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Corrie gasped as the cold glass dildo pushed against her tight, virgin asshole. His tongue danced a meticulous pattern around her sensitive love mound and his lips pushed against her tightly folded skin, damp and exposed. His tongue swirled, carefully flicking over the little bump before fleetingly moving away, perpetually increasing the tease. The glass toy pushed gently at her private entrance, not yet penetrating but tapping at her puckered skin. She closed her eyes and moaned deep and loud as her body started to quiver…


‘C’mon Kiddo, off to bed” Corrie cooed, gently kicking at the bundle of clothes lounging at the end of the couch. “Your dad will be home soon, and he’ll be mad at both of us. It’s way past your bedtime.”

“Just one more episode?” The little voice inquired, optimistic and defiant.

“I just gave you one more.” Corrie paused the television as the credits rolled down the screen. “The deal was one more and you’d go off to bed without any fuss.”

“Naw. Do I have to?”

“Yes. I’m afraid you do. Go brush your teeth and I’ll be up to tuck you in, in a minute.”

Corrie couldn’t help but smile as the little bundle sluggishly walked up the stairs, disappointment within his demeanor but sheepishly fleeting as fatigue sat in. It had been a big day for the pair with a whole host of sports and running around before settling down to a night of pizza, cartoons, and ice cream.

It was only the third time that Corrie had been sent to look after the boy as her babysitting agency had only recently acquired the new customer. Already he was one of her favourites. Polite but cheeky.

His father worked in some fancy building up the road and was often called into work at short notice. Corrie had quickly assumed he was in corporate business and had certainly taken a second glance when she arrived this morning; his clean-cut appearance in a smart, crisp business suit more than enough to catch her young eye. It didn’t hurt that he was a single father.

She, herself, had been single for almost a year now and had only recently started to realise she was looking at guys a little longer than before. The last relationship had ended poorly but she was young, only just out of her teens and eager to get back on the horse.

She had confided in her friend she was not ready for something serious but ready for a bit more fun, keen to forget the previous dull encounters she had endured with her last partner. She wanted excitement and energy, to try new things. Wasn’t that what being young was all about?

She yearned to have a deviant story of her own, so accustomed to listening to her friend’s tales of debauchery and desire. She was by no means immoral or slutty, but she was keen to enjoy her own exuberance.

Her friends had convinced her to join a local dating app that was more about meeting up than hanging out. She had yet to surrender completely and still felt a slight bit of embarrassment and guilt in arranging to meet just for something sexual. She always thought of herself classier than that yet the urge to feel intimate and sexy implored her to at least try.

“I’m ready.” The voice echoed down from the second-story bedroom.

“Coming.” Corrie echoed back, starting to ascend the wooden stairs.


Her fingers formed tight little fists beside her as the first inch of the glass slid between her walls. The glass cold and splayed so it gently pushed her resisting skin apart as it methodically entered her rear passage. He inserted just the tip of the toy into her uncharted territory, his tongue, now more feverish, lapping up and down along her love button…


It had taken a bit more negotiation and a few pages of reading but eventually, the little man had fallen sound asleep and Corrie made a retreat, back to the couch.

This was the easiest time of her job. The child asleep, the father not yet finished work so she could relax and make herself at home before his inevitable arrival. She flicked the television over to a more mature channel, relieved to no longer require dragon cartoons and peculiar dancing dinosaur characters.

A notification tone from her mobile broke her attention away from the national news and she inspected the device to find the meetup app flashing, reminding her to finish her profile and join the search for lust.

The app was designed to allow both males and females to flick through various profiles and swipe upon those they were interested in, however, only the females could initiate conversation, sparing her from a thousand unwanted scamming messages of various delinquency and inappropriateness. It was an app designed for the female to feel empowered and not used, to pick her communication or as her friend had bluntly put it; ‘It’s for the classy slut.’

She decided to finish the profile. Why not? Maybe it was time to see who was out there and she was tired of playing with herself. She needed the strong embrace of a man. She secretly confided that she needed to get laid.

Step one: Find an enticing photo. She flicked Beşiktaş escort through her phone and found a couple of photos from a previous party, her short black dress teased without revealing too much. She wanted to keep some level of dignity.

She selected a few photos and advanced to the next stage. The ‘About Me’ section. She groaned. God, she hated these things.

Corrie mulled over what to write before deciding to keep it short and simple. ‘I’m angelic enough to be respectful, clean and honest but devilish enough to want to do things I’ve never done. I want to feel excited and explore my boundaries.’

She confirmed her changes and with a slight sense of dread about reaching into the unknown, pressed confirm and watched her profile go live.

‘And the deed is done.’ She said aloud to herself. ‘Let’s hope you don’t end up kidnapped in the back of a van.’

She had barely put the phone down and picked up the tv remote when her phone beeped. She had her first response within seconds. The app prompted her to view his profile and respond.

The man is question had sent her a ‘wink’, designed to catch her eye and basically the only weapon a guy had on this particular app. He would not be able to contact her unless she matched and sent the first message.

She quickly read his profile and clicked the ‘x’ beside his name. He just wasn’t her type.

Making herself comfortable on the couch and aware that she had an hour to kill before he got home, she decided to allow herself to keep the app open. One by one she flicked through the various faces, some smiling, some serious, way too many with their shirt off and gym equipment in hand.

A variety of ages, ethnicities, and poses started back at her as she flicked through. The odd group photo that made her guess which guy she was swiping on only further agonized her fruitless search.

As she was about to throw the phone down, a familiar smiling face in a crisp business suit caught her eye.

Corrie stared at the photo, his handsome face grinning back at her and giving her the same little tingle, she got every morning when they briefly encountered. There was just something about him and she did catch him looking at her butt this morning. Or did he? Would he be interested? Would it be appropriate?

With trepidation, she clicked on his profile. “Busy father to a wonderful little man. Unfortunately, work and fatherhood take up all my time so looking more for fun rendezvous then dating or anything serious. Can and will host after-hours.”

Corrie read it twice and then glanced through a few photos. In all, he looked charming and businesslike, certainly more appealing than any she had seen so far. However, there was an internal fight between her urges and the sheer appropriateness of basically soliciting her employer.

“Ah. Fuck it.” She said aloud. Corrie pressed the smiling face icon that represented the user wished to communicate with the person on the other end of the profile. Now it was a waiting game. A little sense of dread shot through her. What if he rang the agency?

Her panic quickly turned to intrigue and excitement as the app beeped and she noticed his immediate reply. They had matched. A little tremor went down her spine. She mused over how to start the conversation, aware that he would be waiting for her to initiate the chat.

Still unsure of the ethics or his real intentions, she decided to play it safe and calm.

“Hi there. Wasn’t expecting to see you for another hour.”

“Hi indeed.” His response was instant and lit up her screen. “I admit, I didn’t expect to see you here at all.”

“I’ve only just joined. Not my usual style but you know, a girl has needs.”

“And you want me to satisfy those needs?”

Corrie read the reply three times. Her heart a flutter and her mind racing. Her fingers paused over the little buttons. How should she play this? Coy? Decadent?

“Do you think you can?” She responded.

“That depends.” He replied. The screen indicated, that he was typing more. Corrie wondered if he was having the same internal struggle as she was over the appropriateness of their conversation. “Let me ask you this.” His reply read. “Are you happy for this conversation to turn sexual? Are you looking for a meet up?”

Corrie admired his question. He was asking permission to be sexual and clearly, had the same reservation that she shared.

“Yes, I think I can handle that.” She typed back.

“Would you consider yourself a sexual person?”

“I’ve had limited experiences but I’m willing to try new things.”

“Are you willing to try all the things?” He asked, accompanied by a winking emoticon.

“That depends on what those things are.” She responded, cautiously.

“Then let’s ask the big questions.” He started. “Let’s say you have three entrances; mouth, pussy, and ass and I have three things to fill those entrances; tongue, finger, and cock. You can only match one of mine with one of yours. What would you put where?”

The question Beşiktaş escort bayan stunned her. She wasn’t expecting something quite so sexually psychological and upfront. She mused over her reply.

“Interesting question!” She started. “Well, I’m happy to put all those things in my mouth or pussy, however, I’ve never had any of them in my ass.” She wrote back, avoiding having to fully answer the question.

“You said you wanted to try new things. Do you?” He teasingly inquired.

“Okay.” Corrie decided to take the bait. “Finger in mouth, cock in pussy, and tongue in ass. Good luck doing all that at the same time!” She finished the reply with a winking emoji and a giggle.

“Well, there are many things I can do at once but that might be out of my flexibility.” He replied, also with the wink. “So, you want my tongue in your ass?”

“I dunno.” She confessed; a tad embarrassed but her intrigue peaking. They had danced straight past any worry of inappropriateness. “I do enjoy a good tonguing, but I’ve never had it there.”

“Well, I’m just finishing up work so I’ve two questions for you; firstly, is anything off-limits and secondly, do you want to go through with this? If so, I might stop by the store on the way home. I have an idea.”

Corrie took a deep breath and replied. “Nothing yet but I reserve the right to change my mind and yes, I look forward to seeing you soon.”

“I’ll be twenty minutes. I have things to teach you.”

Corrie’s mind raced. She jumped up and walked to the bathroom, looking over her appearance and splashing water on her face. She was giddy with nervous excitement. There was something taboo about their agreement and it excited her more than she wanted to admit. He was older and for sure, more experienced than her. He was businesslike and straight to the point. “This will be interesting.” She said to her reflection in the mirror. “I wonder what the girls will think.”

It took exactly twenty-six minutes for the front door to open. Corrie had anxiously counted every one, waiting for the handle to shake. He walked in and spotted her on the couch, smiling as he held a brown paper bag.

“The little one asleep?” He asked, cautiously.

“He is. I checked on him just a moment ago. Dead to the world.”

“Thanks.” He responded, sincerely. “You happy to stay a little longer?”

Corrie realised he was giving her one last chance at escape. “I can hang around.” She smiled.

With a few long strides, he reached her and gently put an arm either side of her, still prone on the couch. Corrie could smell his aftershave and the sheer masculinity of him. She whimpered as he lingered in front of her, still almost asking permission. Seeing no retreat, he dove on in, his lips planting firmly upon hers.

Corrie responded to his touch, flicking her tongue against his as they passionately embraced. His hand reached up around her neck, positioning her so that he could kiss her lustily. With his hand still upon the nape of her neck and his body still hovering over her, he drew his attention to her ears, nibbling softly.

With her eyes closed, she felt her body reacting to his advances. Her heart raced and her skin tingled as he gnawed softly. She opened her eyes and couldn’t help but notice the bulge enhancing from his trousers. Impulsively, she reached out to put a hand upon the protrusion.

“Easy now.” He whispered, still nibbling upon her earlobe. “This is my show and I have much to introduce you to.”

He lingered back towards her lips, kissing deeply before placing both hands at the bottom of her shirt and bringing the material upwards and over her shoulders. He continued the assault of her senses, kissing her neck and slowly working his way down towards her bra.

Corrie watched intently as his mouth made route towards her breasts, her brassiere quickly released and discounted with a flick of his fingers behind her back. He was certainly experienced, she mused, satisfied to allow him to maneuver as he pleased. It was his show, after all, and it was exciting to be in the hands of someone capable.

She involuntarily tensed as his lips met her nipples, his tongue flicking over her mounds as his hands joined in and caressed each breast. She sighed at his dual attack.

His mouth continued to suck and play with her nipples while his hands reached beneath her, groping at her backside. With abandon, he brought his mouth back to hers as his fingers went to work upon her jeans, effortlessly undoing the buttons.

Corrie sat back, transfixed as her jeans were pulled down, revealing her sheer red underwear. She lay, almost naked on the couch chair, her body at his mercy.

Her jeans landed upon the tiles as they came completely away. He knelt in front of her and kissed the inside of her leg. He gently ran his fingers up her calf, towards her only remaining fabric. He paused before reaching her delicate area and retracted his fingertips back along her leg, teasing and tantalizing.

Slowly and agonisingly, he used his hands Escort beşiktaş to trace her limbs, careful to bring his fingers close to her ever-increasing arousal yet retreating just before making contact. Corrie endured his tantalising foreplay, aroused and yearning for his touch.

His fingers would run up her leg, skip a beat and resume across her stomach, pinching at her nipples and cupping her breasts before sliding back down, avoiding the fabric and restarting along her inner thigh.

“You enjoy the tease, don’t you?” She mumbled.

“I do.” He admitted, placing a hand on either side of her remaining clothing. “Let’s get these off.”

The red fabric made a fast retreat down her legs and landed on the tiles. Corrie half sat; half lay on the couch. Her butt was only just upon the lounge, her torso slumped against the leather. Her body was now fully naked and legs slightly arched and spread, his masculine frame lingering between.

His teasing reignited, carefully drawing lines with his tongue around her legs, careful to pass close to her intimacy without quite touching base. With every dart towards her dampness, Corrie would unwittingly move her body, trying to trap his touch where she most craved.

Corrie watched and sensed as his tongue ran up her inner leg, detecting another unbearable retreat, she placed her hand upon his head and pushed him towards her dampness.

Mercifully, he allowed her to guide him. His tongue reached out and gently prodded against her pelvis.

“That’s it” She sighed, aloud, grateful that his tease had transpired into a favorable sensation. She had always loved oral sex, both giving and receiving, and she was happy to lie back and enjoy his foreplay.

He ran his tongue along her folded skin, flicking ever so casually across her sensitive mound.

“No more teasing.” She almost begged, aware that he would happily flutter flauntingly against her button.

Abruptly, he started to work a little more feverishly, pushing his mouth hard against her flesh and gyrating his tongue across her bean.

Using two fingers in a V formation, he parted her flesh to gain a more unobstructed passage at her love button, his tongue danced upon her, drawing little circles and figures of eight.

Corrie shuddered and sighed as his dance intensified. He withdrew his fingers and instead, placed then together inside of her, the sudden penetration causing her to convulse.

Without any warning, his tongue stopped its assault against her button and slowly ran down her flesh. He poked his tongue between his fingers, now imbedded within her passage and arcing against her fleshy walls.

His wet appendage continued its downward spiral before flicking over her tightly woven, wrinkled skin. He gently lapped against her asshole while his fingers worked inside her.

Corrie groaned at the unusual feeling as his tongue flicked against her virgin skin. It felt taboo. It enthralled her. His tongue danced upon her hole, not penetrating but flicking generously across her pink hide.

“I believe you asked for this.” He smirked, pushing the tip of his tongue into the centre of her tight, star-shaped passage.

She sank back in the lounge, her legs high and wide as his strong hands gripped her calves so that he could maneuver between them. His tongues attention lapping at both entrances, emitting a leisurely moan of approval.

Corrie’s eyes opened as his touch unexpectedly retreated. She observed, fascinated, as his attention turned towards the paper bag, he had brought in with him. Corrie had forgotten all about it but now waited nervously and with unrivaled curiosity as he fumbled within the bag and eventually withdraw a large glass dildo.

He brought it to her face for her to inspect; it would have been six or seven inches long, delicate and shiny with a pink circular molding snaking around the entire circumference. She’d never seen a glass version and it screamed expense. It was cute, unwavering, and exotic.

He brought the imitation cock to her mouth; its taste was icy and cool. She shivered in expectation as he used the icy substitute to probe her throat. His fingers patted at her entrances while he gazed upon her, transfixed as she suckled the toy.

Corrie put on a show, taking the imitation deep and pursing her lips. She had always enjoyed giving head and took no exception to be watched while she performed. She found it empowering and feminine, to take his manhood so trustingly. She savored the taste of the icy substitute and enjoyed his attention.

Eventually, he took back control and took the glass from between her lips. “You know where this is going?” He asked, half proposing and half implying.

“Mmmm.” Was all she could elicit in reply, her mind nervous but eager.

He brought the glass toy towards her rear passage, his tongue back working on her sensitive little mound.

The glass toy felt cold against her ass. He gently probed the dildo inside, careful to keep his tongue working its distraction above.

The dildo was splayed yet ribbed so the initial intrusion merely glided past her uncharted boundary, however, the ribbed section pushed her walls and stretched her ass wider. The imitation cock worked its wall down her cavity while his tongue continued to swirl and twirl around her sensitive mound

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