Sonya’s Night

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It was a typical Friday evening for Sonya and Tasha. The two friends sat on the couch in the apartment they shared, watching TV, chatting about this and that, and nibbling on popcorn. Fridays were their night to relax, kick off the shoes and lounge around. Occasionally one of them would have a date, but lately it seemed like those were few and far between. Both were fairly attractive ladies.

Sonya was 5 foot 3, with dark brown, shoulder length hair that she kept tied up most of the time in a loose clip. Her eyes were blue, her face fair and usually makeup free. She had a natural, innocent look about her that men loved. She tended to dress conservative, a “Mary-Ann” type. Modest neck lines, longer skirts or slacks, occasionally a red flashy dress, but only if really moved to do so. She wanted to be liked for who she was, not her looks.

Tasha was more of the wild child. Tasha was 5 foot 7 with rich auburn hair streaming down her back. Her eyes were hazel, primarily green tinted. She preferred makeup to cover her freckled complexion and accent her eyes. She always drew attention, if not for her hair, then for her attire. She looked good, she knew it, and she flaunted it. Short skirts, button down tops with one or 2 left open, high-heels to emphasize her long legs.

They were opposites in many ways. Sonya was the perfectionist. She prided herself in her work, whether it be her job or at home. Her room was immaculate, the rest of the house she kept up as best she could with Tasha as a roommate. She was also the shy one. She hid in corners at parties, went out only when asked, had few friends but was fiercely devoted to the ones she had.

Tasha on the other hand was more of a fly-by-the-seat-of-her-pants type gal. Where her things landed, that is where she wanted them to stay. She wasn’t a slob by any stretch of the imagination; she was simply more laid back. She was the flirty one, had to be the center of attention. It aggravated her that Sonya was so shy and quiet. “She is so beautiful and has so much to give” she would think to herself. She had tried to open Sonya up, but nothing seemed to work. She had many friends, but very few really close ones.

They were, for all practical purposes, the female equivalent to “The Odd Couple”. They found common ground in TV shows, music and food and chose to ignore the rest. They had been friends since grade-school; it seemed natural to live together, despite their differences.

This particular evening the wind was howling through the windows as the snow fell outside; they decided to watch an old favorite Somewhere in Time and relax. “Just once,” Sonya breaks the silence “I want to be looked at with that much love, that much adoration.” The hopeless romantic, she dreamed of the perfect man sweeping her off her feet. She feared it would never happen. Fact was guys did not flock to her as they did to her best friend.

“Oh Hun,” Tasha replies empathetically “someday you will, I just know it.” Reaching over she intends to give Sonya a loving squeeze on the arm. Instead, her hand finds itself on Sonya’s perfect altyazılı porno little breast, the tight nipple poking the palm of her hand, even if only for a brief moment. Blushing madly Tasha pulls her hand away. Sonya looks at her breast, and then looks up at her embarrassed friend.

“Have you ever…” Sonya starts but stops stumbling over her thoughts. ‘Have you ever thought about it?”

“Thought about what?”

“About…about…” blushing now Sonya stutters “about another woman. About…being with another woman.” Turning her head, Sonya wishes she could take it back, but the flood gate has been opened.

“A little,” is the reply, much to Sonya’s disbelief. “I think many women have that thought. Do you? Think about it I mean.”

“Yes, frequently.”

For the next 20 minutes they sit in silence, watching the movie, occasionally glancing sideways at each other wondering what the other is thinking. Tasha skimps Sonya’s body with her eyes; admiring her curvaceous body, her simple but beautiful look. Dressed in a baggy hunter green t-shirt tonight, she looks absolutely amazing. Feeling her panties becoming damp at the sight of her roommate, Tasha excuses herself, she needs to think. After a few moments she returns bringing Sonya another drink and sitting closer to her, their thighs touching.

Sonya’s heart skips a beat when she notices Tasha has changed her clothing she is now in a black button down, satin night-gown, sheer enough to see her skin and her darkened nipples. Sonya has seen her in this outfit many times, but tonight felt different. Their conversation still very much so on her mind, the proximity of her body, the smell of her hair intoxicating her.

Without a word Sonya puts down her drink, turns her body a little, leans over and kisses Tasha’s cheek, inches from her soft lips. Pulling back only enough to get a reaction, she kisses her again, a little closer. Tasha’s head turns slightly, and this time she meets Sonya’s lips with her own. The kiss is brief, but electric leaving both women trembling and breathless.

Wordlessly Tasha caresses Sonya’s cheek, sliding her hand behind her head and in to her hair, then slowly pulling Sonya back to her. Their kiss this time lingers. They slowly explore each others lips before parting them slightly and touching tongues. Tiny moans escape them both as their tongues taste of each others mouths, exploring tentatively. Sonya shifts slightly to allow her hand to reach out and rub Tasha’s neck and hair as they kiss.

Remembering the feel of Sonya’s firm breast and tight nipple, Tasha extends her free hand and cups it again. Squeezing gently, rolling it against her palm. Sonya gasps and pulls away from Tasha’s lips for a moment. Looking in Tasha’s eyes she recognizes the same hunger, the same desire that she is feeling. Looking down at her breast she sees Tasha’s hand rubbing her over the cotton material. Guiding Tasha’s other hand, she places it on her other breast, closing her eyes to enjoy the new sensations, tilting her head back and moaning.

Tasha takes this as an invitation, zenci porno moves on the couch to her knees, leans in and kisses Sonya’s neck. Soft, sweet kisses coupled with light tongue flicks, up and down her neck, chin and finally back to her lips. Reluctantly moving her hands from Sonya’s chest, she wraps her arms around her friend and pulls her close, taking her mouth in a deep, possessive kiss.

The timid feelings slowly leaving, they begin searching for the answer to their questions of longing. Arms entwined hands all over each others backs and heads, bodies pressed tight, nipples touching through the layers of clothing. “Let’s move” Sonya suggests. They get up quickly and head to Sonya’s room, kissing as they go.

At the foot of the bed they hesitate, taking the moment to stare at each other, grazing their eyes across each others bodies hungrily. Wanting to feel Sonya’s breasts without the confines of the shirt, Tasha grabs the bottom hem of the shirt and slowly lifts it up Sonya’s body and over her head; leaving Sonya completely naked. Tasha leans in and captures Sonya’s left nipple in her mouth, sucking lightly. Sonya’s hands reach for Tasha’s head, pulling her head in closer, grinding her breast in to Tasha’s face. Tasha moans approvingly, sucking harder, her right hand reaching and caressing Sonya’s other breast. After a few moments she switches to the other side, repeating the same sucking, caressing as before.

Anxious for her turn, Sonya pulls Tasha away, reaching for the buttons of her night gown. With her lips she kisses Tasha’s neck, while her fingers undo the buttons and push the gown to the floor. Her mouth follows the trail down her neck and chest to Tasha’s delicate breast. Her hands massaging them both as her tongue flicks the nipples then settles on the left to suck on. Greedily she devours the darkened nipple. Tasha’s moans fill the air. Sonya retraces her trail back up Tasha’s chest, neck, chin and back to her lips. Tasha reaches down and pulls her panties off, wanting to be naked with her friend, exposing her freshly shaven pussy.

Instinctively they lower to the bed, pulling themselves to the head. Lying face-to-face they embrace. Naked body to naked body kisses becoming more hurried. Their hands grope each other, savoring the feel of the female in their arms, tracing every curve, every inch that they can reach.

Feeling brave, Sonya traces down Tasha’s abdomen to her shaven area then slides her fingers between Tasha’s legs. Expertly she grazes Tasha’s labial folds before dipping a finger in to her tight pussy, sliding in and out like she has done to herself so many nights in the past. Her finger soaked in Tasha’s juices; she slides up to Tasha’s clit and begins gently massaging her. Tasha’s moans indicate to her that she is doing it right. Kissing deeply as she brings Tasha close to orgasm, Sonya feels Tasha’s hand back on her breasts. Tasha’s body tightens, her head pulls away panting and moaning. Her hips start bucking as she is racked in climax. Sonya keeps toying with her clit, milking the aldatma porno orgasm for all it is worth.

“Oh, Sonya…” Tasha pants “wow that was amazing. Let me show you.” With that Tasha guides Sonya flat on her back. Her lips seeking Sonya’s bare breasts as her hand gracefully following her abdomen to the patch of dark pubic hair. Tenderly Tasha inserts two gracious fingers in to Sonya’s awaiting vagina. Deep her fingers go, stretching her building her excitement. She slides her fingers out long enough to drench Sonya’s clit with her own juices, then back in her fingers go, buried as deep as they can go; her thumb sliding to the clit rubbing hard. With her pussy being rammed with Tasha’s delicate fingers, and her clit being rubbed by Tasha’s thumb, Sonya slowly looses control. Her body arches, her hips grind in to Tasha’s hand as she orgasms quickly and fiercely. Tasha’s fingers love the feeling of Sonya’s vaginal walls contracting tightly. Only after they subside does she pull them out.

Before Sonya can regain her senses, Tasha drops her body down and spreads Sonya’s legs. A bit nervous, but overcome with curiosity, Tasha lowers her face to Sonya’s crotch, licking Sonya’s soaked labials, grazing her swollen clit. Sonya shivers and reaches for Tasha’s head, not sure she is ready for this yet. Tasha is not to be denied this opportunity. She buries her face in Sonya’s pussy, her tongue licking hungrily, pushing as deep as possible in to her. Sliding up to her clit, then back again, tongue fucking her the way men have done it to her in the past.

“WAIT!” Sonya moans loudly. “Let me taste you too, please. Flip around, let me lick you.” With that, Tasha swings herself around, straddling Sonya’s face and lowering herself. The feel of Sonya’s tongue sliding up her Labials leaves her breathless. For someone who had never done this before, Sonya sure knew what she was doing. Tasha felt the unmistakable feel of Sonya’s fingers pressing deep inside as her tongue worked her clit like a pro.

Tasha lowers her head to Sonya’s pussy again. The different angle proving to be a little bit of a challenge, but she manages to work out a rhythm. Taking cue from Sonya she plunges two fingers deep inside Sonya’s already quivering pussy, and dives at Sonya’s clit, licking and sucking hungrily. They play like this, in a female 69, licking each other, fingering each other, bringing each other close to climax but holding off, hoping to make it that much better; fully enjoying this new and exciting experience.

When it becomes painstakingly obvious they can hold back no longer, they double their efforts; sucking harder, plunging fingers in and out like a cock’s invasion. Their hips grinding each others faces, seeking that final ecstasy. The unmistakable feeling of the pussy contracting sets them both on fire…Cumming hard together, their moans escape around each others glistening pussies.

Wanting to collapse in complete, but content exhaustion, Tasha slides off of Sonya and flips her body back around. Tasha pulls Sonya in, the two sharing a deep kiss, tasting themselves on each others lips. Their hands caressing each other slowly, while their lips and tongues dancing together in a blissful contentment.

Not wanting to leave this warmth, they slide under Sonya’s blankets together, snuggle against each other and drift off to sleep.

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