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Chapter 5

Sterling and I stayed up for a little more than an hour more before we decided that we too should head to bed. We only cuddled up and watched TV before bed, but it was nice and relaxing. When we went to bed, we kissed and cuddled for a few minutes before whispering I love you and goodnight to each other, and before too long we are sound asleep, having an amazing sleep once again.

I woke up first this morning, which is a bit rare, but that is okay, and I watched Sterling for only a few minutes as he continued to sleep, but he started waking up only a few minutes later himself, and I was there to greet him with a very good morning kiss. We stay there, kissing and cuddling, for easily ten minutes before deciding to get up and get started on our day.

I lead the way to the bedroom that we had put Reilly and Aidan into last night, and when we arrived, we found them both still sound asleep, curled right up to each other, their noses pressed together, damn near kissing in their sleep. They only have their sheet covering them at the moment, and so, I pull it down so that we can wake them up, and we find them both with their hands in the backs of the others diapers, each holding the others” bare baby bum. It is cute.

We both crawl into the bed, and like I usually try and wake Reilly, we are both doing so now to the little baby boys, and within a minute, they are both awake. They both must have realized at the same time where their hands were situated, because they both pulled them out.

“That was cute. Did you boys wake and play in the night or something?” I ask curiously.

“No, I don”t remember waking up, actually, I don”t remember anything about half way through the movie.” Reilly admits.

“Same, though I think I remember the end of the movie.” Aidan said.

“We carried you both up to bed, and when we left you, there was easily thirty centimeters between you, but this morning we find you cuddled up cutely, holding each others” cute little baby bums. It was sweet.” I smile to them.

“We”re not in any trouble, are we?” Aidan asks timidly.

“Hell no. I mean, if you had”ve done so with a girl, then we”d probably haveta take you out back and beat you with a rubber hose and all, I mean, what kinda disgusting sicko would do such a thing.”

“If I ever did so with a girl, I”d ask for that.” Reilly giggled cutely.

“Same.” The rest of us said together, laughing.

“Come on Baby Boys, it”s time for breakfast.”

“I can”t possibly eat already.” Aidan says.

“Yes, you can, and you will, even if only just a little. You”re almost certainly malnourished, you”re too skinny to be at all healthy, and as such, we needta get you eating somewhat properly. Don”t worry, just like last night, you don”t have to eat a lot, and you shouldn”t, but you do need some. All three of you baby boys should be eating a lot more than you currently do, well, not a lot, but certainly more. I should actually find out exactly how many calories you boys are supposed to be consuming and try and get you up to that. At least Skye and Reilly aren”t malnourished, their parents were good about that, but they”re both smaller than their respective ages say they should be too.”

“Oh, okay, I”ll try and eat a little then.”

Ever since I moved in with Sterling, he has been trying to get me to eat a bit more, and I have been, but still not quite as much as I should be. I have already started to grow though, I have added a few hundred grams to my weight, and almost half a centimeter in height already, as well all the exercise that we get has also added some muscle to me, and Sterling says that it is making me look even better. We will happily do the same for the other two now.

Once more, we make the younger boys cook breakfast, and we guide and help them where and when they need it. Sterling and I also got a nice large pot of tea going as we helped them, and before breakfast was even ready, we are all enjoying our tea.

“So, how are you two enjoying your baby diapers now. We saw that they”re getting nice and soggy, but nowhere near leaking yet.” I ask as we are eating.

“So warm and squishy.” Reilly says.

“So thick and soggy.” Aidan says.

“So diaperedly glorious.” Reilly says.

“Mmmhmm.” We all say to that.

Aidan ate a little better than quarter of what he had been given, Reilly and I ate almost all of ours, and even Sterling did not finish his, and none of our bowls were full, but that is okay too.

“Well Boys, you may as well go play, Skye has schoolwork to do, and I have work that I should be doing. After lunch, when our mega thick baby diapers are undoubtedly leaking, we”ll go swimming and get some exercise.”

“I can”t swim though.” Reilly reminded him.

“I remember, don”t worry. We”ll just drop you in the deep end, I”m sure you”ll figure the rest out.” Sterling said so perfectly straight faced.

“Um, please don”t.” Reilly said, lip quivering and all.

“Ah, I”d never do that Baby, don”t worry. We”ll teach you, it won”t take you long at all, and we”ll stay in the shallow end and do all our exercise there as well.”

“Oh, okay.” Reilly said in relief.

Sterling and I went and got to work, we are both in the office, and for the next four hours, that was pretty much all we did. It was pretty silent for the most part, we did not talk at all, but we are together, and that is all that we need. Every so often we would look to the other, though, and smile, we always seemed to feel it as soon as the other looked to us.

When Sterling stood up to signify that he is done, I saved what I was working on and stood as well.

“Mmmm, boy am I gloriously soggy now.” I say as I go to my baby and give him a kiss, which he had to bend down to receive.

“Me too.” He says as soon as the kiss ended.

We both give each other the soggy diaper squeeze test, and mmmm, so soggy. We head out to find the little baby boys, and find them in the games room, playing.

“Hi Baby Boys, how”s your diapers?” Sterling asks as we walk in.

“Awesome, but not leaking yet.” Aidan says.

“Even better than awesome, but I”m getting pretty close to leaking I think.” Reilly says.

“Yeah, we”re the same, we”re good super soggy baby boys all around then for peepeeing our mega thick baby diapers to their fullest.” I say happily.

“Mmmhmm.” Everyone agrees as one.

“Come on you two, we”re going swimming now and getting our exercise for the day.”

“Okay.” They both say just a little nervously still.

As soon as we get to the change room, Sterling grabs a pair of scissors that are there for this reason alone, and takes care of Reilly first, cutting off his mega thick baby diaper.

“Nice, about two kilos.” He grins, and buries his face in it and sniffs deeply, and I suspect sucks a bit out as well.

He then does the exact same thing to Aidan, and I had grabbed Reilly”s diaper and done the same to it as soon as Sterling let it go. I have always loved the scent and flavour of my baby brother, and I sigh deeply as it enters me. As soon as I am finished with Reilly”s diaper, Aidan”s is ready for me, and Aidan takes Reilly”s, as I take Aidan”s, and as I am enjoying Aidan”s diaper, Sterling is removing mine. I finally take the scissors and take care of Sterling”s diaper, and enjoy it for a minute, and then pass it along.

“Wow, that was shockingly nasty.” Aidan said.

“If by nasty, I assume you mean amazing?” I ask.

“Oh yeah.”

“Was that your first time sucking piss, especially outta a diaper?”

“Yeah. I”ve kinda dreamed of it a bit, well, a lot, and I almost tried my own a hundred times or more, just this year, just never could.” He grins brightly.

“That”s good. Sterling and I”ve hardly even gotten into piss play, we”re still mostly learning each other, even though we”ve made love to each other, there”s still so much we needta learn.”

“I can”t wait “til I get that too.” He sighs, but we see him sneak a quick peek to Reilly as he says it, and we all know what he is thinking.

“I bet, but take your time, you have lots, and enjoy. So, did you boys just play the entire time we worked then?” I ask as I lead us all to the showers.

“No, we did some cleaning first, for a little more than an hour.” Aidan said.

“That”s good.” I say happily.

I had hoped that they would take the initiative on that, that bodes well for them. Now if they can keep doing it without being asked daily. As soon as we are all cleaned up, us telling them how important it is for them to be good and clean, to keep the pool that much more clean, we head to the pool. The shallow end is just barely shallow enough that Reilly can still stand up and have his head above water, just, so we go about teaching them. Now, considering I am just barely capable of swimming myself, I am helping, but I am mostly just listening to Sterling. I have Reilly, since he says he trusts me most of all, and knows I would never let anything happen to him, so I am copying Sterling and Aidan.

We teach them for almost an hour, and they are both doing fairly well already, and then for another hour, we do water aerobics, and really work hard. I can barely, and I mean just barely keep up to Sterling, and while the two younger boys tried, they could not at all. Sterling made them keep going though, even if they just slowed right down, which he says is fine too. Finally we go through a nice cool down, then go sit in the steam room and stay there for as long as we can, though Aidan and Reilly left first, and then the sauna, and same, Reilly and Aidan left first, and finally the hot tub.

“How are you boys doing now?” Sterling asks.

“Tired.” Aidan says.

“Sore.” Reilly adds.

“Good.” Both Sterling and I say together.

We sat and soaked for a bit, and then urged the two little boys into the pool. They slipped into the shallow end of course, whereas Sterling and I jumped into the deep end.

“Why”d you make us do that, I was so nice and warm, now I”m freezing?” Reilly asks with chattering teeth and all.

“So”s to cool you off some, it”s not good to have your body temperature that high for too long, as well it closes all your pores. It”s surprisingly good for you to do that. Besides, it”s not that cold, just a considerable difference. Now, let”s go have a shower, but not hot, just barely warm, to bring your temperature back up to proper. I promise, you”ll feel better.” Sterling smiled. I seem to recall having the exact same conversation with him, now I love the rush it gives me.

We went and showered off, and got dried. Naked we all head back upstairs to get diapered and ready for the rest of the day. Reilly asked if we were gonna go four thick again, and of course we said no, but had to change our minds when the crushed look on his face would have melted even the coldest of hearts. Sterling did warn them that we cannot do this all the time, that that much heat against our baby balls all the time is not really good for them, they say they understand, but I doubt they care.

I diapered Reilly while Sterling diapered Aidan, we made them cum twice each, and then Reilly diapered me, while Aidan diapered Sterling, and they too made us cum twice each. Both baby boys shared Sterling”s cum, and as soon as I am able to, I grab Reilly and kiss him deeply to get some of my man”s cum, which I know he is still swishing around in his mouth. Sterling grabs Aidan and does the same to him though, and all I heard from Aidan was a surprised gasp, and then a shockingly deep sigh.

“Was that your first time being kissed Baby?”

“Oh yeah.” Aidan said dreamily.

“Glad you enjoyed.” Sterling smiled warmly to him.

Now that we are properly diapered, and since we had had a good workout, we are all hungry and thirsty, and so, we head to the kitchen to take care of both. We all get a nice big drink of water to start with, and then as we tell Aidan and Reilly what to do to make lunch, Sterling and I get another large pot of tea going.

After lunch, we all head outside when the little baby boys asked for Sterling to show them what all has to be done in the yard. There is no grass in the entire yard, so that negates the need to mow and or trim, which is great, that means the boys do not need to worry about dangerous equipment. Sterling shows them which are plants, and which are weeds in all the gardens, and tells them what they are to do with the weeds. It is pretty simple, pull them, put them into a wheelbarrow, and when it is full, take it and dump it over the edge.

All the walkways are nice red bricks, as are the various seating areas and the large patio. Sterling next shows them how to take care of the weeds and cleaning all the brick. He actually uses a propane torch for the weeds, which seems pretty easy to do, but he warns to never do so in the dead heat of summer when there is a risk of fire, he also warns to always have the hose at hand for just such an emergency. He shows us all the various bird feeders and baths, and how to clean and fill them.

In these gardens too there is a mix of flowering plants as well as fruit and vegetable. The trees that line the perimeter are all fruit trees. One of the seating areas is a huge grape arbor, the grape vines are actually growing up and over it, and this is one of the only areas where there is not brick, instead it is covered by a shade tolerant clover, it gets enough sunlight, and it makes it smell wonderful underneath.

Most of the plants are just starting to really grow now, since it is just about summer, and it is already starting to look and smell wonderful out there. Sterling told the boys that he spends maybe three to four hours per week actually working in his gardens, since he keeps them all relatively low maintenance, but that at times they will require a lot more, such as harvesting time and when they need to actually pressure wash the brick and things.

We stayed outside for most of the afternoon, talking, going over things, just sitting and relaxing, it was very nice. I must say, getting to stroll through such beautiful gardens in nothing but a super thick diaper, on a beautiful spring day, sure is free and good for the soul. Sterling says that that is the biggest reason for having all this, that he had never gotten to enjoy any sort of beauty when he was a kid, and now he has it, and finds it so very calming and peaceful.

I agree totally. There is no beauty in the slums, no plants, no wildlife, and the closest thing to art is the graffiti that is prevalent, but trust me, none of it is nice, most of it is gang shit. There are no real animals, and the only ones are pests. All we have in the slums is death, rot, destruction, dirt, and of course rodents.

By the time we make it back inside, it is pretty near dinner time, so we help the boys to make it once again. After dinner, I went to find Quilliam to see how he is liking his new home, and I found him scurrying through one of the tubes. I made him follow my finger, and as soon as he emerged, I picked him up, and he made a cute little squeaking sound, I hope it means he is happy. He curled right up in my hand though and happily allowed me to pet him, and even laid flat on his back and allowed me to rub his tiny little soft underbelly, which elicited even more cute little squeaks.

Reilly wanted to hold and pet him, so I showed him how to do so, and warned him that if moves too fast and startles Quilliam, that he will either bite or poke him with his quills. He did a really good job, and after only a few seconds, Quilliam was happily accepting pets from Reilly as well. Aidan wanted to as well, and he too did really well. I even let Quilliam down on the floor, and let him wander around, but I never let him out of my sight, and he happily explored.

I even laid down on the floor and allowed him to crawl on me, and once his curiosity was piqued, he curled right up on my bare chest, and I pet him gently. After about ten minutes of this, I picked him up, it seems he was asleep, because I woke him with a start, and put him back into his home. He scurried to his food dish first, had a quick snack, and then went into his home to continue his sleep.

As soon as I have Quilliam all secured, I join the others in going downstairs to play for the rest of the evening. We all played and had fun, and when it was time for the two younger boys to go to bed, Reilly asked if I would take him and tuck him in like I used to all the time, ataköy escort and I agreed. I asked if they wanted to share again, and they both said yes, so I took them to the same bedroom, I would guess that it will be theirs from now on. I tucked them both into bed, and gave Reilly a very nice kiss, and even gave Aidan a kiss when he looked as if he really wanted one as well. I wished the baby boys a good sleep, shut off their light and closed the door behind me.

I found Sterling waiting for me in our bedroom, good. Even though we are very thickly diapered, I can see from the look on his face that he needs to play every bit as much as I do. I go and crawl onto the bed to join my man, and then promptly press my face into his gloriously diapered crotch.

Given all the wet diaper material in the way, I can just barely feel his erection buried inside, but that is okay, this is not about his dick yet, it is totally about me feeling my man and his soggy diaper in a way only us gay baby boy diaper lovers can understand. The feel of this makes me wild with lust, the scent is a pure aphrodisiac to me and is driving me nuts, or maybe driving my nuts. For damn near ten minutes, this is how I enjoy Sterling.

Then I stop what I am doing, and move to sit just like Sterling is. He takes the hint loud and clear, and also changes position, and buries his face in my super soggy baby diaper as well. I can hear him panting, gasping, moaning and sighing, as well as sniffing, every bit as much as I had while doing the same thing to him. That is not to say that I am not still doing so, just like Sterling had done so as I had done this to him, only, I am making less sounds now than I was, and Sterling is making more than he had been as well. The feelings on my little gay baby bone right now are minimal. Sure, it feels utterly amazing, spectacular even, yet not as good as it had felt to be in Sterling”s position.

For easily ten minutes, Sterling pleasured himself like this, and of course I enjoyed as well, but when he pulled away, I knew what he needed, and thankfully he laid down flat on his back, so that we could both go about getting what we need.

I crawl onto Sterling now, my face facing his diaper, my diaper facing his face, and once again, I press my face into his diaper. I only do so for a few seconds though, before pushing Sterling”s diaper down enough to expose his erection to me. Just as I pushed his diaper down, Sterling slipped his hand in the back of mine, and just as I suck him in, he starts tickling my little baby bum hole tenderly.

I work myself into position to more effectively take all of Sterling deep inside me where he belongs, and just as I bury him as deeply inside my throat as I can, Sterling slips three fingers inside my desperately wanting asshole. I know that it is three, just from how much it is stretching me, he is not stretching me as much as four would, and definitely more than two, and I moan deeply with Sterling buried as far in my throat as he can be, which makes him make the most amazing sounding groan that I have ever heard before. Clearly that felt very nice.

So, I do it again.

Sterling whimpers sexily, and really starts fingering my little gay baby bum hole real good now. Going as far inside me as his fingers possibly can, pushing, twisting, turning, scissoring, poking and prodding, and then he pulls all the way out, until he leaves my hole completely. No matter, though, because he slips them right back in where he belongs, and does the same thing to me once again. We do this for probably not even five minutes.

I can feel that Sterling is getting real close to cumming, and I too have been holding off my baby boygasm for probably the past two or even three minutes, the feel of everything is causing me to rise all the way to space, maybe beyond, then, just as I feel Sterling start, he slips his fourth finger inside me, pushing it all the way in with his other three, filling me up gloriously. I manage to pull off just enough so that Sterling will fill my mouth with his seed and not have it go straight down my throat, or is that gay down my throat. Sorry.

I totally missed how many shots that Sterling pumped into my greedy mouth, though, because I came at the exact same moment, so powerfully that I blacked out fully for at least long enough to miss his entire explosion, all I know is I now have a seriously full mouth, and since only the tip of Sterling”s dick is in my mouth, the rest is his massive load of cum, which I am savouring way more than any professional sommelier would savour even the worlds best wines.

I am slowly swishing his seed, compiling the flavour profiles of his cum, and I deem it good enough to serve in only the finest establishments, namely my mouth and ass.

“Baby,” Sterling whispers. “I really haveta go pee. Stay on if you want it.”

Fuck, do I ever, and I leave just his head in my mouth, and nod for him, and he lets go and starts peeing as slowly as he can inside my mouth. I let the first little bit mingle with the cum I still have in my mouth, and I savour that some more, but then I am forced to swallow, and so, I only swallow half, and then let the next batch mingle with the first two still in my mouth, and I have to do so three more times, each time only swallowing half. When he is done, I leave my full mouth right where it was, savouring this just as much. I can now no longer taste any of Sterling”s incomparable cum, yet his pee is damn near as fine.

Just as I can no longer hold his liquid inside me any longer, I swallow it down, only, I also swallow Sterling whole again, and he gasps and groans out. Clearly he had not been expecting that, but why, really, he is still mostly hard, and I am a happy little gay baby boy cock sucker, I have my most favorite soother in my baby mouth, and throat, and I am loathe to give it up any sooner than is absolutely necessary.

Sterling”s four fingers, that had been mostly all the way inside me, but no longer moving, start really moving now, he is pushing them in as far as I can possibly take, before pulling all the way back out again. As he buries them deep, it hurts, but it is an exquisite pain that I am craving damn near as much as his cum and piss. If I could open up just a little more, Sterling would be able to slip his whole hand inside me, and believe you me, some day soon, that is exactly what I want as well.

Every time I swallow Sterling whole, I would massage his meat with my throat as well as hum and moan, and I would stay on and do so for as long as I have breath, so clearly on every out stroke, I would gasp for breath, take in a good breath, and then repeat. Sterling managed to last probably close to five minutes again, but this time I did not cum, though I am shockingly close, and I got to enjoy his explosion far more, though it is considerably less. I am swishing his seed once again, savoring it just as much, maybe even more, but that seems to be all that Sterling has in him, because before I was even done, he was completely soft, though I still kept him inside my mouth, and I am licking his tip sensuously every so often, thus causing him to sigh satisfactorily.

“My god Baby, is there no end to your talents.” Sterling panted out as soon as I swallowed down and pulled off.

“I think we can both agree to this, I sure hope not.”

“Mmmhmm. That was fucking amazing.”

“Yeah, it was for me as well. I really haveta cum and pee too, would you like it as well, which, by the way, tasted really fucking good, so, thanks.”

“You”re welcome, and I”d love nothing more than to suck your hot gay baby bone and suck you as dry as I currently am.”

“Thanks Baby. The only problem will be, I won”t really be able to reach your baby bum at the same time like you did for me.”

“Honestly, Baby, right now, I”m good with that. If I somehow manage to cum again right now, I”ll pass out for a week. That may”ve only been a couple baby boygasms, but they were the most copious and powerful that I”ve ever experienced. Each one of those cums felt like three, or maybe even four cums instead. Next time we”ll figure out another way so that you can finger me while I suck you, okay.”

“Okay, glad to hear it.”

Sterling rolled me onto my back, got me into prime position to pleasure me, and pulled down my baby diaper enough to access all my boy bits, and then proceeded to suck me all in, balls and all. Oh fuck, that feels so good.

I last maybe ten seconds, and once again, I actually blacked out from the sheer power of it, but I came to again just as I started peeing inside Sterling”s mouth. I heard him get his first shot, and so, I clamped down on it and forced myself to pee as slowly as I can, so that he too can enjoy, and from the sounds that he is making, it sure sounds as if he is enjoying my piss every bit as much as I had enjoyed his. It took me a good solid two or three minutes to actually pee, but, as soon as I finish, Sterling does not bother to swallow it down, but sure swallows me down again, and starts sucking me with a mouth full of my own piss. Fuck is that ever erotic.

I managed to last for two more cums, but as soon as my last let me go, I knew we were done, because I started going soft in Sterling”s mouth, and the sigh I let go said how amazing I feel from it, but then, Sterling sighed damn near as much.

Sterling finally pulled away from my diapered crotch, pulled up and fixed my diaper to ensure that it would contain everything, and then crawled back up the bed, and kissed me deeply, only he had saved a little of my piss somehow, and fed it me. I am only too happy to receive this gift, and kiss my baby passionately. For damn near ten minutes we kiss, and then for another ten, or maybe even more, we just cuddle.

“I truly do love you Baby, but I”m beat, I needta get to sleep.” I whisper, sealing it with a yawn.

“And I love you that much and more, but I needta get to sleep as well, so, night night, love you.”

“Night night, love you too.”

We passed into peaceful slumber, all curled up to each other, holding each other all night long as we usually do, and slept incredibly well.

When we woke up this morning, we continued our cuddles and kisses, as well we checked each others” incredibly soggy baby diapers, and though they are incredibly soggy, they will still last at least a couple to a few more hours yet, so we happily leave them as is as we head to the little baby boy”s bedroom to get them up for the day.

Once more, the boys are curled right up to each other, their noses actually pressed together, their lips very nearly touching, they are probably breathing each others air, and they are holding each other so tenderly. Their hands are not in the backs of the others” diaper this time, but it is sweet how they are holding each other none the less. Once more we crawl onto their bed with them and proceed to kiss them awake.

As soon as they are awake, Reilly rolls over and presses his lips to mine, and kisses me nice and passionately. He slips his tiny little hand into the front of my super soggy baby diaper, and starts gently stroking me, and so, I do the same for him. I can only assume that Sterling and Aidan are doing the same thing, because I can hear them both moaning and sighing every bit as much as Reilly and I are.

It takes only a few seconds for Reilly to cum, and I follow suit at best half a second later myself, and then we just hold each other in this most special way, but still kissing. I had heard Sterling and Aidan both cum at pretty near the same time as we had, so that is good.

When I pull my hand from Reilly”s diaper, he does the same to me, and I feel the front of his diaper to see how full he is, and he does the same to me, and I can feel that he has about the same amount of time left as I do. I then pull my hand up to my face and sniff my baby brothers delicious scent, and inhale it deeply. Reilly giggles from this and does the same. Sterling and Aidan do the same, only I assume that Aidan scooped up as much of Sterling”s cum as he possibly could, because I heard him suck it off his fingers and sigh from the flavour.

As soon as I can no longer smell Reilly, I press our lips together once again, and kiss my little baby brother like he deserves. We kiss for another few minutes, before breaking the kiss, but we did not break our hugs and cuddles, and stayed like that for several more minutes. It sounds like Sterling and Aidan are doing the same.

“So, did you two naughty baby boys play last night after we left you?” I whisper softly.

“Mmmhmm. And did you two naughty baby boys play after leaving us?” Reilly whispered back.

“Mmmhmm.” I say softly.

“Good. Did you baby boys just pet each others Pampered peepees, or did you suck each other as well?” I ask.

“Both. And we both peepeed in each others mouths too, Aidan tastes really fucking good too.”

“So does Reilly.” Aidan says softly as well.

“Yeah, Sterling and I enjoyed each others peepee last night too, it”s so naughty nice.”

“Sure is.” Reilly says happily.

“Well, I”m getting hungry and thirsty Babies, let”s go get breakfast and tea shall we, and since it looks so nice outside, I say we enjoy our breakfast and tea on the patio.” I say.


We slip out of bed, each grabbing the hands of our boyfriend, it is cute to see Reilly and Aidan holding hands so nicely, fingers intertwined and all. When we make it to the kitchen, we once more let the boys do most of the actual cooking, while Sterling and I get the tea going, and we only answer questions for them and guide them along. Before too long, we are sitting out on the patio at the table out there, enjoying our breakfast and tea. It is still a little cool out, but it is bright and beautiful. It is already starting to warm up, the birds are singing, the butterflies are out, and we even have a couple happy little chipmunks scurrying around. It was, by far, the most relaxing meal I have ever experienced.

As soon as we were done, the boys cleaned up, and then Sterling and I said that we were going to go get some work done. I grabbed Quilliam on my way past, as we are heading to the office, he can come and spend some time with me. I set him on the desk, and he wandered around, checking everything out, thankfully he was smart enough to stay away from the edge of the desk. He checked everything out though, he is pretty curious. He even climbed up onto the keyboard of my notebook computer and walked around, which was funny, because he is just heavy enough to press the keys, and I chuckled as he managed to create an entire sentence of gibberish.

Then he curled up at the top of the keyboard, right by the screen, and contentedly laid there, watching me as I delete his key presses, and continue writing the report I am working on. It is probably nice and warm where Quilliam is laying, and he seems to enjoy it.

Sterling too is doing more work, and about an hour in, he breaks the silence in the room.

“Hey Baby, come take a look at the conceptual drawings for the shoe stores, he just emailed them to me.”

“Okay, be right there.”

I left Quilliam where he was, he is sound asleep, so no point in waking him, he will be fine, and headed to Sterling”s desk to take a look. They look really good, except I am not a fan of the colour, and say so.

“I wasn”t really a fan of it either, but what colour should we ask for then?”

“Fucked if I know, just not that, but then, I was never a fan of orange or yellow, and that particular colour yellow kinda makes my eyes bleed. I mean, I understand the purpose of the yellow, it”s supposed to be bright and cheery, but that golden colour he”s chosen, yikes, just no.”

Sterling just laughed.

“Yeah, I agree. Possibly a more pale yellow, a creamier one would probably be okay, but other than the colour, what do you think of the rest?” He asks as he scrolls through all the pictures.

“The rest looks amazing, I like the charcoal colour for all the racking, and the light grey for all the shelves and accents, that looks sharp, just make sure they”re all really good sturdy metal so that they don”t wear out.”

“Yeah, that was already in his notes. He even included a rough price from the supplier on what they”d cost to do in this colour scheme.”

“Perfect. How bad is it?”

“Well, each store will probably be close to thirty thousand in new racking by my quick estimates, but we”ll sell off all the old stuff and make some of it back.”

“From what I”ve seen of the old stuff, you might be lucky to only make merter escort a few hundred per store.”

“Meh, whatever. What do you think of the floors?”

“It looks like wood, is that such a good idea, wouldn”t that wear out too fast and end up looking like shit?”

“It looks like wood, but he says we have two options, either commercial duty vinyl flooring that looks like wood, or porcelain tiles. The price on the tiles is nearly four times that of the vinyl, and just from that, I”d be inclined to go vinyl, but, I happen to know that you needta strip and wax it it least a couple times a year, which would quickly add up to a larger overall cost, so I”m leaning toward the tiles, since they”re so bloody hard wearing. I mean, look at all the tiles here, they still look brand new.”

“True, forgot that these aren”t actually wood floors like they look.” I laughed, because I do recall Sterling telling me that they are not actually wood.

“It”s easy to not realize, they do look really good. We won”t go this high end in the stores, just a really good grade. So, I”m not exactly a fan of the sales desk, but not sure how to change it, any thoughts?”

“I actually don”t mind it, but it really doesn”t needta be curved. Nothing else in the stores really will be, so why have that. Just make it straight, and maybe add in a few shelves and or hanging points to have excellent addons.”

“Okay, that should do it, because I agree, but then, I never was one for adding unnecessary curves to things.”

“Same. Now, the back wall behind the cash desk, that”s a no to me. That shouldn”t be for displaying anything, it should simply have the store name and logo, that”s it, maybe lit up nicely, but it should be kept nice and simple, uncluttered.”

“Excellent points, I never even thought of that.” Sterling smiled brightly.

“Thanks. I like how he has the end caps, and the feature islands, but I don”t think the feature islands needta be quite that big or abundant. If we axe half of them, we could add in a full extra bank of shelves to each aisle, which makes way more sense. Again, I don”t like a lot of clutter, and that just looks cluttered to me. Not to mention, feature islands should be there for featured items, and we should never have more than just a few features every month.”

“I like how you think.” Sterling said.

“Thanks, but then, we seemta think an awful lot alike.”

“That we do baby, but you”ve come up with a few thoughts that I never came up with.”

“Cool. So, what were your changes?”

“You pretty much covered them all, but had way better ideas on how to fix them than I could come up with. The only thing that I thought to change was to add more and better lighting in the feature zone, some good directional lighting, so that we could pretty near spotlight the features.”

“Now that”s a damn good idea, never thought of that.”

“Thanks. So, now I just haveta type all this up and email it to him.”

“Okay, have fun, I”m gonna continue the report I”m doing.”

“What”s your report on?”

“Solar system. They only wanted one page, but they want details on every planet, the sun, the asteroid field, and a few other things, so I”m already at four pages. Not sure how anyone could condense all that amazing information into only one page. I”d fail a report just for that.”

Sterling just laughed at me. “Have fun.”

“Thanks, I will.”

I went back and continued typing away, and half an hour later, I am finally done, and so, I proof read it to make sure that I missed nothing, and only added or changed a few things, and fixed a few mistakes, so that is good. I sent that off, and started doing the math that I am doing, and enjoyed that as well.

It was Sterling that started leaking first, and when he realized this fact, he got my attention and told me that we are done for the day, that he needs to get out of his super leaky baby diaper. When I stood up, I found that I am getting real close to leaking as well, but it feels spectacular too. I grab Quilliam as we head out, and put him back in his home. The boys are not upstairs, so we head downstairs to find them, to see if they are leaking yet, and we find them in the theatre watching a cooking show on the big screen. We stood and watched for the last few minutes it lasted, and this chef is incredibly funny, and seems to teach in a very simple, non fussy way. When it ended, the boys realized we were there.

“Oh, hi guys, how long have you been there?” Aidan asks.

“We just walked in about three or four minutes ago, and stayed to watch the end.” Sterling said.

“We found this amazing cooking show, and binge watched since we came down, so that we can learn how to cook even more. He”s super funny, and makes cooking look fun.” Reilly said.

“That”s a great idea Babies. I”ve started leaking, Skye”s damn near there, and so too are you two by the looks of it. So, it”s time to go swimming.”

“Okay.” They both said happily.

We all headed to the change room, where boyfriends happily relieved each other of their super sodden baby diapers. Staring right at Sterling, as soon as I have his innermost diaper removed, I press it to my face, and suck it very nearly dry. He groaned and did the same to mine. Aidan and Reilly clearly liked the looks of this, and did so to each others as well.

“Mmmm, you taste so fucking good.” I sigh deeply.

“You too.” Reilly and Aidan both agree about each others” as well.

As soon as we are all finished being dirty baby boys, we head to the showers to clean up, only, we washed our baby boyfriends, not one of us in the least soft, yet none of us came, though how I held off not even I know. As soon as we are all clean, we go and hop in the pool. We teach the younger boys how to swim a bit more, and then we do some good exercises in the shallow end again. Once we are all exercised well, we hit the sauna, steam room, and finally the hot tub, where we all had just sat back and relaxed, and it was not until we were in the hot tub did we actually talk any.

Once laying back in the hot tub and relaxing, we talked and joked and laughed, and just had a good time. Once more, as soon as we are well soaked and relaxed, we hop out and right back into the pool, the little boys still squealed cutely as they jumped in, but did soak themselves fully and allowed themselves to cool right back down, so that is good. We hit the showers and cleaned up, and warmed back up a little again, and then dried off well.

We all headed to our bedrooms so that we could get diapered, but Sterling told the other two to only go one diaper with a doubler in it this time, and they said okay. That too was all that we gave to each other, but it was an explosive diaper change to say the least, because we rubbed the lotion and cream into each other more than well enough to explode two really good baby boygasms. Just as Sterling was to cum both times, I aimed him right at my hungry mouth, and fired his load inside my mouth, so that it would not go to waste. Once diapered, and since I have still not swallowed down either cum load, since I diapered Sterling last, for this very reason I might add, I crawl up Sterling”s prone body and press our lips together. We share his cum in our very special way, kissing deeply and lovingly as we do so.

“Mmmm, who knew kissing could be so fantastic.” Sterling sighed deeply, contentedly as I finally broke our kiss.

“I never thought it would be either, but it”s even better than that.”

We met the younger baby boys in the hall as we exited, they too just coming out, which means that they had every bit as good a diaper change as we did, so that is good, and then we went and played until and after dinner.

The next few days went by quickly, we are doing a lot, learning a lot, and playing a lot. Aidan and Reilly are now most certainly hot little baby boyfriends, and they are both doing spectacularly well. We are now no longer with them as they cook the meals, and they are doing pretty damn good, if I must say, they still have lots to learn, for sure, but they are well beyond their years, but they enjoy the cooking show that they had found, a lot, and are learning a lot from it.

The next afternoon, Sterling received the changes from the retail designer, even he said we had some great ideas, and he implemented them right away, and we love the looks of the conceptual drawings now, and told him to go ahead and start coordinating with the architect and the malls. They will now renegotiate everything to get what stores need more space, and start on the stores right away that do not. We are sure that it will still be a month or so before even the first store is started, since all the new merchandising fixtures need to be ordered, and all the flooring as well. Of course Sterling told them that they need to shop around for the best possible deals, that he refuses to pay top dollar for anything, that he wants them to grind their sources until they are bleeding. He is about to spend upwards of five million or more with each of the suppliers that we will need to deal with, so they can bloody well give him a good deal. They say they understand, but we are both certain that they do not, and Sterling will authorize each and every purchase, only once he feels that it is a good deal.

We are needing to go back into town for another few meetings, and so, we plan to schedule all the stuff that we need to do for Aidan and Reilly at the same time. Sterling and I had talked it over a fair bit, and we are both in agreement, they really do have to stay with us, but that we have to make Reilly work for it too. With that in mind, Sterling did contact his lawyer to find out what is happening with Aidan, and he assures Sterling that it is all going well, that he had already been to see Aidan”s father and had him sign all the papers to put Aidan into Sterling”s care, or face criminal charges, and now he is just waiting for the court to finalize it all. That came later that afternoon, so that is good. I called my parents and told them that we would be stopping by at some time Monday after they get off work, and we talked for a few minutes. When Mom point blank asked me if we were going to keep Reilly as well, I told her that we would talk it over more on Monday, but they already know the truth of it.

For obvious reasons, we are not telling the boys this yet.

Monday morning, we are all up nice and early, bathed, diapered, and dressed. Sterling and I are in our suits, Aidan and Reilly in the best clothes that they have. Their first stop is to be the clothing store, and while they are there, Sterling and I are in a meeting at his corporate office. On the long drive to town, I have my computer, and I am busy typing up another school report, while Sterling was doing some business work, and Reilly and Aidan are playing games on the games system. When we made it to the store, I stayed in the car, while Sterling took the boys inside to their appointment. They are going to get to go together, and they too are scheduled for a couple hours. They are each only getting one suit, but a few good sets of clothes, and they will be dressed in their best set of clothes, but not their suits, since they have other appointments that make wearing a suit kind of pointless.

As soon as Sterling is back in the car, we head to our next appointment, and we both head in, and once more I am note taking, and fetching things. Sterling went over all the details about the shoe stores with his purchaser, since the others will have to work through him as well, and he of course knows that everything is only finalized once Sterling says it is. We were damn near two hours there, and as we were on our way back to pick up the boys, to get to their next appointment, Sterling received the text saying that the boys are ready, and so, he texted back saying we are on our way.

Sterling and I both went in this time, and both boys look much better now. Now they are dressed like they should be, well, when they need to be dressed that is. Sterling paid the large bill, and we all took it out and put it away. Our next stop was the salon, so that both boys could get their hair and nails done, but even Sterling and I are going to get a manicure and pedicure while they are getting done, since we have lots of time today. I must admit, it was real nice. The boys look so much better now, though Reilly still has almost no hair, his stylist did still fix what had been left.

From there we went and had lunch, and had a really good meal, but before too long, we are needing to get to their next appointments.

Next are the doctor, the dentist, and the optometrist, same as it had been for me, and they are both released from them all with a clean bill of health. Next in line are the electronics that they are both now going to need. They each need a computer for doing schoolwork, as well we are going to get them cell phones, though they do not truly need them, and they each need watches as well, so they get fully kitted out, and both are reeling from all this, same as I had been, though Sterling had spent even more on me.

It is almost time that my parents are off of work, and will likely be home soon, which is perfect timing, so we head that way next, and when we get there, we head up. We made it only a few minutes before my parents did, but I do still have a key, and we waited. When they arrived, they hugged Reilly and I happily and we talked for a few minutes.

“So, how are your jobs going?” I ask happily.

“Really well.” They both say.

“That”s good. I”m happy for you. Now, you asked me the other day when I called if we were keeping Reilly or not, and the answer really should be no.”

“What?” Reilly nearly yelled.

“Let me explain Baby.”

“No, I wanna live with you. Sorry Mommy and Daddy, but I wanna live with Skye.” He says, bursting into tears.

“Come here Baby.” I said, and picked Reilly up and hugged him tightly.

Once he was calmed down a bit, I set him back down.

“I know that you wanna live with us, but Mom and Dad have already had to sacrifice so much for us, we shouldn”t ask that of them as well. They almost lost you, and they hadta give me up long before they wanted to in order to save you. We all accepted that. Sterling and I are truly baby boyfriends now, and so, we don”t wanna separate, and really, we can”t. I know how you”re feeling about Aidan, but here”s what I”m thinking. If Mom and Dad are okay with it, Sterling will pay for him to live here, with you guys, and as soon as you move, you”ll both get to go to a much better school, where you can learn a lot of things that I”ll never get to learn.”

“Like what?” Reilly asked stubbornly.

“Having fun with other kids. We never got there here, we both know that. I know what you”re gonna say next, what about your diapers, and that you”re baby boyfriends, even though you”ve never actually said it to us yet, we do know. Well, I say, so what. Teach them all a thing or two about humanity and humility, show them that their words can”t hurt you because you”re happy with who and what you are. Then I know you”re gonna ask about working for Sterling and earning the money to be able to escape this hell hole. You”re six, don”t worry about that yet. I”m not gonna let you fester in this place for long, and I doubt Mom and Dad will either, and I”m gonna ensure that you get the best damned education you can get, because you”re super smart, I know it. Aidan too will get to share in all that.”

Reilly looked to Mom. “Mommy, please?” He whimpered pitifully.

“Oh Baby, we really don”t wanna lose you too.”

“But you won”t be. We”ll still come and visit, and you can come and visit us as well.” He said, big tears falling.

“It”s not really the same though, is it. All your life, we knew we were gonna haveta say goodbye to you far before any parent should haveta, and now that we don”t, you want us to do so anyway.” Mom said, crying openly.

“We knew this day was coming though,” Dad said. “we know exactly how you feel about Skye, you always have really. No one could calm you like he could, no one could soothe you like he could, whenever he was in the room, he was all you”d look at. You”ve loved him like brothers aren”t supposed to love each other since you were three, and we know that tearing you apart will do more harm than good, and might possibly make you resent us. We love you so much, we would”ve given anything to save you, and we gave up so much to do so. We”re so proud of Skye for who and what he is, what he promised to do for you, he loves you bahçeşehir escort more than anyone on this planet as well. He has a boyfriend though, and though you love him like brothers aren”t really supposed to, can you allow him to have that relationship, you can”t be a wedge in it, or it”ll only cause resentment between him and you and Sterling.”

“I know Daddy, Skye and I each have our own baby boyfriends, we”re brothers with benefits, and we”ll never get in the middle of each others boyfriends, but we can share too.” Reilly said, getting happier by the second.

Mom sniffled and said, “Begrudgingly, if Sterling agrees to it of course, we will allow you to go and live with them, but, we want a promise, at least one weekend per month you come home and spend it with us, both of you, and we wanna spend Christmas, and Thanksgiving, and Easter together as well. This is non negotiable.”

“Agreed.” Sterling said. “But so you know, I”m with Skye on this though Reilly, I too think that with your parents is where you belong. Skye”s hadta grow up sooner than he needed to, you really don”t need to. They”ve given up so much already, are you really willing to ask them to give up even more now, when they finally got you back?” Sterling said, after getting down on his knee to look Reilly right in the eye.

“But….but….but.” Reilly sniffled.

“You”re becoming a little man, and now you haveta make an adults decision. Most often, an adults decision leaves no one truly satisfied. Do you leave your parents so that you can be closer to your brother, making them sad because they hadta give up two sons, or do you stay with your parents, when you just wanna be close to your brother, whom you love very much.”

“Mommy, I can”t do it, can you help me make the choice.” Reilly sniffled.

“Reilly, we love you dearly, we always have, and we always will. We know how much you want and need to be near to Skye, we accept that. I give you my blessing, and my permission to stay with Skye, but, my terms are still non negotiable.” Mom said softly, yet firmly.

“I promise Mommy. I love you guys lots and lots too, and I really will miss you. I feel bad, asking you to do this, but I just gotta I think.” He said, going and hopping into her arms.

“I know Baby, I know.” Mom said, holding him, crying.

Sterling and I had talked all this over, in the end we knew that the boys would stay living with us, but we needed for Reilly to try and make that hard choice, he needs to understand what he is asking our parents, and I think maybe now he does. Because it is getting close to dinner time, Sterling asked my parents if they would like to join the four of us for a very nice dinner, and when they agreed, he told them to go get changed into their nicest, though, I know their nicest will barely be acceptable where we are going, but that they will say nothing because Sterling is there. They came out shortly, and they do have some new clothes that are much nicer looking, so that is good.

Sterling texted our driver, telling him that we are coming down now, and as soon as we made it, he was there waiting for us. Mom and Dad were urged in first, and they were astounded at the interior. The only reason we all fit is because I sat on Sterling”s lap, and Reilly sat on Mom”s, and we are on our way.

When we entered the restaurant, Mom and Dad were astounded at the interior and at how incredible it smelled, and when we were shown to our table, and were seated, they were very impressed.

“I must say, this is some fancy restaurant. I feel woefully under dressed.” Dad chuckled as soon as our waiters left us.

“You”re okay, only just, sure, but that”s fine too.” I giggled.

“You look like you fit right in in here though. Like this is where you belong. You look so comfortable.” Mom said.

“Only “cause I”ve been here before and I know what to expect, and I can”t wait to eat here again. You simply have no idea what”s in store for you.” I said happily.

“Oh.” Mom and Dad both said as one.

“Just you wait and see, and don”t be shocked when you get no menus or aren”t told what anything costs, here that”s normal.”

“But what do I choose, and there”s not even a kids menu?” Reilly asked.

“No Baby, there isn”t, and don”t worry, you”ll get something good. I”ll order something for you that I think you”ll like.”


Reilly has been to a few restaurants, actually a lot more than I have been, because often times after getting out of the hospital, Mom or Dad would treat him, since he deserved it with having gone through what he did. So he actually knows more about how restaurants work than I do.

When our waiter brought over a perfectly chilled bottle of Champagne, and poured us all a glass, Reilly asked what it was, so I told him, and he was astounded. He got even less than Aidan and I, though, and he was told that he must take tiny little sips of it, but only with his meal. Even mom and dad were shocked by this.

Our first course was brought out shortly, and we enjoyed that a great deal, and then we talked until our next one was brought out, and that was enjoyed even more. We talked more, until our appetizer was brought out, and wow, it was amazing. Now we have an even longer wait for our meal, we were all asked, and only Sterling and I had any clue what to order, and I only just barely, but I took the same as I had last time, since I had enjoyed it so.

“So, how are your jobs really going, I”d like to hear it from ears right down on the floor.”

“Um….” Dad said.

“No, I”m not your boss, I”m your bosses bosses bosses boss, think of yourselves as kinda spies. Skye”s told me lots about you two, and I have a feeling that you both are far smarter than your current social standing would suggest, and as such, I think your opinion could be valuable.” Sterling grinned.

“Well, okay, but it”s not normally my place to complain about anything.” Dad said.

“Of course not, just give me the facts, that”s all I need.”

“Okay. Well, having never worked in a warehouse, I don”t really know how things are supposed to go, but, at the same time, maybe that”s a good thing, because I see at least a hundred things that don”t seem at all logical to me. There seems to be a serious lack of organization, nothing appears to be in any semblance of an order. Some of the guys who”ve been there for a long time know where everything is, only because they”ve remembered it was there, but, even still, they find themselves searching aimlessly for more time than should be necessary to find the stock that they need. Then there”s palletization, it”s haphazard, pointless, and sometimes even dangerous. Pallets coming in and going out are often unevenly stacked, and then stacked on top of each other. Quite frankly, I won”t go anywhere near a stack that some of the guys have made. Which also probably crushes boxes and makes them look like crap, which, even if it doesn”t damage the product, still makes it look bad, and might not sell because of it. Then there”s the forklift operators, they often treat the aisles as their personal race lanes, and because they”re electric forklifts, and we”re wearing full safety gear, including hearing protection, you can”t always hear the blasted things, and they just blast around blind corners, and through intersections without a care in the world. How there haven”t been any fatal accidents I”ll never know. No one stops or looks. I mean, I”ve never driven a vehicle of any sort in my entire life, but even I know you don”t drive like that.”

“Are you serious?” Sterling asked in awe.

“Afraid so, and there”s more.”

“Good grief. Okay, go on.”

“As you”ve probably already realized, there”s no markings anywhere to keep people safe, there”s no stop lines, no clearly laid out forklift and pedestrian lanes, hell, the forklifts don”t even have flashing lights so that you can see them at least. They have backup beepers, but most of them have been stuffed with cloth, but honestly, I can understand that, they”re so blasted loud that they”d probably cause your ears to bleed before too long. I only know that because I was near one the other day when it”s cloth fell out, and the operator stopped, swore, and stuffed it back in, saying it would make him deaf to listen to that thing all day.

“Then there”s the racking itself; old, rusted, overloaded, and way taller than I think they were intended to be. The way they”ve all been tied together to keep them stable, if someone were to hit one of them with a forklift, and it buckled, well, let”s just say I hope I”m nowhere near it, you will have deaths. The cleanliness also has a lot to be talked about, and that”s been my major job since I started, just cleaning and organizing, and even though that”s been pretty much half my day since I started, I”ve barely scratched the surface of it. Slippery oil spills have been left untouched, garbage strewn everywhere, stairways blocked and or stacked with whatever, as well as emergency exits. Honestly, I don”t know how the fire department hasn”t shut them down yet.

“The forklifts are all also old, and wearing out, I saw one forklift today squeal as if it were a stuck pig, just trying to lift one pallet I probably could”ve lifted myself, if it weren”t for the height that it hadta go to. Most of them have hydraulic oil leaks that have to be topped up pretty much daily, hence the uncleaned oil, and I doubt one of them”s been cleaned and or lubed since the ark last floated. The loading bay doors, too, only three out of the six even function, so that creates a heck of a bottle neck for loading and unloading, so we sometimes have trucks waiting, when they really don”t needta be.

“We also have three places in the warehouse where we can”t store anything, because the roof leaks in those areas, so when it rains, we get wet inside. The water is just left to sit and pool on the floor too, which in and of itself is also unsafe, especially when you get oil and water together, we”ve been known to kinda skate around in fact. Fun, but certainly not safe.

“Then there”s the lack of stock. I know we”re supposed to be getting more in, but the guys have long been griping about serious lack of stock, and constantly having to short ship orders. Granted, sometimes they do so simply because they can”t find the product, even though the computers say they should have it. Which brings up the next one that the guys are constantly complaining about. The computers are all old and unreliable, the printers hardly ever print any more. Then again, even when the computer says we should have something, the inventory management is iffy at best. I was pulling an order today, it said we have sixty on hand, but I found two hundred and twenty, or something stupid like that. I was told not to worry about it, that it”d sort itself out. Um, I”m no brain surgeon, but that sorta thing doesn”t just straighten itself out.”

“Good grief, please tell me that”s it.”

“Sadly, no, but that”s the ones that really needta be fixed, pretty much everything else would fall in line if those ones were.” Dad laughed.

“Okay, apparently I shouldn”t have taken the managers” information on the warehouse itself without checking it out first.”

“Um, management, according to the guys, they haven”t had a warehouse manager in more than three years, and not one person from the office has ever set foot in the warehouse. Most of the guys have never even seen who they actually work for.” Dad said.

“Really, I wish I could say I find that hard to believe, but I really don”t.” Sterling laughed. Then he turned to Mom.

“I hope your report isn”t so, well, bleak to put it mildly.”

“No, not quite, but nor is it rosy either.” Mom laughed.

“Oh goody, let”s hear it then.”

“The top floor, where the upper management sits is perfect, the bathrooms are immaculate, the carpet is clean and perfect, and the desks are nice and large and clean. But, the next floor down, where the regular office workers are, not so much. Everything is dirty and gross, small, unkempt, non matching, you get the picture. The other janitor there was told that he”s only to put one day a week down there, the rest of his time was supposed to be ensuring that the top floor was always perfect. From the way it sounds, though, they kept him super busy, he said that they were often massive slobs, and he hadta clean horrific messes all the time, so never had more time to give, but that he”d been the only janitor for more than five years. He admitted to me the other day, that before I was hired, he was thinking of quitting, that he just couldn”t do it any more. Of course, us janitors aren”t supposed to go to the warehouse on the bottom floor, that”s not our job apparently, but by the sounds of it, we”re needed down there just as much. Usually the lowest man on the totem pole down there gets stuck cleaning their bathroom, and they have only one.”

“And that”d be me.” Dad said wryly.

“So, not exactly peachy, but better than the poor warehouse has it. Also, the parking lot is often a mess too, which I”m certain you hadta notice.”

“Sadly, no, I didn”t, I don”t drive, and I was always dropped off right at the door, so I never looked at the parking lot, which I see now may”ve been a drastic mistake. I suppose I should”ve though, the state of the parking lot would probably tell a lot of the state of the rest of it.”

“That”s true, though it was far better if you ask me.”

“Thank you both for your honest reports. These issues will be looked after just as soon as I figure out some way to rectify them, not to mention, bash a few heads for not pointing these glaring issues out in the first place.”

“From the sounds of it, the managers you have left may not have even known there was an issue.” Dad said. “Most of them are newer and never entered the warehouse. Like I said, none have visited in years by the sounds of it.”

“That may be true, but it”s still wrong if they didn”t know what was going on.”

“Fair enough.”

“Mom, Dad, what would you say the average morale of the regular Joe”s there would be?” I asked.

“Low, but it is at least marginally better since they all got raises and benefits. That at least helped boost spirits a bit.” Dad said, and Mom nodded her agreement.

“Good. If we get all these issues fixed, do you think it”ll help, or are they all too jaded now?”

“Hard to say, really. The other janitor there, he”s happier now that he has someone else to help, and having received a healthy raise, those were his words, but he still needs more to keep him, and to keep him happy I think. The one thing I haven”t heard from one person there, and I”ve talked a lot of them, was that they felt that their bosses cared or understood what they dealt with. No one feels as if they”re cared about.”

“Same.” Dad said.

“Okay, that”s pretty much exactly what I expected to hear. Thanks.”

We all talked a bit more, but just after that, our meals were delivered, and when they were set down, all talking ceased. Sterling and I had to teach the others how to eat the various parts of their meal, and this time was no exception. Aidan damn near picked up his plate to lick it off, and I grinned to him and asked him if he wanted to cause at least three heart attacks, an aneurysm or two, and at least a half a dozen fainting spells. He blushed cutely and said no, so I told him that that was a huge no no, but that I do agree, it is so good that it really should all be licked off.

We talked more and more as we waited for dessert, and once that was well savoured, we were served our tea and coffee, and we chatted some more. When finally we are done, we all head out, Sterling having paid the nearly thousand dollar bill, and Mom and Dad both thanked him profusely for the amazing meal, but he thanked them every bit as much for all the very useful information that they provided.

We dropped Mom and Dad off at their apartment, and then headed out. We had only had a couple soggy baby bum changes throughout the day, and we are all in desperate need of one more, so we decided to triple diaper ourselves, and so, boyfriends change each other, causing only three orgasms a piece as we do so. I asked Reilly for his soggy baby diaper, Sterling asked Aidan for his, the boys took ours, and as we all watched, we enjoyed the fresh tasty diaper we were passed.

We played games for the rest of the long drive home, and just before we arrived, we got dressed for the whole few minutes that we would need to be. As soon as we entered our house, though, we are all already stripping. We had had to grab the carts of course, to bring in all the boys” things, and we took all the clothes to the laundry room to get them cleaning.

By this time, it is getting close to bed time, and so, we all head to our bedrooms, and kiss and cuddle with our baby boyfriends for a while before going to sleep.

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