Sister Love Conquers All

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Author’s note: I love Literotica. I love reading the stories involving my particular interests but I have a hard time relating to a lot of them. I in no way condone incest, nor do I have any experience with it. But I do like it in my fantasy world. This story involves some sister/sister incest but I wanted the story to develop in a more realistic and organic way compared to a lot of what I’ve read, and I’ve read a ton. I also wanted my characters to be realistic so I’ve based them on myself and my wife and in-laws as far as personality goes. I also wanted the sex to at least have some anchors in reality, so there are no cut dudes with 10 inch cocks and women with barbie dimensions. I do like those stories but I couldn’t realistically write one myself like that.

This is my first story, I have no experience in writing stories, so forgive my amateur mistakes.


Chapter 1: The Flight

We got to the airport at 6am. Our flight didn’t leave until 8am but I’m paranoid about missing flights. If it were up to my wife, Lainey, we would have gotten there when the plane was boarding. After 10 years of marriage we had learned to compromise on our little idiosyncrasies, like every couple. One way of doing that was getting to the airport with time to spare but sit down at the bar or restaurant and relax with some beers and food while we waited. Yes, we drank in the morning but we considered vacations as a no-time-zone type of situation. Every hour was happy hour if we wanted.

We sat at the only open place at that hour and I ordered a craft IPA and she ordered a mix drink. I looked across the table at my wife and we smiled at eachother.

“I don’t know what it is about getting to the airport and past security that gets me so wound up,” I said “but I’m glad we’re here, these moments before the flight really calm me.”

She laughed, “I hope so Brandon, because these flights to the middle of nowhere are so damn bumpy I’m going to be the one wound up!”

We were headed to South Dakota to visit her sister Cheryl and her husband James. This would be our fourth trip out there in the ten years that I had been part of the family, but this trip was going to change the course of our lives.

Lainey’s family couldn’t have been more different than mine. My family was quiet and reserved. I rarely had arguments with my two sisters because we were born so far apart. I’m a middle child so was a natural peacemaker. Lainey’s family however seemed to solve even the smallest issue with yelling. I don’t remember a family get together with them that hasn’t involved at least one huge fight. The four siblings, two brothers and two sisters were all born within 5 years of each other so they were all very close friends and able to get on each others nerves super fast. Lainey and her sister Cheryl were best friends and talked every day, sometimes for hours.

As we boarded the flight I watched my wife’s ass sway in front of me. I still found her sexy after all these years and two kids. After kid number two we both got healthy and lost a ton of weight. I wasn’t cut by any means but I wasn’t fat either. I had a decent dad bod but Lainey transformed herself completely. She lost the baby fat and got down to a curvaceous body that was everything I loved. She had to get a breast reduction which pulled her previously enormous tits into a firm DD pair that I worshipped every chance I got. We had a healthy sex life but by no means adventurous. Nothing behyond some dirty talk and toys. We are happy and satisfied with it.

The flight was bumpy as expected, but a couple of drinks helped out. A couple of times during the flight I would fold my arms and play with her tit so the person next to me couldn’t see. She still slapped my hand and gave me a look like “bad boy!” God I loved when she looked at me like that. The shaking of the aircraft and that look gave me a hard on instantly. I couldn’t adjust because I didn’t want the the elderly women next to me think I was a perv. I looked down and my jeans had nicely outlined my cock in a very obvious way. I went flush hoping the old lady couldn’t see.

As we got off the flight, Lainey was a couple lengths ahead of me and I felt a touch on my elbow. I turned around and it was the old lady.

She leaned in and whispered, “In my younger days I would have buried that cock in my throat.” She laughed at my eyes bulging, she had to have been in her 80s!

I told Lainey about it while we waited for the luggage and she gasped, “what a dirty old lady…although I can’t blame her, every time I see it I can’t decide if I want to suck it or fuck it. Maybe in her younger days I would have let her!”

I was taken aback, Lainey had never even remotely hinted at something like that. Aside from the cliched male fantasy of two women it was also something I never really thought about either.

She slapped my chest, “Earth to Brandon” she said “I’m joking! Get that outta your head!”

Chapter 2: The first two days

James and Cheryl picked us up and handed us a gaziantep zenci escort bayan couple gin and tonics as we sat in the back. Giving drinks to people that had arrived on vacation as soon as you picked them up was kind of a tradition that Lainey and I had started. Now the rest of the family do it too.

They were both a couple of years younger than us. James was a high school and college wrestler and although he was no longer in his prime he was still built like a tank. Just with a little extra padding. His hair was sandy blond and as alway he sported an old t-shirt and cargo shorts. James and I were more alike than different. He was quiet as well and when we were by ourselves there could be long stretches of silence which we were both fine with. Sometimes we would just sit in the garage having a cigar while he made home brew and not a word would be said for an hour. One major difference between us was his temper. He had a short fuse and was known to fly off the handle from time to time. Nothing violent but there was always a tinge of tension in the air around him.

One of the things that had always bothered us when we were with them is Cheryl and James would bicker constantly in front of people. It made things uncomfortable for everyone but all in all we would always have a great time with each other. There wasn’t much to do in their town so the plans really only included hanging out and catching up.

Cheryl looked in the rearview at me and asked how the flight was. “It was good, but ended really awkwardly when a really old lady next to me said if she was younger she would have given me a blow job!”

That got a huge laugh from everyone.

“Then Lainey said she would have let her!” I yelled above the laughter.

Lainey slapped my chest in the same spot, “And I was joking!” she said, “Besides, she wouldn’t have said anything if she hadn’t seen your trouser snake trying to escape from your jeans!”

Everyone laughed again.

“Really?!” asked Cheryl, “what was that about?”

I glanced up at her in the mirror and said “It’s a guy thing from the vibrations, I hear it can be a girl thing too.” She smiled a sly smile.

We honestly had never talked like this as a group before. It could have been the drinks had gotten Lainey and I a little bit loose. James and Cheryl didn’t have that excuse so I didn’t know what that was about. Our conversations were usually run of the mill, kids, sports, family blah blah blah.

They got to the house and everyone got out and headed in through the garage. Brandon walked behind Cheryl. He studied her body, she wasn’t like her sister at all really beyond the blond hair. Cheryl was a bit more slender and taught. Her breasts were about half the size of Lainey’s but still a C cup. She was attractive for sure but Brandon didn’t think much about it, besides, she was his sister-in-law. He was happy with his wife and had never been tempted to stray. That and the fact that Cheryl was kind of a bitch sometimes. Not super malicious in any way, just very blunt and self righteous. Nobody really ever confronted her about it because it just wasn’t worth the time more trouble than it’s worth.

The first two days were like every other time they had been there. Great food, great beer and conversation. We had a fire outside every night with more drinks and cigars. So far, no fights had broken out between the sisters and everything was going great. That was until the 3rd night.

Chapter 3: The Fight

I don’t even know what started it. Talking about it later to James he didn’t either, but we agreed whatever it was it certainly didn’t garner the blow up between the sisters that happened. We had finished dinner and were outside around the fire chatting. James was talking about what time to get up for breakfast when my wife stated, admittedly curtly, that she wasn’t going to get up that early.

“There’s no reason to get aggressive” James said to Lainey.

“You’re the one’s who’s being aggressive!” she yelled.

Cheryl jumped in, “you need to calm down Laylay (her nickname for Lainey), this isn’t a big deal.”

Lainey turned to her sister “listen, I’m tired, tired from these last couple of late nights and tired of you and James bickering constantly, I just need some sleep!”

Cheryl cocked her head, “well excuse me all to hell, sorry we don’t live up to your perfect marriage standards, we aren’t rich like you, we have a lot more to worry about!”

Even I was taken aback by that. Lainey jumped up “what are you talking about? We aren’t rich, and money is no excuse to be an asshole!”

Then all hell broke loose.

James and I sat there in shock and watched while all sorts of stuff was dredged up from 35 years of being siblings. In retrospect this was always going to happen at some point. Lainey never having really stood up to her younger sister and Cheryl never have been stood up to. Lots of things were said that probably shouldn’t have been said.

It ended gaziantep escort bayan with the girls storming into the house. Cheryl went upstairs and slammed the door and Lainey went to the guest room downstairs and slammed the door.

James and I looked at each other, “what the hell just happened?” we both said at the same time.

“I guess we better go comfort them before we get into trouble” I said as I stood up. I grabbed my glass and went inside:

“Honey, what happened out there?” I said as I walked into the room.

Lainey wiped tears from her eyes as I got on the bed with her and put my arm around her.

I won’t go into what was said, just your standard ‘everything will be alright’ type stuff. Lainey was mostly fed up with Cheryl, and years of stuff that didn’t have anything to do with this vacation boiled over. After talking I was convinced Cheryl was more of a bitch than I had ever thought. I wouldn’t give her a piece of my mind but I sure wanted to. Better not to get involved in blood family stuff.

We lay there a while and then I remembered that I left my phone outside. I decided to go get it fearing those sudden midwestern rains.

I got out to the patio and I noticed Cheryl was sitting with her back to me. Perhaps I could talk to her calmly and tell her how Lainey was feeling in a more rational manner. I walked towards her and noticed her shoulders where shuddering with that familiar crying movement. I put my hand on her shoulder.

“Hey,” I said, “I’m really sorry about everything tonight” I took my hand away and I walked around her and sat in front of her. Her eyes were bloodshot from crying.

“No, I’m sorry” she wimpered, “you probably are regretting marrying into this family, sometimes we let our emotions get the better of us.”

I had never seen her looking vulnerable before. I wanted to stay mad at her but she was making it difficult. Instead of berating her I leaned forward and put my hand on her knee and rubbed it slightly and said “It’s going to be fine, you two will get through this and you’ll be stronger for it.”

She placed her hand on mine and looked me in the eyes, “Thank you” she said.

When I thought she would look back down to her lap she stayed put, eyes locked on mine. For whatever reason, I didn’t look away either. Then, in two sharp movements she squeezed my hand and leaned forward and kissed me. Her eyes were closed and she brought her other hand up behind my head and ran her fingers through my hair.

I didn’t know what to do. In a split second several thoughts entered my head. Was she attracted to me? Most likely not, in 10 years I had never got that impression. Was she unhappy in her marriage? Yes they bickered but as far as I knew they were stable. Was she looking for comfort? That seemed to be the most likely answer. That brought the only logical question next; what do I do? I’m a caring person and I certainly didn’t want her in pain and would love to ease it any way I could,but kissing? At this point she took my hand she was holding and brought it up to her breast. That was it, I couldn’t resist this, I’m a boob guy and she must have known my number.

I opened my mouth to her prodding tongue and kissed her back hard. We both stood up and embraced one another. I grabbed her ass and pulled her into my fully hard cock. Her eyes flew open and she broke the kiss with a smile.

“Is that the trouser snake I’ve heard about?” She asked

I was about to answer when a movement behind her caught my eye, I looked up and froze. Lainey was standing in the doorway. Cheryl saw my eyes and immediately knew what was going on. She whipped around and brought her hand up to her mouth to stifle a scream.

I put my hands up like I was signaling for a car to stop, “hold on babe, I can explain this.”

“Explain this?” She said through clenched teeth, “explain how my sister is so jealous of my marriage that she is intentionally trying to break it up?”

I hadn’t expected that. “I don’t think so, she was just hurting and it happened so fast and I should have stopped it instantly but she made me touch her breast and I just broke down, I’m so sorry.”

Cheryl looked at me, judging me for throwing her under the bus. Sorry, it was true.

“You can believe me or not” Cheryl said to her sister, “But after our fight, James came in a we fought some more, I just came out here to get some air and Brandon showed up at the worst time and I just kissed him, I don’t know what came over me. I’m not trying to break you up LayLay, please believe me!”

If she was lying she was doing a damn good job of it, I believed her.

“What’s going on here?” James said from behind Lainey and they both stepped out to the patio.

“What’s going on is your whore of a wife is trying to fuck my husband to destroy our marriage!” Lainey said.

James looked at his wife “Cheryl what happened out here?”

Before Cheryl could answer, Lainey said “I’ll show you what happened!” and pulled James to her lips, wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply. He had no choice but to open his mouth, her tongue wouldn’t be denied.

“Lainey!” Cheryl screamed.

I stood there dumbfounded. I couldn’t say anything, and when she didn’t stop kissing him I had to admit I felt a stir in my pants. What the fuck was wrong with me? I shouldn’t be turned on by watching my wife kiss my brother-in-law.

James’ body relaxed a little and I could tell he started to kiss back. Just then Lainey released him and gently slapped his cheek. “There,” she said turning back towards us, “We’re even.”

When Lainey had turned back towards us it was very clear to Cheryl and I that James was very excited. The tent in his shorts was getting bigger and bigger. James was red with embarrassment. Lainey looked back at James to see what we were looking at and saw it. I could swear there was a hint of a smile when she saw it.

“That’s not what happened,” Cheryl said, “this is what happened!”

She grabbed my hand again and put it on her breast and pulled me in again for another kiss. At this point there was no blood in my brain left to make this insanity stop, and besides, I’m sure I was in a massive amount of trouble with my wife anyway. My horniness got the better of me. I made the irrational decision to get as much from my sister-in-law as I could..

I put my other hand around the small of her back and pulled in again so she could feel my cock against her. I let that hand slide down and grab a handful of ass cheek and pulled her in even harder.

Our tongues twirled and fought in out mouths for what seemed like eternity. There was something about angry kissing my sister-in-law that was turning me on even more. I was giving her a piece of my mind like I had wanted but in a physical way. I kept kissing, the whole time waiting for James to plow me over or punch me but it never came.

She pulled back and crossed her arms and looked at her sister, “like that,” she said like the smartass she was.

Lainey looked at her, glared and cocked her head. I thought to myself “oh no, here we go, she has that look she get’s when she’s been challenged.”

“Well at least you didn’t do this!” She turned slightly towards James and reached out and started stroking his cock through his shorts. He must have been super excited because he shuddered, I thought he had cum but I think it must have just shocked him. He looked at me and we locked eyes. I kinda just shrugged my shoulders implying that he was on his own but I wasn’t going to stop it. Maybe it was the alcohol but I was finding all of this very exciting. And if these two sisters playing chicken with each others husbands was going to include me getting to do stuff that I would never have done otherwise…count me in! I so badly wanted to see my sister-in-laws tits but I didn’t dare push this faster for fear of bringing us all to our senses, I’m betting James felt the same way!

“Fine!” Cheryl said and pulled my shorts down. My rigid cock sprang out and Cheryl wrapped her hand around it and started pumping. I couldn’t believe my luck, its not cheating if your wife is watching right?

“Maybe your husband would be happier with a real pair of tits!” My wife said as she pulled both her tank top and bra down freeing her more than ample bosoms. She grabbed her brother-in-law’s head and buried him between them. He brought up his hands and started to knead and press them against his face even harder. That was the first time either one of us had started to participate in this.

“I do just fine with these,” my sister-in-law said as she slid her top down. YES! I said to myself. She sat on the chair and push her beautiful creamy tits up and offered them like a sacrifice to my cock. I couldn’t stand it any longer, damn the consequences. I stepped out of the shorts around my ankles and moved forward. I replaced her hands with mine and put my throbbing cock between her melons and started titty fucking her, one of my favorite things to do with my wife, but now I was doing it to her sister!

“That’s right baby!” my wife said, “Show my sister was a slut she is, destroy those tits!”

My wife knelt down and took James entire cock into her mouth in one movement. She was a fantastic deep throater. She started to bob up and down on him, I could hear her gag a little as he started thrusting and hitting the back of her throat. He grabbed the back of her head and started fucking her face. It shouldn’t have been, but i was getting even more turned on watching her use her cock sucking skills on another man. The fact that it was her sister’s husband was even more thrilling.

“Good!” Cheryl said, “maybe that will shut you up!” I jumped, almost forgetting that my dick was currently buried in my sister-in-laws tits.

I put my hands on the back of her head and said “Maybe you should shut up too.” Her mouth curled into a little smile as I brought her head down and pushed my cock into her mouth. She took the head first and then took me out and licked the length of my shaft. She put it back in her mouth and slowly started getting it farther and farther down her throat. I hadn’t touched another woman in 12 years and now I was doing a whole lot more than that and it was with my sister-in-law. I couldn’t believe it. I was getting my cock sucked and watching my wife suck off another man.

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