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Phoebe and Ana have been dating for just over a year now and are very much in love. Though Ana is very sure how much she and her girlfriend feel for each other, she also knows that Phoebe came out a year and a half before Ana did and was quickly involved in a rather physical relationship with a senior from their rival high school. With that in mind, and also conscious of her complete lack of experience in that department, Ana felt nervous but also very certain in her decision to Phoebe she was ready to take that step.

The two shared a handsome lobster dinner, thanks to Phoebe’s rather generous parents who gave them the ski trip and supplied meal plan as a graduation gift. As they await their molten lava chocolatey dessert, she slips her foot out of her flat under the table, gliding it up her girlfriend’s leg, getting her full attention. Phoebe’s eyes now focused completely on her, her foot slides back down the leg, moving along the curves of that calf especially slowly. Sneaking free of her own shoe, Phoebe’s foot flirtatiously meets Ana’s under their table, the waiter setting their warm dessert on the table and bowing before heading back into the kitchen.

The girls don’t say a word, though as Ana slips that first spoonful of melted chocolate into her mouth, it’s not without shooting a meaningful seductive look across the table.

As their feet continue to play beneath them, the girls anxiously finish their lava cake, hopefully not so fast that it becomes obvious to everyone in the dining room that they want to get back to their room.

They stand after cleaning the plate and share a sweet kiss they both know is only a small sample of what’s to come, then Phoebe whispers, “I’m going to go for a quick stroll to catch a few shots of the moon without all the city lights from back home but I’ll only be a minute or two,” to which Ana replies, “You know where I’ll be,” then turns and strolls back down the hall to their room.

Phoebe rushes to the main entry of the lodge and takes a short minute, like she promised, to snap a few pictures of the night sky before hurrying back inside to the warmth.

Walking down the corridor to their room, she finds herself trembling with excitement and nervousness; yes, it was true that she’d been intimate with another female before, but it had never really been emotional or passionate, it was sex purely to have sex.

She opens the door to find Ana’s snow-designed grey leggings in a small heap on the floor. Looking up, she saw her love standing at the window, guarded from the wintry cold by the glass panes. She stood beautiful in her adorable berry colored sweater mini dress in the soft moonlight and asks, without turning away from the window, “Phoebe, I don’t know that I’ve ever truly been as cold as I am tonight,”. “Oh really?” Phoebe answers, adding her own leggings to the pile. “Yeah,” Ana continues, “I mean, I played in the snow a lot as a kid and I used to go hiking in the mountains with my dad all the time growing up, but I don’t know that I’ve ever actually experienced what it means to be ‘cold’?” Softly approaching, Phoebe asks, “Oh, you haven’t?” bilecik escort smoothly tucking her girlfriend’s hair to the side and kissing her neck. “I really truly haven’t babe,” she says, reaching back and resting a hand behind Phoebe’s head, those sensual lips gnawing currently on her ear. Ana moans under her breathe at the touch of her beau’s lips to her tender skin. In a very low, husky tone she hears, “I know the best way to warm you right up…crawl on the bed and I’ll show you,” breathed into her ear and she complies without hesitation.

Turning, she runs a hand along Phoebe’s smooth cheek before gradually crawling on all fours to the top of the bed. Ana was more than happy to feel her sweater bunch at her waist as she crawled, giving her girl a better view of the thin panties hardly covering that ass before she reaches the top and rolls onto her back, propping herself up on her elbows.

She seems to have done so just in time as Phoebe isn’t at all far behind, running her hand up the elongated thigh before her lips begin their trek from Ana’s ankle up her leg. Gently bending her leg in, Ana enjoys the new luxurious feeling as her lover caresses her. Phoebe softly presses Ana back onto the pillows as their lips indulge in each other, her hand tracing the curves of her girlfriend’s leg muscles whilst they kiss.

Brushing her hair aside, she stares into Ana’s big brown eyes, seeing the passion and excitement in them. Their lips meet some more, Phoebe’s fingers lightly rested behind her partner’s ear, her thumb against her cheek. She allows her already dampened panties swipe up and down her lover’s thigh as they kiss rough the cold of night. Fiddling with the bottom of her sweater dress, Ana was feeling a bit unsure what to do with herself until her significant other took a gentle, but more dominant, lead, casually planting her leg on the opposite side of Ana on the bed.

She then turns her lover’s head to the side and begins kissing way down the rim of Ana’s ear to the bottom of her neck as the back of her calves are lovingly caressed. The girls return to their kissing, adding a tad more passionate intensity to them, while Ana boldly raises her girlfriend’s own purple dress to chest height, then lets her hands coasts amongst Phoebe’s ass.

The two can’t seem to get enough of each other as their handsy-ness indicates that they both want the other disrobed very soon. Phoebe fiercely returns to assaulting Ana’s neck, all the way down to her collar bone, whilst her girlfriend slips her teasing fingers in and out of her panties and pull at the fabric as if to bring them down. Instead Ana’s hands fondle her lover’s strong thighs.

Taking the lead in starting the ‘disrobing’ process, Phoebe presses Ana down on the bed, commandingly but not aggressively, and immediately moves back, raising her girlfriend’s sweater so that she can sweep her lips, lick and kiss the flat of the stomach without obstruction. Ana’s hands meet the level of her eyes on each side of her head, as if to say ‘take me’ as Phoebe sets her craving mouth loose.

Whilst her escort bilecik partner continues her lustful onslaught, Ana can’t help but tease her own panty lines and grope her chest. ‘Turn your sexy ass over,” Phoebe demands in a breathy hushed voice, ‘Now push it for me, she adds, holding her partner’s dress back up as her hungry lips descend on the bubbly ass.

She kisses like Ana has lips on her ass cheeks as well, swiftly bending an arm under her girlfriend’s body and intensely rocks their bodies back and forth, pressing her snatch hard against her woman’s ass, clearly ready for more!

However, still unsure about how much her partner’s truly ready for, Phoebe appeases herself by returning to Ana’s ass with her lips, firmly pressing her clit and roughly rubbing her homosexual virgin pussy. Her girlfriend hike her leg up to further encourage the treatment.

Enjoying her work, and her girlfriend’s reaction, more than she first imagined, Phoebe maintains the motions as she moves the rest of her body up the bed. Ana gasps in mixed disbelief and delight, attempting to hold her ass wide open so that the hand can remain, both in place and in action. She presses her head hard into the pillow in reaction to the incredible sensations occurring in her body!

The girls spend a hot minute caressing Ana’s ass together before Phoebe turns, her body now flat on the bed under her significant other. The girls don’t seem to miss a beat, their lips mashed together the first chance they get! Phoebe holds her partners hair back, out of the way of their snogging, the other cruising over that nice ass, down the back of Ana’s calf, around to her thigh, and commences to rubbing that pussy with serious lust! Her lover’s hand can’t seem to decide between groping Phoebe through her sweater or simply groping herself!

She sits back and raises her significant other’s dress to cover just her breasts, though Phoebe then lifts it higher as Ana’s lips devour her fit torso. She slides her hand down Phoebe’s taut body to her underwear clad pussy and back a few times before pulling the top of the panties back so she can kiss the top of that sensual pussy. She then continues kissing through the fabric as she and Phoebe take a quick tour of Phoebe figure before a strong arm locks behind Ana’s neck, bringing her back for more animalistic kissing!

Their fingers disappear as the entangle in each other’s hair, both of them breathing heavily into one another! Neither of them dare break the sexual tension whilst their hands wildly and aimlessly explore each other’s bodies!

Ana hurriedly backs out of her sweater while Phoebes pulls it over her head. She then boldly sucks her lover’s nipple right between her lips before resuming their luscious kissing! Her nearly naked body moves against Katie in only the most exciting of way as they make out, her girlfriend’s foot driving hard into her ass cheek for some resemblance of stability! The girls’ lips part only long enough for them to roll the dress up that hot female figure and Katie toss it to the side; Nora taking the chance to kiss and suck bilecik escort bayan the now fully exposed breasts!

From there she kisses her way down her partner’s figure, nervously kissing that vagina a few times before Phoebe got the clue and sat up to give Ana’s girls a little sensual treatment of their own. Needless to say, her licks, suckles, and kisses lasted a few seconds longer and were a touch more intense. Ana moans and whimpers a beautiful erotic tune as her chest is handled, or more appropriately, ‘mouthed’ so well. Catching the look in her girlfriend’s eyes, she gets down on all fours in doggystyle on the bed, Phoebe taking a strap of those panties and pulling them right off.

Next, she lines herself right behind, holding Ana’s side and rocking her back and forth, letting her own pussy swipe her partner’s ass three or four times prior to taking hold of Ana’s pussy and steering her in the same motions for a brief moment. She then leans in, allowing her breasts to lay against Ana’s skin whilst they caress and fondle her feminine form. Phoebe leaves Ana to touch herself, pressing her lips to such velvety skin.

She rubs her significant other deeply on the ass a handful of times, then Ana turns and lays back on the pillows, holding her legs open in an inviting butterfly. Phoebe kisses just above her thinned bush first , second at her belly button, next on the dip of her collar bone, her lover then drawing her in for still more passionate kisses; a great distraction from the horny hand groping her cunt to get it ready.

Standing up on her knees, Phoebe shimmies her own undies to the bed, lying flat atop her partner again as they pick up where they left off only seconds ago. Their kisses became a little more erotic now that both of their bare pussies were touching and rubbing and grinding together, Ana struggling to keep her hands still as Phoebe’s mouth mesmerizes her neck. The partners let their tongues play for a hot moment, twisting and turning, swirling together then apart before fluttering their tips for a little tease.

Phoebe gasps and pants deeply as she turns herself onto the bed again, Ana removing the panties from her legs. They share a naughty smile at the ‘thud’ of them hitting the floor. Ana plunges onto a tit, kissing and suckling quite hard for a few hot seconds until their intense kissing resumes yet again with the restraint of unnecessary things, such as clothes, now out of their way, allowing for more raw passion than earlier in the night. Ana’s finger races up and amidst those juicy lips whilst their lips fiercely tangle in each other. She leaves Phoebe’s lips as she writhes amongst the sheets, gathering her breast and concentrating her flesh before affectionately sucking the gorgeous brown nipple. Phoebe brushes hair out Ana’s face in time to feeling a wet kiss where pubic bush once was!

Believe it or not, they opt to sloppily kiss more! The beautiful young women, both now naked in one another’s arms, smile and quietly moan as they let their lips meet only to part again so they can shift their heads and kiss over and over again. “I love you so much Phoebs,” Ana mumbles. Tossing her hair to the side, Phoebe answers, “I love you more than anything Ana,”. The two remain gently kissing as they slowly pull the sheet folded at the end of the bed over their au natural figures, interlocking their legs beneath as they softly kiss each other to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32