Sneaking In

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There were often days when Sam wished he were younger. If he had been, he would not have been sitting on the porch at 10:30 PM, looking down at all the younger people having fun. He’d have been down somewhere on the boardwalk getting into trouble. Actually at about this time, there would have been a good chance he’d have found someone cute to talk to and possibly be well into some serious progress. But here he was sipping a long neck micro brew sitting on the front porch having just sent his son to bed. Learning against a post on the front porch, he looked lazily at the boardwalk on the street below as he remembered days gone by.

He and members of his family had been renting these cottages on the lake for a long time. It started with their grandparents, then their parents and on down the line. The family has made this vacation spot a necessity every summer, at least for a few weeks each year. It has happened for generations. Sam’s earliest memory of this place is a motorboat kiddie ride at one of the arcades down on the boardwalk. Sam smirked a moment thinking that the same ride had always been in the same spot, in the arcade he had been managing this summer.

The cabins overlooking that busy street, beach, and boardwalk had been made in a colonial style. They varied in size, and had littered the hillside overlooking this freshwater hotspot for over a hundred years. Old and rustic, and only rentable if one belonged to one of several organizations, they had always stood as a contrast to ever changing modern times. Because this prime real estate had overlooked such fun and beauty, various companies had been trying to buy it for decades. But the organizations had always been resilient, wanting to keep the age old heritage intact.

Sam and his long time friend use to work here in high school and summers off from college. But growing up, it was a week or two once a year of fond memories with family and friends. Sam had even taken his own family here year after year at least until his wife ran off with his co-worker a few years ago. Her partner in lust, eventually got him fired from his six figure income as well. It had happened over two years ago, and he still had bitter feelings about it. But smiling a moment, despite the hardships he knew he got the best part of the deal. He had his thirteen year old son.

This year had been different than previous ones filled with barbecues, beach volleyball, and of course his long obsession with pinball in which this place is unmatched anywhere in the world. It was now the last week of July, and Sam had been here for the whole summer so far, having to take a job managing one of the many arcades. They had given him use of this small cabin as part of his compensation. Sam took the deal because he really had no choice. He had come here to work having been only able to find a counter job at a sub shop for the past few years. It had been a means to an end until he would start a really good job in October. He nearly broke down in tears when he got the offer at almost what he was making before. So he had been seeing this job this summer as an opportunity to have some fun and spend time with his son. He had even been thinking that this would allow him chances to have some fun like he had had earlier in his life before he was married. Except here he had not had even a single date, or even a conversation with a nice lady at all this summer. He never would have thought this before, but at that moment forty one years old seemed ancient.

Sam had started to think about his age when he was in his boardwalk arcade earlier in the evening. He had always been amused at people who would play a certain horse racing video game. The people playing it actually have to ride a fake horse as if they are in a quick gallop. On his way out, he had to stop because a particularly top heavy young girl had been drawing quite a crowd playing it. He knew that in his younger years, after seeing such a scene, he would have been one of many roosters trying to get her to hang out with him. He had smiled a moment making the mental note that well endowed girls should probably not play that game if they don’t want the attention.

The boardwalk being full of generations old arcades, shops, food, and other sorted summertime entertainment had always been his summer stomping ground. But what had started his mental rant earlier when he had been on his way out of the arcade, watching someone test the limits of a bra for 5 minutes it had started him thinking.

“Just a little something,” Sam said out loud, “Even a friendly smile would do at this point.”

Sam stood and looked down at the cabin below him as he saw his long time friend and most of his family drive up and stop. As they began pouring out of the car, Sam smiled weakly at his friend, his wife, and their son. He began to wonder where their daughter Megan was.

“Sammy!” his friend Dennis hollered up to him, “You didn’t miss much. They lost the game, badly.”

“Again? Ah too bad,” Sam smiled, “Did you forget Megan there or something?”

“No, she met up with some friends, and that guy she likes,” pendik escort Dennis said, “Supposed to be back in a few hours.”

“Ah ok,” Sam replied.

“Are you gonna be up for a while?” Dennis asked.

“Yeah for a while. It’s nice out here tonight,” Sam replied.

“Keep an eye out for Megan will you? We’re tired. She turns the light off when she comes in. If it’s still on in a few hours or so, let me know ok?” Dennis asked.

“Honey she is twenty five now. Don’t smother her,” Dennis’ wife said quickly, “She can take care of herself.”

“Yeah but until she is on her own, she comes back by 12:30,” Dennis said.

“Yeah man, I’ll watch out for her,” Sam said.

“She wanted out until 2 AM, but I said, not on my watch,” Dennis grinned.

“No problem, but you remember Sunday night, she was up here with me playing rummy on the porch ’til three,” Sam said.

“Yeah but that’s with you man. You’re like family,” Dennis smiled, “But not as much as Megan use to wish, remember?”

“Yeah I remember. Use to piss off Julia. But Megan was just a kid when she said that,” Sam smiled.

“No offense but I use to enjoy it when something would set your wife off. It was so easy to do,” Dennis said as his wife and son passed him and went into the cabin.

“Megan grew up, but Julia didn’t, such is life,” Sam said.

“Yeah but you know, some things never change,” Dennis grinned.

“Wait, you don’t mean that Megan still, I mean she was ten when she had a crush on me. It was a little kid’s fascination, that’s all,” Sam said nervously.

“Well just the other day she made some comment,” Dennis started.

“No way,” Sam frowned.

“You should see the look on your face right now,” Dennis laughed.

“Ah you bastard,” Sam grinned, “You had me going.”

“Did I? Still better you than that ass hat she is out with right now,” Dennis said, “It’s a good thing she is with her friends too.”

“Don’t get any ideas,” Sam said as he finished his beer, “Come up for a cold one?”

“Nah, going to bed,” Dennis said, “Plus, you know I can’t stomach that dark shit you drink.”

“Quality, hand crafted, with an earthy tint,” Sam mocked as he held the empty bottle over his arm like a waiter in a fancy restaurant.

“Believe that if you want to. Putrid, with a touch of week old coffee grounds,” Dennis said as he started walking inside, “Night.”

“Night,” Sam said as he watched his friend go inside the cabin.

“Damn its warm tonight”, Sam say as he pull his shirt off and tossed it on the chair behind him.

Grabbing another beer from the small cube fridge between the lounge chairs, he kicked it closed and sat down. Taking a large gulp of his favorite beer, he rested his head back and closed his eyes a moment.

Listening to the faint sounds of the still busy boardwalk, down over the hill he again imagined being down there in the middle of it, not as an employee in a quarter munching arcade, but as a young, ready for action superstar. His mind in a wandering state soon became tired as he dozed off. Not intending to sleep, especially for over two hours, his slumber was interrupted by a familiar sound.

“Hey Sammy,” Megan said softly.

“Holy fu!…potatoes,” Sam corrected.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to sneak up on you,” She grinned and came onto the porch, standing almost in front of him.

In his haze, he squinted to look at her as she approached him. He couldn’t help noticing that she was not wearing the same jeans and T-shirt she had on earlier in the day. The tight black one piece skirt that covered her short and fit build, barely left anything to the imagination. The skirt stopped about halfway to her knees. Megan leaned forward, and ran her hand through her long brown hair as she smiled at him

“It’s ok,” he said, trying to focus on her, “What are you doing up here?”

“Not much, just having a little issue,” She smiled.

“What time is it?” Sam asked looking around for his phone.

“Around 1:30 or something,” Megan said.

“Your dad told me you were supposed to be in by 12:30,” Sam said, “Crap I wasn’t even awake to notice.”

“Yeah, well once they go to sleep they are out dude,” She giggled, “This is the earliest I’ve been in all week.”

“Fine, so what’s the problem?” Sam asks with wide eyes, suddenly discovering that she is wearing a skirt that is probably a little too short.

“Well,” She grinned, “I forgot my key. “Can you let me in?”

“Here?” Sam said, “You want to stay here?”

“No I mean, you have a key to our cabin right?” She asked.

“Actually no I don’t,” Sam said quickly, “The lock broke, remember? Your dad hasn’t given me a new one yet. You’ll have to go wake them up.”

“No way,” She said quickly, “I’ll be busted.”

“Seems like you are already,” Sam said.

“You’re gonna tell on me?” She whined.

“Shouldn’t I?” Sam asked, “You’re going to get into trouble and I’m not going to be responsible. Your parents said to follow their rules until you are out on your own.”

“I know,” Megan sighed, “But please don’t tell.”

“Ok maltepe escort fine,” Sam sighed, “But if I happen to see it again, I will. This is your…get out of jail free card.”

“Ok, thanks,” She said as she grabbed a beer from the cube fridge, opened it and plopped down on the futon beside him.

“Help yourself I guess,” Sam shrugged.

“Thanks,” Megan grinned, then looked at him, “Sammy, you seem so I guess I could say, stressed or something now.”

“Yeah, not really stressed, just rolling over the past as usual,” Sam said.

“You’ll be ok you know,” Megan smiled, “I think you are better off now. I didn’t like Julia very much.”

“Wow you went right to the point,” Sam said as he chuckled and sipped his now warm beer.

“It’s just how I feel. You have Andy upstairs and a good job soon. You get to start over,” Megan said.

“I guess I could look at it that way,” Sam sighed, “I probably should.”

“You should,” Megan said as she drank her beer, “But I think I know what the real problem is. I see you when you look down there. I mean the boardwalk and all that. You seem to be missing something.”

“Just thinking of when I was younger,” Sam said, “I know I have a future, but I just thought that I could have a little fun this summer that’s all.”

“Well mom and dad said they would watch Andy any time,” Megan said.

“Yeah,” Sam smiled.

“Just one more thing,” Megan said, “Julia is kinda stupid, letting a guy like you get away.”

“If only she thought that,” Sam smiled.

“Forget her,” Megan said, “Move on already. There is someone better out there. Maybe closer than you think.”

“Well if you know where she is, don’t keep it to yourself,” Sam smiled as she looked at her.

“Yeah, hmm,” Megan started to say, but then stopped.

“I um,” Sam stuttered nervously and changed the subject, “Well, how are you going to get in? I mean before they get up in the morning.”

“Simple,” She said, “I’ll crash here in your place, and then go in when my brother gets up to do his thing at six.”

“Pardon me,” Sam said.

“Every morning for like…forever Henry gets up and takes a shit at six, then goes back to bed. I’ll wait outside and flag him down as he walks by that sliding back door. He’s kept the secret before for me, so no worries,” Megan smiled.

“Really?” Sam asked.

“Yeah you can set your watch by it,” Megan added.

“Damn you really need to be careful,” Sam said, “And you know this really puts me on the spot. I mean what if your dad asks?”

“You’ll just have to be kind, that’s all,” She said.

“Yeah but you really need to stop this sneaking around,” Sam said, “If you’re not careful you’re going to get into some trouble you can’t handle.”

“I’m a big girl Sammy. Look, I can dress myself,” She said as she lifted her left leg waving her shoe around.

“Ah,” Sam started to say as he glanced in her direction and saw that with her leg lifted, her skirt was hiked up just a little too much.

“Oops, I get carried away when I am trying to make a point,” Megan said.

“You should get my point,” Sam said.

“What’s that?” She mocked as she turned a bit and poked his shoulder.

“You, your, wait you’re buzzed aren’t you?” Sam asked.

“Yeah but just a little,” She answered.

“One beer?” Sam gasped, “Yeah you really need to be careful.”

“Yeah maybe I should settle down,” She added, “Find a nice guy. Then I don’t have to be, at least around him, you know.”

“Yes do that,” Sam sighed.

“Have any ideas?” Megan asked now as she shifted completely sideways to look at him.

“Ah no, it will just happen,” Sam said quietly, looking straight ahead.

“Well I did ask someone to marry me once,” Megan chuckled, “Grab me another beer?”

“Yeah I remember when you were a kid. You didn’t know any better,” Sam sighed, “I think one’s enough. It’s late.”

“Yeah I was a kid. But you’ve always been nice to me. I can’t say that about everyone,” Megan said as she stood, took a few steps forward and stretched, looking out off of the porch.

As Megan stood in front of him and to the right, he took another drink of his beer. He could see her out of the corner of his eye and tried not to look at her fully. He didn’t want to stare and show his loneliness even to himself. He had been quite stoic around her so far and didn’t want to break character. But as the moments dragged on he became less and less resistant to his stoicism.

Slowly he looked in her direction. He gazed upon her medium form. Her somewhat muscular legs in which he could see most of were close together as she leaned her hand on the porch rail. She had taken care of herself and no doubt turned heads everywhere she went. He had no idea how she could actually get into the one piece outfit as it fit so tight. He could get lost in his own thoughts looking at her. Sam certainly felt the guilt of looking at his best friend’s daughter, but at the same time with all that he had experienced over the last few years had a mild satisfaction that someone like her would actually talk kartal escort to him.

“I’m not really tired yet. What’s on TV?” Megan asked as she turned.

“Ah,” Sam said as he nervously looked away quickly, “Not a lot at this hour. Maybe a late show or something.”

“Cool, lets watch,” Megan said as she started to walk past him for the door.

“Yeah ok,” Sam replied as he stood, setting his empty beer down.

“Unless,” Megan grinned as she looked back at him, “The view is better out here. I could stand over there a while longer.”

“I um, well,” Sam started to say. “Let’s just go inside.”

Sam followed her inside and watched as she grabbed the remote from a side table and dropped onto the couch. At this point he really didn’t know what to do. He would have liked to sit down and watch TV, but he had been caught looking at her and had become on edge. He simply needed a way to shift gears.

I’ll go upstairs and find some sweats for you,” Sam said as he turned and headed for the stairs.

“Oh you don’t have to if it’s too much trouble,” Megan said. “Plus, it usually takes more than just a beer for a guy to get my clothes off.”

“What?” Sam exclaimed, “Wait, you know what I meant.”

I know I was kidding,” She smiled, “You know you didn’t use to be so serious.”

“Sorry, I know,” Sam said then stopped before he went up the stairs, “Wait, everything is down in your parent’s house next to the washing machine. I didn’t have time to do them.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Megan said as she pulled a blanket off the back of the couch and put it over herself, “Three hours from now I have to sneak back in anyway.”

“Hey,” Sam said as he swung around to face her, “There is that extra cot in Bill’s room. Oh and the one over there in the corner.”

“I’m ok here,” Megan said as she took her phone out of her purse and pressed the screen, “I’ll set this for like five-ish and crash right here.”

“You sure?” Sam asked as he went over to her.

“Yeah no problem,” She said as she pushed the blanket aside and started to stand up, kicking her shoes off.

Sam looked away quickly as she started to stand up. Her movements had hiked her skirt almost all the way up. As she stood up, he could see out of the corner of her eye that she had adjusted it.

“Are you sure you want to wear something like that out in public?” Sam sighed as he looked back over at her.

“Actually I’m sure I don’t,” She smiled, “Never done it before and it’s an accident waiting to happen.”

“For sure,” Sam said as he cleared his throat.

“Yeah this really isn’t for me. My friend talked me into it,” She said, “Not good. Especially with no under, I mean with these shoes.”

“I um,” Sam started to say as he looked at her, “Just tired that’s all. Yeah the late show is on.”

“Yeah,” Megan said as she sat back down on the couch, “I need to wind down anyway.”

Sam looked down at her slender form for probably too long. She stared ahead at the TV and put the blanket around her legs. But it was that mental image of what she looked like before she did that, that got him. As he stood, he looked at the TV but all he could think about was her. He tried to get the image out of his head, but as each second passed, it became more and more difficult. In his loneliness he had thoughts that he shouldn’t have. They had been building quickly and there was only one course of action.

I um,” He started to say, “I’m going for a walk.”

“What? Really?” Megan asked.

“Yeah. I’m going down to the arcade and make sure it got locked up. Maybe walk around a bit and get some air. Be back in an hour or so,” Sam said.

“Ok,” Megan said with a hint of disappointment, “I’ll be around in case Billy needs anything.”

“Thanks,” Sam said as he turned and went for the door.

Sam had to exit and get away from her in a hurry. He figured that if he left and gave himself time to cool down, he could then just come back and run upstairs. As he left the front porch and started walking down the hill to the boardwalk, he knew that he had just made an excuse about checking the arcade. The person he had picked for the assistant manager had always done an adequate job.

As he reached the boardwalk, Sam stood and watched the mostly empty street. Many of the shops and establishments had closed and there were just a few late night stragglers heading home. He looked across the street to see that the doors to his arcade were closed and it was dark. Not really having anything to do, he thought about just going to sit on the beach but he was tired and just wanted to get some sleep. He glanced at a few young ladies walking by and even smiled at one of them. They both glanced at him a moment and kept walking. He thought for a moment and regretted not saying anything. But in his mood he shrugged it off thinking that it had been so long he might not know what to do about it if they did stop.

It had only been about twenty minutes since he had left the cabin, but he headed back anyway. His plan was to just quickly walk in, and head for the stairs. Sam thought that with any luck she would be asleep and he could slip on by. He would not linger, and hopefully this new infatuation would be gone when he woke up in the morning. As he made the short trek up the hill he was certain that he would make that happen.

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