Some Days

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Boi Pussy

Everyday affects you in some way. Some days more than others. Then there are days that change everything forever. I remember a day like that – a day that changed our lives – like it was yesterday. It was April 30, 1979. God, what a day!


“Oh, God, yes! Yes! Stick your finger up my ass!” Marie screeched. She groaned deliciously and her body trembled as my finger slipped easily into her well lubricated asshole. Saliva had been dribbling down her asscrack since I had started eating her pussy twenty minutes prior, and both holes were saturated.

I felt her asshole muscles clamp on my probing finger and her hot cunt contract in anticipation. I sucked her clit, hard, and was rewarded with a wail of passion as she climaxed.

Her body arched and her hips bucked against my mouth and finger. Her legs tightened around my head and her fingers dug deeply into the bed-sheets. Hungrily, I slurped at her flowing cunt-juice, my tongue darting in and out of her wide- open gash. Her piercing wail changed to hard grunts, then soft, aching moans as the eruption in her body finally slowed.

“No more! Please, no more!” she panted, pulling my head up from between her thighs. “Stop, I can’t take anymore.”

Breathing heavily, my face smeared with her wild juices and my own saliva, I pulled up and smiled at her. My finger plopped, loudly, from her still twitching rear end.

“I love eating your pussy!” I said, truthfully, rolling beside her body.

Marie’s face was still flushed from exertion; eyes slited. Her chest heaved, making her perky tits; nipples still hard, rise and fall rapidly. A small, self-satisfied smiled played around her full lips. I saw her shiver as cool air washed over her lightly misted body.

“And I love having you eat me!” she cooed. “I wish you could eat me and fuck my cunt and my asshole all at the same time. That would be heaven!”

“How about you sucking my cock and I’ll stick two dildos up your holes. Would that do?”

“Ow, plastic! Yucky-poo! Vibrators are fun, but I want the real thing! I’ve gotten greedy.”

“I’m gonna have to grow a couple of more cocks, or invite some friends over to help.”

She giggled. “Oh, that sounds interesting. Anyone I know?”

I knew she wasn’t serious, but it was the only opening I was going to get. “How about your girlfriend, Ellie?” I asked, casually. “I could fuck your pussy, stick a phony cock up your ass and you could eat her cunt.” I said it with a big smile.

Playfully, she punched my arm. “You bastard! I never should have told you about that those fantasies of mine. You can’t fool me, you want to fuck her.”

“That too!” I said, chuckling. “Think about the possibilities; all that three-way action.”

I pulled her plaint body to mine; my still-hard cock jabbing her in the stomach, and whispered a graphic description of what the three of us would do. Despite herself she was turned on, and I knew it. Marie had a highly developed erotic imagination, almost as good as mine, and even though she said she wouldn’t participate in group sex, especially with another woman, the idea – the dream, the fantasy – was something her sexy mind would explore.

I played with one of her big nipples, slowly revolving it between my fingers. Her breathing thicken and her legs automatically opened for my probing fingers. Her cunt hair was wild and thick and matted with pussy-juice. Gently, I rubbed her exposed clit. She moaned and grabbed my cock, stroking back the foreskin, exposing the large purple cockhead.

“Think of our tongues and hands exploring your body; in your mouth, your cunt, up your ass, tweaking your tits. Feel her pussyhairs on your face, her steamy cunt grinding down on your mouth; juice dribbling down your throat.”

Marie groaned loudly, squeezed my cock, hard, and humped her hips against my hand. Her body undulated beneath my agile fingers; her mind wrapped in a hot, exotic dream of forbidden passion.

I saw her face contort and her hands jerk in uncontroll- able reaction to the sex-induced images flashing behind her closed eyes.

“Fuck me!” she hissed. “Oh, God, Johnny, fuck me, hard!”

My cock sank into her scalding cunt like a hot knife through butter. Firm legs clamped behind my ass, pulling me deep into her body. Her tongue speared my mouth, forcing its way to the back of my throat, wiggling wantonly, like a living thing. Greedily, I sucked on it.

We fucked hard and fast; my cock driving deep, her hands guiding my hips, drawing my prick out, almost to the very tip, then plunging them forward to smash against her upraised pelvis. On the fifth hard stroke she started to cum; tiny, electric jolts that built to a crescendo and released a tidal wave of pure, hot pleasure.

“Suck her cunt, babe,” I whispered in her ear, “Suck! Feel my cock in your cunt! Your tongue in her pussy!”

Marie responded by thrusting her tongue deep in my mouth, flicking it up and down against the roof of my mouth; the same motion I used to lick her juicy clit.

Reaching beneath her heaving ass, I brutally rammed a finger avcılar escort up her asshole. Her whole body went rigid – like a steel beam.

“All in you, babe! All in you!” I hissed in her ear, “Feel our hands, our tongues, my cock! All your holes are full! Fuck, babe, fuck!”

My words jumbled together as the tightness in my balls revved to an unbearable pitch. I slammed my prick all the way home. Marie’s arms and legs clamped on my heaving body. Boiling cum flooded her contracting cunt and I felt her instant response. Out of control, she shook violently; her body reacting to the massive climax that exploded outward from her burning cunt, engulfing her body, enflaming her brain, tormenting her with fits of churning, twisting, pulsating, hot pleasure.

She dug her fingers into my back, her heels into my ass, and our bodies, locked together, bucked in wonderfully wicked spasms of blinding release.

Exhausted, we went limp and melted into the mattress.

The bed looked like a battlefield.

“Ooooo, that was so good,” Marie moaned. “You’re a prick for making me think these evil thoughts.”

“Bullshit!” I groaned. “You’re just a latent hedonist. Maybe your Catholic school upbringing says you can’t do all these things, but your body says, yes, you can.”

I rolled over and looked deeply into her bright eyes. She furrowed her brow as my words hit home. I kissed her heaving nipple.

“Try it once,” I said quietly, “If you don’t like it, I’ll never ask you to do it again.”

Marie turned away from me and I felt a flood of dejection. I knew she was rejecting the idea out of hand. Fantasies were one thing, reality was something completely different. She would dream her dreams, but she wasn’t going to act them out in real life, no matter how deep the desire, or the curiosity. Or so I thought.

“Is that a promise?” she asked in a very soft voice.


She turned and put her arms around my neck. “If I don’t like it, or even if I do, and don’t want to do it ever again, you won’t force me. Do you promise?”

It took all my will to suppress my elation. “I promise,” I said solemnly, raising my hand in a parody of swearing on the Bible, then I kissed her gently.

“I’m serious,” she said. “Ever since you got me started fantasizing, I’ve wondered what it would be like to have group sex; two guys in me at the same time, or fuck a black guy, or us and another woman. I cum just dreaming about it, and I want to do it, but if things don’t go right, I don’t want to be forced. Ever! Understand?”

I nodded, my face serious.

“And remember, once we go down this road, there may be no turning back.” She hugged me close.

I knew what she meant. Marie was really a hot, wild piece of ass – a slut at heart – disguised as a housewife and mother. Eventually, she might want to indulge in more things than I was willing to agree to. Her true capacity for sex far out reached mine, but that was the excitement of the sexual unknown that so intrigued me. On that day I wasn’t thinking about anything beyond my own dick.

I nodded again and kissed her lightly on the lips, a sudden image of Ellie, naked, between my legs, and Marie, with a black cock up her ass, filled my mind.

“Now,” I said trying to control my breathing, “the only thing left is to convince your girlfriend to participate.”

Marie giggled, like a little girl, and stuck her face in the crook of my arm.

“She has the same fantasies as I do,” she said, still laughing. “She’s even had the same dream; all three of us fucking together.”

* * *

Eleanor Hansen – Ellie – was a forty-three year old widow; a year older than Marie, and her exact physical opposite: tall, lithe, blonde, and fair skinned; all attributes of her Swedish heritage. Her medium sized tits were round with little sag and her ass appeared tight and firm.

Marie was Cuban born and had an oriental caste to her eyes. With her beautiful smile, flashing Latin eyes, smooth olive skin, raven hair, and perfectly formed, petite figure, she created the other half of a very erotic-looking duo.

Both women were attractive, blessed with good bodies, and neither looked their age. I could remember wondering, when I first saw them together, what it be like to have both of them in bed at the same time. A tall blonde and a tiny brunette!

And now, I was going to find out. My body tingled in anticipation and excitement.

Marie planned a quiet dinner at home, just the three of us. I didn’t bother asking whether or not she had broached the real reason for our quiet tete-a-tete. It would have been a stupid question. Marie and Ellie shared all confidences. If Ellie showed, she would be aware of where this would all end up, and her appearance would also be her consent.

She was early.

Ellie wore a black leather mini-skirt, a brightly colored beaded sweater, and very high heels. Sexy and provocative! And she carried it off well.

She blushed a deep red when I complimented her appearance.

Marie, ataköy escort dressed somewhat similar, just smiled and whisked her off to the kitchen, leaving me to make drinks, and to quell my thickening prick.

I heard Ellie whisper.

“I’m excited as a girl on her first date. You too?”

Marie giggled and nodded her head.

The music was soft and the dinner, as always, was excellent. Between the pre-dinner drinks, wine, and after- dinner cordials we were pretty loose. We laughed a lot, finding some of the most innocuous things hilarious. We also made a lot of eye contact; deep knowing glances tinted with desire and anticipation of things to come, all followed by a rush of foolish giggles. At one point, as their eyes met, Marie and Ellie even blushed, their faces turning scarlet with secret thoughts.

“Who wants to dance?” I asked heartily, trying to break the ice.

“Me!” they answered in unison.

“Hey, guys, I’m good, but I’m not that good. One at a time, and don’t fight over me.”

“You go first, Marie,” Ellie said.

Marie started to get up, then thought better of it, “Let’s all dance together,” she said to Ellie. “Com’on, it’ll be fun; better than one of us sitting around watching.”

Laughing, the three of us embraced clumsily, each trying to find comfortable positions and get in sync with the others. Marie and Ellie wound up stomach to stomach, while I rubbed up against their sides, my arms around both of them.

“This is every dirty old man’s dream,” I said.

“Well, you certainly qualify!” Marie said.

Ellie giggled, “I like dirty old men,” she said in her little girl voice, “They’re my favorite people.”

We all laughed.

As we swayed to the mellow music, my hands roamed their Backs – neither was wearing a bra – then came to rest on their shapely asscheeks. No moves were made to shrug off my exploring hands. Messaging each globe gently, I felt the muscles of their asses respond beneath my fingers. My cock twitched and rubbed up against Ellie’s thigh. At the same time, Marie rotated her ass beneath my hand, forcing her hips against Ellie’s crotch. Ellie’s breath quickened and she lowered her eyes, a blazing flush of arousal on her pretty face.

“Great dinner, honey,” I said, nonchalantly, and kissed her softly. “Great company, too.”

I kissed Ellie, flicking my tongue, quickly, in and out of her moist mouth. For a fleeting second her lips clamped and sucked on it. My thickened cock strained and pressed tightly against the vee of her groin. My hands tightened on their asscheeks.

“Hey, you two,” Marie said with a secret smile, “don’t forget about me. Kissy, kissy. Share and share alike.”

She gave Ellie a fleeting kiss and said, “I agree! Lovely company!” There was a sudden huskiness in her voice.

“Com’on, you can do better than that,” I said, turning the girls towards each other. “If you two are going to share, do it right.”

Nervously, they giggled and drew together, their lips tentative, barely touching; trying to decide whether or not they liked the new taste and strange, stimulating feeling.

I sucked my breath in as their bodies tightened against each other, their mouths meshing together tightly. My mind could see their exploring tongues tracing hot paths of desire in the wet caverns of their mouths.

Pressing close, my hands, under the sweaters, kneaded their hot, bare flesh. Reaching around their backs, I cupped a warm, naked tit with each hand. Ellie’s was full, soft and round; Marie’s smaller breast was hard and firm. Their nipples hardened against my palm. My pants tented as my hard cock strained against the material.

“I think someone is getting very familiar,” Ellie said, laughing and breathing hard.

“He’s not getting familiar,” Marie said, looking down at my hard-on, “he’s just happy to see us.”

As we laughed the music changed to a Latin beat and Marie danced away, undulating her body to the fiery rhythm.

“Ow, look at her go,” Ellie exclaimed. “I wish I could dance like that.”

Her ass was moving in time to the music, rubbing against my prick, sending tingling sensations up and down the thick shaft. “You could fool me,” I said, slipping my hands under her sweater and cupping her tits. The nipples stiffened immediately. I rubbed my cock against the crack of her ass.

She moaned softly and pressed backwards.

“Oh, Johnny,” she gasped, “is this really happening? You’re getting me really worked up, right in front of your wife.”

“What do you think?” I asked, nuzzling her hair and watching my wife dance.

Music turned Marie on! She moved like a snake; her body loose and supple, giving each movement a sensuous, sexual meaning. My mouth went dry as she began to loosen the zipper of her skirt. It fell to the floor and she nimbly stepped out of it, still swaying and turning to the music’s sensual beat. My balls hardened and began to ache. Through wispy lace panties, I could see her red garter belt framing the raven-black triangle bahçelievler escort of her lush pubic hair. Her eyes were bright and her face was flushed. I smiled!

Marie had a streak of exhibitionist in her and she enjoyed showing herself off.

Ellie’s hands reached behind her and she grabbed my hard rod, gently squeezing it. My hands squeezed her tits and she quivered in pleasure.

“Oh, that feels so good,” she whispered to me, her hot eyes on Marie’s crotch. “She’s got such a beautiful, thick jungle of hair; mine so fine.”

“Think of the fun you’ll have finding her pussy,” I said.

The scandalous thought made her shivered as if touched by ice. I kissed the nape of her neck and my fingers fumbled with her skirt zipper, finally sliding in down.

“It snaps, too,” she said.

Her agile fingers deftly undid my fly and my prick leaped free. I sighed in relief as her hot hands clamped on the steely shank. Trembling, I attacked the snap on her leather mini-skirt. It popped and Ellie wiggled her hips. The skirt slowly slid down her shapely hips. Like Marie, she wore only flimsy panties – black – and a garter belt to hold up her hose.

Her skin was hot. I could feel the gentle blonde down that covered her naked stomach.

Marie’s eyes were hot and intense as she watched Ellie and I grope each other’s body. Her hands flew over the buttons of her blouse; her hips still moving to the music. The blouse opened, baring perky tits; her big nipples erect and stiff. With a flourish she tossed it aside.

Almost completely naked, she whirled and twisted, moving her body sinuously; each graceful movement sexually provocative. Using her blouse like a Matador’s cape she teased us with fleeting glimpses of her most secret charms.

I pulled Ellie’s beaded sweater over her head, baring the rest of her body. She offered no resistance. Her breathing was ragged and her eyes were slits, but never wavered from Marie’s slithering form. My tongue zigzaged over her back leaving wet trails of saliva in its wake. I saw the goosebumps rise and felt her body tremble as I recaptured a tit with one hand and began fingering her cunthair with the other.

The music stopped. Abruptly, Marie ripped her panties off and rushed to us, throwing her arms around both; raining hot, wet kisses on our faces, probing our mouths with her snake-like tongue.

“Mmmmmmm!” she panted. “I got so hot watching you guys! Oh, Ellie, you feel so soft!”

Ellie let my cock go and the girls embraced fiercely, lips locked; bodies pressed hard together, tongues entwining.

I pulled Ellie’s panties down, ripping them in the process, and pushed my cock into the cleft of her ass. The hard muscles of her buttocks clamped on it, holding it prisoner.

Ellie was sandwiched between us and our trembling hands roamed over her lovely body at will. She giggled nervously.

“I can’t believe we’re really doing this,” she said, “It’s like a dream.”

“A fantasy,” I said. “Enjoy it.”

Cooing softly, Marie took one of her tits in her mouth and began sucking greedily on the stiff nipple.

She was displaying a far greater enthusiasm than even I had imagined, or could have hoped for.

My hand covered the dewy blonde thatch between Ellie’s legs and my finger slid roughly over her exposed clit sending a spasm of delight surging through her, almost buckling her legs. With my prick still wedged in the cleft of her asscheeks, I leaned forward and stuck my other hand between my wife’s legs, forcing the index finger up her hot cunt.

It slid into the slippery channel without effort.

Both women moaned loudly.

“You and me first?” Marie panted and Ellie, her eyes half closed; face flushed with the new excitement of having a woman suck her tits, bobbed her head in consent.

“Us first,” Marie said to me. “You can watch.”

She smiled.

Staggering slightly, they walked to the bedroom, arm in arm. I stood there panting, my cock and balls aching, ready to burst, but my mind was enflamed with images of their bodies entwined. I squeezed the base of my cock, retarding the desire to shoot my load and meekly followed behind them.

* * *

From the bedroom doorway I watched them sit on the bed, their scantily clad bodies glowing in the dimness. The way they were dressed and the soft light made it seem like I was watching a high class porn movie.

“I’ve never done anything like this before,” I heard Ellie say, a nervous tremor in her voice, “but I’m so hot and you feel so good.”

“We’ve dreamt it, though, haven’t we; being like this, wanting to touch each other, to make love. Do you want to do it?” Marie asked.

“Yes,” Ellie choked.

Holding hands they kissed gently, beginning the slow examination of their desires. I watched their tits rise and fall as hidden passions began to build. Hands started slow explorations of legs, and breasts, and soft stomachs; mouths suckled hard nipples and little groans of pleasure broke the still night air.

The ache in my crotch was unbearable.

Despite Marie’s, “Us first!” edict, I squeezed between them and ran my hands through their hair; down their backs and over their hot tits. My cock stood out like a spear, inches from their lips. I moaned as hot, wet tongues slithered over my prick. Marie made little slurping noises as she sucked my cock, washing it with her tongue and lips, then she held it up for Ellie.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32