Softball Girls Part 2

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The following Saturday, he had woken up early to go to his job and got a 2 hour lunch break (he had caught his married bitch of a boss having sex with the box boy), and when he got to his house two cars were in his driveway. It was Laura and Jessi; they were here for their daily tan, why they always tanned at my house I’m not sure, it must be the easy access people have to the pool.

Mark stood their looking through the kitchen window at those two tanning, next to his sexy sister. “No that’s wrong,” he corrected himself. As he stood there watching them, he became so out of it staring at them he didn’t here the front door open.

“Hey Mark!” said an excited voice. It was Katie. “Whatcha doing?”

“Uhm, nothing, just doing dishes,” he said staring at the empty sink below the window.

“Right…Can I talk to you about something?” she asked ignoring his obvious lie, and flicking back her blond hair. “Its something that’s been on my mind for a while.”

“Sure, anything.” He said attentively,

“I’ve been thinking about those massages you used to give me in Spanish class, and…”


“Well,” she paused, “My back has been messed up, I think its softball conditioning, would you mind giving me a massage?”

“No problem, just say when,”

“How about now? I mean Iz doesn’t know I’m here and I really don’t want to lay out the way my back feels, were do you want to do it?”

“Uh, how about my bedroom? Its quiet there and fairly dark it’d be perfect to do it in.”

She smiled coyly and said, “sure, lets do it,” that wicked smile across her face.

There they were. she laid face down on the bed her legs spread and her luscious ass barely covered by her bikini bottom. She reached behind her and removed her top throwing it to the side. He poured some massage oil and began to massage her back, “Mmm, that’s nice” he started in the middle of her back and worked his way toward the side of her breast and massaged them gently.

“you like that?” he asked,

“yeah,” she said as lifted her legs and rolled onto her back and spread her legs around him again her breasts were gorgeous her large nipples stiff with excitement, “Lets stop playing around,” she said “Porchia told me about you and her, and I must say she got my juices flowing, I’ve wanted you since those days in Spanish, and I know you’ve wanted me,” she smiled looking at the raging hard on in his shorts. “let me help with that.” She pulled his shorts down and his dick sprang out, “God its bigger that she said, lets see what I can do about that,” She stepped çeşme escort off of the bed and got onto her knees, and lowered her head mouth open, holding his dick in one hand she took his head into her mouth. She began to take his cock further and further into her mouth licking it up and down, until it was all the way in. Watching her head go up and down my full 8-inches, was driving me wild, but it wasn’t until she began to moan that I lost control.

“Oh god I’m cumming,”

“MMhmm,” she groaned, and he exploded, jet after jet of his hot seed went down her throat, as she sucked every drop of it out of him.

“Oh God you’re good,” he said.

“and from what I hear you are too. I want it inside me so bad,” she said her eyes still on his dick, “but I’m not on the pill right now,”

“There’s another way,” he said cautiously.

“I- I’ve never done it that way,” she bit her lip with a wicked smile, “but for you I’ll try it.”

Mark poured some massage oil in his hands, covered his cock with it and placed his head at her hole, as she bent over, then he grabbed her hips, rested his palms on her plump cheeks, and pressed into her.

“Oh GOD!” she shrieked, as he pressed into her until his entire length was buried in her plump ass, he began to pump harder and faster “Yeah Yeah,” she moaned, her breasts swinging in the cold air, “fuck my ass like it was my pussy,’ and suddenly he was so desperate to have the real thing no imitations would do.

So he decided to follow a slightly different path. He quickly pulled out and slid into her pussy. “Oh fuck! What are you -AHH- what are you doing? Oh God thats good! Fuck! No no you cant, Its not-Oh! Oh my- Oh my God! Yes Fuck me harder OOH!” She locked up, arched her back and began screaming. her pussy closed tight on him and his balls gave the sign, he pulled out and plunged back into her ass, shooting his load deep into her.

“Mark, what the hell? I told you not to-mmm,” she was cut off by an impassioned kiss from Mark

“Can you really hold it against me Katie, I wanted to show you what Porchia had been talking about. I wanted to give you an orgasm like you gave me.”

“Well,” she blushed, “that was the best fuck of my life so I guess I’ll give you a pass.” She said starting to dress. “Listen I should be starting the pill in two weeks or so, I’d love to feel you fill me up right, how about it?”

“just give me a call, I gotta go to work now, but I’ll see you later.” loving to leave her wanting more.

“Oh, ok,” she said, “I’ll call you,” she said said to see her lover go.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32