Slave for a Day

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I don’t know what I said to piss her off, but I had to make it up to her. I knocked on her door, hoping she was home. Just as I was about to turn and leave, the door opened up a crack.

“What do you want?” she asked coldly.

“I was an idiot, and wanted to apologize.”

“What if I don’t want an apology?”

“Just give me five minutes, if your still mad, I’ll leave.” She let the door slowly swing open, as she turned and walked back to the kitchen.

“I brought you these.” I said as I held out the roses.

“You have four minutes left.” she snatched the flowers from me, and stuffed them in a vase. She stared at the flowers, not wanting to look at me.

“This is your apology?” she asked as she rearranged the roses in the vase.

“No, this is.” I held my arms out.

“Who said I wanted a hug?” Her glare was obvious. “You’re down to three minutes.”

“I’m not offering a hug.” This got her attention. “I’m offering me.”

“But what if I don’t want you?”

“You don’t understand. I was a complete idiot before. To make up for it, I’m yours to do what you want with.”

“You mean like a slave, or something?” She was now intrigued. “If I asked you to clean my toenails, you would?”

“I would suck your toes clean. I would give you a complete tongue bath, if you wished. In fact, I would lick you clean after you peed, if you so desired. I would be at your beck and call.”

“The peeing part is a little extreme, but this might have potential. Will you do housework? And for how long?” Her mood was changing.

“I will do anything for you, and for as long as it takes to gain your forgiveness.”

A smile started to form on her lips, but quickly changed back to a frown.

“This might have to wait. I was so angry with you, I told Paul I would have dinner with him.”

Paul is a neighbor, who lives a few doors down. He’s kind of a geek, who probably has never had a date in his life. He was a safe choice to make me jealous, without having to put out.

“I guess maybe I could call him and cancel.” She wanted to be my slave driver, and make me pay.

“There’s no need to cancel, I don’t mind if you two go out.”

“But, I invited him here for dinner.”

“That would be perfect! I could be your waiter for the evening. I’ll cook, serve, and clean up.”

“You wouldn’t mind…er, yeah, that’s where you can start.” She was determined to make me suffer.

Without saying a word, I began picking stuff up, and straightening the room out. She had already done the shopping, so all the food was there, waiting to be prepared. She wasn’t much of a cook, so I think she was relieved to have me do it.

As I cleaned the kitchen, she told me that she was going to take a bath, and prepare for her “date”.

I was just finishing up in the kitchen, when she hollered for me to help her. She was standing in her bedroom, wearing her blue cotton robe, and a towel wrapped around her wet hair.

“Help me find something to wear tonight.” she ordered. I already knew what I wanted her to wear, so I searched her closet, until I found it.

“You want me to wear that?” she asked, as I held the black dress up. It was a very low cut, pendik escort very short, very tight mini dress, that she never had the guts to wear, except the one time she tried it on for me. But we never left the house, and that image has been burned into my brain forever.

“No, I guess it would be too much for Paul.” as I turned to hang it back up.

“Hand it to me!” I had to wipe the smile off my face before I turned around to hand her the dress. “What else am I wearing with this?” she demanded. I rummaged around her drawers, and came up with a black garter belt and black thigh highs, and her favorite spike heels.

“What about a bra and panties?” she asked as she surveyed the outfit.

“Oh yeah, I suppose you’ll need those. Wouldn’t want to scare Paul off.” I opened the top drawer, and waited.

“Fuck you. I’ll go without!” I slowly pushed the top drawer closed, with a grin. If it would have been the middle drawer, I could have closed it without my hands, as the bulge in my pants expanded. I quickly left to start dinner, while she finished getting ready.

Twenty minutes later, there was a knock at the door. Knowing she wasn’t ready yet, I answered it. Paul stood there, with a bewildered look on his face, as I ushered him in.

“Uh…I thought I had a date with Kate tonight.”

“You do. I’m just the housekeeper. Come on in and have a seat.” I showed him to the couch, where he sat and fidgeted like a schoolboy.

“Ooh!” was all he could spit out, as she entered the room. My god she looked hot. She went to a lot of trouble to make a point. She sat down on the other end of the couch, not realizing ’til this moment, how high that short dress rode up when she sat down. She kept her long legs tightly together, as she tugged the hem down, trying in vain to cover more of her legs. She saw me smile at her, and she ordered me to bring them drinks.

Her cabinet was well stocked with booze, so I started them out with sweet daiquiris. They each had one before dinner. Well, OK, so I put a little more booze in her drink. OK, I put a lot more booze in her drink. She had a hard time walking a straight line to the dining room, as I announced it was time to eat. I was in the kitchen, when she staggered in behind me.

“Are you trying to get me drunk?” she asked with a slight slur.

“You never could handle your booze very well.”

“Make me another one you…you jerk!” she said as she wandered back out to the table. Oh yeah, I’ll make you another. Oops, I thought, as I tipped the bottle of booze into her glass.

Dinner went smoothly, and I stayed in the kitchen, while they made small talk. As I cleared the table, Paul commented on how great dinner was. Kate just stuck her nose up at me. They returned to the couch, as I began washing the dishes.

“I can’t believe your getting me drunk!” she said as she swayed into the kitchen. “Bring me some coffee!”

“Yeah, I better, before you do something stupid out there.” I knew that would clear her out of the kitchen. I made the coffee, and added some Bailey’s Irish Cream to liven it up a bit. As I brought the tray out, I noticed she was now sitting right next to Paul, as they talked. maltepe escort Each time she looked away, he stole glances at her beautiful body. They each took a cup, and I sat down in a chair, off to one side of the room. It was behind Paul, but Kate could see me just by looking up. She took one sip, and knew. Paul thought it tasted wonderful, causing Kate to shoot an evil eye at me. I looked at her and smirked. She apparently took this as a challenge, so she set her cup down, leaned over and kissed Paul. This took him by surprise, as he struggled to set his cup down. She looked passed him, and into my eyes. I just smiled, and continued to leaf through my magazine. The next time I looked up, she was exploring his tonsils with her tongue. He would put his hand on her knee, just to have her quickly remove it, as they played kissy face. I got up and went to the kitchen for a drink, knowing she would be there any time now. Like clockwork, she appeared at the door, just as I was finishing my drink.

“Well, have you had enough yet?” she asked, through smeared lipstick.

“Me? I’m fine, but you sure know how to tease Paul.” I said, as I handed her another drink. I sure know how to tease her too. She marched, in not so straight a line, back to the couch. They were kissing again, as I took my seat. As soon as she saw me, she reached over and picked up Paul’s hand, and placed it on her knee. He was slowly caressing her thigh, and I could see her stiffen nervously, as he reached the top of her stockings. As she looked to me, I yawned, and turned the page. She spread her legs apart, giving Paul plenty of room. He took advantage of it, and pressed upward. I wished I could have seen his expression, when his fingers felt not panties, but wet pussy. As he slid a couple of digits in, I could see the mixed feelings on Kate’s face. She would not normally let this guy near her, but in her quest to make me jealous, her physical feelings took over. That and the alcohol. After watching her hump his fingers for a minute, he knelt down in front of her, and started planting kisses up her leg. About mid-thigh, he noticed me sitting there, and hesitated.

“Does he have to be here?” he asked Kate.

“Don’t mind him, maybe he’ll get bored and leave.” With that, she spread her legs wide apart for Paul. It was too much for him to resist, as he skipped the rest of the kissing and went right for her slit. For a geek, he must have knew how to lick, as she was soon cumming like never before. She would look my way for a moment, but would then close her eyes, and moan, as she was swept away into orgasm land.

After what appeared to be her fifth orgasm, I again headed for the kitchen. I was just finishing putting the clean dishes away, when she wobbled in.

“What do you think now?” she panted.

“I think you’re still a tease, and I’m sure Paul does too.” Back out the door she went. I finished my job, knowing she would wait for me before doing anything. This time, I grabbed the newspaper, before heading back out to my chair. They were petting lightly, until I sat down. She immediately grabbed his crotch, and rubbed. He moaned, and slipped a hand into her dress, squeezing kartal escort her breast. She unzipped him, and pulled his cock out. From where I was sitting, I could barely see it. I was relieved ,to see it wasn’t any bigger than mine. She stroked it, and played with it, looking up at me, for my reaction. I just rolled my eyes, and went back to my paper.

A new noise caught my attention. It was a slurping noise. I looked over the top of my paper, to see her head bobbing up and down in Paul’s lap. He was getting close already, and warned her.

“You better stop, before it’s too late!” he groaned. She slowed enough to look at me. I laughed softly, as I knew she never swallowed. In fact, she didn’t even like doing what she was doing. My reaction set her off. Instead of stopping, she attacked him fiercely. Along with renewed sucking, she pumped furiously with her hand. It only took a minute of this to finish him off. I could hear his joints pop, as his body stiffened, and trembled. A gasp from his lips told me that he just filled Kate’s mouth with creamy sperm. I put the paper down to see how she was going to spit it out gracefully. She looked up at me, and in a moment of desperation, she swallowed. She then squeezed the last drops out of his cock, and licked them off as well. This move even surprised me.

I headed back to the kitchen for our next rendezvous, wondering if Paul was getting suspicious. This time, she was right on my heels. I could smell both his cum, and the booze on her breath, as she spoke.

“Now what do you think?” she leered.

“I guess a blow job was easier than actually fucking him.” I said, knowing what was coming.

“I need another drink.”

“Didn’t the last one quench your thirst?” Boy, I’m a smart ass. Heavy on the ‘smart’ as I handed her a straight shot of whiskey. She downed it, then staggered back to Paul.

By the time I got back out there, she had slipped out of her dress, and was coaxing his cock back to life. Wearing only stockings and heels, she could bring the dead back to life. Her eyes were now glazed over, as she fought the desire to pass out. She could hardly keep her eyes open, as she straddled Paul. Her eyes popped open wide for a moment as his cock quickly filled her pussy. She closed her eyes and bounced up and down like a rag doll, totally oblivious to Paul, and me for that matter. Between the booze, and the orgasms that followed one after the other, she was totally out of it. Paul grunted, and blasted her pussy full of sticky cum, then rolled her off onto the couch, where she passed out.

“Well, I better go. Tell her thanks for dinner, and everything!” Paul was out the door.

I gently picked Kate up, and took her to her bed. I took her shoes off, then carefully rolled each stocking down, and off her feet. God she was beautiful. Even if she did have a trail of cum leaking out of her pink pussy. Well, I told her I would give her a tongue bath, so I crawled up between her legs, and started licking. Paul’s cum was actually kinda sweet, especially when combined with her sweet honey. I licked her completely clean, then softly sucked on her clit, until she bucked into another orgasm. For the first time today, she had a smile on her face. I covered her with a sheet, and left the small light by her bed on, and left to pick up her dress. As I draped it over the chair by her dresser, she stirred.

“Hey.” she whispered.


“I love you.”

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