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