So Close

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Big Tits

For years he imagined the ways he would fuck her when the time finally arrived. He played it over and over again in his thoughts. How he would take her, and use her, and completely rape her of her senses and of her body. And when she was standing there before him, slightly shifting from one foot to another, all he noticed was the way her eyes told him of all the hopes she had for herself. Then all he wanted to do was kiss her pretty mouth………..

His breath so thick and sweet, smothering hers as he held her head still in his hands. Fingers wrapped completely in her hair, every last finger gripping her skull. His eyes a smokey sea, overshadowed with the lust and pain as they bore into her soul. So filled with promises, yet not giving of any. She welcomed his weight on her frame, she craved his heaviness. The soft down on his chest matted between them, pressing her breasts flat. He was on top of her, in her, and she was all around him. Her legs encircled him, and her thighs spread open. The soft heels of her feet digging into his ass, pushing his thick root into her very core.

“My sweet babydoll,” he gasped into her ear. To anyone watching it would seem that he was clinging to her as much as he was pinning her down.

His cock began to tear into her; short and violent strokes that sent escort gaziantep özbek bayan tremors throughout her body. It was such sweet fucking. His mouth ate her screams as they were torn from her helpless body. She felt his teeth chewing her lips, her tongue, and clashing against her own. The fucking was so primal and base, like the only object was to spill the seed as far inside as possible.

“Oh Godddd Mike,” she moaned. “Please do it.” Hot tears brimmed in her eyes, threatening to spill over, but she had no shame. She had released her pride for him and had become his whore in heat.

He groaned deep in his throat at the mention of his name. She was taking him beyond. To the borders and walls of their makeshift world. But, he could not stop, not now.

Her fingers tightly clutched his damp skin, leaving impressions of white. It was just delicious torment. She felt the muscles of his stomach clench against her own before each punishing thrust of his hips. Golden strands of her hair were matted to their wet cheeks and around their strained necks.

“That’s it, girl, take it.” He could see into her and through her, and knew all the expressions of her face.

The pulse and swell of his maleness stretching her submitted porno videolar cunt open, filling it. And when he withdrew each time, she felt empty.

She felt a small relief when his fingers released her hair. And before she could protest he slid his arms down and hooked them under her knees, pushing them up and back against her chest. His full weight still pinning her. His hands came back around the sides just in time to catch her head as she threw it back against the pillow. Her body arching towards him, away from him, the assault of his deepness almost too much to bear.

“Ohhhhh…,” was the only human sound coming from her little body. She was bent in half and being torn in half.

Their cheeks were touching and their mouths were open; hers stuffed full of his fingers, sucking on them like she was without food. And his mouth was speaking of the nastiness he knew she craved. To her, every word was like a touch.

“Mmm…Daddy loves his sweet little bitch.” The tears that were once brimming in her eyes, were now pouring. Her heart was is pain and his cock was slamming into her cervix.

He felt the cum begin to gush from her, the nectar of her flowing all around him. She was writhing in his arms as he tried to hold on to her and rus escort bayan gaziantep find his own release. Her nails became vicious claws as they dug into his sweaty backside.

“Ahh…My sweet girl,” he groaned into her mouth as he replaced his fingers with his warm tongue. He thrust one last time into her and held it there. His large body convulsing above her.

Her fingers slid up into his hair as well. Grabbing handfuls of each other, kissing each other, never being able to get quite close enough.

They came into bliss together. It was so savage and animalistic. He pumped his hot sperm deep up inside her cunt, deep inside her womb. Filling his girl up with it until her body became a ragdoll in his arms.

Panting and spent, he slowly planted light kisses all over her face. Wiping the tears and mascara that were streaked down her face with his thumbs. His cock still inside, yet not such a demanding force, a gentle one. Her head was turned to the side, and he cradled his head in the nape of her neck, smelling her musky scent. They remained like that until he grew soft and slipped out of the wetness, not speaking, just being.

He rolled off of her and onto his back, pulling her limp body with him onto her side. Her head fitting perfectly into the little nook of his shoulder and her leg slung up across his lap, gently pressing against his balls. An arm draped around her, pulling her close to him. Each time she inhaled, her breath would catch. Almost like she had been sobbing for a very long time and was now almost calm.

“Sleep now little one, and in the morning I’ll still be here with you.” He heard her sigh and snuggled her closer.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32