So Much For Revenge

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We met through friends and I had heard about him before hand. Seen a picture and thought he was sexy so I had to look perfect. Spent the entire day showering and doing my hair and playing girlie but now it was time to get serious. A black leather full piece cat suit that made me drool when I seen it in my closet was the perfect piece. Of course I was wearing absolutely nothing underneath and my 36 DD breasts were hanging free. My nipples were hard from rubbing against the material but I hoped he would notice… Put on my dark makeup for a little mystery that I always love and I’m off on my way…

He opened the door and my jaw almost dropped. Soft gothic music poured from somewhere distant in the house and as soon as I walked in the door I could not help but admire how gorgeous he was. His shirt was black and wide open with his buff chest staring back me and a pair of black pants that he left the shirt untucked in. I had no idea what he had under those but I swore to find out tonight. We’ve been playing around this game for a week now and I’m so horny for him I think I’ll die if he doesn’t have his way with me tonight.

He took my hand and said “come this way with me, my dear…” and off I went. Neither of us likes wine so we laughed over taking shots of different liquors. We touched and felt and tried to pretend like we weren’t staring but eventually the buzz kicked in and we weren’t hiding it anymore.

I threw my arms around his neck and pushed my pouty lips against his begging to play and seeing if he’d let me or shut me down once more. He loves I love to be dominated and only have him when he says but I’ve been so good lately, I deserved a break. I suppose I got it since he didn’t say a word as he ran his fingers up through my hair, our tongues playing and going back and forth in each other’s pendik escort mouths.

I pushed his shirt off his shoulders so he’d be standing there in front of me half naked and took a step back to admire what I was about to have. He laughed and picked me up and sat me on the counter and whispered “shhh, just relax…” into my ear which gave me shivers. He kissed down my neck in little patterns slowly letting the tip of his tongue graze my skin to make me worse. He sucked gently in a couple different spots listening to my moans get higher and higher as he found exactly where I wanted him. He enjoyed it because he pushed his hard cock into my leg and whispered in my ear again “get naked with me… Right now.”

I wasn’t about to argue with someone so huge and so sexy so I stripped throwing my clothes to the ground around his and stood up in front of him a little bit self-conscious. He picked me up in his arms and I nuzzled his neck and his chest softly as he was taking me upstairs to his bedroom. Candles and incense were lit and the blinds drawn closed as if it were our own private paradise. After I realized all that went into this, I needed to have him, NOW.

I grabbed him and pulled him onto the bed with me yanking his pants down around his knees and then letting him completely take them off. He flipped me on my tummy and ripped my cat suit completely off next. Now we had our 2 naked bodies laying together pressed up against each other and we weren’t sure where to start…

I took over and kissed softly down his chest biting gently just above his pelvic bone to get his attention back to exactly where I wanted it. I began to lick around the head softly, running my fingers up over the shaft at the same time getting him ready for what was next. I looked up and his eyes were closed, his mouth maltepe escort half open, half moaning half in space. I swallowed half of it pulling it gently in and out with my fingers changing the way I was sucking and licking everywhere. I love to give a good blow job and he totally knows it. He pushed his hips up against my face so I held his sides with my hands and deep throated the rest using my tongue ring especially to make chills go up and down his spine as he just moaned out loud now. I felt his body tighten and knew he wanted to keep it right where it was with sticky cum dripping down my throat but I had something else in mind… A little revenge of my own.

I pulled his dick out a couple seconds before he was going to lose it and he had this stunned look on his face like “what happened…? We were doing just fine…” so I kissed him hard. Our tongues began to play again and I told him he couldn’t get off just like that and leave me here. He smiled and realized it’s true so he asked “what would make you happy, my sweet? Anything you want…” I had a couple ideas already so I jumped up and got on all fours in front of him and he’s like “alright… Now what?”

I had him spank me with one hand as his fingers on the other ran up and down through my cunt soaking the bed. One and then two were filling me up and the other hand was hitting me hard enough I was half yelling half crying enjoying it so much. “Bad girl! You horny little slut you and then you come home to me like I want you! I shouldn’t have seen you at all after what you’ve done, you whore, but I can’t keep my eyes off that ass even as you walk out the door…” He seemed to get himself angry with that and slapped my ass one last time… Shoved his cock in one thrust all the way inside my hole which made me fall forwards trying kartal escort to catch my breath. I had my hips banging right back up against his trying to have every inch of his body inside me, listening to the sounds of his balls slapping against my ass and half smirking but won’t dare to laugh ’cause I’d be spanked again.

Finally after I got off about 10 times I told him he was allowed to cum in my pussy as long as he promised to clean it up after his was finished. In and out, faster and faster, picking my knees up off the bed just driving himself as deep as possible into my cunt was his goal and he was making me scream in pleasure and pain, my two favorite things. Finally he let off slowly and I could feel the cool air running against my lips as he pulled out. I flipped over with my legs still wide open, both of us were covered in sweat and told him to get down on his knees and start eating and if he wouldn’t I was back out the door for how long I didn’t know yet.

He knows I love bondage so he said he wanted to make it the best for me and blindfolded me and chained me to the bed which of course just made me a thousand times hotter and I really needed to get off. This soft tongue curls around my clit and tugs gently on it with their teeth before shoving their tongue as deep as they could in my hole and licking everything all up. Of course by this time I had gotten off myself another 5 times and they’d have to clean that off too but I figured he wouldn’t find knowing he makes me so horny.

He pulled the blindfold off and I opened my eyes slowly, still caught in a hazy daze that you always get after an amazing orgasm and said “wow, you’ve really changed your eating techniques, it didn’t even feel like your tongue inside me this time but it was incredible…” Smirking he raised his eyebrow in the general direction of the door and in walks this absolute beauty. I’ve never been with a woman, I’m not bi, this has to be a huge joke but she was absolutely amazing. Uh oh, what do these 2 have in mind for the rest of the night… I guess we’ll see.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32