Skorupa Ch. 02

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(Again, thank you so much, sexnovella, for the quick editing and reply. To all the viewers, the voters, and the nice comments, thank you, I really enjoyed such a quick feedback. I’ll try and answer personally the comments ASAP, something like “feedback on feedback”. *Inception’s tone rings* Anyway, here’s Chapter 02, with more orgasms-that-shatter-the-boundaries-of-impossible, and I really hope you enjoy the sequel. I plan on going on with this story as long as everyone appreciates it.)

Gabrielle lifter her hand, touching Sophie’s lips and smearing cum on her lips and chin. Sophie couldn’t hold herself and started licking her lips and Gabrielle’s fingers, coated with the thick honey. At the same time, Sophie gingerly touched Gabrielle’s thin waist with both hands.

“Are you ready to cum more?” She asked with her voice full of intent.

“More?” Sophie whispered. “Is it even possible? I thought it was my time to pleasure you,” she replied, trying to bite her lip. Gabrielle moved her head aside to avoid her.

“It seems you still don’t get it Sophie. I’m the one in charge here.” She moved her hand to her neck, without pressing in, only signaling her domination. Sophie trembled slightly and looked at the towering redhead that smiled at her sweet frailty with malice and sultriness at the same time.

“You’re… what?” Sophie whimpered. Gabrielle laughed with delight, and Sophie trembled again. Gabrielle could clearly feel Sophie was never in a situation like this, and so, she could never predict her next action.

She pressed her neck only with her fingers, and moved like a snake to whisper, “In charge, baby. We will play a small game now, OK? Unfortunately I have nothing to tie you, so I’ll have to keep holding your neck.”

“Tie me?!”

“Silence, Sophie. Listen to the rules.”

Gabrielle moved her backwards slowly while talking, one step at a time, until Sophie’s back leaned against the bedroom’s wall. “I imagine you never had a woman before, right?”

“‘Course I did. But not like this…”

“I thought so,” she answered, smiling. “Well, I’ll ask questions about the contracts I gave you earlier. The more you answer me correctly, the more I’ll be passionate and sweet with you. The more you make mistakes… you can guess what’s going to happen with you. If you get three wrong answers in a row, you lose. If you get three right answers in a row, you win.

“So, how about we start?” The final word matched the moment Sophie’s back touched the wall.

“OK Gabrielle, OK… I’ll… I’ll… I’ll obey.” Sophie was panting with expectation, almost as if she had a quick sprint minutes before.

“Excellent. What was the name of the Russian that signed the contract about the vodka trading?”

“WHAT?!” Sophie bellowed, only to earn a wild reproachful look from the other woman. When she met her eyes, she noticed her mistake and lowered her eyes. “S-Sorry, Gabrielle. I’m really sorry.”

“Wrong answer, Sophie.”


“How many Porto wine bottles are going to be exported in the next month?” She interrupted.

“You want me to do calculations now? I just squirted like I-don’t-know-what on your hand!”

“Wrong answer, Sophie,” she sighed.

“No, wait, wait!” Sophie tried fixing her mistake. bursa escort “Sixty thousand, sixty thousand!”

“Next question,” Gabrielle said calmly. “And by the way, you’re wrong: Porto wines are seventy-five thousand bottles.”

“Alright, look. I give up. Stop making me think, please… I just can’t think… your perfume, your hand here… That freaking orgasm… I just want you to make me cum once more… please?”

Gabrielle’s blue eyes flashed and she squeezed Sophie’s neck just a little bit more. She asked the third question, pausing each word.

“How many languages am I able to speak?”


The brunette blinked before saying ‘I don’t know’, totally uncertain. Her insides were burning with pure desire as much as she was afraid of what could happen. But she couldn’t go back: a six feet tall woman was holding her, and she knew for sure that if she tried to escape, the worse would happen. Still, she could try. She wasn’t tied.

Sophie held Gabrielle’s forearm with both hands and forced her neck out of her grasp. One of her fingernails left a bruise on her skin, which she felt at the same time. She tried to make a run for the bathroom, thinking of locking herself up there. She even managed to trace a few quick steps towards it, but her hope went downhill as she felt a quick jolt, and Gabrielle was gripping her hair again.

Sophie screamed in shock. Gabrielle pulled her hair, and a firm hand slapped her ass with gusto. Sophie screamed again: this time, the voice was seasoned with some pain.

“I’m sorry Gabrielle, I’m sorry! I’m so afraid… don’t hurt me please, please!” Sophie was trying to hold her sobs.

Gabrielle pulled her slowly, and said, almost with patience, and whispered to her ear, “Wrong answer, Sophie. You lose.”

“No, no, no!” She was sobbing, afraid of what would happen. She tried to turn her head, only to find an even more reproachful look.

“Don’t you give me that crybaby look Sophie. You’re better than that.”

She breathed hard, closed her eyes, and recollected her thoughts. Sophie did her best to regain her composure, and asked, politely, “What is going to happen to me now, Gabrielle?”

“You will lie on that bed, calmly, while I’ll get ready. I’m sure you won’t try and escape, right? You’re naked and you have no idea where your sweet little G-string is. And of course, the keys to your Porsche are being held in custody by me,” she winked. “So, go,” she said, untangling her long fingers from Sophie’s hair and giving her another ass slap. Sophie straightened herself, and walked slowly, still feeling the effects of the powerful orgasm. Gabrielle took her large purse and disappeared inside the bathroom, leaving Sophie powerless and curious.

Sophie’s hands were trembling. Actually her whole body was trembling. Her recently spanked ass sat on a smooth black cotton duvet, while her hand clutched on a pillow so hard her joints were aching. Five minutes later, Gabrielle appeared from the bathroom. The vision was, to say the least, eye-popping (and this is the precise word to describe Sophie’s look): she was wearing a silky robe, with a simple knot holding it at her waist, and the upper part was dangling from the band: Gabrielle decided not to wear it, and thus, her large, bursa escort bayan gravity-defiant breasts were exposed and the vision was stunning, absolutely wonderful. She was G-cup or even double G-cup, Sophie thought to herself.

Sophie was breathless. Her hand eased the grip, and she even felt better the smooth bedclothes. Gabrielle hoped up the bed and kissed her, slowly but firmly, and breasts were touching each other while Sophie started breathing harder. Sophie hugged her amidst all the kissing action, and Gabrielle touched her legs, checking how her pussy was still hot and sopping wet.

Gabrielle unlaced the robe and revealed what she was hiding: she was wearing a large strap-on. No, ridiculously large. It was plainly impossible to fuck with such a huge thing. It was thick and long, a real monster — no, an unreal monster. Sophie couldn’t recall seeing any prick that big anywhere, or even a strap-on. But Sophie was tamed again and wasn’t willing to disobey her mistress, so she looked eagerly to her big blue eyes and said nothing, but smiled.

Gabrielle smiled back. A sweet smile, yes, yet full of intentions. She spread Sophie’s legs, and with one hand, she started rubbing the huge head of the strap-on against her pussy lips, smearing the juice with the overflowed squirt orgasm she previously erupted. With one finger, she played with her clit, making Sophie cum almost instantly. She moaned hard, and the redhead seized the moment by pressing the strap-on’s cockhead inside her, pushing forward very slowly with her hips. The strap was thick, Sophie’s mind was racing, ‘Two and a half inches? Three? OOOOH!’ and started widening her. She nearly came again. Then she looked downwards, as her senses briefly returned to her, and wondered if her little pussy would be able to fit even half of that log inside her.

She closed her eyes whimpering, and Gabrielle pushed about an inch inside her, widening her pussy slowly, but with no intention of stopping. And slowly another inch followed, and another… and another. Sophie was moaning, pain and pleasure mixing up and screwing her senses again. She looked down and felt her pussy lips aching and widening even more, thinking or trying to think how that freakishly huge prick was going to fit inside.

“So tight, Sophie… You’re so tight…” Gabrielle whispered, cupping and pressing her huge breasts with both her hands: she was obviously enjoying the sensation of splitting Sophie’s little pussy in two. Then she held Sophie’s hips and pushed harder, and her pussy lips stretched even wider, as another and another and another inch fucked her so royally she could only scream and gasp. She closed her eyes, and the sensations only heightened.

“You’re such a slut Sophie! Such a natural slut… Look how your sweet pussy is stretching to me!” She touched her belly button and moved her hand up, cupping a C-cup breast and playing with her nipple while not even half of that monster was inside her.

“I… I don’t think it will fit… Gabrielle… OOOOHH!!” Sophie was interrupted again by another orgasm, because Gabrielle was still pushing inch after inch after inch of the enormous log inside her. She was never penetrated so deeply. In fact, it felt like she had never been bursa merkez escort penetrated at all. Her pussy was so stretched she could feel the resizing; she would need to buy some new dildos…

“Oh it will, Sophie, it will! I’ll make you mine… all mine!”

“Then do it, Gabrielle… Do it…”

“I will do it… I’ll make that squirt look like nothing baby…” She held Sophie’s hips and, pushing as hard as she could, rammed the last four inches inside. Sophie felt a whole world of pain and pleasure mixed up, a lightning bolt thundered inside her head, and a wave of multiple orgasms hit her body so strong she started gushing cum and squealing wordlessly. Her body was shaking in Gabrielle’s hands. She was her slut.

Sophie’s senses came straight for a few seconds, and she realized she did it; she took each and every inch of that huge wonder cock inside her. All of it. It was unbelievable; she never imagined how deep and wide she was, or how deep and wide the beautiful and stacked redhead had just turned her to be.

And Gabrielle began to fuck her. Slowly, she pulled one or two inches of the monster out, just to help Sophie to get used to it. Sophie was panting, her nipples were now as big as ever, and Gabrielle started to pull back more inches and thrust them in a bit harder every time. And slowly, Sophie’s body was becoming used to it; there was no pain, only pleasure, amazing pleasure, so much fucking pleasure.

“Fuck… FUCK!!” Sophie screamed. “You’re amazing girl, you’re so fucking amazing!” She tried to reach the huge tits bouncing over her with her tongue, and Gabrielle furiously pounded her back to the bed. With one hand holding her, in the middle of her perky tits, she started ramming the big cock hard inside Sophie.

“You’re my slut now Sophie, my dear fuck toy, my slave. I’ll fuck you hard, I’ll use your whole body, and you’ll want no one else but me.”

“Yes, yes, FUCK YES! Fuck me harder, fuck me harder!”

Gabrielle straightened herself, still burying the dick with massive thrusts inside her. Her huge tits bounced with each thrust, and Sophie’s eager pussy gushed so much fluid she could feel the bed getting wet and her ass as well. That only made things easier; the huge strap-on was widening and deepening her so badly, and she was pounding and pounding her harder and faster.

Suddenly, Sophie’s world sat still. For a second, she lost her breath. And then she felt her pussy throbbing so hard it seemed about to explode, and she squealed. Gabrielle pulled the whole of the cock out, and Sophie then saw what was going on. She was squirting, so powerfully, so strong, that she seemed like a geyser exploding. She sent huge jets of her cum straight to Gabrielle’s tits, coating them with the thick hot honey. Gabrielle was amazed, and moved aside so another strong jet of cum arched over the bed and laid exactly in the fireplace, extinguishing all fire there. And Sophie wasn’t done; she kept squirting and screaming. She twisted her hips and hit Gabrielle full in her face with powerful jets of cum, and amazingly, like Gabrielle promised, she sent more and more cum, covering Gabrielle’s huge tits once more, her belly, and finally, more than half of the bed with only one squirt. She was still moaning after she stopped coming, panting hard, and looked at Gabrielle with a weak smile.

“That… was… so…”

And she passed out. Gabrielle smiled, took her strap off, and went to the bathroom to take a bath. The party at the Three Devils Club? Well, that could wait for another day.

To be continued…

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