Sis Knows Best

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The door closed behind them. This was the first time they had been alone together since he had married her best friend two months before. They both stood still, she in front of him, expectantly. No words were spoken as she felt him brush her long hair free from one side of her face so that he could slowly nuzzle her neck. His warm breath reaching her skin before his lips.

His hands, hitherto resting on her shoulders, inched slowly round in front of her approaching the buttons on her blouse. She stiffened slightly yet made no move to stop him as, one by one, he undid them all. He made no attempt to caress her breasts as he did so which surprised her. She drew her shoulders back slightly to aid him in the removal of her blouse. Still no words broke the silence. The adept way he undid her bra pleased her. She’d given him his earliest lessons on how not to fumble whilst doing this. As the full weight of her breasts pulled forward he took the opportunity to fondle her.

With a hand each side, under her arms, he slid them around until he fully cupped each one, allowing each thumb to gently flick at her erecting nipples. She closed her eyes as she enjoyed şanlıurfa escort bayan the sensation before reaching behind her to place her hands on his groin. Her breath becoming more ragged as she wondered what state of arousal she would encounter. What she found didn’t disappoint her. The bulge in the front of his trousers was immediately obvious and she ran one of her fingers along the length of his dick. The involuntary jerk of it beneath her finger told of his approval, which excited her.

Her pussy was beginning to moisten and with only pleasure on her mind she reached for his zipper. Sliding it swiftly down his erect cock was hers for the taking and take it she did. Gripping it firmly in her right hand she slowly pumped it up and down whilst he continued to play with her tits. After a while he began to move his hands down over her stomach and towards the vee of her thighs. This was the signal she had waited for. It was the work of less than a second to surprise him by turning one hundred and eighty degrees and sinking to her knees. He could guess now what was coming and relaxed into it.

Holding gaziantep sarışın escort bayan the base of his cock with thumb and forefinger she gazed admiringly at the thick shaft and bulbous knob that faced her. Kissing her way slowly up each side of it she found herself, eventually, with his knob poised an inch from her opening mouth. Her tongue snaked out to lick the small bubble of pre-cum that she saw on the eye of the beast. A groan of pleasure, the first sound he’d made, escaped from his lips and he pushed his hips forward eager to feel her lips engulf him. But she toyed with him by drawing back yet still wanking him with a soft and practised hand.

So it continued for some minutes. He getting more and more excited and desperate to insert his cock and she occasionally licking his helmet. And all the while she was jerking him up and down until the time was right.

Just as he was beginning to think that he would shoot his load without ever feeling the velvet warmth of her mouth she opened wide and swallowed at least half of his length. It was then that she went to work şehitkamil escort bayan in earnest, her head bobbing up and down his dick as one of her hands jiggled and stroked his balls. Now he was fighting. Fighting not to cum before he’d relished the sensations she was giving him. As her tongue flicked at the underside of his knob he knew this was a battle he could never win of course. All too soon he felt his spunk boiling up inside of him ready to ejaculate.

She too knew he was close and speeded up her actions. His knees felt like buckling and his thighs quivered as his balls started the spasms that would propel his warm sticky fluid into her mouth and down her throat.

An animal groan escaped his lips as the cum pulsated from his engorged cock and into her warm receptive mouth. She didn’t miss a stroke and milked him for every drop. Even after he had finished she ran her finger up the groove on the underside of his dick to coax out the last remaining dribble which she licked off whilst smiling up into his eyes.” How does that compare to wifey then little brother?” she said as she continued to play with his slightly softening manhood. He grinned back at her, “You know she can’t compare with you sis. You always knew I’d have to come back for a little of your special action sooner or later.”

“That’s right bro. Don’t forget that nobody knows you like family. Now, are you gonna take me into the bedroom? I’ve got an extreme itch that needs scratching and you know exactly how I like it.” Under the circumstances how could he refuse?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32