Sophie’s Ultimate Fantasy

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Part three of the “Sophie” series

Josh Seymour sat on the leather sofa opposite the TV in his lounge holding the cordless phone and dialing his friend Ben’s number “Have I got a surprise for you old friend, you’ll be so jealous!” He thought as he smiled. The phone began to ring.

“Hey Josh, how’s it goin’ man?” Ben said as he answered the phone.

“Yeah, everything’s cool. Say, what you up to tonight?” Josh asked trying to hide his pride.

“Well, I was gonna go out to get laid tonight man, you know around the strip n’ all.” Ben replied in that smug way of his.

“Well I was wondering if you wanted to come round tonight, mate, I’ve got a big surprise for you!” Josh said, his grin growing. He knew that Ben must be wondering what it was, but when he answered he sounded a little apprehensive, almost nervous.

“Er, well, sure, ok then; what is it?” Ben asked cautiously.

“I’ve just bought the new PS2.5 and it kicks ass! You know with the money I’ve made from the new contract?” Josh said quickly, he just couldn’t keep it in anymore. “I’m in line for a promotion too. Riley phoned up yesterday and asked Soph if she wanted to check out my new office and stuff, to see if I’d like it. I’m not supposed to know and all but she can’t hide anything from me.”

“Ahh, right! Yeah sure mate I’d love to come over, it’s been a while since I’ve seen you and Soph, and I wouldn’t miss that for anything mate, I’ve read too much about that new PS!” Ben agreed. He sounded a lot more relaxed now and back to his normal cocky ways. He was odd though.

“Excellent then, come round about 7 yeah?” Josh said looking at the clock. It was 5:30 now, surely Sophie couldn’t complain about having an hour and a half to have a shower and get dressed. She always went mental at him if she didn’t look just right. He always thought that she looked hot but you just couldn’t live with her if she hadn’t had time to shower and change.

“No problem. Is Soph ok with all this? You know, spending a night watching two guys play video games?” Ben asked.

“Yeah, she’ll be fine. I’ll have a word with her, she’ll be cool.” Josh replied and he hoped; she didn’t like video games much either.

“Cool then, I’ll see ya later.” Ben said and Josh replied his good-byes and hung up the phone.

He was going to love this. Since they were young, Ben and he had been playing one-up-man-ship with eachother and having this new machine would put Josh at the top this time. He was loving it.

Just then Sophie came walking in from the kitchen and Josh’s smile broadened, he had two big things above Ben, the machine and Sophie. She looked amazing. She had been sunbathing in the back garden on one of the loungers out there and was of course wearing her bikini. It was a light blue color and clung to her body. The bottoms were small so that her pussy was just covered and the top clung to her tits making them look even bigger than what they actually were, and they were big normally. It barely covered those firm mounds; her nipples were erect and poking through the thin material. She looked ravishing.

Josh walked up to her and put his arms around that fantastic thin waist.

“Hey baby, you been enjoying that sun?” Josh asked before lightly kissing those luscious pink lips.

“Yep,” She answered with a smile, “It’s so good out there, all hot and sunny. You should come out and get tanned. And then you could rub some lotion on my back.” And she gave that cute smile of hers that he loved.

“Well, I think I will,” Josh said smiling back at her. Now for the moment of truth, “But first, Ben is gonna be coming over tonight, we’re gonna have a game on the new console.” Josh told her and prepared himself for the inevitable tirade she would put him through now.

“Oh, ok.” Was all she said, and she was still smiling!

“You’re not mad?” Josh asked before he could stop himself.

Sophie laughed before she replied, “Of course not. You can play games if you want to, but I will too ok?”

“What ya mean babe?” Josh asked a little confused.

“Your game of one-up-man-ship with Ben! You know I love helping you with that,” She answered, “I’ll just flirt a little with him and put him off so you can win easier, and to show him what you have and he doesn’t.” Her smile deepened and so did Josh’s.

“Yeah, sounds good baby. He won’t be able to beat me at any game, or the contest with you.” He said to her. He loved being the winner and there was no way that Ben could beat him in the one-up-man-ship contest they had with Sophie on his arm.

Not even for a second did Josh distrust Sophie. He knew that she was his girlfriend and would trust her with any situation, he also knew how much she loved him. She had been closer to Ben since the football game but he just but that down to the bonding time they had in the kitchen when Sophie was making her dinner. He didn’t mind, he was gonna beat Ben badly tonight and there was no way he was gonna lose.

Little did he know just how they had beşiktaş escort bonded in the kitchen, closer than friends should be, especially a girlfriend with her boyfriend’s best friend. She had swallowed a load of Ben’s cum and he’d also shot globs of his hot seed deep into her pussy after fucking her relentlessly. But of course, Josh didn’t know any of that.

“So what time did you arrange all this for?” Sophie asked, her face not as soft as it was before.

“7” Josh replied and with that Sophie’s smile returned. He had planned well.

“Cool. I suppose I’d better go and have a shower and find something to wear then.” She smiled at him as she spoke. Kissing him lightly, she removed his arms and walked towards the lounge door.

“I thought you wanted me to rub some lotion on you outside?” Josh asked

“No time now baby, maybe I’ll have some cream on me later.” She replied with a wink and that teasing smile large on her face as she stepped out of the room.

Josh laughed and continued smiling as he sat back down on the leather sofa. He would beat Ben tonight and then get Sophie. What a good night this was going to be.

An hour and a half later, Sophie stood in front of the full-length mirror in her and Josh’s bedroom looking at her reflection. She smiled at herself and butterflies fluttered around in her stomach. She was more than pleased with her reflection. She had already chosen these clothes in her mind before she had left the lounge when Josh had told her about Ben coming over, and she knew she looked great. This flirting with Ben was going to be so hot, right in front of Josh this time. She could flirt heavily and Josh wouldn’t mind as he thought it was for his benefit.

The thoughts made her even hornier, “Damn, if I was a man I’d want to fuck you Miss Harper!” She said to herself and smiled.

Another thought came to her and her smile deepened and she even let out a little chuckle to herself. Josh had been sitting on the sofa which she had fucked his boss, Mr Charles Riley, on. And he had been talking to Ben on the phone that she had spoken to him on while fucking and being fucked by the overweight boss. The thought of that ugly, fat, old man made her queasy still but the thought of his hard 11-inch dick impaling her made all the other thoughts disappear.

Of course Josh didn’t know about any of that, or that she had fucked Ben before that in the kitchen. She had flirted with Ben big time since then but had never gotten a chance to be alone with him because Josh was always there.

Now Riley was a different matter, he had called her and asked her to meet him in his office, something about Josh, and when she had got there, it was about Josh. Josh was sitting talking to Mr Riley while she was on her knees under the desk sucking him off. Of course he wanted to fuck her there too, and although she had felt disgusted at first, about any of it, the sight of that huge cock had changed her mind. That and how erotic the situation had been.

But she still got off on what had happened, especially the first two times; both orgasms had been amazing. It wasn’t that sex with Josh was bad either, it was really fantastic and she loved him and he her. All it was, was the risk, the eroticness about doing it, how hot each situation had been and the fact that she had never cum like that in her life. The thought’s of fucking her boyfriend’s friend and boss made her moan a little.

She was horny now and tonight was going to make her worse. Maybe more horny than she had ever been because she could flirt openly in front of Josh.

She then heard a car pull up on the driveway, a door slam closed, the doorbell ring and voices talking as Josh let Ben in to the lounge.

She looked once more at her reflection, checked her make up, smiled and walked out of the bedroom. This was going to be a really good, and hot, night.

As Ben walked into the lounge of Sophie and Josh’s house he couldn’t help remembering what had happened last time he was there. How Sophie had started flirting with him, which eventually led to them having sex in the kitchen.

Josh was talking about the new console he had bought, the PS2.5 and he had to admit it did sound really impressive. However Ben knew exactly what Josh was doing. He was playing the game of one-up-man-ship that they had played for years, always trying to be better than the other in everything. It was harmless fun, well it had been, but Ben could not help but mentally gloat to himself. “Well you may have the best console out now Josh, but I fucked your girlfriend in your kitchen and she loved it!” So with that thought in mind, Ben quite happily listened to all that Josh had to say and all of his boasting.

Ben sat down in the armchair and Josh took to the sofa opposite the TV. Ben couldn’t help but notice that Sophie wasn’t in the room with them. Where was the hot bitch?

As if thinking about her had summoned her Sophie walked in beşyol escort through the lounge door from the hallway and Ben couldn’t help his jaw from actually dropping. Sophie had been flirting with him a lot lately, and he had even fucked her, but nothing could have prepared him for how sexy she looked right then.

Miss Sophie Harper was dressed to kill and she did it with style. She was wearing a cut off T-shirt, which hung over her large 36C tits and stopped about an inch and a half above her belly button. It just hung on her tits, not even close to touching that gorgeous flat stomach of hers. She was wearing a short red and gray plaid skirt, which hung to just above, mid thigh level with a black belt around that thin waist. The skirt showed those long, smooth and now tanned legs off perfectly. Her long straight blonde hair hung down passed the bottom of her shoulder blades, brushed so it feel behind her shoulders so that her magnificent chest was shown without any obstruction. But to top it all off, Sophie wore heeled black knee high boots.

She just stood there in the doorway smiling at both him and Josh. He had forgotten that his mouth was hanging open and quickly shut it, looking over to Josh to see if he had noticed. Josh was just smiling at him with a pleased grin. What was going on? He thought to himself, Why would Josh be pleased that I was ogling his girlfriend?

“Hey Ben, nice to see you again Big Boy.” Sophie said sweetly

Had she told him about their fuck fest? No she couldn’t of! She was just flirting with him, but with Josh’s approval! He was now totally bemused. He knew what she had meant by the term ‘Big Boy’ but he couldn’t understand what was going on.

“Honey, why don’t you get you and Ben the crate of beers from the fridge, I’ll keep him company.” Sophie said with a smile to Josh.

“Alright babe.” Josh replied and smiled at her, then walked off into he kitchen.

Sophie walked over in front of Ben and stood there looking down at him with those big blue eyes.

“See anything you like?” She asked him teasingly, with that teasing smile she wore when horny.

Standing in front of him, dressed like she was, Ben couldn’t resist her. So he reached under her skirt and grabbed her ass, pulling her down to sit on top of him, her legs to either side of his.

His lips met hers firmly and their tongues darted into eachother’s mouths, entwining around eachother. While they kissed passionately, his hands grabbed and squeezed her ass cheeks under her skirt, kneading the firm flesh.

“Umm” Sophie moaned into his mouth.

Then as quickly as the kiss had begun, Sophie broke it. Still sitting on his lap, her pussy pressing against the bulge in his jeans, Sophie leaned back keeping her hands on his arms.

“You’re a naughty boy touching and kissing your friends girlfriend like that!” Sophie said, still with that teasing look on her face.

“What’s goin’ on? I mean with Josh looking at me as if he’s laughin’ at me when you came in?” Ben asked her, still not taking his hands from under her skirt. Damn it felt good to have her sitting on him like this. It looked REALLY good too.

“Oh, that. I said I would flirt with you so that he could beat you in the gaming tonight. And to flaunt that he has me and you don’t.” She said smiling, “Well, he does have me, and you don’t. But….”

“But I’ve fucked you anyway.” He finished for her.

“Well yeah,” She laughed lightly, “But I was going to say but he isn’t here right now, so I guess you do have me.” She smiled again. “What do you think of my new outfit?”

“You look so fucking hot. I just want to fuck you right now!” Ben replied pulling her closer to him.

“Calm down big boy, we have all night for that. And besides, Josh agreed for me to flirt with you, not to fuck you in front of him.” She said pulling his hands from under her skirt and getting up off his lap.

She walked over to the leather sofa opposite the TV and sat down slowly, slouching a little and crossing those long beautiful legs at the ankles. Still smiling at him. Inviting him to come over to her.

He was just about to go to her and kiss her again when Josh came back through the glass doors to the kitchen.

“I forgot I left it outside,” Josh said as he placed the crate of beers down on the coffee table, “Want one?”

“Yeah sure, I could do with one.” He replied and took the beer Josh handed to him. Sophie was looking at him and still smiling.

Josh sat down in front of the other sofa and turned on the console. The games were about to begin.

An hour into the night Sophie was sitting next to Josh on the other sofa and Ben had taken to sitting on the sofa opposite the TV. Sophie was watching Josh and Ben finish off the last game they were playing. Ben had won most of the matches and he was gloating over how good he was compared to Josh. Sophie knew that Ben was good, only not at what he was gloating about.

However beykent escort she felt sorry for her handsome boyfriend, and of course being more turned on than ever before had nothing to do with her decision.

Smiling at Josh and standing up, she gave him a little wink. She hadn’t been flirting much with Ben all night and he had won a lot, so Josh smiled back at her, knowing that there was no way his friend would be able to concentrate with Sophie around.

Sophie had a different plan. She found it so erotic that Josh just thought she was flirting with Ben to help him win, when really flirting with him was only the beginning of what she wanted to do.

“I think the winner deserves a little prize don’t you baby?” Sophie asked Josh as she slowly sauntered over to where Ban was sitting behind Josh.

“I guess it’s only fair.” Josh said with feigned regret.

“Well, Mr Champion, your prize will just have to be close at hand,” She told Ben with a pouty look on her face, “I’ll just sit right here.”

And with those words she sat down across Ben’s lap, so that she was side on to him, legs across his.

She looked over at Josh and saw an approving look and she saw that he was trying to hide a smile. She could also feel Ben’s hard-on pressing against her inner thighs.

Turning to look at Ben, Sophie placed an arm around his neck.

“Well Champ, it’s your turn to pick the next game!” Sophie said. Her stomach was all a flutter with excitement. Her plan was working perfectly. If all went well, she would end up with the biggest orgasm ever tonight, whether Josh or Ben gave it to her, at the moment she didn’t care. All she could feel was lust and it was so hard to keep herself calm.

“Err, ok….How about football? Do you have any football games Josh?” Ben replied a little shakily.

She was getting to him, she could tell. She almost laughed when Ben repeatedly moved his arm around her because he just didn’t know where to put it.

“Yeah sure.” Josh replied, again trying to hold back his smile. He could see how Ben was having problems deciding how to place himself. Josh must have thought that Ben was uncomfortable.

As Josh leaned over to put the game in, Ben spoke to Sophie.

“Soph, er, I can’t get both hands on the pad, can you move a bit.”

“What don’t you want your prize?” Sophie asked, again putting that pouty face on.

“Err, yeah, but I can’t play properly.” Ben answered looking even more flustered.

“How about if I sit on your lap properly, then you can put your arms around my waist to play and look over my shoulder?” Sophie said, and before Ben could answer, she pulled herself to sit straight on his lap. She was now facing forwards, towards the TV and Josh’s back with Ben looking at her back. When she moved she made sure that she was not sitting on her skirt. Positioning herself right over the hard bulge in Ben’s jeans, Sophie fidgeted a bit, to “make herself more comfortable.”

Having Ben’s hard-on pressed against her pussy, sitting on his lap, in her lounge with her boyfriend facing the TV and thinking that she was just flirting to help him, made her even hornier, this was better than she expected.

Ben’s breathing had become a little labored as he couldn’t believe what was going on, but he put his arms around Sophie’s waist and held the pad and looking over her shoulder picked the Dolphins to play against Josh’s Raiders.

As the game was being played, Sophie gently moved her hips around so that her pussy rubbed against the bulge in Ben’s jeans. When she first started Ben had almost dropped the joypad and every time she did it again he messed up in the game.

Not only that, Sophie also, firstly making sure hat Josh was occupied with the game, pulled Ben’s hand from the controller and placed it either on her leg or her tits, giving a quick squeeze before Ben pulled it away before Josh could see, and before he lost any more of the game. Once Sophie even pushed his hand up her skirt to rub against her pussy. Ben quickly removed his hand and Sophie chuckled a little as Josh turned around to shout “TOUCHDOWN!” and laugh.

At the halftime period of the game, Sophie had been rubbing herself against Ben and she was so horny now she could hardly contain herself. Ben’s cock seemed to want to bury itself in her while still wearing the jeans, if it didn’t rip through them by how hard it was. She was all filled with lust now and needed to have that cock inside her and was just trying to think of a way when Josh spoke.

“Wanna break? I’ve gotta go take a whizz man.”

“Err, yeah, ok.” Ben replied again a little stammered in his speech.

“Ok baby, I’ll keep Ben company till you get back and whoop his ass.” Sophie said to her boyfriend with a smile at Ben.

“Ain’t no one gonna whoop my ass.” Ben replied quickly

“Sure mate, you ain’t doin’ too good now are ya!” Josh said smiling and laughed as he went out of the door.

Sophie waited to hear Josh’s footsteps going up the stairs and was about to stand up when Ben reached round and grabbed her tits, pulled her back against him and fixed his mouth to hers.

“Ummmm” Sophie moaned as their tongues twisted around eachother’s. Ben’s hands groping and mashing her tits on top of her short T-shirt.

Sophie needed that cock right now. So reluctantly she broke the kiss.

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