Slave to Tara Ch. 01

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This story is the intellectual property of its writer to the exclusion of all others.

All characters engaged in sexual activity or in anything related to sexuality to it are adults who are eighteen years or older.

This story is a work of pure fiction and intended to be a work of fantasy. Any similarity to real events or persons are purely coincidental.

There is a minor in this story, she will remain innocent, unaware, and celibate for this story and any sequels. I will not change that policy. Thank you for reading this disclaimer, story begins below!


When I was had finished my college freshman year and was home for the summer, I had a hard time finding a job, the economy was in a recession. I was playing in chess tournaments, mostly on lower rating levels, U1600, but after winning a tournament in early June, a woman named Marie asked me if I could give private lessons for her daughter, Tracy, who was ten-years-old. Tracy had already beaten her dad and older brother, but finished the four round tournament with only one win and a draw, 1 1/2 out of a possible score of 4. We agreed on $15 an hour and a $100 bonus if Tracy took home any trophy from a tournament that summer, $200 for second, and $300 for first, each. Seeing there were three local tournaments that summer Tracy could play in, and she was at the lowest ranking level, U800, I figured I could make some good money. There was also a New England regional in Boston in mid-August, I was eyeing the $5,500 prize for my division, plus the pretty awesome trophy, and if Tracy was good enough I promised she could tag along, and enter into whatever division she qualified for. If Tracy took the big prize home from Boston for her division (a $1,500 scholarship and a fancy trophy) I was promised a $500 prize.

Tracy was a charming little nerd and usually she’d sit there, messy brown hair tied back, no makeup on, round glasses, and geeky t-shirt. She got usually an hour or two a week, and was very studious doing all the homework I issued. We bonded over some common and nerdy interests, and often I’d stay a bit late, those trophies weren’t going to win themselves. In a lot of ways I saw a younger me in Tracy. She also was very eager to impress me, recording games she’d play at school or against the computer for review and reading up on openings herself. She also was getting much better. The other kids her age at her rating would crumble under the Sicilian defense, and while I played the Taimanov, she found the flexibility of it somewhat unrewarding and preferred the Dragon variation. Although, I had bursa escort to steer her against excessively aggressive playstyles, and forced her to try the French and Caro-Kann.

One week I came by expecting to meet with “my little protégé,” as I called her, and I found the front door unlocked, I came in and went to the kitchen where Tracy and I usually played. It wasn’t uncommon for her to be a bit late. I heard what sounded like weights clanking downstairs, heavy ones, and loud pop music. Tracy had lived in a raised ranch, so the basement was part of the living space. I was going to go investigate the noise when a tall, blonde goddess ascended the stairs, sweaty and in a tank top, she had a lean feminine body, but developed and toned muscles. Her legs were amazing and looked incredibly strong. She was wearing a black sleeveless top and black very short shorts. I knew Tracy had an eighteen-year-old sister, but never really gave her a lot of thought, she seemed to not be around when I was. I was only nineteen, but was focused on my work.

“Oh hi there,” I said, “I don’t believe we’ve met before, I’m Ollie.” She looked at me blankly and then nodded and said, “Tara.”

“Do you know when Tracy will be here?” I asked.

“Family’s away this week, in Gettysburgh,” said Tara.

“You’re not going with them?” I asked.

“Listen, Ollie, Gettysburgh has got to be one of the dweebiest vacations there is and that’s great for Tracy, and maybe a nerd like you, but I’m too busy having a life and partying to fart around the museums and monuments. I’m surprised my mom never called you,” Tara seemed really arrogant.

“I guess I’ll be going then,” I said.

As Tara approached the refrigerator, I got a great look and accidentally said “Wow” out loud.

“Wow, what?” asked Tara.

“Um…nothing…um…’re legs look really strong,” I stammered.

“Listen, geek,” said Tara arrogantly, “I’m not here for you to ogle. You have no idea how strong they are. Take it in, I’m stronger than you from head to toe. While you’re teaching my sister how to be a bigger nerd, I’m working on my look. I took a gap year from college to become an influencer. You know what, let’s play a game I like, she knocked the pieces and the clock onto the floor in one sweep of her long, muscular arms, let’s arm-wrestle, let’s see if you can take a girl!”

I wasn’t really sure what to say. I was turned on by strong, bossy girls, and Tara, a sexy and muscular goddess was seated across from me, fulfilling that role, I decided to lock arms with her. As we started pushing, bursa escort bayan Tara’s arm went back until it was almost down, I was expecting to win. Then she stopped seeming to struggle, smiled sexily and swung her arm the other way around slamming my hand into the table with a powerful “thud!”

Tara started laughing hysterically, “I’m a lefty too, loser!”

“Loser? I’ll have you know that I am attending Tufts University and on fast track to graduate top of my class in Economics with a minor in philosophy,” I said. I said all this despite having a massive erection from this arrogant, but strong, sexy, bossy teen.

Tara scoffed and said, “normally nerdy losers like you know when to submit…..but you’re a little too arrogant, you don’t know your place yet! Stand up.”

I was dumbfounded. I froze in place.

“Stand up right now!” screamed Tara.

I did. “Good boy,” she said calmly. I was scared of what Tara might do next if I disobeyed.

Tara swung a roundhouse kick into my gut, I fell like a sack of bricks. “What? You think because your older than me, I’ve been beating up geeky pussies like you for years, and you’re nothing special? Now back up, you piece of shit.”

“It pisses me off that my sister is such a geek, and it pisses me off she would ever admire a pathetic little dork like you,” Tara began pacing as I climbed up. As soon as she turned her back for a moment, I made a mad dash for the door…

“Oh no you don’t!” Shouted the sexy blonde eighteen year old. Despite my head start she quickly overtook me, then she pushed me up against the wall, face first, only to spin me around, “you will leave when I say you leave, fucker!” Tara slammed her knee into my balls, she did it only four or five times, and I think I blacked out, because I remember waking up downstairs in the weightroom. My balls still ached, Tara, that beautiful and muscular, teenage goddess was standing over me, now wearing a pink t-shirt and short white skirt. I also was stripped naked and felt quite embarrassed and vulnerable.

“There you are,” said Tara finally, “now shut up and listen.”

I tried to speak, but began coughing and managed a weak groan.

“I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m doing this, and not just sending you home…and what we’re going to do is this, I know my mom is paying you quite a bit for tutoring my sister, but you don’t really need all that money, do you? Yeah…you don’t. A girl like me deserves it more than a nerd like you. Especially seeing you’re pretty much reinforcing nerdy shit on my sister. Now I know you escort bursa need money for school…so I’ll be nice, how about 50% of everything my mom pays you?” said Tara, “I can afford to be nice, you’re not my only cash slave.”

I could only cough. “Sounds good!” said Tara.

Tara took panties off from under her short skirt, they were very sweaty and wet, she threw them at me derisively. “To ensure you comply, you’re going to jerk your little dick into those,” said Tara, “so let’s get it over with.” Tara looked at me condescendingly. “Do it, bitch, or you’ll leave here with a broken arm,” screamed Tara.

So I picked the panties up and began stroking into them. I suddenly was going furiously, Tara’s hot body Tara turned the radio on and began twerking, while laughing at me, she made sure to flex extra hard. She asked me if I was turned on by her muscles. In masturbatory bliss I said “yes.” She flexed extra hard at the very end and I shot the most powerful orgasm of my life into the panties admiring her sexuality, strength, and complete superiority. Tara picked them up like they were a turd and put the now soaked panties into a Ziploc bag, she withdrew a marker and wrote “loser DNA” on the bag. “If you tell anyone about this….I’m just going to say I caught you jerking into my panties. So don’t piss me off!” She punctuated her statement by sending her foot into my balls, “you’re such a pussy,” said Tara and she untied me threw me on the floor followed by my clothes, she screamed at me that I had until the count of ten to get out. I fought through the pain clothes in my hand and got dressed after reaching the safety of my car.

I didn’t feel like going straight home so I went to a fast food restaurant and ordered a large combo. I was mostly interested in the massive soda to ice my balls. I felt my balls hoping they’d still be mostly intact–they were. I also tried to think of how I could handle Tara’s possession of my semen. I suppose I could try to steal it, doing a little searching whenever I went by. But Tara would probably re-procure it and hide it well. Also, the house wasn’t extravagantly easy to search without being detected. Maybe Tracy could help, but I didn’t want to get her involved. Her sister was quite the bully and Tracy had confided in me she already got picked on enough in school. On the bright side I didn’t have any immediately noticeable bruises and the large iced soda had brought the swelling down.

No matter how much scheming I was doing and how much I thought I hated Tara I couldn’t think of a girl more attractive than she was. I found her on social media and she was indeed an influencer, she had a ton of pictures and I worked myself into masturbatory ecstasy over Tara’s pictures. Her pictures, especially the ones that show off her muscles brought me more pleasure than ever.

To be continued…

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