Skiing Monique

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I. Introduction — A Beautiful Day of Skiing

“You could do that? Would you?” she asked in panicked desperation. The ski lift chair rocked from her sudden movement as it carried us up the steep slope. Her nervous ultra-bright smile matched the sun-kissed snow below us. Tears streamed down her tan cheeks with anxious hope.

“I could,” I said pausing. “But…”

“Please Cliff, oh please. Name it. Anything you want.”

The potential meaning of Monique’s desperate spontaneous offer hit us both as the words came out of her thick red lips. The bright outline of her mouth was contrasted by her radiant white smile, tanned skin, sky blue translucent eyes, and shoulder length blond hair. She is an adventurous proficient skier who spends most winter weekends perfecting her way down expert slopes across Colorado’s Front Range. Her fit, slender 5’8″ body with full breasts and tight ass fill her black ski body suit and white parka in ways that distract every man and create envy for every woman she skis past. Monique is gorgeous.

II. Hitting the Mogul

We met a year before through our business partnership. Monique’s accomplishments as a skier were mirrored by her business success during the week. Seven years ago she left her job as a representative for a regional wine distributor to open her own business. Her competitive drive, winsome personality and go-for-broke attitude helped her become one of the regions top high-end distributors. It was a major accomplishment in a competitive cut-throat industry. My Colorado-based restaurants became one of her newest and biggest clients. We hit it off easily over the early contract negotiations. Our relationship had been entirely professional. Despite some sexual attraction we both felt, she made it clear she never goes there with clients.

A perfect morning of skiing and the security of her business’ success were ruined by one telephone call from her assistant. “They’re shutting us down Monique,” her assistant said panicking over the phone.

“What do you mean?” Monique asked shocked at the news.

The details went from bad to worse. One of the competitors paid off her chief sales representative named Fitzgerald to sabotage the business through illegal sales and financial practices. His actions implicated every part of her company, before tipping off the State commerce department. Law enforcement, State revenue and other governmental agencies were moving in to seize records and shut down operations.

Monique was paralyzed at the news. “How can this happen?” she asked stunned through her tears. “How can he do this to me after all I have done? We have always operated with integrity. I have never …” her voice trailed.

“The truth will come out,” I tried to offer as comfort. “It will be OK.”

“It’s not fair. By the time the truth comes out, I will have lost my accounts, my reputation, my capital — everything I have worked for.”

“Maybe not. Let me see if I can do something Monique.”

“It’s too late,” she said feeling defeated.

“I have some business and governmental contacts who might be able to help. With the right calls, I think we can not only put a stop to this, but maybe turn it around on those doing this to you.”

III. Price of a Lift Ticket

“You could do that? Would you?” she asked in panicked desperation. The ski lift chair rocked from her sudden movement as it carried us up the steep slope. Her nervous ultra-bright smile matched the sun-kissed snow below us. Tears streamed down her tan cheeks with anxious hope.

“I could,” I said pausing. “But…”

“Please Cliff, oh please. Name it. Anything you want.”

The potential meaning of Monique’s desperate spontaneous offer hit us both the moment the proposition came from her thick red lips.

The sexual tension immediately intensified as the chair ascended the mountain. The wide open space around us did nothing to dissipate the implications of her offer. The moment was filled with dangerous adventurous suspense like turning from the groomed high-traffic resort slopes to ski the virgin powder of a mountain’s uncharted backcountry.

She broke the pregnant silence with clear thoughtful resolve. Her eyes locked onto mine as if making the biggest deal of her life. “Anything Cliff,” she repeated mecidiyeköy escort purposefully. She moved her hand to my leg. “If you can make this go away, I will be forever and limitlessly indebted to you.”

“What do you mean by that?” I asked caught off guard by her resolve and proposition. My initial offer to help had no conditions. However, I would not turn down any unsolicited generous offer of gratitude.

“You tell me,” she answered without hesitation. “You make this go away and I will hand you a limitless box of blank undated checks for my time and services.” The tone in her voice carried a mixture of serious desperation, hope and competitive resolve.

“Anything?” I asked for clarity.

“Anything,” she answered. “It’s like a lifetime season pass. If you make this go away, I will do anything. You have my word.”

The chair lift approached the first opportunity to disembark.

“Keep going to the summit?”

“Yes, she said. Let’s go all the way.” Our elevated loveseat passed the point of no return and continued its ascent to the top.

Monique smiled as I pulled my cell phone out of my parka. I made two strategic favorable calls and called in two strategic favors. “I have promises from them,” I said to her as I hung up from the second call. “We’ll see.”

“I can’t believe, of all people I would be on this chairlift with, and of all times, I am here with you.” She leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

“I can’t guarantee anything,” I said quickly. “Let’s see what happens. All I’ve done so far is make a couple calls.”

“Your offer to help means a lot to me,” she said softly.

Within minutes, Monique’s cell phone rang. Her assistant was as tear-filled and frantic as the first call, but this time with laughter. “I can’t believe it Monique,” she said in shock.

Monique put her phone on speaker mode. “What happened?”

“The officer in charge got a call and everything changed. They went from cleaning us out to putting everything back. They went from demanding things from us to apologizing. I even heard them talking about a warrant for Fitzgerald. I can’t believe it!”

“A friend of mine made some calls,” she explained.

“This is amazing! Whoever that is,” her assistant added, “you owe him big time.”

Monique smiled and hung up the phone.

IV. Fresh Powder

We pushed off the chair as it unloaded us at the top of the summit. The air was crisp. The sun reflected off the glistening snow. The vista of snow-capped peaks surrounding us was spectacular.

“I have never felt more on top of the world,” Monique said with a relieved radiant smile. “I can never thank you enough.”

“That’s true,” I said playfully as we finished putting our gloves and goggles on.

“I’ll have fun trying!” she said launching herself down the mountain as if to race.

The rest of the day was filled with the excitement of bursting through high elevation fresh powder and the anticipation of our newly defined relationship. Time never moved so quickly.

As the sun began to set, we loaded our skis on top of my car. “Want to grab a bite to eat?” I asked.

“That would be great,” she said, “before we go back down the mountain. I’m starved.”

“I have just the place,” I said. Our company has a large log cabin we acquired for our small team of executives or for use as off-sites. Within minutes we were making our way up the remote snow-covered dirt road. “Incredible view, don’t you think?”

“Beautiful,” she said. “Is this a restaurant?”

“No. It’s our corporate cabin. It’s stocked with everything we need.”

“For dinner?” she asked.

“For the night,” I smiled.

The electric garage door opened to welcome us. I pulled in and the door shut behind us.

“But, we need to get back after dinner,” Monique said surprised at the change in plans.

“Tomorrow will be too soon for me to get back,” I said. “You’ll love this place.”

“But I didn’t plan on being here over night. I don’t have anything I’ll need,” she said.

“We are in great shape. We have steaks and plenty of food and amenities for a week. And, as I’ve admired for months, I assure you that you have everything else you’ll need.”

“Cliff,” merter escort she pleaded.

Monique gasped as we stepped into the palatial cabin.

“See?” I said. “Every comfort imaginable.”

“This is gorgeous,” she said in awe.

“The master bedroom is upstairs. I’ll start the steaks. Go get out of your wet clothes and into one of the robes hanging there.”

Monique smiled as she conceded. She recognized their new relationship had begun.

I fired up the indoor grill in the kitchen and began preparing dinner. As the meat cooked and the food simmered, I stepped into the vast adjacent living room with floor to ceiling windows. I lit a match to ignite the prepared kindling in the large stone fireplace in the center of the room. The fire helped to warm and light the space. Oversized leather furniture surrounded the fireplace with a large sheepskin rug in front of it.

The sound of water running upstairs told me Monique was beginning her evening by settling into the expansive Jacuzzi bathtub. A half an hour later, dinner was ready, the room was warmed by the fire and Monique descended the stairs wearing only the thick white robe that beautifully outlined her body.

“Dinner’s ready,” I said as her bare feet arrived to the floor of polished wood.

“I am too, Cliff” she answered seductively, not talking about the food.

I lit two candles on the table. The sound of light jazz music and the crackling of the fire filled the room. The full moon lit the night sky enough to see the delicate snow begin to fall outside. I filled the two tall wine glasses with a fine Merlot, pulled out her chair and seated her at the place of honor. “That’s one of our wines,” she observed with a smile.

“Of course,” I answered. “Nothing but the best.”

“I’m going to enjoy this new relationship of ours,” she said with quiet confidence.

We took our time savoring dinner and finishing the bottle of wine. Our conversation took us to new places, allowing us to get to know one another more deeply. Monique melted into the evening as it unfolded in romance. The slow jazz and warm fireplace beckoned us into the living room. Monique stood from the dining room table, took my hand and led me to the small sheepskin covered space in front of the fire. She pressed her body into mine and began to move slowly to the music. Song after song, we held each other as we danced on our warmed, impromptu, fur-lined dance floor. Monique looked up into my eyes, smiled and pressed her lips against mine for our first soft kiss.

Small kisses led to long deep gentle kisses. Our bodies continued to move to the melody of the music and crackling fire. Her hands around me found their way beneath my sweater and up my back. My lips moved from her mouth to her cheeks and down her soft neck. Monique began to moan as my lips continued their descent to caress her shoulders.

Monique slowly raised her hands up, forcing my sweater over my head and to the floor. She began to kiss my chest with her lips and tongue. Her hands moved with finesse to my ski pants, slipping her hands beneath to take hold of my bare ass. I answered by gently slipping the thick white robe off of her shoulders, allowing it to fall to the floor behind her. She moaned as she pressed her bare body against me, crushing her large tits against the muscle of my abdomen. Her mouth began to kiss my chest, taking my nipples between her lips. I felt my pants begin to descend with her as she moved down my body and onto her knees. I stepped out of my pants and boxers that lay around my ankles. I looked down in time to see her bright red lips become ravenous around my long hard ready dick.

“Augh!” I gasped as her thick lips massaged my pulsing member with unprecedented skill. The flickering light of the fire reflected off of her beautiful tan oil-bathed body. Her translucent blue eyes drew me in to the depth of her soul. Her irresistible white smile exposed her pleasure at the affects of her mastery. Her long-anticipated ravenous consumption of my dick by her lips and tongue brought me to a ready orgasm. My entire body tingled as she skillfully seduced juices from every extremity. “Oh god! Stop, stop! I’m going to explode!” I begged.

Monique’s mutlukent escort lips tightened around my member as she made a long slow ascent up my shaft. She pulled her mouth off with a loud pop from the sucking pressure originating deep from her healthy lungs. “You have never known what giving is and what you are capable of until this night. This will only be a beginning to our new arrangement.”

Monique hungrily descended my shaft allowing the skillful choreography of her lips, tongue, mouth and throat to enrapture me. “Aaaauuuggghhhh!” My first thick pint of cream filled her mouth and coated her throat. She swallowed deeply to take in every drop before releasing my shaft to allow the next deposit to cover her face like a rich vanilla shake.

“Soak me baby. Soak me,” she demanded as she surrounded my dick with the round, firm, soft flesh of her tits and pumped me incessantly. Load after relentless load blanketed her body as if a canvas to be painted. She ran her hand up her stomach and tits, cupping and drinking as much as she could fill her mouth with.

Monique sat up and took my dick into her hand as if an addict. She moved her both hands around to take hold of my ass. With cream still dripping from her moist thick red lips, she said “I’m not done Lover Boy. We have a long, wonderful night and future ahead.” She pulled me toward her, forcing my spent dick into the recesses of her mouth. “god, you’re good” she said muffled by my growing member in her mouth. She began to suck me again, harder than the first time. “Give it to me,” she demanded. “I want more.”

My body began to tingle. I realized if anyone could make me cum again so quickly, it was Monique. She would not stop until she did. My body convulsed at her unquenchable thirst. She drank down every drop. I collapsed onto her body.

Monique began to run her fingers through my hair. “Time you had some dessert,” she said. She slid her body up, positioning my dry mouth at her trimmed moist mound. Her long slender fingers spread the lips of her clit. “Oh god, do it,” she begged. I kissed the inside of her leg inches from her waiting clit. “Do it, Cliff.” I kissed the inside of her other leg. “Oh god, do it Cliff!” she demanded. “Don’t play with me. I can’t take it any more!” I softly placed my tongue at the lowest point of her love box and slowly made my way up the distance of her clit. Her body shuttered with delight. I repeated the long slow massage with my tongue. Monique began to rock her ass. “Yes, yes! Do it.!” Masterfully I began to torment her with my tongue and lips. “oh god, oh god!” She begged. Her nipples began to grow in response, standing thick and high above her firm round tits. “Oh god, don’t stop.” Her clit grew harder and more responsive from the attention. “Oh god,” she screamed. Without warning I consumed her entire love box into my mouth, sucking her clit and working the territory around it with my tongue. Monique’s body quaked as her first orgasm of the night rumbled through her body rendering her helpless to its wave after wave of ecstasy.

She quickly rolled us over, closer to the fire, with her on top of me. We could feel the warmth of the fire on our spent bodies. Her dripping mound straddled my face. She slid her body down over my chest and abdomen until she was sitting over my pulsing member. “I’m going to fuck you Cliff. I’m going to fuck you all night long.”

I knew she meant what she said.

She took my firm dick in her hand and began to use it to massage her still moist love box. My shaft got hard again in her hand as she worked her clit to near orgasm. Her tits shook as she handled my dick with reckless abandon. I reached up and took each hardening nipple of her waving tits between my fingers. Their thick firmness resisted my finger’s squeeze and massage. “Oh god!” she screamed again. She rammed my dick deep into her love hole as her second orgasm rippled through her body. She rode me faster and harder as if she was in a horse race to the next State.

Her tits shook wildly as she relentlessly slammed her body against mine. Her love muscles grabbed by throbbing dick to hold on in determination to drain it dry. Thick globs of cum began to move their way up my shaft. Monique’s persistent determination gave the juices no option but to fill her cavity with every drop.

V. Skiing Monique – Lifetime Season Pass

Monique’s statuesque, tan, moist, bare body collapsed atop mine. The fire flickered on next to us. We both knew that whatever lays ahead, our lives would never be the same. We also knew that for this night and the future, this was only the beginning of a lifetime season pass.

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