Skye Was Her Limit Ch. 03

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Author’s Note:

This a collaboration between myself and wonderful Brittni4U. Please take the time to read the previous chapters. You can find separate versions of Ch. 01 on both Brittni4U’s page as well as mine (Skye_sub). Ch. 02 can be found exclusively on Brittni4U’s page. I want to dedicate this chapter to the beautiful and talented Britt, babe, you are my heart and soul; I love you.

Enjoy, everyone and thanks so much for all your support!

My boots tread silently along the well-cushioned carpet of the hotel. After volunteering to retrieve our baggage from my truck, I’d left Britt snuggled up in bed, drifting off to sleep as satisfied as a cat in a sunbeam. As the lobby doors automatically opened, I was hit by a chill carried by the wind, coming down from the mountains. I shuddered automatically and I hugged my leather jacket closer.

The clacking of my heeled boots echoed across the empty parking lot and reverberated off the tall buildings around me; it lent an additional aura of mystique to the already disconcerting scene. The sound was misleading in its origin. Instinctively, I began looking behind myself with the image of a dark figure ready to pounce vivid in my imagination. These anxiety-induced fears were practically foreign to me before yesterday. It had been less than 12 hours since I was attacked in an attempted abduction at a truck stop, and my nerves weren’t as solid as I’d grown accustomed to them being. Conversely to my current situation, my hometown was as safe as a sitcom trope; small and quaint. The type of town where nobody locked their doors at night because the biggest thing to fear was a moose wandering around town.

As I continued on, a unique sort of chill crawled up my spine. Suddenly, I wondered, just what the hell am I doing? Britt won’t be around to save me this time. I was too proud to go back for her or her gun, so I quickened my pace and carried on towards the truck. Soon, I heard footsteps sounding behind me in a way I couldn’t explain away as echoes or nerves. Quickening my pace, I heard the steps keep match with mine. My heart was pounding the deafening reverberation of flowing blood through my ears. Panicking, I began to trot away, and the steps faded behind me. I ducked behind a nearby vehicle and swung my head out, just in time, to catch a glimpse of a man climbing into a car. Relief washed over me as I observed him put his key in the ignition and start the vehicle.

In an effort to remain inconspicuous, we had parked far behind the hotel and that had subsequently lengthened my walk. By the time I arrived at the truck, I was a mess of nerves and jumping at every noise or shadow. I felt embarrassed by my behaviour but was unable to stop it as my fear took me over.

I almost missed it, in some ways I wish I had and yet, I know it’s foolish to wonder what might have been. In any case, I heard it first, the unmistakable flapping of paper in the breeze. When I looked up; I noticed a piece of paper tucked beneath a windshield wiper. Climbing up the steps, I leaned across the air cleaner and awkwardly reached for the paper. It was barely within reach, but after some stretching, I managed to grasp it between my forefinger and middle finger. Tentatively contained, I conducted a delicate dance with it back to my other hand where I secured it just as a breeze blew up, seconds too late to dislodge it. Clasping it firmly in one hand, I used the other to open the door and swing into the driver’s seat. I sat for just a moment, breathing hard and feeling deeply apprehensive. I set the note on the dash, and climbed into the bunk, not taking my usual care to remove my boots first.

Our bags were sitting on the bed, I grasped them and heaved them one by one into the cab of the truck. I wanted to get started on my way back to the hotel, but my senses were on high alert. There was a small part of myself that wished I could just lock the doors and curl up in the bunk to wait for daylight. That was ridiculous though, Britt was waiting upstairs, and ultimately, I wanted nothing more than to crawl into her arms and fall asleep with her warm soft skin snuggled up next to me. Newly motivated by the thought of her, I grabbed the bags and was about to jump down the steps when I remembered the note. I set our luggage down and settled into the driver’s seat.

I unfolded the coffee stained letter – at least I hoped those were coffee stains- to reveal the handwriting of someone with a slim grasp of literacy. It read:

I bet u think u got away wit it. I bet ya think no one seen what u done. Cunts u r. Both of ya. Takin money that should be mine. Those were my best custmers. U owe me big time! Tomorow u will pay or I will show everyone what u bitches done. I got a video the cops would luv to see. Meet my guy, Sal at the El Dorados gentlemen’s club. He will find ya. B their by 10 tomorrow. Don’t b late!

“Fuck.” I muttered to myself and then as the gravity of the antalya escort situation sunk in further, I yelled while pounding my fist on the steering wheel, “FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!”

I knew I needed to handle this; I needed to protect Britt like she had protected me. Questions rattled through my overwrought head with increasing intensity, I can’t tell her; I need to keep her safe from this. Will she let me go alone? How can I explain away leaving her alone for an evening, while I go to a strip club, when I’d harassed her so frequently about meeting up with me again? There was no doubt in my mind as my thoughts continued their onslaught, I will have to take her with me. Maybe I can get her drunk enough and she won’t notice what is going on, but that seems like a cheap trick. If I can sell her on the idea of going to the strip club, then maybe I will be able to sneak off, meet this Sal- piece of shit, and pay them off or do whatever it is that they want. Then it will be over, and Britt and I can try to salvage the rest of this trip.

Despite all the drama, I was blown away by how even the thought of her could calm me down in this tense debacle. Smiling, I thought about how wonderful it was to see her again; the feel of her body against mine, the sound of her laughter in my ear and the ease of our companionship. Knowing I needed to get back to her, I exited the truck quickly into the stony silence of the deserted parking lot. The slight unease of its desolation had evaporated and was replaced by a hard lump in my stomach; a thick roiling knot of worry and anxiety burrowing its way deep.

Once I had returned to the room, I stood in awe looking at Britt’s gorgeous sleeping form, and in that moment, I made peace with my resolution to exclude her from this further development. Her beautiful blonde hair was spread like a wave of dawn’s early golden light across her pillow. Graceful even in sleep, her beauty was undeniable and breathtaking. I felt a lump rise to my throat but swallowed it down before I had to recognize the gnawing sense of guilt behind it.

Stripping my clothes quickly, I turned off the lights and slid my naked body close to hers. She was warm and calm in her sleep; her peaceful demeanor transfused into me and I relaxed. My stomach settled slowly, and I began to feel like everything would be resolved. The punks we were dealing with couldn’t want much, and I would do what I had to. Britt didn’t need to know a thing, she needed to have fun and more than that; I needed her to want to be with me again after all this was over. I nuzzled my face into the hollow of her neck and shoulders, breathing in the delicate fragrance of her hair. She stirred and murmured before settling back to sleep. The tranquility of the moment overcame me, and I fell asleep quicker than I would have thought possible, mere minutes ago.

The sound of the shower running flooded into my dreams and barely perceptible amid the water’s rush was the sound of soft, off-key singing. I rolled over onto my back, a smile lighting my features briefly until my moment of contentment was stripped away forcefully by the memory of last night’s events. Rapidly, I could feel the knot of worry taking its residency back up in my stomach. Sullen at my situation, I didn’t notice that Britt had gotten out of the shower and was standing right in front of me with a look of concern on her face. She appeared to try to shake off her emotions as she shook her wet hair and smiled broadly.

Quickly she crossed the room, jumped on the bed and crawled up over me so her face was hovering above mine. Her beautiful hazel eyes met my own, and I could see a mischievous glint there. Her toned arms were planted on either side of my head and I couldn’t help but be drawn into the cheerfulness of her mood. She kissed my cheek briefly and that drew a smile to my face while she coaxed, “Skye, it’s over. We shouldn’t let this ruin our time, after all it wasn’t our fault some jerk tried to kidnap you… we did what we had to.”

Unable to stop myself, I whined plaintively, “You did what you had to do. All I did was just about get abducted…” My words were cut off when Britt pulled herself up over my face, so her breasts were right in front of me. She lifted one up and put it to my lips. I could feel the residual heat from her hot shower on her nipple; it was engorged and much larger than usual. Bringing my hand up, I rubbed my fingers lightly around the areola of her opposite breast, while I used the tip of my tongue to do the same to the nipple in my mouth. I could feel both tighten, one by one, and firm up into tight elongated buds with one between my lips and one in between my fingers. My other hand was moving down her side to cradle her ass cheek which I lifted to flip her smoothly on her back.

I wanted to nestle in and feed in comfort. I kept my lips fastened to her nipple throughout the move and cuddled up next to her, lengthwise. My body was now draped kepez escort over her with my head resting on her arm as I sucked and licked at her tight nipple. Already my worries were melting away. My hand had resumed tweaking her opposing breast while she spoke softly to me calming me with her words, “That’s right babe, that feels so good. Mmmmmm… keep going. Suck my tits like you do. I love it. Please don’t stop. Your warm mouth is going to make me cum.”

With her words, I could feel a rush of wetness spread between my legs as my clit began to throb with desire. One of my hands snaked its way down to her pussy and I found a similar flood of wetness envelop my fingers. Dipping two inside, I used them to scoop her juice and transfer it to her clit. I pushed down letting her already hardened bud pop up between my fingers as I massaged around it, letting her folds envelop them. She moaned, as I took the opportunity to couple this with a deep pull of my suctioning lips on her tit. I sucked hard pulling her whole areola and then some up into my mouth. Relishing how tight and hard her nipple was against my tongue, I released it with a resounding smack of my lips and let her distended teat fall from my mouth. She cried out in pleasure while I fed off her need.

Pulling myself up, I braced my body with one arm while continuing to work her clit with my other hand. My mouth sought out her breast again and fastened onto it with a hungry sucking motion. Meanwhile my fingers were busy at work and she moaned in my ear, “Fuck me, baby. Give me your fingers… give them all to me.”

“Mm Hmm.” My reply was muffled by her tit between my lips.

Taking a moment to press down on her clit to hear her gasp, one more time, I moved my fingers down and thrust two into her welcoming slippery, wet hole. Her breath hitched and I gave her an additional shock by biting lightly on her nipple. Using my teeth, I drew them up, lightly scraping her areola while tonguing her hard-pert nip in my mouth. My fingers thrust at the same time, going as deep as possible, in and out. It wasn’t long until I snuck another digit inside of her to join the others. Her moans began to fill the room, as the pace of my pumping fingers increased and between panting cries, she demanded, “I said, I wanted them all in me, now give them to me!”

Not wanting to disappoint, I gave her all my fingers and began to fuck her with abandon. I could hear the sluicing of her soaking wet pussy as it invited me in, and I increased my pace further yet. With my vigorous movement, I was having difficulty using any finesse with her nipple, so I latched on and sucked hard. Her heels dug in as her hips raised themselves off the mattress thrusting into the fervour of my energetic finger fucking. I could hear a low moan begin to resonant from her throat signalling her approaching climax. Around my fingers, the walls of her pussy clenched, slowing my movement significantly as the nectar of her ecstasy drenched my hand. My lips were still fastened to her nipple, sucking as she convulsed and shook. Her hand rose to the back of my head and gripped my hair, forcing me to devour her tit further as she quaked beneath me.

“OH MY GOD, ahhhhhhh!” She yelled out, at last, her pussy gave one more spasm as she shuddered, and then settled.

Britt was breathing hard, deep in recovery mode. She had sweat beading off her brow and her eyes were closed. I figured there was no time like the present… so I sprung it on her without preamble and blurted out, “So… babe… wanna go to a strip club tonight?”

I watched with a half smile on my face while trying to appear cute and charming. Her eyes slowly opened, and she turned to stare at me, bewilderment juxtaposed with amusement in her eyes. She replied, her breath still coming fast and confusion edging her tone, “Um… not what I was expecting you to ask… I was thinking maybe we could go to a show but that wasn’t exactly what I had in mind… I’m not opposed um… just a little surprised, hon. What brought this on?”

“I saw the club down the street, it’s called Elderados’s. It looks… fun.”

“You saw a strip club near a truck stop, and you thought it looked fun?” Britt questioned, looking baffled by my turn in character, as amusement was creeping into her expression more and more, by the moment.

“Well… I heard it was good too…” I answered starting to fumble a bit under her questioning.

“You heard it was… good?!? From who?” She was now sitting up, struggling with her mirth.

I was faltering now and blurted out in desperation, “I met a guy in the parking lot… you know when I went to get the bags and he said it was good… uh, lots of fun.”

Britt laughed heartily while struggling to speak through her giggles, “OK… let me get this straight… you saw a strip club by a truck stop and thought, ‘Hey, that looks fun. Good place for a date, I know, I’ll manavgat escort take Britt, but whoa, not before I check with a random stranger… late at night in a hotel parking lot. Yes… let’s find out what his thoughts are on the place…’ Is that about it, babe?”

I gave up, close to laughter myself at my ridiculous attempt to get this by her. I should have known better than to try to convince her to go to a strip club… what was I thinking? I’d just have to sneak out later. Defeated, I just mumbled, “I guess, that’s the sum of it.”

“Alright, well… I’m game. Sounds fun.” She agreed with a big smile on her face.

“Of course, you don’t want to go…it was a pretty dumb idea…” I continued, not really hearing her words through my own loud overbearing thoughts.

“No, Skye, seriously, let’s do it; I mean what better review can you get than from a random guy in hotel parking lot?” She stated teasingly.

“Really?!? Wow… ok…” I said bewildered at how the conversation had turned out. I laughed suddenly and joked in my relief, “Well in my defense, he looked very reputable… he had on a bow tie, after all.”

“Oh? And let me guess was he wearing a top hat and a monocle? Was he carrying a large sack with a dollar sign on it?” She questioned, joining in on the joke.

“How did you know? His suit was very fancy too, might have even been a tuxedo and he kept asking for directions to Baltic Avenue.” I continued after catching her reference to the monopoly man.

She froze and looked at me, her eyes meeting mine, she looked as though she had something important to say but after a moment, she shook her head as though clearing her thoughts. Instead, she suddenly jumped on me, locking her lips on mine in an impassioned kiss. She probed my mouth as though searching for my soul, her tongue darted across my lips dancing across my sensitive nerve endings. I sighed into her and increased my own fervency; biting her bottom lip and pulling it lightly between my teeth. She groaned and we both flopped on our sides, still locked together in a kiss. We naturally broke apart after a heated make out session, and we lay facing one another, our eyes met and we both smiled.

Britt suddenly jumped up into a sitting position and slapped the bed with resolution, “Well! We better get ready if we are going to go to a fucking strip club tonight, woo!”

“Babe, I don’t think we need eight full hours to get ready.” I said with a smile, while reaching a hand up to tweak my own nipple.

That was all the coaxing she needed, and she pounced on me like a cat, licking her chops while saying, “Exactly! That doesn’t give me much time to fuck you dry!”

The rest of our day was well spent between marathon fuck sessions and ordering room service until it was time to get ready to go. I was going through my suitcase looking for that special tank top to fit the occasion when Britt called to me from the bathroom, “Hey Skye baby, what does one wear on a date to the strip club with their trucker girlfriend, anyway?”

“Haha, babe. But seriously, it won’t matter, you will be the most beautiful girl there so whatever you wear, go easy on the girls… they need some attention too.” I answered while secretly enthused she referred to me as her girlfriend.

Giving up on my wardrobe, I began rummaging through Brittni’s clothes, I couldn’t find much that I felt comfortable wearing, until I came across a pair of black leather pants and a matching black tank top. Of course, they were skin-tight but after working them up my thighs, I was home free. The tank was tight, but I didn’t mind…after all I was going to a strip club. I was surprised to see that Britt had decided to dress more casually. She wore black skinny jeans with a spaghetti strap cami as a tank top and a black leather jacket to match her knee-high boots that zipped up on the side. Observing the heavy eyeliner, she decided to apply; I teased her asking with a smile, “Babe, were you planning on taking the stage tonight?”

As we approached the strip club by foot, it appeared increasingly derelict and my stomach sank further with each encroaching step. Just when I thought I couldn’t possibly continue on, Britt broke the tension by humorously muttering, “Boy! Sure, does look fun, baby doll. Tell me, was it the peeling paint or the aura of chlamydia that drew you in, initially?”

Relieved to be drawn into letting my humour out, I replied, “Actually… if you must know, I just like the smell of mildew and stale beer. But, seriously, babe, I think it’s supposed to be a lot nicer on the inside.”

“According to the monopoly man, I presume. Honestly, I would have thought he had better taste.”

I couldn’t help but laugh along with her. The whole situation was totally ridiculous, and I couldn’t help but giggle at how bemused she seemed to be with my strange behaviour. The bouncer at the front door did a double take, glared at us and growled, “The girls are supposed to go in the back door.”

I raised an eyebrow in confusion until it dawned on me that he was assuming that we were dancers, so I quipped, “I’m sure they do, but the pervs go in the front right door, right? Well… that’s us.”

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