Something Borrowed, Something Blue

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Holly looked at herself in the full length mirror one more time and bit her full bottom lip. Her fingers tangled and untangled in front of her, she lifted one hand to play with her red hair that cascaded in gentle ringlets at her bare, freckled shoulders then stopped herself. “Don’t be so nervous dear,” Her mom said coming up behind her smiling at her daughter in the mirror, “This is your special day.” She gave Holly a small hug. Holly smiled back, knowing what her mom was saying was true, this was her wedding day her very own wedding day and she should enjoy it but looking at herself in the mirror, the white dress spotless and sparkling she still felt the butterflies threatening to exploded out of her corseted waist.

“How do I look?” Holly asked again, her voice trembling with nerves.

Tanya sighed loudly, “You look amazing, for the hundredth time,” though truth be told Tanya had only said it a handful of times she was getting tired of telling her sister the same thing over and over. She knew Holly looked better than she did in her lemon yellow bridesmaid dress that clashed with her own short cropped red hair and felt a twinge of anger at the colour choice.

“Richard is going to be blown away when he sees you,” Joy added as she came out of the hotel room’s bathroom smoothing the front of her own bridesmaid dress as she walked over to Tanya sitting on the bed.

Their mom turned and looked at her other two daughters her eyes wet and threatening tears, “You are all so grown up,” she said a smile spread across her face. She had been surprised when they had announced twins, even more so when it turned out she was having triplets “Now just to get you two married off,” they all laughed at that the stress and tension of the day ebbing slightly. “I’m going downstairs to help get everyone seated I will be back up in an hour or so.” She gave Holly one more kiss then speedily left the room tears streaming down her face.

“She’ll have you hooked up by the time we cut the cake you know,” Tanya said to Joy, “some lovely young man who she doesn’t know but liked the look of.” Tanya was in the clear, Brian had proposed to her only last month leaving her in the clear Joy was not so lucky.

Joy put her hands on either side of her slender waist, “Well, a one night stand wouldn’t hurt at the moment.” She looked at herself in the mirror that Holly was still stood in front of and hating the colour yellow as the minutes ticked by the only good thing was the way her long red hair was delicately braided and pinned up. “You know the last time I had sex was almost two months back.”

“Poor you,” Tanya mocked.

“Poor me indeed, what’s wrong with a little cock now and then.” Joy replied.

“Excuse me!” Holly said turning around suddenly and looking a little shocked, “This is my wedding day less gutter talk please.” Her two sisters ‘oohed’ together in a high falsetto then laughed like the witches in Macbeth, “anyway it’s a big cock you want not a little one,” she said feeling a bit naughty saying it dressed in virginal white.

Joy flung herself on the bedstead Tanya moving off it just in time, “Big, little, medium as long as it is one or a close approximation of one I will be happy.” She said staring up at the ceiling.

Holly smiled wearily then turned to look at herself in the mirror once more, Tanya could see Holly’s brow knitting together, her teeth biting her bottom lip and her hands clasping and unclasping, “You really do need to calm down Hol’ you’re likely to black out before you get down stairs if you keep this up.”

“I’ll be fine, just wedding day nerves,” if she could have a drink, maybe some Brandy, she thought, perhaps that would help settle my nerves. “I need a drink!” she said out loud.

“I bet we can go one better than that. Give her the present.” Joy said, her eyes lighting up as she spoke a cheeky smile forming on her lips. Tanya walked over to the bags they had piled in the corner of the room and started to sift through them before stopping at her own little black suitcase which she unzipped and reached into. Tanya pulled out a small box roughly the size of shoe box wrapped in red paper and a white ribbon. “It’s a little something from the two of us.” Joy said sitting up on the end of the bed her feet tapping away on the floor with excitement. “Something old, something borrowed and something blue,” Tanya and Joy exchanged a look and both laughed.

Holly was not delighted by the laugh her sisters were not unknown to be wicked to Holly. She was the last one out so the youngest always got picked on. “This better not be some sort of joke.” Holly said cautiously as Tanya handed her the box before sitting down next to Joy. Holly undid the ribbon on the box, feeling a little bit of weight inside, for the moment her nerves had slipped now all she felt was apprehension. She tore the paper free and was not surprised to see it really was a shoe box, though an old one that suddenly made her blush. She looked at her sitting sisters their faces escort gaziantep sahibe bayan all big eyes and wide smiles. “Where…” her words trailed off as her eyes were drawn back to the shoe box. She lifted the lid already knowing what she was going to find.

It had been a dare when they were sixteen and bored one Saturday afternoon while in the city centre. They had headed to the markets not really interested in buying anything but it was a bit more fun than the shopping centre. The market stalls were so tightly packed together that you could barely move in a row of three down any aisle, the first time they had been here was as little girls the fascination with the calls, the smells the people had stuck and they came here whenever they could.

Just past the market the town turned to run down, shabby and cheap quickly, here you could find the dodgy pub where you could buy everything from a pint of bitter to the recent cinema blockbuster on a VHS tape. It was also home to the lower budget stores and one sex shop that had stood the test of time. All three girls had grown fascinated by the store as they grew up, the town evolved yet this one store remained the same, they had dared one another since they were twelve to go in but none of them had taken the dare, until today. “Bored,” said Tanya, who at sixteen had the longest red hair out of the triplets reaching all the way to her lower back.

They had followed the usual path, down through the market counting how many hands pinched their backsides and seeing who got the most that day. Joy had won hands down as she had actually got one groping hand on her breast as she passed one dishevelled old man. “What do you want to do then?” she asked as they walked aimlessly down the road. They sat down on the usual bench and in unison looked at the plain grimy, white and blue frame work and blacked out windows of the sex shop across the road. “How about you go in there and get a dildo?” Joy said, she had read about a dildo in a magazine she had gotten off one of her friends, it had sounded comical but also quite exciting making Dildo the word of her summer. ‘You are such a dildo!’ being one particular ribald that their mother had overheard with the resulting grounding lasting a week.

“You go first and I’ll follow,” Tanya replied, as she always did. Holly sighed and shook her head, “What’s your problem?” Tanya asked.

“You are never going to go in there you know?” she responded sitting back on the wooden bench, as she spoke her eyes remained on the sex shops front door, opened but with beads hanging from the frame to the floor. “Not now, not ever because your all talk and no action.”

Joy whistled and looked at Holly with a new found respect, Tanya on the other hand was less than impressed, and “You think you are better than me? Braver?” she asked her sister, Holly replied with a shrug, “okay wall flower, I dare you to go in there. You don’t even need to buy anything just walk in spend one minute…”

“Three!” Joy added in quickly

Tanya nodded as she continued to speak, “three minutes and walk out, if you’re braver than me.”

Holly responded the only way she knew how, she stood up, looked both ways then crossed the road. She had spent years visualising walking across the road walking into the store and being kicked out that was the worst that could happen so why had they been so scared? She was at the beaded entrance quicker than she thought. Her brain had started to come to life, all the other possible outcomes firing up but not before her hand had moved the beading to one side and she stepped through before her mind made her flee.

After five minutes Joy and Tanya had started to worry, by eight minutes they were getting ready to call the police until Holly stepped out with a neatly folded brown box under one arm. She crossed the road in a hurry, her cheeks a deep crimson red and she panted for breath, “What happened?” Tanya asked taking control of the situation, she was the first one born and their mom looked to her as the responsible one, if anything had happened to Holly, Tanya would be in the firing line, “did someone…” she did not know how to finish the question.

Holly looked at her older sister dismayed, “God no,” she grabbed the package under her arm and peeled back some of the brown paper.

“What did you buy a dildo?” Joy asked dismayed.

“No, the man said it was a bad idea, said this would be better,” Holly replied, peeling back more of the paper. Tanya was wondering what man and what would better when she took her first glimpse at what Holly had brought, “A viberator,” Holly said giddily, the adrenaline from the store visit leaving her light headed as it drained from her body. The plastic toys metallic blue shell catching the sunlight as it lay inside its plain black box. “I think we need to take this home.” Their summer was over too quickly after that moment.

Now at twenty three Holly was looking escort bayan şahinbey down at the same blue viberator she had brought seven years ago, it sat in the shoe box they had all agreed to hide it in, her stomach flipped and she felt the blood rush to her head as the memories of that summer came back to her. “…sat in my wardrobe for a few years,” Joy was speaking but Holly was only half listening, she looked up from the box shaking her head, Joy tutted and started again, “When I moved out I took it with me, I only got the idea to give it to you as a present last month, cannot believe I had it sat in my wardrobe for a few years going to waste.”

“I don’t know what to say,” Holly said, and the truth was she really did not know what to say or do it had hit her like a hammer.

“Well you could thank us afterwards,” Tanya said standing up from the bed and taking the box off Holly.

“Afterwards?” Holly asked, Tanya looked at her sister and winked, “You are joking right? I am about to get married!”

Tanya shrugged, “You are nervous as hell, this will help you relax a little and besides, this will probably be the last time we are together like this.” She reached into the box and took out the old viberator. It wasn’t much a cheap model with only three variances in speed, slow, fast and pulse, the casing was remarkably well kept and two new batteries had brought it back from the dead. To prove the point Tanya switched it on. The old hum of their teenage years elicited forth, and all three smiled at the old familiar sound.

Holly felt overly warm, the corset on the dress making it hard to breath, she could feel her sex tingling even though now was the worst time possible, yet her sisters paid no attention to her nervousness. Joy leaned back on the bedstead parting her legs slightly as Tanya knelt down next to her on the floor. Joy took hold of the hem of her dress and pulled it up in one motion lifting her bum slightly to make sure it was securely up. Her sheer stockings ended at her shapely thighs a pair of red knickers covering her sex. Tanya kissed one of Joy’s stocking clad knees and moved the tip of the viberator across her ankle, up past her knee and along her bare thigh before letting the tip touch the centre of her red knickers at which point Joy let out a squeal her legs shaking and accidentally knocking Tanya back. “Just like the old days,” Tanya tutted as she got back onto her knees lifting her own dress up so not to crease it on the floor.

Holly stared mesmerized at the scene before her, one sister leaning back on the bed sighing and moaning as her other sister toyed the humming viberator up and down the red knickers. It had been so long since all three of them had played together. Her excitement was building even as she tried to still it and calm it down, Holly was always trying to control the situation no matter what it was but this one was totally out of hand now. She opened her mouth to tell them to stop when Joy pulled her knickers to one side.

Joy’s fiery bush was now exposed, her labia parted and damp with excitement, her breathing was already heavy and she moaned with expectation. Tanya did not hesitate and slipped the rounded tip of the viberator into her sister. Joy fell back on the bed arms above her head and let out a long moan as the viberator slipped easily into her. Tanya eased the viberator into Joy slowly before sliding it out and rubbing the slick plastic toy across her clitoris causing Joy’s legs to spasm and for her to cry out in pleasure with little yips and gasps.

Holly thought she was going to explode her whole body was on fire the wedding dress was too heavy, too thick she could not get to any part of her own body to touch. Her freckled chest was a deep crimson above the sweet heart neckline of her white dress. “That’s not fair,” she said huskily, jealous that she was caged in her dress while her sisters were free to play.

Tanya looked up at Holly, “Little sister want to play?” she asked mockingly. Joy sat up on her elbows, her face red and covered in a thin sheen of sweat she smiled at Holly and laughed wriggling her hips so that the viberator moved in and out with no help from Tanya. “Come down here.”

Though the corset top of the wedding dress was constrictive the flowing material from hips to well beyond her toys allowed Holly to kneel down almost graceful before her sister parted legs. Her hands shook, partly with nerves and partly with excitement as she took hold of the viberator while it was still partway in Joy. Joy flopped back on the bed and lifted her hips slightly so that the viberator slipped further into her. Next to Holly, Tanya tugged at the zip just under her arm allowing the dress to part. She folded the top part over exposing her bra clad breasts, with a quick reach behind the bra fell away exposing her pale, ripe tits. Tanya reached up and cupped one tit, her index finger and thumb closing around one pink, hard nipple and squeezing escort şahinbey it gently while her other hand slipped between her legs as she knelt.

Joys hips had started to speed up and Holly reacted by switching the viberator up a gear, the blue casing now slick with her sisters juices. Holly pulled it free letting the blue shaft sit between Joy’s wet labia and the head nudging at her clitoris as Joy moaned and gasped. With one final switch up in speed Joy gave out a shuddering groan, her legs kicked mindlessly and her buttocks lifted from the bedstead as her orgasm ignited.

Tanya watched on, a smile creasing her cheeks as one hand toyed with her tits while the other slipped a finger inside her warm pussy her own hand speeding up as Joy orgasmed watching her sweet sister orgasm on their old friend for the first time in many years. Tanya caught herself and slowed down she was so close that it took a lot of will power to slide her hand out from under her dress, without thinking she proffered the wet finger to Holly, who without hesitation opened her full lips and sucked Tanya’s juices clean off the manicured digit. “I think it’s time the bride got her present in full.” Tanya said before standing up.

Joy sat up and rolled off the bedstead, her legs still shaking from her orgasm, Holly was surprised to see that Joy had undone her own dress while she had been playing with her. Joy’s tits were slightly larger than Tanya’s though Joy’s areola spread wider the dusky pink nipples were the same and just as hard and erect as Tanya’s. Tanya leaned on the dressing table, slipping the dress of so that it bunched at her feet. Tanya’s legs were clad in the same stockings as Joy’s but her knickers were white and almost sheer, her red bush visible through the patterning and a damp patch just below that. Tanya opened her mouth to speak but Holly moved quickly turning from the bed to her leaning sister and burying her face into her knickers, making whatever Tanya was going to say into nothing more than a very loud gasp.

Holly buried her face deep into her sister’s warmth, she could smell her deeply and her tongue found the taste of her on the gusset of her knickers. She felt a hand grab at her head, finger nails scraping across scalp as the fingers bunched and held her firmly in place. Holly lifted one hand sliding a finger under the gusset line, feeling the wetness there as she pulled it to one side. Holly’s tongue was fast to find its mark, sliding between two puffy, wet lips and up to the erect point of Tanya’s clitoris. Holly’s chin was wet with juices as her finger slipped easily into Tanya, bending slightly to run across the ridged spot just inside.

Joy felt left out watching her sisters going at it the way they were. She picked up the viberator that had been tossed to one side as Holly had turned to get at Tanya; it still vibrated on the highest setting and made Joy’s hand feel funny as she took hold of it before she managed to turn it off. Joy stumbled out of her own dress, glad to be rid of the yellow monstrosity for at least a few minutes. With Holly on all fours Joy knelt behind her and began to lift the flowing material of the wedding dress up, the white stockings were to be expected yet it was such a turn on to see them, but she giggled when she reached Holly’s backside and discovered a severe lack of knickers. “Holly you are naughty,” she said, Tanya opened her eyes for a moment and looked down at Joy questioningly “No knickers!” Joy responded to the look and delivered a gentle smack to Holly’s backside.

Holly had been in two minds about her underwear she had brought a sexy pair for Richard but had at the last moment stopped herself putting it on. Her mother had frowned when they began to lace the corset up in the bathroom, Holly’s bare breasts reflecting in the mirror. She had told her mother that it was more comfortable and less restrictive, the knickers she had kept on until she needed a toilet break where, finally alone she had removed them for good. It was to be a lovely surprise for Richard that evening as he had said how much he wanted to fuck her in her wedding dress. Holly had not expected to be in the current situation with her sisters though and felt a little ashamed about the discovery.

Joy smacked Holly’s cheeks one last time the hand remaining on her bare rump feeling it’s warmth before sliding between her legs and finding her pussy excited and wet. Holly let out her own moan as Joy slipped one finger inside her, pushing back on it and rotating her hips. “Dirty sister,” Joy said with a laugh. Joy moved the blue viberator up one leg from knee to pussy the low thrum working its way across Holly’s body as it moved closer to the prize. Joy teased at Holly, working the tip gently and almost in places not touching across her sex. Holly moved her hips back trying to get the viberator in her but every time she did Joy would move it slightly back.

Holly moved her tongue from Tanya’s clitoris and turned her head slightly, “please,” she pleaded to Joy and bit her bottom lip as she felt the warm viberator finally slip into her. Holly turned back as Tanya applied a little more pressure on her head pushing her back onto her sex. Holly pushed back on the viberator feeling the pulse of it deep inside her igniting every inch of her body. She worked her finger inside Tanya matching the thrusts of Joy behind her.

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