Sisterly Bonds Ch. 06

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Note: All characters are over 18


Sam’s eyes widened as she struggled to escape her bonds. She tried to call out to Carol for help, but the other girl had no idea what was going on.

“Ooh, are you into self-bondage too, Cal?” Carol asked. The older sister, Cal, stopped, looking at Carol with slight confusion.

“No…” She said. “Are you?”

“uh, yeah…” Carol said, blushing slightly. “I kinda love it.”

“Mrhrpmph (and I thought my sister was a fetishist).” Sam muttered into the ball gag, bucking her hips to stop the motions of the vibrators.

“Well, I think I’ll keep you.” Cal smirked, grabbing her. “You can accompany my little sister. Maybe you’ll even show her the proper way to behave.”

“Ooh, that would be awesome.” Carol said.

“Are all of your friends like this?” Cal mouthed to Sam. The nineteen year old shook her head, trembling from resisting the vibrators.

“I think I have some special bonds for you.” Cal returned her attention to Sam.

“Sweet!” Carol grinned. “Oh, can my sister borrow them when she comes to tell me when dinner’s gaziantep vip escort bayan ready?”

“Now I remember you.” Cal said. “You’re Darcy’s sister. Oh, she’s gonna love what I’ve done with you.”

“I am your slave.” Carol held her hands out in front of her. “Uh, at least until my sister shows up.”

“Fine.” Cal grabbed Carol’s arms, shoving them into an armbinder, buckling it tightly as she folder her legs over and strapped them with belts. Shen, from behind her back, she pulled a belt with a long, nearly phallic looking device in the middle: a dildo gag.

“Mrhrmph (what’s that?)” Sam asked.

“I’m sure you know what this is.” Cal said sensually to Carol. Carol nodded as Cal pushed the device into her mouth, buckling it tightly. Carol moaned in pleasure as she felt two vibrators being shoved into her holes, turned up to the max.

“I have a special place for you while I deal with my naughty sister.” Cal dragged her over to the closet in Sam’s room, locking her into it.

“Have fun in there.” Cal smirked. gaziantep yabancı escort bayan She then walked over to Sam, turning the vibrators off.

“I’m giving you this chance.” She sat down and took out the ball gag, beginning to stroke her sister’s face. “I expect you to use your mouth to show me your skills.”

“N-no.” Sam said, horror and fear in her voice. “I-I won’t.”

Cal’s hand stopped stroking her as the older sister paused, almost as if contemplating her next action. Instead of anything, she just got up and left the room. Sam was confused.

“Sis?” She asked herself. “What is going on with you?”

She looked behind her to see how her arms were bound, bending her legs so that she could try to get them around her legs. All of the different times and ways her sister had bound her had given her some time to learn her body’s limits of flexibility, allowing her to be able to have needed flexibility to escape some predicaments should she be bund with them again.

After some trying, she managed to gaziantep yaşlı escort bayan get her arms around her legs and in front of her, where she could use her teeth to begin to untie the ropes.

“Strange how she didn’t gag me…” Sam said to herself as she worked on the ropes holding her wrists. “I wonder why she didn’t… or why she just left… I need to get to the bottom of this…”

She eventually managed to get the ropes off of her wrists, waving them around and rotating them to get some feeling back in them. She then sat up and began to work on her legs. There were two ropes on her, one on her thighs and one on her ankles. She worked on her thighs, getting them untied fairly easily, then beginning on her ankles.

These ropes also proved to be easy to get off, easily taking her a minute to do so. Once they were off, she stood up and stretched her legs to get some feeling back in them. Once she could feel her legs, she stood up and stretched her back, having been a little stiff from being bound all night.

Once she had all of her feeling back, she walked up to her door and opened it. Looking around for her sister, she snuck over to her room.

Putting her ear up to the door, she could hear some muffled sounds coming from inside. Opening the door she was shocked to see her sister crying on her bed.

“G-go away.” The sobs came out from the twenty year old.

“Why?” Sam asked. “Why are you doing this?”

“Because I love you!” Cal’s angry, sobbing shout came.

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