Sissy Step Dad – Ch. 02

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No sex action in this one – sex talk, but no action. Those who want to get on with the sex can move on to Chapter 3 and you really shouldn’t miss too much.

I realize now that some of this should have been at the end of Chapter 1 and the rest was to have started Chapter 2. It’s the details of how Ted and Laura managed to stay together, who the people were, and how Danni didn’t get killed by her mother. Also, how the next session was possible and planned.

I needed to put this down on paper (so to speak) to keep my sanity and because I’m a new writer and things don’t make sense if I don’t have back stories written down.

I also felt Ch 2 was getting way too long, so I cut it into three chapters. Ch 2 and 3 were posted to Literotica at the same time. So if you want to skip this one, Ch 3 should be available to read, providing what I wrote was approved.

— Chapter 2 —

I was a mess. Over the course of four to five hours I had been ass fucked three times. First by a baseball bat; next by an average sized strap-on; and finally, by a massive real cock; my first bi experience. My balls were empty; my ass covered in lube and leaking cum; and my face smeared with a combination of cum, lube and ass juice. Yup, a total mess.

“So… Who were all the people and where did you find them?” I asked awkwardly – not sure if I really wanted to know the answer.

Danni was leaning nonchalantly against the counter in the playroom. Apparently no concern about standing in front of her stepdad in lingerie with her beautiful tits hanging out and a large black strap-on dangling between her parted thighs.

“How about we wait until mom comes back. She’s gonna have the same questions. And I’m gonna have to defuse her when she comes back. She may have lost our argument and stormed out – but she’s gonna come back pissed and ready to tear my head off.”

I thought she’d be worried, but she actually had a wry smile on her face. Like she already knew how this was gonna play out. And maybe she did. She certainly pulled things out of me I didn’t realize were there. There were depths and wisdom in this young woman I had no idea existed. Young! She’s 28, hardly young. But she’s still 20 years younger than me and 18 years younger than her mom – Laura – so yeah, maybe young… I chuckled to myself.

“What?” she asked.

“Nothing, just glad it’s you that has to deal with your mom.” I lied – not wanting to insult her by calling her young.

“Gee thanks.”

I laughed again. “I need to get cleaned up. And you should cover up, or change into something less provocative. That outfit is not gonna help with your mother.”

“Don’t you like what I’m wearing Teddy? I could bend you over the bench and rock your world again…” She lewdly stroked her large black cock at me.

I looked at her lustfully and my eyes moved down her amazing body to her strap-on. My cock was starting to rise again, and I was about to drop to my knees and beg for her cock.

“Eyes up Teddy. My god, you are such a cock slut.” She rebuffed but kept stroking her cock.

I looked away quickly hoping to break her hold on me. I was hers – if she wanted – and she knew it. One word and I’d be on my knees or bent over the bench. I waited, praying she’d command me, but also worried that she might.

“Yeah, you should get cleaned up, you’re leaking on the floor.” She chuckled and the spell was broken.

She was right; my stocking were soaking up most of the cum and lube; but some was dripping onto the floor from my stretched out asshole. I blushed a bit; not from being nude and dripping cum, but from the realization I had nearly begged my stepdaughter to fuck me – again. I shrugged somewhat timidly, and quietly left the room. I grabbed a towel from the basement bathroom and mopped up most of the cum on my stockings. Then pulled it up between my legs to keep my ass from leaking on the carpet as I made my way upstairs to the master bath.

I took off my heels and got in the shower. I left my stockings and garter on so I could clean off some of the cum and lube before I put them in the laundry. I thought back on the days escapades as I let the hot water sooth my stiff muscles.

As I replayed the day’s adventure, I realized I still needed to find out who the mystery person was. Laura said it was someone I knew and I’m pretty sure the same person was there for the 2nd session. I needed to find out who it was.

But what surprised me the most was how submissive I was with Danni. And how much I loved her pushing me to new depths of depravity. A domineering bitch one minute and a reassuring partner the next. Ramping up the action with degrading talk – getting me to join in and degrade myself – but it never felt hurtful – just fun and fucking hot. It was a balancing act and she did it to perfection. I knew I wanted to do it again. To have her dominate me and draw out my deepest darkest fantasies. To perform for her. To get fucked by a real cock again. To suck cock again, and not just one cock, zonguldak seks hikayeleri but many cocks. But I also knew that unless Laura was involved, it would never happen. I started to worry – what was Laura gonna think about what was on those videos…

I got out of the shower; hung my lingerie to dry; put on sweats and a T-shirt; then went down stairs to get some much needed food. My mind looping through potential conversations with Laura about what had happened – getting more worried as I played out different scenarios in my head.

In the kitchen, Laura and Danni were looking at Danni’s laptop on the kitchen table. Both were so engrossed in what was on the screen they didn’t hear me come in. Obviously the friction between them had been resolved. Danni was sitting in a chair and Laura was leaning on the back of the chair looking over Danni’s shoulder.

Laura was wearing a pair of loose white shorts, sage green top and tennis shoes. Her curly ginger hair tied back in a loose pony tail with a black scrunchy. And her freckled pale skin clearly flushed from what she was watching.

Danni had donned a white sundress with a pattern of widely spaced blue flowers with teal leaves. It went nicely with her teal stockings. Her fuck me platform heels had been replaced by a pair of white sneakers with blue laces and her auburn hair was no longer in a bun and was flowing down to her mid back.

I walked up behind them and tried to see the screen of the laptop, but they were blocking it. “Whatcha watching?” I quipped.

They both jumped. “Fuck Ted, don’t do that!” Laura gasped and spun to face me. She reached out and hugged me tightly. She let go and grabbed me by the shoulders and looked into my eyes.

“I was so worried when they told me a guy was gonna fuck your ass. I nearly kicked them out. But she waved that Bat session video in my face and reminded me you had submitted. I stormed off and cried and raged and felt guilty and helpless. I felt so bad I wasn’t there for you, or strong for you… That I left you strapped to a bench at their mercy.” The words flowing from her mouth in a torrent.

“When I got home, I was gonna rip Danni a new asshole and toss her ass into the street. But when I came in the door, little miss sunshine here, rushed me and hugged me and told me how much she loved me and you. And well, pretty much disarmed me in a matter of seconds.”

“Then she pranced and danced and pulled me over to her laptop, to showed me the end of the videos – she was my little girl again, and I was putty in her hands. She showed me the part where you accepted being fucked by a real cock. You know – the part where you really got into it.” Her hands had dropped from my shoulders and she was poking me in the chest lightly. “I obviously didn’t need to worry, did I?” she queried – playfully accusing me. “You should be ashamed of yourself – you amazing fucking butt slut.”

She smiled at me and hugged me again. I relaxed into her embrace. I knew that we were going to be okay. And better yet, that Laura was okay.

But just to be sure, I asked, “So you two have made up and you’re okay with all that happened?”

She could see the concern and embarrassment on my face. “Oh baby. I’ve only seen the end, but it was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen.” She hugged me harder, then let go and turned towards the laptop and pulled me in so I could see too. “Danni was just running through the videos from both cameras in split screen. We’re up to the part where you took the crop to your ass.”

I rubbed my ass. “Yeah, can’t say I was a fan of that moment, and definitely do not want to repeat that experience. So it was a riding crop?”

“Sorry Ted”, Danni said ruefully, “but I really needed you to understand that I was in charge and that you couldn’t disobey or back out. I really hated doing that. Well actually, I didn’t do it – and probably couldn’t have. But yes, it was a riding crop with the leather tip removed. It makes a really effective cane – and you don’t have to hit very hard for it to hurt like hell.”

“Hurts like hell – yup, can confirm.” I tried to make light to keep her from feeling guilty. “It’s okay Danni. If you hadn’t done it, things probably wouldn’t have gone as they did. More than once, I was afraid you would hit me with the crop again, so I said what I thought you wanted to hear.”

They both gave me an ‘oh really’ look – mother and daughter with the same head tilt and raised eyebrow. Clearly not believing me.

“Hey, I’m not saying I lied or that I didn’t mean the things I said. But I definitely embellished some lines trying to please my Mistress and prevent another episode with the crop.” I looked between them defensively but they just kept looking at me, so I continued. “So please, no more crop. I may be an ass slut, but I’m definitely not a pain slut. Well, not a huge pain slut – spankings and flogging can be fun. But no more crop… or canes… or whips… or… or other shit that… that just hurts for the sake of hurt.” I shook my head and chuckled and the mood lightened.

Danni smiled and turned back to the computer. “Noted Ted. You want me to rewind to the start?”

Just like that. No further discussion needed. For Danni the matter was resolved. I blinked in wonder and kind of shook my head. “No, that’s okay, I lived it, just continue for your mother.”

I pulled a couple of chairs over and Laura and I joined Danni around the laptop. Laura and Danni in front of the monitor, while I watched from beside Laura.

She hit play and the three of us watched the entire session. I was hard as a rock in no time and had a hand down my sweat pants stroking my meat. Laura had snaked her hand into the leg of her shorts and was fingering her pussy and Danni had lifted her sundress and was stroking her pussy as well.

After the playback ended, we all sat there quietly until we calmed down a bit. The women pulled their hands from their pussies, but I just kept stroking – it felt good – and I didn’t want to stop. I knew I wouldn’t cum – after my day, there was nothing left in my tank.

“Fuck me.” I whispered. “I thought the first person to fuck me was a chick with a strap-on. But that was a trans-woman, wasn’t it? Is that the correct term to identify her?”

“Yup, that was Jasmine – and she uses the term trans-woman to identify herself – but best just to call her Jasmine. She’s a friend of mine. A bit of a pushy bitch at times, but a lot of fun and always game for sex.” Danni replied. “We figured that with the harness, and the warming lube, you wouldn’t be able to tell. Guess we were right.”

Danni continued before I could reply. “So mom, what did you think?”

“Dear god! That was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen! I wish I’d stayed to watch and been part of it! We’re definitely doing it again.” She rasped – her voice indicating she’d had at least one orgasm while watching.

“Hold on there, don’t I get a say in this?” I already knew I wanted to do it again, but didn’t want to appear too eager.

Laura turned towards me. “Oh come on Ted – you clearly want it to happen again, the evidence is on the video. Look at you for god sake – you’re still stroking your cock – so stop pretending. And… I’m gonna be front and center next time. You don’t get to play without me anymore.” She smiled and her gaze left my face, and I could see the wheels turning – she was envisioning the next time.

“Told you she’d want to be involved after seeing the video Ted”, Danni chuckled. Which was true – she had said exactly that.

“Okay…” I said hesitantly. “But what happens with the videos? And what about all the people that know about this? And who was with you when you fucked me with the Bat? I’m starting to freak out about who sees this and who will end up finding out…” My anxiety was really ramping up.

“Ted. Do you love me?” Laura asked harshly as her eyes focused on my face again.

“Of course I do.” I replied defensively.

“And do you still want to have sex with me. Not just tied to the bench as a fuck slut, but with you fucking the shit out of me?”

“Fuck Laura, if Danni wasn’t here, I’d have you on the table right now – I’m horny as hell from watching that video!” And I meant it.

“Okay, then, you’re clearly not Gay. Bisexual perhaps. A sissy slut definitely. But so what. Accept who you are and own it. Anyone that is not okay with it can just fuck off. You’re my husband and I love you and I love this part of you. And I love it when you fuck the shit out of me. And I love fucking the shit out of you. And apparently I love watching others fuck the shit out of you as well.” She was on a roll.

“So what does that say about me? Maybe I want to be the one strapped down and used at some point. Drop the, ‘whoa is me’ shit, okay. We’re a team, and we’ll walk this path together.” And with that she kissed me passionately and hard.

She’d never kissed me like that in front of Danni, or anyone else. A quick peck on the cheek or lips, sure, but not like this. And I had never heard her talk about sex around anyone but me. This was a whole new side of Laura, and I liked it.

She eventually broke the kiss and put her hand to my cheek. “Together to the end my love.” She was looking at me questioningly, expectantly, waiting for my reply.

I smiled. How could I not. The love of my life just told me she was gonna stand proud beside me no matter what. Also declaring she might want to be the star of the show at some point. Outstanding! I was feeling better, but also a bit remorseful for having been such a pussy.

“Together forever.” I repeated. “So where do we go from here. What’s next for the Ted and Laura show?”

“Oh hell no.” Laura beamed. “Danni and I are gonna plan the next escapade, and you aren’t invited to the planning meeting. So go get some food and a beer, or watch TV, or have a nap, or play in your shop, or some other guy thing. Danni, let’s you and I move this to my office and start working on some story lines.”

Danni grinned at me. “Sounds good mom.”

With that, they packed up the computer and headed for Laura’s office.

“Till next time Teddy.” Danni chimed on the way out of the room. She looked back at me and licked the fingers of her free hand and winked. The same fingers that I knew had been in her pussy not 5 minutes earlier.

I was left there rather dumbfounded and horny – my hand still down my pants on my cock. I wanted to follow them to Laura’s office and fuck them both – mother and daughter.

I shook my head and pulled my hand from my pants. Story lines – plural? Oh, shit…

3 weeks had passed since my adventure as a butt slut and Laura and Danni were still planning my next adventure. I hadn’t seen Danni, but Laura and I had talked extensively about the two sessions that had already occurred. The main themes of the discussions being: could I watch her get fucked; was I attracted to men; who the hell were the people involved; and what other twisted fantasies were lurking in our collective minds that we should explore.

Laura getting fucked by someone else almost derailed the entire thing. I wasn’t sure I could watch that without flying into a jealous rage. Laura explained that I was being a selfish douche, and that she was jealous of me being fucked by other people but still found it hot and exciting. So after a lot of back and forth and some serious groveling and apologizing on my part, that issue was resolved and dropped.

As for my attraction to men, there is none. I realized I was definitely attracted to cock and wanted to suck and get fucked. But I simply didn’t find men attractive. In fact, I still preferred that men’s faces weren’t in the porn that I watched. Better yet, if the men were actually trans-women with big cocks. And if there were men, I preferred hairless or at a minimum man-scaped. But I now definitely noticed the cocks while watching porn – and often imagined being the one sucking or getting fucked, or both.

I also knew I didn’t want to be a fuck toy for men unless there were women present enjoying my rape. I couldn’t explain why, and I’m not sure Laura believes it, but it’s how I feel. Since this has come up, Laura will point to men she finds hot, and ask me if, ‘I’d do them’, or let them ‘do me’. It’s kinda fun, and it always lead to her teasing me, and that usually lead to sex, but at the same time, it could be a bit annoying – which I mentioned on more than one occasion.

I tried pointing out hot women to Laura, hoping she might see my point. Asking if she’d ‘go down on them’ or let them ‘fuck her with a strap-on’. But the answer was always, ‘fuck yeah!’. So that didn’t work as I had hoped.

As for the people involved, Danni explained to Laura that there were 7 people in the room; Danni and I; two camera women; Jasmine; the stud that fucked me; and the mystery person. I had seen on video that the mystery person was a woman and had been the one dishing out my discipline – including the crop, but that’s all I could see. The camera operators were definitely professional. I never once saw either of them in the shots. And the only faces captured were those of Danni and I. A truly remarkable job in a pretty small space.

The camera people were from one of the Porn studios for whom Danni does computer security consulting. Apparently, she offered them 3 months work for two camera people and the camera rental. The sex people were friends of Danni’s, and that’s all she would offer. Other than to say, they were clean, discrete and could be trusted.

The memory cards from both video cameras were given to Laura and she gave them to me. We talked about posting them – as we both thought they were hot as hell. But ultimately, we both own businesses that could potentially be damaged if I was recognized – so for now, we keep them in the safe. Danni has also assured us that Laura now has the only copy of the Bat session – and well, if we’re gonna do more sessions with Danni – we have to trust she’s not lying.

We decided that we’d keep filming the sessions for now. It was fucking hot watching them back. In my case, seeing things from a perspective of someone else. And Danni said her deal with the studio was for 3 sessions so we still had 2 more in the bag, so to speak.

I still had no idea who the mystery person was – and any time I asked or prodded, all I would get was ‘in due time’.

Laura refused to talk about future plans and what was in store for me next. But I wasn’t complaining. With her and Danni planning our next adventure almost daily, our sex life had ramped up massively. Laura was constantly horny. She would jump in the shower with me. Or grab my cock while I was doing dishes – getting me all hot and hard – and then run off to the bedroom giggling. She also started sending me pussy pics and dick pics, asking me to tell her what I like about them. To describe what I would do to them. God what an incredible woman. We hadn’t ventured anywhere near the playroom since the ‘sessions’ – as we were now calling them. And neither one of us seems to care. It was like we were a couple of horny 20 year-olds again.

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