Sister’s Revenge Ch. 03

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Warning: This story contains incest, futanari, forced sex, and if you don’t like these themes then STOP READING. Here’s chapter three. Less sex, more plot, but don’t worry, it’s coming. Enjoy!


Amanda hated Mondays. She always had. She had gotten used to a schedule of staying up really late on the weekends, and every time her alarm woke her up for school she silently cursed whoever had invented the damn thing.

But this Monday wasn’t as bad as normal. She had stayed up late the night before, of course. Her new cocksleeve needed trained, to iron out all the little kinks – the nonsexy ones, at least. So when the alarm went off, she growled and reached to shut it off. But her hand slapped an empty bedside table, and she was forced to open her eyes to look for the source of the noise.

She immediately noticed the small form spooning with her in the bed – her little sister Jenny, who had been turned from a bitch of a sister into her little slut over the weekend. They were both naked, and Amanda hardened as she felt Jenny’s bare skin against her own.

Smirking, she wrapped her arm around Jenny, who had started to stir from the alarm, and pulled the slut closer. It didn’t take much to line her cock up with Jenny’s cunt, who moaned at the feeling. Amanda moved her hips slightly, running her tip against her sister’s slit.

“Jenny?” she asked quietly, and the girl stiffened.

“Y-yes?” Jenny replied, and Amanda gave her tit a slap, making Jenny yelp.

“Yes, Master?” she corrected herself, and Amanda began massaging the tit she’d just slapped.

“Why is the alarm going off, slut?” she asked gently, not hiding her annoyance.

“So I can get ready for school… Master!” Jenny yelped as Amanda raised her hand again. Amanda groaned, remembering that her new slut still had to go to school.

“Then shut it off and get ready.” Amanda let Jenny go, and the smaller girl got out of bed and picked her phone up off the floor, hitting the snooze button on the screen. She turned to leave Amanda’s room, but Amanda cleared her throat, holding out her hand. Jenny timidly gave her phone up, and almost ran out of the room.

Amanda laid there and watched her sister’s naked ass leave, licking her lips. She laid back down and opened her sister’s phone, browsing through it as she heard the shower start. She opened the messages and saw there were several missed texts from her boyfriend. Ex-boyfriend now, actually. She’d made Jenny dump him the day before, and Amanda was glad to see she had done what she’d been told.

He;d texted her several times last night, all of which Jenny had missed while she gaziantep yavuzeli escort bayan was taking several loads of cum from Amanda. Reading the texts, Amanda laughed.

What the fuck? You dump me and take off?

This is a joke, right?

You bitch, after everything I’ve done? All that underwear you made me buy? That fucking party I threw you?!

I let those fucks double team you cause you were curious!

Fine! I hear from you again, it better be to fucking beg me to take your whore ass back!

Amanda reread the messages, memorizing the guys name in case he tried to cause trouble, and blocked the number. Browsing through her sister’s contacts, she replaced every guy’s icon with a picture of a red x, as a reminder of who owned her.

She looked up as Jenny came back into her room, freshly showered and dressed. Groaning as she sat up, Amanda got out of bed and faced her sister. Jenny stood there with her gaze lowered, staring at either the floor or Amanda’s cock.

She’d put on a black skirt that went to her knees, a blue blouse, and a zip up hoodie over it.

“Lift the shirt.” Jenny obeyed, pulling the shirt up so Amanda could see her tits and prove she was bra-less. Amanda gave each one a firm squeeze, and a quick yank on the little metal rings through her nipples.

“Now the skirt.” Jenny let her blouse fall back down and turned around. She lifted her skirt up showing her bare ass, and she leaned forward while spreading her legs. Completely exposed, she moaned as Amanda ran a finger along her slit. Jenny was wet, and Amanda used the juices to lube up her finger.

Jenny sucked in her breath as Amanda’s finger tip pressed against her asshole, and groaned as the finger slowly forced it’s way in.

“Ever do anal, Jen?” Amanda asked, and Jenny just shook her head. Amanda pulled her finger out, and told Jenny to stay in that position. She went to her dresser and dug through a drawer until she found what she was looking for, a silver buttplug with a large blue gem on the end.

Waling back to Jenny, she held the plug in front of her sister’s face.

“Get this wet, slut.” she ordered, and Jenny took the plug into her mouth, sucking on it and lathering it with her saliva. Pulling it out with a pop, Amanda took the toy and pressed it against Jenny’s asshole. She shoved it in quickly, making Jenny yell and go forward, almost losing her balance.

Amanda slapped her sister’s ass, and the girl quickly returned to her bent over pose. Amanda made sure the plug was firmly in, and gave the other ass cheek a smack as gaziantep yeni escort bayan well.

“You can go.” Jenny stood up and turned to face Amanda. There was a tear running down her cheek, and Jenny smiled at the sight.

“Keep it in all day. It’ll get you ready for the real thing.” Jenny gulped, and gave her sister a kiss on the lips. She left Amanda standing there naked, and as Amanda heard the front door open and slam shut, she ran a hand through her hair.

“Well… now what?”


Amanda’s college was pretty lenient about showing up to the campus for classes. She was able to do most of the work for her associates degree in business online, giving her a good amount of freedom in how she spent her day.

She had a part time job at a small restaurant in town, but that was basically a front. When their grandmother had passed away, she’d left her and Jenny each a good amount of money. While Jenny’s was locked up tight until she graduated, Amanda had invested most of hers in a small start up restaurant opened by her best friend Alex, against her mother’s advice.

The place had done so well though, Amanda had been paid back within 6 months, and received a check every month for a small amount according to the contract she’d signed. She kept this from her family, wanting to keep it under wraps so she didn’t have to worry about relatives or acquaintances trying to borrow money.

So while she did technically have a job, she only went in once or twice a week. And today, she was feeling way too horny to go anywhere. Instead, she opted for a little movie marathon in the living room. She set herself up on the couch with a bowl of popcorn and turned the tv on.

She was still naked, enjoying the time by herself while she had it. Her mother would flip if she tried doing this any other time. The time passed surprisingly quickly, and while she was constantly either semi-hard or fully erect, she resisted the urge to jerk off, opting instead to wait for Jenny.

Eventually, Jenny heard the school bus outside and she smiled. She laid herself out on the couch, making sure the first thing Jenny would see when she walked in would be her dick. The door opened as the bus drove away, and Amanda watched her sister come in.

Instead of seeing her laying there and freezing, as Amanda expected, Jenny darted right for the bedrooms. Amanda watched in confusion, and called her sister’s name. Jenny froze, and Amanda stood up.

“You didn’t already forgot your lessons, did you Jen?” Amanda asked, and Jenny just shook her head. Her hoodie’s gaziantep zayıf escort bayan hood was up and she didn’t turn around to face her.

“Jenny…” Amanda said warningly, and Jenny didn’t move.

“Turn around, Jen.” she ordered, and her sister didn’t move. Frowning, she walked around Jenny to face her and took the girl by the chin. Tilting her head up to look her in the eyes, Amanda’s eyes widened as she saw the black eye that was forming and the scratch marks going up the left side of her face.

Jenny averted her eyes, unwilling to meet her sister’s gaze, and Amanda growled. She wrapped her left hand around Jenny’s throat gently, and inspected the injuries. While being gentle, Amanda was furious. All she could get out of her mouth was “Who?”

“It’s nothing, Amanda, I’m fine.”

“WHO!?” Amanda roared, making Jenny leap backwards in fear. Amanda towered over her, eyes wide and a snarl across her face.

“Jenny cowered under her sister’s glare, and finally she whispered.

“Ro-Roxanne Smith.” Jenny went silent, and Amanda stood there waiting for her to continue.

“We- We got in an argument. She’s friends with- with the guy I dumped. I told her to fuck off and- and she took a swing at me.”

Amanda growled, taking Jenny by the scruff of the neck and dragging her into the kitchen. She took an ice pack out of the freezer, and gave it to Jenny.

“Hold this against your eye, go wash those scratches, and put your collar on.” Amanda left Jenny standing there in the kitchen, and as she walked towards her room, she spun around and barked “Now!” at the girl. Jenny jumped and ran for the bathroom as Amanda went into her room. She got dressed quickly – Baggy cargo shorts, a baggy tshirt, socks and sneakers – and she grabbed her phone and wallet.

Normally, she’d be uncomfortable leaving the house in these clothes, feeling like she was feeding into the butch futa stereotype. But right now, all she could think about was the little cunt who had touched her property.

She went into the bathroom where Jenny was standing in front of the sink with a box of band aids. She looked up as Amanda walked over, and said nothing as she was pulled into a rough kiss. Amanda forced her tongue into her sister’s mouth, and ground her erection into her side.

Pulling back, she ran a finger down the scratches, making Jenny shiver.

“Nobody touches what’s mine, Jen.” She said softly, and tears started to form in Jenny’s eyes.

“When you’re done, strip and put your collar on. There’s money on the counter for pizza. Order whatever you want.” Jenny nodded, and Amanda left the room, going for the front door. Before she opened it, she looked back and yelled, “And the delivery guy doesn’t see anything! Your ass is mine!”

She left before Jenny could respond, slamming the door behind her. She walked down the path to her car, the small silver two door her mother had given her as a graduation present. She got in and backed the car out, slamming the gas pedal down and taking off down the street.

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