So Here I Am Ch. 01

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I held my whiskey, smiling to myself. I love a bartender that knows my drink and has it in front of me before I have a chance to order, and Paul is the best. I brought the drink to my lips as I looked around the bar. It was a quiet night compared to some of the other nights I’ve swung by. I had no problem getting my usual spot at the curve of the bar. It had a great view of the place. I could watch people come and go, dream of maybe approaching them, pure fantasy though for an introvert like me.

So here I am; fifty-nine, almost divorced, living in a one-bedroom apartment on the fringe of a rustic city on the edge of endless grasslands. Life looked a lot different than it did before and it could be depressing if I thought about it. Think about it I did and was not surprised in the least that I wasn’t depressed, I felt, good.

The separation was my idea. Ironic since I was the one who stepped out on our marriage. It was a long time ago. We thought we could work through it but infidelity is a tricky thing. My wife, despite what she claimed, was never able to forgive or forget but she clung to our wedding vows as Leo DiCaprio clung to that floating door. The crack between us grew wider as we grew older. Because of the fidelity issue, we had different views on erotica. I rarely watched porn but felt reading erotic literature was an acceptable activity. She felt it was disgusting and if I did it, I was cheating.

Other issues contributed and everything compounded until we co-existed in a sexless marriage for over a decade. It’s hard to get aroused when you resent the person sleeping in your bed.

There were a plethora of reasons to justify staying together, money being chief among them. We had finally achieved the comfortable life we’d wanted and neither of us relished the idea of struggling again, but sometimes you have to rip off the Band-Aid. So that’s what I did. I left her pretty much everything, packed a few suitcases, and hit the road. Cowardly? Maybe. But so is staying in a barren marriage because you’re comfortable in your pain.

It was time for me… to be me.

It didn’t take me too long to find a place to live, albeit temporary, and the job was an easy transfer and promotion with the company which I’ve worked for nearly ten years now. Most people might think Wyoming is a weird place to run off to, but Cheyenne always spoke to me. I longed for wide-open spaces where I could sit on my porch in the morning, with a hot cup of coffee, and look out over the landscape for miles and miles. Nothing but me, a good book, and peace.

I spot a couple walking in. They look somewhat familiar and I fruitlessly dig around in my brain trying to place them. He looks to be in his mid-thirties. A little shorter than my five-nine and dressed cute in polo and trousers. He looked average, in good shape without trying, nice jaw, and a sexy nose.

She was probably five-three, freckled, and curvy. She carried the extra weight well in the low-cut burgundy dress that would flow nicely on the dance floor. Her medium-length brown hair was held back with barrettes.

She was not model material, but she was cute as heck. She looked like the Girl Next Door out on a date with the Boy Next Door. The thing about me though, I like cute, I like the girl next door type, a lot. I’ll take Rene Zellweger over one of the Kardashians any day of the week.

They found a booth, settled in, and looked around the bar. She saw me and flashed me a gentle smile. I nodded back and turned back to my drink. I had acknowledged them, which was the polite thing to do, but for fear of coming off like a creepy old man so I turned my attention to other parts of the room. My brain still hadn’t figured out why they seemed familiar so I just chalked it up to déj� vu and contented myself with a few dirty thoughts about the Boy and Girl Next Door. Hell, fantasies and self-pleasure had been my life for the last 20 years so why stop now?

The bar was getting a little busy, the half dozen booths filling up, the bar getting a bit more activity, from folks out to imbibe on their midweek respite. A trio of guys at the other end of the bar were having a good time. They were rowdier than I preferred, which suggested that it was time for me to be on my way home. I set about finishing my drink and the Boy Next Door walked past me going, I assumed, to the men’s room.

I sipped my bourbon and watched one of the trio of guys walk over to the Girl Next Door and say something to her. She shakes her head; I could easily read her lips saying “No thank you.” The guy leaned in closer with his hands on the table and said something else, she leaned back, shook her head again, held up her left hand clearly showing him her wedding ring, and told him “No.” He stayed leaning over the table, talking, and now he had my full attention. She was looking around the bar, and he was still pressing her. The Boy Next Door walked past me and returned to their table, he lightly tapped the guy on the shoulder and spoke to him.

The guy stood up, turned, and replied Bolu Escort to the Boy Next Door. This guy was pretty big, 6’1′ or so, and looked to outweigh Boy Next Door by 30 pounds or more. He turned away from the Boy Next Door and said something else to her, motioning his head to the direction where his friends were. She looked very uncomfortable and the Boy Next Door once again tapped the guy on the shoulder and said something.

The big guy stood up, his hands clenched into fists at his side, and he turned to Boy Next Door. I was sure the big guy preparing to start a fight and I was pretty sure Boy Next Door would not fare well when that happened. Chiding myself for being an idiot, I got up and walked over to their table.

“Hey, you guys! Sorry, I’m late!” I said as I reached their table, gently insinuating myself between the two men, I set my drink on their table. “I didn’t see y’all come in. It is so good to see you again!” I said as I looked between Boy and Girl Next Door with my back to the big guy.

Girl Next Door looked up at me a look of confusion flashed across her face, and was quickly replaced with a smile. “Oh! I’m so glad you made it! Come on and sit down, we have so much to catch up on!”

She caught on so quickly that I looked at the Boy Next Door, darting my eyes to the booth, hoping he’d get the hint and sit down. Thankfully he took the hint. I turned to the big guy, smiling, “Hey, my friends and I haven’t seen each other in a long time and we having a night out to reconnect. So, if you’ll excuse us, we’ll get on with our evening.”

The big guy looked down at me and sort of sneered, “As a matter of fact, old man, I wasn’t done…”

I looked up at him, looked him steadily in the eye, sighed, and very quietly said; “I don’t want any trouble here, and she made it clear to you already that she is not interested, and her husband made it clear she’s not interested so might I suggest you go back to your buddies and enjoy the rest of your evening. Rather than start something here”

He looked at me, eyes narrowing, and opened his mouth, I interrupted him put my hand on his shoulder, leaned in closer, speaking quietly I said; “Dude, I’m old and I don’t want to get into something like this, but be assured, if you don’t move on one of us will end up in the morgue and the other in jail. Not sure who’ll end up where, but I promise you I’ll do my best to make sure that you don’t go to jail.” I stepped back slightly and held my breath, trying to show confidence, and a little menace. “Can we just enjoy the rest of the evening, separately?” He looks disconcerted, shifting his eyes to the booth behind me and back to my eyes. He turned, muttered something, and walked back to his friends.

I turned to the table, grabbed my bourbon, downed the rest of it, and took a deep, calming breath. I looked at Boy and Girl Next Door and I realized I might have embarrassed him by stepping in like that. He was a little flushed and looking down at the table. “I’m sorry y’all,” I said, “It looked like he was going to start a fight and his buddies over there certainly would’ve joined in making it an unfair three on one, I’m sorry if I overstepped.” I turned to leave, look back “Y’all have a good night”

“Wait a minute. They think we’re old friends catching up. If you leave now won’t that look suspicious?”

“Yes, please stay a while.” The Boy Next Door says.

“Are you sure? I didn’t want to interrupt your evening any more than it has been.”

“Yes, please sit, and thank you for stepping in.” She spoke. “It was brave of you to do that.” I could see the blush creeping up Boy Next Door’s face again.

“Nonsense.” I said and I pointed to him, “He was brave, he stood up to a much bigger guy to protect his lady. That’s bravery. I just helped diffuse the situation knowing I had a brave man at my back.”

Boy Next Door looked at me, a hint of gratitude in his eyes, and smiled, “Please sit, I insist.”

“Well….” I said, smiling back at him, “I don’t want to blow our cover story,” I gave them a quick wink and slid into the booth next to Girl Next Door on her left.

“Hi.” She said extending her hand. “I’m Elizabeth and this is my husband Tommy.” I shook her hand using a gentle, two-handed grip. He extended his hand and I took it, giving him the same two-handed shake. “It’s Thomas actually. Beth calls me Tommy and it makes me sound like a little kid”

“I’m JP, and I am very pleased to meet you Beth, and… Tommy” I said as I grinned at him. Beth chuckled and Tommy blushed. “I’m sorry, but y’all are so cute that ‘Beth that Tommy’ seems to suit you better than Thomas and Elizabeth. Much better than what I called you in my head when you first came in.”

“Really? What was that”?

“Please, you don’t want to know…” I chuckled.

“No, you mentioned it, now you have to tell us.” With this she moved closer to me on the seat, her thigh and arm were touching mine and I could smell the floral scent of her shampoo. My eyes inadvertently glanced down and caught Bolu Escort Bayan a pleasing look at her beautiful cleavage.

“Well, I’ve been referring to you as Boy and Girl Next Door.” They both looked at me slightly confused. “I had thought to myself; ‘Hmm… Girl Next Door likes Chardonnay’, and ‘the big guy needs to get away from Girl Next Door. Then when Tommy came back, I was thinking; Shit, Boy Next Door is going to throw down with the big guy’. Beth and Tommy were laughing at this point, I started blushing. “Sorry, I usually don’t let people see how weird my mind works.”

The waitress stopped and asked if we wanted anything. “Nothing for me thanks. I’m probably going to get going and let these two enjoy their night out.”

Beth spoke up “Nonsense. You need to stay and let us buy you a drink; I still have some questions for you.” She leaned into me and put her hand on my arm. Feeling her warm, soft breast pressed into my arm, catching the slightly floral scent of her hair was heavenly. Tommy sat back and smiled, nodding slightly. I relaxed and enjoyed feeling Beth against my arm.

Beth asked for a glass of wine, Tommy a Vodka Tonic. The waitress looked at me “What about you JP, the usual?”

Being an introvert, I’m a little socially inept. I try to be friendly but I’ve had only fleeting conversations with the staff here and those were mostly with Paul at the bar. Couple that with a major failing of mine; not learning people’s names and here I am, this lovely woman knew my name and I was clueless as to hers.

“What’s his ‘usual'” Tommy asked.

“JP usually has a Maker’s Mark on the rocks with a Newcastle Nut Brown Ale. Sometimes he’ll have a Knob Creek instead.”

I felt like a dick. She knew my name what I ordered and even my backup, and I have never even bothered to ask her name. I mentally shook myself. Fences to be mended later I thought.

“Go ahead and bring his usual,” Beth said.

We sat a moment until the waitress came back with our drinks, Tommy held up his glass, looked at me, and said “cheers to you for helping me protect the love of my life and for saving me from getting my ass kicked.” I clinked glasses with them and took a sip.

We chatted for a while and told each other about ourselves. I gave them a rundown on my current situation and my separation, trying hard not to make it sound more pathetic than it was.

He worked in IT or something, she’s currently a stay-at-home mom for their 5-year-old son and 3-year-old daughter. They met in college and had been married for 7 years. The entire time we chatted Beth stayed close to me. Touching my forearm when I talked, giggled, and pressed against me when someone said something funny. I was enraptured by her attention.

Tommy said his sister took their kids every so often so they could go out and have a “date night.”

Beth leaned over and quietly said “We usually just try different bars, trying a different one whenever we go out. We were here a month ago and we remember seeing you here. We were happy to see you here again when we came in.”

My brain clicked, that’s why they looked familiar! I vaguely remembered taking note of them a few weeks ago. “Well, tonight has been interesting. I haven’t been that close to getting my ass beaten in decades. I’m glad he saw sense and left. Otherwise….”

Beth leaned over and kissed me on the cheek, speaking softly, her warm breath caressing my ear “I appreciate you helping us. Tommy’s not real manly, but he tries and I love him for it. I’d hate for him to get hurt, so thank you again.” All the time she was talking, Tommy sipped his drink, seemingly unconcerned that her beautifully soft breasts were pressing into my side, her hand resting on my forearm and her lips practically kissing my ear.

Beth turned more towards me, the movement causing the V cut in her dress to open a bit more and exposing her ample cleavage just a tad more than before. Enough for me to notice her low-cut burgundy lacy bra which exposed just the top of her areolas. She placed her hand on my thigh, just above my knee.

“Earlier you said we were cute. What did you mean by that?” I stared a moment, taking in her beautiful hazel eyes, I glanced over at Tommy then glanced down, seeing Beth’s leg on my side crooked, her knee touching my thigh causing her dress to rise a bit, showing more of her milky thigh.

“I, uh… I umm, ah, well….” I struggled, Tommy chuckled and Beth giggled.

“Go ahead and tell us, it’s okay, we want to hear it.”

“I think you two make a very cute couple,” I said.

“Cute couple? That’s it?” There has to be more, give us details.” I looked at her, I looked at him… Okay, I thought, here it goes. I’ll tell them exactly what I was thinking and then they can freak out, and tell the dirty old man to fuck off and get the fuck away from them.

I took a deep breath, and let it out slowly. “Okay, this is exactly what I thought: The man is in his early-30s probably, a little shorter, not heavy, not skinny, just average. Escort Bolu Clean-shaven, strong nose but not too large, soft, but not weak jawline. He looks fit. He’s not too masculine but not feminine either. Just the right mix of man and boy, a guy I wouldn’t mind getting to know… a lot more.

She’s about the same age, petit, and curvy. Sun-kissed, lightly freckled face, very cute.”

I took a drink and continued; “The thing about her is she’s not drop-dead, ‘cover girl’ gorgeous. She looks like the girl next door dressed up to go out with the cute boy next door. She’s cute, which I find sexy. So, on her own, she’s unbelievably sexy, no doubt, but put the two cuties together, and they are HOT AS FUCK.”

I swallowed, took a heavy sip of my whiskey, followed it up with a long drink of my Ale, and looked down at the table, waiting for the outburst and recriminations. I felt Beth grab my hand, I turned to her and she looked in my eyes and whispered “That is the sexiest thing I’ve ever heard.” She smiled and pulled my hand under the table and placed it on her thigh. Holding it there as she took a drink of her wine. Tommy leaned in and made a little nod with his head so I leaned in as well.

“I agree with Beth.” He said quietly. “no one has ever described her, or me, like that. She’s beautiful to me but I’ve always considered us as average and I’ve never heard anyone describe us as HOT AS FUCK.”

The heat from her thigh felt like fire under my fingers. It was making my dick throb. “Um… could you excuse me a moment?” I said, “I need to visit the men’s room.” I drew my hand back slowly, slid from the booth, and walked away, wide-eyed and hard as a rock.

For all the charm this bar had, the bathroom was weird. It had two stalls and for a urinal, it had a 5-foot polished granite trough. Kind of a cool steampunk motif but offers no privacy. I didn’t mind. I have no problem seeing other guys exposed and peeing, and I’m always happy to let someone check out my modest dick if that’s what they want.

I stepped up to the trough, unzipped my pants, pulled my hard dick out, and took a few deep breaths. What the fuck was going on? Beth is practically sitting in my lap, putting my hand on her naked thigh, and Tommy’s just sitting back and chatting like he’s with a couple of friends. What the fuck? I’m not a prude, hell, I jack off to fantasies like this all the time so why am I freaking out?

My mind was racing, I was breathing deep trying to will my hardon away so I could pee when Tommy stepped up to the urinal beside me.

“It’s okay, it’s good.” He quietly said.

“Excuse me?” I looked over at him, eyebrows raised.

“With Beth, it’s okay. I like you, she likes you, and we like talking with you” He glanced down “It looks like you’re enjoying talking to us too.” He turned a bit and made a show out of stuffing his hard, and relatively small, dick into what looked like a powder blue thong.

“This is why we come out on our date nights. We’re trying to find someone who might be interested in a threesome.”

“Y’all do this often?”

“Yes, well no… what I mean is; we come out and look, but we’ve yet to find a third. Never seem to find the right fit. We think you’re the right fit. We’re hoping that tonight we’ll finally be able to live out our fantasies.”

“I’m not opposed,” I said. “But here’s the thing, the only way I would be willing to do this is if it’s all three of us together. I won’t spend time alone with either of you.” I gave up on trying to pee, stuffed myself back into my jeans, and buttoned them up. I moved to the sink, “I read a lot of erotic literature about cuckolds, swinging, hot wives, etc. the thing I don’t like about many of the stories is when the wife “goes on dates” or makes the husband go in the other room so she can be alone with her ‘bull’. It doesn’t appeal to me, so, all three of us, all the time.

He laughed, “fair enough,” and went back out to the bar. I finished washing my hands, took a few deep breaths, and made my way back out into the bar. Beth was sitting there smiling with Tommy whispering in her ear. She waved me over.

“Did you two have a nice chat?” She leaned back as I sat down, took Tommy’s hand, and pulled it into her lap. Tommy leaned into her and whispered in her ear again. I took a sip of my whiskey and took a long swallow of my beer. Beth looked at me, reached over, took my hand gently, and placed it on her thigh. She leaned in; I felt her breath on my cheek. “We’ve looked for about a year and I want you to be the one to help us out.

I felt Tommy’s hand cover mine, guiding it up her thigh to press her hot, wet panties. She whimpered, opened her legs wider, and slid forward in the seat a little. I slid my middle finger up and down the silk-covered crease of her vulva, Tommy smiled, sighed, sat back, and sipped his drink.

Beth’s hand moved up my thigh to cup the crotch of my pants. I was hard, again, and her hand on my cock was magical. I groaned, Beth groaned,” mmmm…. So hard, and bigger than Tommy’s.” He leaned in, kissed her, and pulled her panties aside allowing my finger unfettered access to her slick lips. I dipped a finger into her, she hunched forward, her hand on my cock squeezed harder. I slid in up to the second knuckled and moved it in and out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32