Soccer Moms Ch. 09

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[Author’s Notes: 1) there are underage characters in this story but they will neither have, see nor even hear any sexual activity; 2) this is a work of fiction and so certain aspects of this story are not completely accurate but they advance the storyline. Please try to look past that to the more important aspects of the story; and 3 I know this is a very long and complicated story. I have to ask you to trust me that if you have enjoyed the story up to this point, you’ll still like it by the end. Often there are many different paths to the same destination.]

Soccer practice was finally beginning for the spring season. There were practices Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday since games were not going to begin for almost a month. Coach Hochbauer started the first practice by saying “Now I will see who has been practicing and who has not over the winter.” Girls who had been playing basketball were in better running shape, but they were clearly behind with their ball skills. Katie had played basketball through Junior Varsity, but she felt she needed to concentrate more on soccer and had not gone out for the Varsity this past winter, much to the chagrin of the basketball coach. Not surprisingly, Melanie had never been into basketball. So both girls had spent their free time this winter working on their ball handling skills and it was very clear to Coach Hochbauer that both girls had come back ready to play.

It was still a little chilly with a brisk wind and so it was not uncommon for parents to go back into their cars when practice began. This not only had the advantage of giving the girls a nice warm car to get into once practice was over, it also kept the parents from freezing their own behinds off. Jen and Carol would sit in each other’s car. There was no set turns but whomever was not in their car during practice would leave about 5 minutes before practice ended to get that other car warmed up.

There was plenty to talk about regarding their daughters. This season was the big recruiting season. National signing day for women’s soccer was in less than a year away. This was also the semester the girls would be taking the SAT exams and both Katie and Melanie had a number of AP classes that would have end of the year exams.

The girls had convinced their mothers to all go back to the Rogers’ house after one of the Saturday practices. Paul was at work and Katie and Melanie were up in Katie’s room, so that gave Carol and Jen some alone time. Again, since they were not really “alone” they were limited in what they could do. But kissing and light petting over each other’s clothes was deemed safe enough. As time went on and it got warmer, the mothers were able to resume their walking laps around the fields while the girls practiced.

Finally it was the Tuesday practice before the first tournament. Coach Hochbauer wanted to talk to the girls and the parents before practice began. She reminded everyone that during this spring season they could expect some college scouts at just about every game. She always wanted to remind the girls (and the parents) that while everyone wanted to make a good impression with the scouts, everyone needed to play as a team for everyone’s interest.

“The scouts don’t spend a lot of time at the consolation games. We need to stay focused and play as a team. The more we win, the more the scouts will be drawn to us and then they can see all of you play. We will be substituting a lot to make sure everyone is getting field time, but I don’t want to see defenders creeping up to the Center Forward position. We’ll move people around in positions when we can. But trust the process and just keep to your assignment whatever it is. If anyone needs letters of recommendation, I am always happy to do that, but please ask early. If you tell me you need it tomorrow, I might not be able to get it to you. Lastly, I know you’ve all worked very hard and I know you are hoping for some pay off from it now. But don’t forget to have fun as well. Now, let’s get to work.”

Thursday night Carol waited for Paul to come to bed sitting on the comforter. She had something that she wanted to ask, and she was not sure how he would react. She did not want to spring this on him after sex, but she thought it would not hurt if she wore something sexy and hoped that would make him more agreeable.

He certainly noticed the attire when he came into the room. The baby doll negligee she wore put the tops of her breasts and her cleavage very much on display. It ended at her waist and the way she was sitting exposing all of her legs and a hint of her flaming red public hair. She clearly was not wearing any panties. Paul was excited about the look, but Carol quickly let him know that she wanted to talk. He was a bit disappointed by figured when the talking was done they would not be going right to bed.

Carol began her carefully rehearsed discussion. “Paul, Katie has her first spring tournament this weekend and we’ll be heading out tomorrow.” Paul did Hd Porno not respond as this was neither a question, nor news so he figured it was preamble and let Carol continue.

“And with all the girls coming back and no one being added, the arrangements will all be pretty much like they were in the fall season.” Again, there was nothing for Paul to respond to at this point although he thought he knew where this was now heading. It was something he had thought quite a lot about himself, and he was expecting Carol to ask him about it. He knew he could have interrupted her and said what he knew she wanted to hear, but he decided to let her go through her whole schpeel.

Carol continued “So we’ll stay with the Smith’s Friday night. And then when the girls sleep with the rest of the team, Jen and I will be in the room with just ourselves.” A smile started to come across Paul’s face. Carol could tell that he knew what she was asking. She also knew that he was going to make her ask. She would have preferred that he just said “No.” if that was going to be his answer, but she realized she had to press on with her talk.

“I just wanted to know if I had your permission to play around with Jen when we are alone?”

Paul was not going to let her off the hook that easy though and asked “Play around how?”

“You know what I mean.” Carol responded exasperatedly.

“I do…” Paul said “…but I want to hear you say it.”

“Paul, this is hard enough to ask.”

Paul could see that it was causing her distress, so he finally decided the time had come to easy her worries. “Carol. Please. I’m sorry. I was just ribbing you a little. I expected you were going to ask about this after the first practice. I’m actually surprised that you waited this long. But I am glad you asked and I have already had time to think about what I would say.”

“The short answer is ‘Yes.’ I was not even thinking of it as my permission as much as my blessing. I am completely okay with it. But I want you to know why too. This has been about you exploring a new part of yourself. If I thought you were becoming someone else, I might be jealous or I might not want you to do this. But that is not happening. You are still the woman I fell in love with and this is not going to change that. And besides, all of this has also led to my own sex life becoming something amazing. It was good before, but this is all next level. So yes, please. Go ahead and have fun with Jen. I wish I could be there and hopefully we’ll get to do that again. But for now, enjoy this opportunity.”

Carol leaned over and looked him right in the eyes and said “Paul you are an amazing man.”

“Well, it’s a good thing because how else could I have ended up the most amazing wife in the world.” And with that they leaned in and gave each other a very passionate kiss. When they broke apart, Paul said “Now, did you dress like that to try to get me to agree to you and Jen with your feminine allure?”

“Actually, yes. That is exactly why I dressed this way.”

“But now you know because I told you that I had already decided I was in favor of it before I saw you dressed like this.”

“Yes, that’s true. But I did not know that at the time.”

“Well, I want to make sure you realize that I just didn’t say yes because you were dressed like this. But if I had been thinking about saying ‘No’, you being dressed like this would have changed my mind. Now, to be honest I am a little tired tonight, but I would love to just hold you in my arms and feel you against me and fall asleep like that and wake up that way tomorrow. How does that sound?”

“Paul, that sounds wonderful.” So Carol snuggled up to Paul and laid her head on his chest. He wrapped his arm around her and brought her in close. He felt her breasts against his chest and felt them move as she breathed. It was more stimulating than arousing and he just enjoyed the feeling of having her close. He knew that she was going to be having sex with someone else without him, but it did not bother him. He knew he would have these moments and these moments were worth anything that happened in between to him. He knew this was best for Carol and for him and for them.

Friday night arrived and Carol and Katie arrived at the hotel and checked into the room. They were the first to arrive but by the time they got back to the lobby a few other families had arrived. Coach Hochbauer was also there and she was talking a lot about how many college scouts she was expecting at the games, particularly on Sunday. She had already heard from a number of schools that were aware of the Blue Lightning program and were asking questions about her second semester juniors. She was trying to keep the mood light because she could already sense some of the tension building. The Coach knew this season was going to be about more than fun, there was no way around that. So she wanted to make sure that the girls did not get so caught up with the other stuff that Türkçe Altyazılı Porno they forgot to have fun. If they played tight, they would not play well and she really wanted them all to have their best outcomes.

Eventually the Smith girls arrived too, and Melanie and Katie stayed in the room while Jen came out to join the group of parents and Coach Hochbauer. She talked a bit about her experience being recruited and the things she through in making her decision on which school to attend. Carol had some idea as her daughter Brianna had been recruited for Lacrosse, so she was able to share a little as well. Soon it was time to turn in and while it had been fun for the parents to see each other after the few months apart, there was a little less fun and a little more nervousness in the room as they each went off to bed.

Right from the start of the first game, it was clear that Coach Hochbauer’s warnings had been accurate. There were several people watching the game with clipboards or notebooks and windbreakers with different school insignia on them.

It was clear from the outset that the Blue Lightning girls were ready to play. The other team started out a bit lethargic, and that was not how you wanted to play the Blue Lightning. Two quick long balls lead to a breakaway goal for Melanie and a corner kick which Melanie put into the box and Katie scored it. Before the other team had even had a chance to settle in, they were down 2-0.

True to her word, Coach Hochbauer took advantage of the quick lead to move people around. Since Katie and Melanie had figured so prominently already, they came out so some other girls would get their chance at a look-see by the scouts. Neither was particularly happy, but they kept it inside and cheered on their teammates from the sideline.

In the second half both girls played but not in their usual positions. Melanie was in the midfield and Katie on defense. Carol raised concerns to Jen about this, but Jen thought she knew what Hochbauer was up to with this move.

“The Scouts already saw that they can play well at their usual position. But remember, they might be going to a team that has Seniors who can score. If they show versatility, maybe they can start right away and then move to their natural positions as older girls graduate.”

This explanation seemed to satisfy Carol. As she would find out, this was exactly what Hochbauer was doing and it did make a difference for both girls when scholarship offers were made.

The second game saw another unusual line up. Melanie started in the midfield and Katie started on the wing. This really gave Melanie a chance to shine and show off the footwork she had spent the winter working on so diligently. The combination of her speed and her footwork allowed her to weave in and out of defenders. She was able to go through several defenders and still get off a decent shot. She already had one goal and several other good shots that had been saved by some amazing work by the opposing goalie.

One thing she did notice was that the defenders were collapsing on her. Katie noticed it too. Melanie and Katie made eye contact and both read the other’s thoughts. Katie bolted down the sideline as Melanie blasted a ball to the right of the box. This was a play the Blue Lightning parents had seen very often but in reverse. Melanie’s pass soarer over the defense and landed just far enough away from the goalie that she hesitated on whether or not to come out. And that was all Katie needed.

With no defenders around her she was able to get to the ball and work in toward the goal. The goalie was flat footed and locked in place as Katie took one touch and then blasted a ball into the high far corner of the goal. Her arms raised Katie circled around and looked for her teammates to celebrate the goal. The first one she saw was Melanie streaking toward her. When she got close Melanie jumped into Katie arms and Katie gave her a big hug. Melanie said “I learned that play from a great soccer player.”

Katie’s face went as red as her hair as she said “Thanks I…I think you’re great.”

Melanie looked at her as the rest of their teammates crowded around in the celebration and said “Well, we’ll just have to be great together then.”

With another lead at halftime, Coach Hochbauer gave Melanie a rest and exception for a brief stint on defense she gave way to Katie in the midfield. Not to be outdone by her friend, Katie had an excellent game at midfield. She did not score another goal, but she did control the game almost singlehandedly and she was able to collect 3 assists as the Blue Lightning was rolling like a well-oiled machine.

When the girls retired to the team room, the parents stayed up talking for a while. The two games had gone very well and the additional rotations had given everyone a chance to be noticed. This good feeling replaced a lot of anxiety for everyone and so the conversation ran long.

Carol Brazzers and Jen sat different ends of the room. Occasionally they would look at each other and while they gave no outwards signs of anything, this was its own little foreplay for them. Eventually Jen stood up and said “I think tomorrow I am going to do Melanie’s number on my cheeks again. I am not trying to jinx anything, but I just feel like I’d like to do that again for them. What do you say ladies?” The mothers all seemed to like the idea and so it was agreed

“Well, I am not generally an early riser so if I want to get up early enough to do that, I’d better hit the hay now.” Everyone seemed to agree that it was high time to turn in and so the confab broke up and the parents went their separate ways.

When Carol and Jen got back to their room, Jen said “I think I am going to take a shower before bedtime. Do you want to join me?” Jen then turned toward the bathroom not waiting for an answer.

Carol looked at her for a moment and then called out to her “Aren’t you going to bring a change of clothes?”

“I was hoping I wouldn’t need them.” was Jen’s reply. She went into the bathroom, but she did not close the door. Jen began to undress and once she was naked, she looked out to Carol in the room and said “Well, are you coming in or not?” Carol quickly stripped and padded her way into the bathroom and into the shower with Jen.

By the time Carol was in, Jen had the water running and had already gone under the spray making her body glisten. She was facing the showerhead away from Carol when she asked “Would you please do my back.” Carol took the body wash and Jen handed Carol the puff which was already hanging on the water handle. Carol put some body wash on the puff and then used her hand to build up some lather. She then started making circles around Jen’s shoulder blades.

Jen reached a hand behind her and pull her hair around so that none of it was in Carol’s way as she continued to soap up Jen’s back, slowly working the circles further down Jen’s back. As she reached the small of Jen’s back, Carol took some soap off the puff and used her hand to rub over Jen’s butt cheeks. She then dropped the puff behind her and went back rubbing and squeezing Jen’s cheeks in her hands, occasionally running a finger through Jen’s crack. She did this for few minutes and Jen occasionally moaned from the pleasure.

Then Carol kneeled down in the shower behind Jen, picked up the puff and began washing her legs. Carol ran the puff inside Jen’s thighs and over her calves. Carol would run her other hand over the areas she was washing with the puff which allowed her to get a wonderful feel of Jen’s shapely legs. Then Carol stood back up and said “Your back’s all finished.”

Jen said “Okay, then how about the front?”

Jen turned around and Carol looked at her hungrily. Carol took the bottle of body wash but poured into her hands instead of the puff. She rubbed her hands together to build up a good lather. Then she started washing Jen’s chest. She started high and ran the hands under and around Jen’s neck. Then she slowly lowered her hands and began washing Jen’s breasts. Carol intently watched her own hands as she ran them over Jen’s nipples, feeling them get big and stiff. She rubbed back and forth causing Jen’s breath to catch as the stimulation was building. Carol could also feel herself beginning to get aroused by all this play. Jen said “I think I’m all clean now. But please keep going. This feels amazing.”

Carol continued to use her hands to feel the naked flesh of Jen’s globes. Using her fingertips to toy with the already hard nipples, she made Jen cry out “Oh yes Carol! Yes! Just like that! God, you know how much I love having my tits played with.” While Carol used one hand to continue her pleasuring of Jen’s boobs, she started running her other had down Jen’s body.

The water and the suds that had run down from Jen’s chest gave her stomach a smooth glaze that allowed Carol’s hand to glide over Jen’s skin. Carol ran her hand back and forth simply enjoying the feel of Jen’s skin as she rubbed all around her abdomen. Then she ran her hand down lower reaching below Jen’s waist. But here the slight height difference made it impossible for Carol to comfortably reach lower on Jen’s body. Carol again knelt down in the shower, trailing her hands down Jen’s body as she went.

She looked up into those pretty blue eyes and said “Hold on to something.” With that Carol leaned in and began licking Jen’s slit in earnest. At the same time she reached her arms around Jen’s thighs and again was rubbing and kneading Jen’s butt cheeks and running a finger up into Jen’s crack.

Carol was like a woman possessed. This was carnal in nature and was solely for the purpose of making Jen cum right there in the shower. She pushed her tongue deep inside Jen while he hands continued to play over Jen’s ass. The soap and water that was on Jen’s body was providing some lubrication for Carol as she was rubbing the soapy water around Jen’s back door as she continued the oral assault up front.

Jen had one hand on the shower wall and one on Carol’s head, more for balance than anything else. “Don’t stop Carol. You already have me so close, please don’t stop baby.”

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