Sleven CYOA

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My name is Sleven White, I’m 17 years old, been home schooled all my life and that makes me a fucking virgin. Oh well, I hope to change that as my parents have just gone away on a 10 day cruise to celebrate their anniversary, 20 years and still happy with each other.

So I guess I should tell a little bit about my self. Like I said I’m 17, I do fencing, the thing where you get to play around with swords and stab people, but I don’t do it competitively. I’m somewhat short for my age, 5’7” and weigh in at a lean a toned 170 but I’ve got quite the set of abs going on. I’ve got light skin, sky blue eyes and very bleach blonde hair just like my Mom, both my parents are 1st generation Germans and both sets of grandparents are full German. I’m packing a bit of heat also, about 8 inches of uncut meat and I’m no slim Jim either.

So the first day that I’m home alone I just go naked and dope around the house playing video games, watching porn, listening to music and doing stupid shit. Well I was having the time of my life when the door bell rings. I quickly grab a towel and wrap it around my waist and answer the door to reveal the MILF of a neighbour that lives just next door standing there in daisy dukes and a tank top, obviously not wearing a bra if the two nubs tell you anything.

Mrs. Cutter, or Amanda to everyone around the neighbourhood, is what you would see in the urban dictionary for MILF if they had pictures. At 5’8” she’s got the perfect super model body, long tan toned legs that would make any man or woman drool, and a tiny little waist that just make her slightly above average breasts look rather large on her. She had long brown hair that goes midway down her back a couple days ago but she got it cut at one of those places where they give your hair away to some charity for cancer kids or something, the only reason I know of this is that my Mom had dragged me there with as she was doing the same thing. So now her hair was just at shoulder length and framed her face rather nicely. And getting to her face was a remarkable feat for any guy that would see her in a bar, but he would be well rewarded with the face of an angel with looks that would make a player act like a little boy around a pretty girl.

So there she was standing in the doorway, sweat pouring down her body and she looked like she was a little dirty from doing gardening in her yard.

“Oh sorry Sleven, didn’t know you were taking a shower!” She said looking down at the towel around my waist.

“Oh uh, yeah no problem Mrs. C, I was getting out when you rang.” I said trying to play it off, the fact of the matter was that I was dry as a bone. We stood there for an awkward moment, gaziantep travesti I could tell that she knew exactly what I had been doing but it was just one of those awkward moments that you just want to get past. “Want to come in?” I asked stepping out of her way of the doorway.

“Thanks, this heat today is killing me out in the yard!” She said walking into the house. I realized that my music was still on and it just went to ‘Shhhh’ by Celph titled(Real song, go you tube it and see why the fuss). “FUCK!” I thought to myself as I sprinted over to the stereo and hit the power button.

“Sorry about that.” I said looking back at Mrs. C and seeing her looking at me with a quizzical look.

“So you like that kind of music?” She asked me as she sat down in a big comfy armchair.

“Uhh, well you see,” I start before getting silenced by her waving her hand.

“Oh don’t worry about it Sleven, I’m perfectly fine with that kind of music, you can really shake your ass to it compared to some rock songs.”

“Shake your what?” I thought to myself envisioning Mrs. C in a club shaking her ass to that song, god that would be so hot!

“Would you like a drink or something?” I ask trying to change the subject before my cock decides to show it’s opinion to the conversation.

“Some lemonade would be nice if you‘ve got any.” She said crossing her legs. God damn her shorts were practically painted over her snatch it looked like from my view. I quickly left the room to get the drinks before any more blood raced from one head to the other.

I raced upstairs to my bedroom and yanked on a pair of boxers, cargo shorts and a T before running back down the stairs and grabbing two lemonades. I walked back into the family room to see her still sitting in the armchair and just looking around the room.

“Decided to get dressed huh?” She asked looking over at me with a smile.

“Yeah, thought it would be better that way.” I said handing her a glass of lemonade. “So what brings you over?” I asked sitting down on the couch next to the armchair.

“Oh well I was hoping that you could help me with mowing my lawn.” She said taking a sip of her drink.

“Sure I can do that!” I said smiling over at her.

“But you already took a shower,” She said giving me a sly smile. Yup, she knew I had no shower. “I wouldn’t want you to just get dirty on my part.”

“Oh no problem, I can always take one later.” I said blushing a little bit.

“Great!” She said getting up and chugging the rest of her lemonade, some of it leaked down her chin and dribbled down between her breasts making me go hard instantly. “Let’s go get started!” She said walking over to the door.

“I’ll be right over,” I said staying sitting. “I just need check on something before I leave.”

“Alright, just don’t take to long.” She said smiling at me before going out the door.

“Goddamn!” I said out loud when she closed the door. I looked down and saw that even sitting down my cock was tenting my shorts rather visibly.

After getting my penis back under control I went nextdoor to see Mrs. Cutter on her knees and digging around in her garden bed pulling out weeds. Next to her was her daughter Briana doing the same thing in the same damn outfit. Being able to keep a boner down in front of Mrs. Cutter is an amazing feat all by itself, but having two almost identical bodies with shorts that are folded into their crotches and perfectly framing their pussies is something that no one can do.

Briana is 15 years old and a spitting image of her mother, she stands at 5’5” and, this is just my best guess here, B cups on her chest. Her hair is brown like her mothers but much longer stretching down most of her back.

“Hey!” Briana said looking over her shoulder at me, she got up and smiled as she watched me walk over to them. “Mom, boy’s here!” She said tapping her Mom on her shoulder.

“Briana, he has a name you know?” Mrs. Cutter said leaning back on her knees and looking up at her daughter.

“Yeah I know, boy is just easier to say.” Briana said smiling down at her mother.

“What’s hard about saying Sleven?” Mrs. Cutter asked looking up at Briana.

“Nothing, it’s just weird!” And with that Briana skipped away over to the house and disappeared inside.

“I’m sorry, I really don’t have any idea of where she got it from.” Mrs. C said looking up at me from her knees.

“No problem, where’s your mower?” I asked looking over at her.

“Oh hold on a sec, I’ll show you.” She said getting up to her feet. She led me to the backyard and pointed out a shed near the back fence. “Everything you need should be in there.” She said turning to look at me.

“Should be?” I asked looking up at her. “You mean you don’t know what’s in your own shed?”

“It was Dom’s place,” She said looking back at the small wooden shed.

“Fuck me!” I thought to myself. Dom was her late husband as of 3 months ago, got broadsided by a semi coming home from work just a couple days before he turned 37. “I’m sorry,” I said looking down at the ground feeling like a complete and total prick. “I didn’t mean to.”

“Oh it’s not your fault.” She said putting a hand on my shoulder. “Like I said, everything should be in there.” She turned and walked out of the back yard and into the front leaving me standing there in her backyard. It needed a good mow that’s for sure, the grass looked like it hadn’t been mowed in months. Come to think of it ever since her husbands funeral I’ve only seen lawn crews take care of her front lawn and nothing else.

I shook off the feeling of pure shittyness and walked over to the shed, upon opening it though I was shocked at what was inside. There was a push mower inside along with gas operated weed eater/edger. But what really caught my eye was the spiral staircase leading downwards. I was tempted to go down before my senses got the better of me and I just grabbed the mower and pushed it out.

After I got done with the lawn I put everything back in the shed, I shut the door and headed back to the house and rang the doorbell. I waited a couple of seconds before Briana answered the door in a towel, her hair wet.

“Oh hey boy!” She said smiling at me. “You get done with the lawn?”

“Yeah, if you could tell your Mom for me that would be great.” I said smiling back at her.

“Sure whatever, I’ll see ya later.” She sad waving to me and closing the door. I was fine with being brushed off by her as I had semi blue balls from all of the T&A that I saw working in the yard. I rushed back over to my house and was naked in a matter of seconds after the front door was closed. I jacked off right there in the doorway over the carpet, it didn‘t take more than just a couple of strokes for me to go off my cock was aching so badly. After cleaning up my mess I went over to my laptop and opened the lid and saw that I still had a porn site up with a video halfway through. However the thing that caught my eye was the sticky note on my screen saying “That’s hot!” It was signed Amanda C.

“Holy mother fucker!” I said out lout to myself as I looked at the sticky note. What did this mean? I flipped it over and saw that there was more writing on the back of it. Come over tonight for some real relief!

Did I just get a ’Come fuck me silly’ note from the milf next door? Sure as hell looks that way!

That night I walked out of the house dressed in a pair of black cargo pants, one of my super right under armour shirts and a pair of skater shoes. I was standing in the front yard thinking of what to do.

Option A] Go to the front door
Option B] Go around to the back door
Option C] Go check out the stairs in the shed

Now for your input, email me at [email protected]

For option A make the title Apples
For option B make the title Berries
For option C make the title Cantaloupes

Any email with a different title to it will not be counted towards the official votes. Voting ends November 24 2010 so get on it!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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