Sisterly Assistance Ch. 07

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Karl woke to his sister getting up, and heading towards the shower. At first he dimly recollected the previous evening, and then the sensations of the night before came rushing back: Lucy, in her black dress, performing the strip tease and their passionate coupling afterwards. He went over the events of the previous night in his mind, and felt himself harden. Perhaps he should join Lucy in the shower? At that moment Lucy walked out, wrapped in a towel, with another one on her head.

“Good morning, Karl! Feeling better?”


“So I wanted to go to the British museum today, they have an exhibition of the ancient Egyptians. Then perhaps catch up with Jules and Beth. We were planning to go to Camden Lock.”

“What time is it?”

“Half nine! Breakfast is served until 10, so you should get your skates on!”

Karl slid off the bed, revealing his erection as he headed towards the bathroom. That did not go unnoticed.

“Ooh. Nice. Something for me?”

“In the shower, Lucy.”

She followed him into the shower dropping her towels as she did so. The shower was big, so there was room for two. Lucy joined him. Karl turned on the water.

“I’ll soap you, Karl.”

“Oh, yeah, good idea.”

Lucy squeezed some soap into her palms and then under the running water slid her hands over Karl’s arms, his chest and his back, rubbing the soap in. She then moved to his legs, he parted them for her as she moved her fingers up and down sensually. Her touch was gentle and warm, under the rain of the shower.

“Reminds me of that time in the Dales.”

“It’s a bit warmer,” she replied, squeezing more soap into her hand.


Her hands squeezed his ass, he tensed a little in response and then her soapy fingers found their way around to his front, sliding over his still semi-erect cock, and smoothing over his balls. He stiffened again to Lucy’s satisfaction. Lucy got hold of the shower head and directed the flow over his hardness. She let the water dissipate the soap, feeling the pressure of the water stimulate his cock until he could stand it no more – he needed Lucy’s pussy urgently. He moved behind her and she bent to the shower wall allowing him to enter her. He could feel a wet sensation inside and out with the shower water running over them and his felt his cock slide into her damp entrance; he felt the slipperiness of their skin as they came into contact. Lucy shifted her legs to allow him in further and he pushed his hardness into her and began to thrust, she was pressed against the shower wall, her breasts flattened against the glass.

“You bad boy!”


“Yes, taking your sister like this, making her miss breakfast!”

“I’m feeding your other hunger.”

“Mmmm. I’ll have everything that’s on offer.”

When she felt he was close, her hand reached down behind, to stroke his balls, which drove him over the edge and he shot his cum into her; he gasped, and she felt the warmth of his juice meeting hers, as they rocked against the shower wall, under the constant flow of warm water.


Later that morning, Karl and Lucy went over to the British Museum, and trawled around the exhibition. It got hard on the feet after a while, and so they decided that lunch with the others would be a good plan. They met up outside and took the short journey up to Camden Lock. There was a vast array of market stalls with food from all over the world, jackets, dresses for all lifestyles, jewellery and bric a brac. They sampled the food and sifted their way through the throngs of people around the stalls. Just on the street outside, Lucy stopped outside a shop called “Morticia”. She seemed attracted to the gothy looking outfits and went in. Karl and the others followed, curious to see what she would pick. After a few minutes she had found two dresses, one black and purple long gothic dress with criss cross strips over the front, and another dark pink, silky, long dress. She went into the changing room, and a some minutes came out in the gothic dress. She looked fabulous.

“She’s answering all my fantasies,” thought Karl.

Lucy gave them a twirl. “What do you think?”

“Wow. Hot.” said Jules. Karl nodded his agreement.

“I’ll try the other one.”

She went back in, and later emerged with the dress still in her hands.

“Doesn’t fit. I’m a bit too big for it.” Lucy was a little downbeat.

Beth spoke up. “But maybe it will fit me”. She held out her hand and Lucy passed her the dress. She went into the changing room and emerged a few moments later. The dark pink dress fitted her perfectly and everyone was impressed.

“I’ll get it.” Beth was very pleased with her impulse buy.

They headed back into the city centre again with an arrangement to go and visit some pubs in the evening. Beth had some suggestions of where to go.

“What do you have in mind?” asked Karl.

“There are some very cool alternative pubs in the Türkali Escort backs streets by the West End,” Beth offered.

“But can you afford the beer?” said Karl, wary of London prices.

“Yes, it’s not too bad for London.”

“So I won’t be needing a bank loan then.”

“Nah, – just sell your soul a little.”


Once evening arrived, they made their way over to the West End and Beth led them to a place that looked like a traditional pub. All the brass fitting were there, hand pulled beers, together with leather seats and glass dividers. The only difference between this pub and many other traditional ale houses around the country was the clientele, which was definitely from the alternative school.

“Phew,” muttered Karl to himself, as he surveyed the women in the room in varying levels of exotic attire. His companions had dressed to match too, Lucy and Beth with their recent purchases and Jules had a punky looking tight leather skirt on with ripped looking stockings. Heaven. Jules marched up to the bar and asked everyone what they wanted for a round. However, the place was crowded and so there was nowhere to sit. They held their drinks and found themselves shouting to make themselves be heard.

“I know a quieter place,” said Beth, “it’s bit more modern but good”.

They agreed, and after finishing their drinks, made their way out. They turned on to the street but before they could make any progress, they found that their way was blocked by five youths, all dressed in baseball caps and track suits, smelling of booze. Instantly the atmosphere changed.

“‘Ere, look at this! Fucking lezzos and some freak!”

Jules stepped forward to one side to pass by them, but the tallest moved in front of her.

“Where do you think you’re fucking going?”


“Nah, nah, come here. You need some proper fucking meat!” he sneered pushing his hands onto Jules’ breasts.

Jules then stepped back and knocked the youth on the head with a crack with the side of her hand, a blow which left him staggering away. The next youth who was beside him had his fists balled up then stepped forwards, but was met with a sharp front kick into the stomach from Jules; as he bent over, another blow from her fist sent him sprawling to the pavement. The other three youths looked uncertain, Karl clenched his fists to attack, but Beth restrained him.

“They’re scared now.”

“We don’t want no trouble!” one of them said, as they backed off and walked smartly away.

They watched as Jules walked up to the last would-be attacker on the pavement and bent over him.

“Never, ever, fuck with a Nottingham lass! Understood?!”

There was no answer. Jules shrugged her shoulders. “Where’s the next place, Beth?”

Karl was aware of a crowd who had gathered around them.

“We’d better leave, as the guys watching the CCTV will be sending in the cops.”

“Fucking losers!” spat Jules, she was shaking with fury.

They made there way along the street, and Karl sought to congratulate her, feeling that he should have done more.

“Jules, you bloody showed them. I’d have…”

“Karl, no offence, like, but it’s better if a girl knocks the shit out of them. Less likely to try it on again, aren’t they?”

“True… Can I get you a pint?” he said brightly.


“I could easily use a pint,” added Lucy. “I feel a bit shaken up.”

“Think we all do,” said Beth. “The place I have in mind is quite close.”

“My round then,” announced Karl.

Set away from the main street, Beth led them into a more modern looking bar, with large comfy looking sofas in a large floor area. Though it was also busy, some people left a sofa as they approached, which they gratefully piled into. Karl went over to the bar to get the next round of drinks, and brought over a range of beers. They all took several swigs before the silence was properly broken by Lucy.

She decided to change their mood, and so, with a conspiratorial look, asked in a low voice, “ok, the burlesque show: What was you favourite bit?”

“Oh, the fire eater,” answered Beth.

“The girl with the sparkly hoop.”

“And you.. Karl?”

“Well, the Asian girl who -“

“- Just about stripped off?”


“Typical!” retorted Jules.

“Well I found her quite sexy,” Lucy interjected.

Beth smiled. “Yes, well they all looked pretty good. I mean… you know, you can get lessons in burlesque.”

“Yeah? I’m in,” Lucy sipped her drink.

“Maybe we should all go,” laughed Jules.

“I’m not sure if I’d qualify,” said Karl.

Beth looked Karl up and down. “Oh, I don’t know. You’ve a nice figure and given a good shave, maybe a lightest touch of makeup, and a nice frock, I think you would pass.”

Karl felt them looking at him in response to Beth’s words. “Whoa, where’s this going?” He took a large gulp from his glass.

“Well Escort Türkali – you should see some of the places we got to – anything goes,” replied Jules. “No one gives a shit. It’s a case of dress up how you like, but dress well.”

Lucy grinned. “I’m not sure if Karl is up for your kind of places, Jules.”

“Shit! There goes my itinerary for tonight!”

“I’m quite happy to get reasonably drunk here,” ventured Karl.

Beth surveyed their glasses. “I’m going to get the next round in, in which case. Same again?” They all agreed.

Beth came back with filled glasses on a tray shortly after. Karl wondered about where Jules and Beth had been the previous night.

“So… he began. “What’s the maddest place you’ve been to for a night out?”

“That club last night was something,” said Jules. Bingo.

“Well, I didn’t see you at breakfast,” said Lucy, somewhat cheekily, Karl thought, given that they were both otherwise engaged that morning.

“It really was hopping. And, like, you couldn’t tell the girls from the boys.”

Karl shrugged and picked up his filled glass.

Jules decided to elaborate. “It was a case of some fairly wild shenanigans in one corner, like some sort of threesome, going on, full on, like.”

“Sounds interesting,” Lucy raised her eyebrows.

“It was.”

“You weren’t tempted to join in?” Lucy goaded.

“Me? No. Not in front of loads of people.”

“When you think of it, it is quite a weird place to have sex,” mused Beth.

“I can think of plenty of better places,” quipped Jules.

“Name them!” Of course that was Lucy, Karl thought.

“So is this by experience or…”


Karl realised the girls were enjoying this racy conversation and the alcohol was helping.

“Let’s see now,” mused Jules. “The wood was good, but how could I forget that time on the beach in France that hot summer’s evening.”

“Pretty good,”said Lucy. She looked at Beth. “Anything to report?”

“Oh well, nothing special – “

“- Apart from the wood?”

“- Apart from the wood, well…maybe the neighbour’s flat, in their hallway.”

“Ooh, naughty.”

“How about you, Karl?” enquired Beth. Karl knew that this was coming, again he felt their eyes on him, expectant for a revelation.

“A little summerhouse in someone’s garden.”

“Nice,” there was a general chorus of approval.

“And Lucy?” asked Beth.

“Me?” Lucy hesitated for a moment. “Oh, nothing special.” Karl could almost see her thoughts recalling the hotel room from the previous night. “Oh yes… a really lovely place in the Yorkshire Dales – but this is the clincher: it was in the middle of a thunderstorm.”

This was met with appreciative oohs, and Karl felt he was an unknown part sharer in an awards ceremony. A little later, another round had been brought over, and the alcohol was duly having an effect.

“Ok,” announced Jules, “how about this: what’s the weirdest sexual experience you’ve had?”

This was getting heavy.

“Oh, Lucy are you going to tell us?”

“Mmm, well, I met a girl once, and she asked me to lick honey off all her secret places.” Karl did not dare move a muscle, but let the thought play around for a little.

“Wasn’t that Beth?” quipped Jules.

“Cheeky cow! I would ask for chocolate!” Beth fired back. The girls giggled.

“That’s not so weird though,” remarked Jules.

“No? I have failed miserably,” said Lucy in mock resignation.

Jules turned to Karl. “How about you Karl – dare to share?” He was cornered.

“Well, a girl once asked me to think of her as a sister,” he ventured, not daring to look towards Lucy.

“Ooh. Kinky,” came Jules’ reply.

“And you Jules?” he responded. Time for a reckoning.

Jules put her beer down and paused for dramatic effect. “Well… I met this gorgeous guy, and one thing led to another, and we ended up in his flat. He slowly undressed me, I was absolutely naked (Karl thought he could also stay with this image) before he let me undress him. I got his jeans off and then underneath was a pair of lacy, cream coloured panties! Like, I was a bit shocked, but this is the thing, he looked good in them, honest to God, sexy like. I was really turned on, and by the look of him poking out of the top of them, he was too. It was a brilliant shag.”

“So, you’ve just been wanting to tell us that all the time,” said Karl cheekily.


“Ok, who’s round is it?”

“Mine,” said Lucy. “But that’s it. Or else I’ll be too pissed to get on the Underground safely.”

They settled on the final round of beers. The conversation moved on to plans for the Sunday morning before the train home.

“Art gallery?”


“Bookshop!” demanded Lucy.

“Fuck it, we’ll decide tomorrow.” declared Jules.

“Aye, come on Biffer, you’ll get us back safe tonight,” said Lucy.

“I Türkali Escort Bayan just want to get back without any hassle,” replied Jules.

“Beth! Tell us how to get back!” ordered Lucy. “I have no idea.”

“Me neither. Karl, lead us to our carriage!” Beth called out.

“My ladies, I do believe an electrically propelled rail based conveyance shall whisk us to our destination forthwith,” Karl burbled. They then made their way to the exit, and slightly woozily to the Underground station.

Karl was certainly feeling a little unsteady as they made their way into the hotel room, Lucy was still giggling over some joke Jules had made on the Underground.

“Hey,” said Lucy as the door closed. “Feeling horny?”

“Might be.”

“Help me with my dress then.” Karl went round and found the zip at the back of her black dress, and unzipped his sister. She stepped out of it and motioned him to loosen her bra.

“Now who’s stripping who?” he asked.

“You are.” he slid her panties down her legs.

“Ok, your turn.” Karl stood still and allowed Lucy to unbutton his shirt; she took her time as she was a little worse for wear.

“Mmm, nice” she murmured, as she pulled off his shirt, and undid his belt and relieved him of his jeans. In a rapid movement by Lucy, he found he was also out of his underpants, and he was kicking off his socks.

“Come here, on to the bed.” Karl obeyed, rather pleased she was taking the initiative. He was in a slight alcoholic haze. He lay naked on the bed.

“Aww, you look good.”

“Thanks, Lucy.”

“I wonder what you would look like if…” she paused. “…If you wore these.”

He didn’t follow, as he was lying face down into the pillow. She could do whatever. He felt that Lucy was at his feet, and then something was being tugged up his legs, that was strange, and then he felt his cock and balls being covered in a soft material.

“Oh, actually, you do look good.”

He was a little puzzled before he realised what had just happened. He looked down to check, and saw that Lucy had slipped on a pair of her black panties on him.

He was shocked, and then the next moment he heard her purr, “oh yes, you do have the figure for it.”

Uh-oh. Nevertheless, he did start to feel good, with that silky embrace over his member. And now he found his cock was reacting, bulging in to the silky material, stretching the elastic as his erection built up. He heard Lucy coo in delight, and she fell onto the bed beside him.

“Kinky, but very nice,” she whispered. She let hand hands stroke him through the silky material.

He drew himself up, his cock now sticking proud over the top of her panties, and he launched himself over his sister. She opened her legs to receive him. He reached down and manoeuvred himself to enter Lucy, feeling the material of her panties cling to his ass, as he fed his hardened rod into her. But was this some plan? He didn’t care. He was so stirred up now, and he was going to reward her trickery handsomely. Her panties were still stretched tight over his balls as he shafted her, she was making little squeals of pleasure, which made him jack his cock in and out more forcefully, so she could feel his full length, she was gasping now to his thrusting, whilst he was holding her down, fucking her determinedly, as a response to the feminine cladding of his manhood. The elastic felt tight on the base of his swollen cock, in contrast to the silky touch of the material on his ass. Lucy was squirming with pleasure as her pussy was plundered, this deviation of her brother making him wild. He looked down on her, he could tell that she was probably near; that kinky bitch of a sister had driven him to this, and he could feel his silkily harnessed balls tighten, oh this wicked hussy… his orgasm was approaching, his pantie-wrapped ass was driving up and down, again and again, now he felt her vibrating hold on his pulsating cock as she started to come, then he felt his cum shooting through and into her. A wave of deviant pleasure flowed through him, and he lay on her in an orgasmic blur. When the buzz had subsided slightly, he withdrew, seeing her panties still covering his balls, the black silk now sticky looking, and stained with his own cum and Lucy’s juices. Lucy broke into a satisfied smile.

“My sexy little brother in hot panties.”

“Oh, Lucy, where are you taking me?”

“Taking you to the further reaches of sexual discovery.”

“Oh yes, that’s for sure.”

“Call it sisterly assistance.”

He rolled on to his back, and slid off her stained panties. “What else could I call it?”

“Trust me. It’s the best description.”


The next morning after a trip around a few shops, including Lucy’s favoured bookshop, they headed to their various railway stations.

“It’s been a great trip” said Jules. “One to remember, eh? You didn’t mind hanging with the girls too much then?”

“Oh any time.”

“In which case”, said Beth slowly, “I’m thinking of having a small party over at mine in a few weeks, maybe just you guys. Do you fancy it?”

Karl hesitated for a second. He knew they might breach his comfort zone. But then, that had been happening anyway.

“Yeah, count me in.”

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