Sisters Pt. 05

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As we sat outdoors just finishing having our lunch the front door bell rang, Holly jumped to her feet and ran to the front door to answer it.

“I hope it’s her friends or someone’s in for a shock.” I said laughing, then added. “She’s forgotten that we’re all still naked.”

We all were still laughing as she brought her friends thru the house and out to the pool.

“Everyone this is Nikki and Steve, Steve was my teacher at school.” Holly explained.

Emma always a show off stood up showing of her naked body to our visitors, both Nikki and Steve stared at her checking her out from head to toe, Emma walked towards them and gave them both a kiss on the cheek.

Then told them. “I’m Emma, Holly’s sister and those two dirty old men sitting there are my father Mal and my granddad.”

Everyone broke into laughter and as our new friends joined us at the table, Mal and I were checking out Nikki she had blonde hair and nice big what looked like D-cup breasts hidden under her top. Holly noticed us staring at her friend’s Nikki’s breasts.

“Are you coming in the pool for a swim.” Holly asked Nikki then added. “I think dad and granddad want to check out your breasts.”

Nikki laughed and stood up and said. “Ok.” Then lifted her top over her head to reveal a pink bikini, when she slipped her shorts down to her ankles we saw a matching pink bottom bikini.

Holly reached out and unclipped Nikki’s bikini top and told her. “You don’t need to wear these.” Then untied the bikini bottom ties letting it fall to the ground.

Mal gave a wolf whistle as Nikki did a full circle turning around showing off her naked body to us, her pussy had a small bit of fur above her slit and her nipples were big and long. Mal jumped in causing a large splash covering everyone, then Nikki dived into the water coming up close to Mal, then Emma gaziantep ucuz escort bayan jumped in holding her sister’s hand.

We had been told by Holly that they were in their late 30s but Nikki could’ve passed for one of Holly’s school friends. I watched Steve undress and when i saw his thick nine inch cock Spring free from his swimming trunks, I looked at Mal and we looked at each other’s smaller cocks, his cock made ours look small compared to his.

Holly had told us they had a young daughter and I quietly asked. “Where’s your daughter today?”

Steve told me. “We dropped her off at her grandparents on our way here.”

I had a chuckle to myself, thinking how I was called granddad these days.

“Your welcome to bring her with you for a swim next time you visit.” I whispered to Steve.

Steve smiled at me and said. “Yeah that sounds like a plan, Nikki works on school holidays and I have to look after her by myself. It would be good to have someone else to help me take care of her.”

Steve watched as I stroked my cock and he started stroking his.

“Fuck that’s a nice cock you have.” I told Steve

“Thanks , I guess Holly told your were both bi as well.” Steve told me

“Yeah she did and you’re all into nudity too, were all bi as well.” I responded.

“Are you coming for a swim?” I asked as I dived into the water.

As soon as he was in the pool Emma made a dive underwater and we watched Steve jump as she grabbed a hold of his cock and came up beside him still holding his cock.

Mal said to Steve. “Watch out for her she just never stops, she will go all night if you want her too.”

Steve laughed and replied. “That sounds good to me.”

As he ran his hands all over Emma’s body, cupping and squeezing her young gaziantep ukraynalı escort bayan breasts, then lifting her up by her butt. He gave her a passionate kiss on the lips. Emma’s mouth opened and her tongue darted inside Steve’s mouth, her arms wrapped around his neck not wanting to let him go.

Nikki watched her husband Steve enjoy Emma’s body as both Mal and me fondled and explored her body. I cupped her large breasts in my hands and squeezed and pinched her nipples. Mal turned her head to face him and they both kissed and explored each other’s mouth with their tongues I felt Mal’s fingers pushing into Nikki’s pussy as her hips started humped his hand.

Holly was watching everyone having fun, she swam next to me and grabbed my hand she pulled me to the shallow end of the pool. Giving me a kiss and feeling how hard my cock was she started stroking my cock.

Then Holly said to me. “Granddad I want you to fuck my butt, I want your cock deep inside my butt up..”

Holly then moved out the pool to the grass area beside edge of the pool with her head and knees on the grass and her butt sticking up in the air, she waved her butt at me. I pushed my finger into her butt and was surprised how easy it went in, I added another finger and pumped them both in as she pushed her butt back against my fingers being thrust into her butt.

I lined up my cock with the hole my fingers had left in her butt and pushed my cock in slow at first, then with a hard forward thrust my cock was fully inside her butt. Holly moaned out that it felt good as I began thrusting in and out of Holly’s butt, I cupped her breasts in my hands and felt her nipples getting bigger with each thrust of my cock as I pushed it in.

I heard a lot of splashing and turned to see what gaziantep üniversiteli escort bayan it was, I was amazed to see that Steve had his whole nine inches of his cock inside Emma’s mouth and down her throat the splashing was her gagging trying to breath, Steve withdrew his cock letting her catch her breath before he pushed his cock back down her throat.

At first I was worried about Emma being face fucked by Steve’s nine inch thick cock, I watched how much her mouth had to stretch to allow the cock into her mouth and the impression on her face as he pushed it down her throat, I saw her try to swallow, letting it go deeper she was enjoying it, and she didn’t want him to stop.

Her mouth was stretched tight around his shaft as it milked his load of cum from his balls, when he started to blow his load, Emma’s mouth cheeks started to puffed out as she tried to swallow Steve cum he kept filling her mouth with his cum, Emma tried to swallow quicker but his loads were massive and his cum started to squeeze passed her lips and her mouth.

Even after Steve had finished cumming Emma was still sucked on his cock trying to get him hard again. My cock was now empty too and as it became softer and flaccid my cum ran out Holly’s butt hole. Mal was the last to finish cumming after they changed several positions he finally laid on his back on the grass and had Nikki squatting over his cock as she bounced up and down, Mal loved how Nikki’s large breasts bounced each time her pussy was driven deep onto Mal’s cock.

Us guys all needed a rest to recover and as we drank a few beers we watched the females enjoying themselves with each other. Nikki was having her pussy licked and sucked by young Emma and it was driving her wild.

Steve said. “Nikki loves her pussy being licked and played with by the young females.”

I gave him a smile and he gave me a nod of his head, I understood what he was trying to tell me.

“Who doesn’t like being played with by them.” I told him and said I’m sure we’re going to become close friends, then I told him I would be home alone on Monday and it was going to be very hot and if they wanted to visit they were very welcome too come over.

“I will ring you in the morning if Nikki decides to go to work.” Steve said.

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