Sinful Matters Ch. 01

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A young blonde looking man walked down a street of cobblestone in an urban yet quiet city at night. A tingling in his body guiding his every step, focused deeply above his head. At something he could not see or touch. At least not here and now.

The blonde man with blue deep eyes stopped once when his eyes were filled with the light of a neon sign of a bar, a sign on top of its entrance. Bingo. A small smile drew itself on his face as he allowed himself to breathe easier that cold night.

Before he continued, above him a light flashed and he flinched as he looked up with his arms protecting his face. He waited anguished a couple of seconds before he opened one of his eyes and realized that light just came from a street lighting. Looking directly at it made him feel…naked. And not in the good sense. At least not here and now. Again.

Two things he seemed to be running out of.

He entered the bar and the odor to buzz and chain immediately hit him. Chit chat flew at every direction from tables booth ups filled of people. He tried to make a sense of that sea of people for as long as he could without making himself look like a weirdo for standing there. With a snort of his nose to clean the smoke he walked pass the chatting people. So much speaking thrown to the air without no one listening never meant to reach far. to the bartender and inclined over the bar at the part with the fewest people.

“What can I serve you?” A serious and worn out bartender asked cleaning a glass as he barely looked at the blonde man. Only looking through him.

“Hey handsome, think you could do me a favor?” The Man requested but without earning much of the bartender’s attention, as the blonde man only earned a pissed off look.

“Go suck a dick if you want a free drink.”

Before the bartender could turn away from him, the man stood up from his seat and put both of his hands at the bar and looked the bartender directly in the eyes.

“I said, can you do me! A favor!” He shouted as quietly as he could to not arouse suspiction and as he looked the bartender in the eyes, the man opened his own eyes as wide as he could. His pupils shined for a moment before they turned upside down in a 360 spin and the bartender replicated the effect before he dropped his jaw slightly open like a zombie. Once he saw his truck had success he sat down and relaxed himself.

“Tell me who in this place had spent more time here than everyone else.” He requested and the bartender only pointed at three booth ups with podded brown seats across the bar.

Choosing from there was easy, since only one of those tables had a man with black hair with very few yet recognizable strands of red, alone with glass on hand and head low. From where he stood, he could also distinguish a couple of bottles on the table, all of them empty.

“Gluttony.” The blonde man said to himself after a small chuckle.

He walked in a beeline passing by the customers and a couple of waitresses as he couldn’t help but grow a shiny smile on his face as he sat uninvited at the other side of the table.

“So, come here often?” He flirted with a friendly tone leaning on both his arms on the table as he tilted his head slightly sideways.

The man in front of him barely lifted his eyes for a second as he emitted a growl. His dead eyes seemed to come back to live if just a little.

“So that’s why my drink started to taste like shit.”

“Hello to you too, Damian.”

“Why are you even here anyways? You haven’t talk to me since…I can’t fucking remember now.”

“You could have always looked for me, like I just did for you.”

“I am not such a needy piece of shit like you.” Damian took his eyes off from the man and lowered them back into an empty spot in the table.

“Don’t you think there’s nothing for us to discuss? No catch up with each other needed?”

“What there is to ‘dis-cuss’?”

“Well I mean, I just saw you here in this…picturesque, hmm, a bit lonely and I thought you’d like so company.” The blonde man stared at the rest of the bar like it was vivid and overflowed with glee. He aimlessly scratched his right cheek with one of his fingers to pretend normality.

“If you want someone to suck you off you’ll find too many desperate fucks to get laid.” Damian spitted words full of vitriol after he gave a sip to his bottle and stamped it against the table with a somewhat loud knock sound.

The man’s face drew a kittenish smile to his words. Then, unadvertised, he got up from his seat and walked to sit on Damian’s side of the table, pushed him to the wall and whispered directly to his ear. “Oh but no one sucks it as good as you.”

“Get the FUCK out of ME ANGELO!” He shouted as quietly as he could, but failed and earned some stares from people nearby passing by or in close tables. Something both Damian and Angelo noticed and the latter tried to play off by separating himself a bit from Damian, he put his arm on top of his shoulders and waved his hand friendly to the people staring at them.

As soon as the people Malatya Escort on the bar stopped looking at them Damian got Angelo’s arm off himself by pushing it with his shoulders. After that Damian no longer bothered speaking with Angelo and focused on the bottle he had in hand. He meant to give it another sip only to find out it was now completely empty. Damian looked through the top of the bottle directly into the hole and waved the bottle up and down as he sticked his tongue out to taste the last drops of alcohol.

He pulled out his wallet from the back pocket of his black pants and when he opened it only a fly came out of it. Damian only left out a tired sigh, he didn’t bother looking at Angelo, who he knew was watching it keenly.

“Iffff…you are low in cash. I can give you a little hand if you give me another hand.” Angelo proposed with the warmest smile he could gather for Damian.


“I don’t have where to sleep tonight. Or…a while for that…matter, that is not-what I try to mean, is, can I stay in your place?…You do have a place, right?”

“Of course I have you asshole?” Damian wiggled his bottle in circles with his wrist, despite it was empty before he looked back on Angelo. “Even if you come with me to my apartment, you should at least know about my asshole landlord?”

“What about him?”

“I…own him a couple moths of rent. On top of that he doesn’t when anyone brings people over.”

“Aaaand you want me to have a little chat with him? Makes sense. You know how persuasive I can be when I put my ‘mind’ to ‘anything’.”

“Don’t fucking make me regret this before we even leave this place. So do your thing and get us out of here.”

“Yeah, about that, I sort of already used my magic in the bartender to find you, so I’ll need your help with the waitress.”

A slight, barely noticeable blush appeared in his black skin as he deviate his eyes away from Angelo into the wall and extended his hand to him. “Quick.” He simply muttered.

Angelo took it and called one of the waitresses to come with them waving his hand to her, a female one with tints of makeup on her face and eyebrows and sizeable breasts Angelo could see the top of. “You want the bill?” She asked with her best try of a friendly and welcoming expression anyone could see through.

After making sure no one was looking at them, Angelo grabbed her hand, a low lavender glow grew in her hand, after a few seconds her face turned into a blank expression and her eyes got lost into the nothing and her jaw slightly dropped. Once Angelo knew his magic has made effect he cleared his throat. “Yes, but I was wondering if you could help my friend and I with this one. Wouldn’t you happen to have you wallet with you?”

With stiff and robotic movements, the waitress pulled her wallet from her breasts and withdrew enough money to pay the bill and then Angelo told her to get back to her work. Damian took the money and the bill and put them beneath one of the bottles and both of them walked up as calmly and hastily as they could until they crossed the door into the street.

“That was not so bad, was it?” Angelo joked pushing Damian with his elbow. “So, lead the way, shall you?”

“I could tell you were not that weak to need hold my hand back there.”

“You didn’t say no either.” Angelo topped off immediately, and with that he resigned himself to follow Damian to wherever he had his apartment.

It took them about a dozen of minutes on foot to reach a not so graceful light grey building with a couple of its windows boarded up. Cracks on its foundation could be spotted easily by any eyes looking for them. Damian entered first through a creaking and old door followed by Angelo right behind him. Right in the reception they found a white man with very big glasses, a bit skinny, black heir too fancy for any person’s liking with a red shirt sweated and greased with the draw of a geek character neither of them two could spot. The man was on his phone until he heard the door open and saw Damian. He rolled out from reception for some reason while sitting on an office chair with wheels and shouting didn’t took long to come out.

“You finally come you edgy fuck! When are you gonna fucking pay me what you own me?! And I told you I don’t want any loser into my building so tell your friend to get the fuck out of him.” He rolled in his chair towards the couple. Damian just turned to see Angelo and with his eyes allowed him to “fix” the situation.

Angelo smirked humbly and cleared his throat. “Sir whatever is your name. I can assure your residents will find no problems with me and my…friend.” He viewed Damian by the corner of his eye for a second before he turned back to the landlord. Then he took a few steps until he was right in front of the seated man and Angelo tilted his body and put his hands on the armrests of the chair, trapping him right there as he put his own face close to him.

Immediately the landlord searched for ways to get away from Angelo but right as he did Malatya Escort Bayan that, Angelo pushed his chair into a small hallway that led to the landlord’s office. His eyes shrank in nervousness just like he made himself smaller in his chair. “H-hey! What in hell you think you are doing!? Let me go!” He protested in vain.

“We are just getting to know each other better.” He simply said nonchalant.

“Why you taking me to my office?!”

“We are just getting to know each other better.

Damian had been staring the whole scene until Angelo and the landlord reached his office and close the door with a slam. Afterwards Damian heard many muffed screams and objects falling to the floor accompanied with some heavy hits that made the walls tremble a bit. Screams from both Angelo and the landlord, screams of ecstasy and screams of terror sounded across the reception where Damian didn’t even want to imagine what was happening, since he didn’t have to guess that much.

After a couple of minutes of waiting, as fast as the door came to life, they ceased, and Angelo came out of the office while swiping his shirt with his hands and he combed his hair.

“Are you done fooling around?” Damian asked crossing his arms and walked upstairs to his apartment.

“Hey, I did us a favor. That guy won’t be charging us any rent any time soon. Or anyone in this building for that matter.”

“At expenses of trails of lust.” Damian argued back as he turned around to Angelo mid-way upstairs.

“I stopped a seed of greed. You’re welcome.” Angelo spoofed, not only to Damian but everyone in the building looking at other people’s doors as he followed Damian until he stopped on his own door.

Damian unlocked his door and came in his apartment and Angelo closed it as he entered too. The first thing he noted about the place it was its size. Larger than he expected apartments to be, but he liked it that way. Although the windows of Damian’s apartment were boarded up like some others in the building. Angelo could see just a little bit through the boards and see the window outside was intact unlike the others.

The first thing Damian did was turn on the TV and sat down on an old couch big enough for them two, severely scratched and covered with tape in some parts where should be couch springs. Angelo did the same instead he put his feet in the couch and in top of Damian’s legs.

Angelo sneaked up behind Damian while he sat on the couch and he rested his chin in top of his head as he hugged his shoulders and put his hands on his chest.

“Come on, put away that petty disguise. You know how tensed up you get when you hide it for too long.”

“I fucking said no! Stop shitting me with that!”

“At least the horns. You know how much I love to suck them.” He whispered that last part to his ear. Damian continued to struggle to get up from the couch and get free from Angelo’s hold. “Just the horns, Damian. We can have a good time. Like old times. Remember that night when we had on that boat on the middle of the sea? Don’t tell me you don’t want to relive those days.”

Angelo got his hands inside Damian’s shirt, fondling his skin and made him tickle and exhale heavily. Angelo drew a smile on his face when Damian didn’t push him away, on the contrary, Damian grabbed his hands and made him caresses his sensitive skin in his torso and abdomen. Damian twisted over himself like if Angelo was tickling him.

A very tint red glow appeared between Damian’s head and some of his hair disappeared only to be replaced shortly after by two dark red horns with black lines every few inches, his horns grew to be a little larger than his hand and were shaped in a distorted S form. Damian’s brown skin obtained a red shaded accompanied with small dark circles across his body.

“You’re not gonna regret it.” Angelo put his head next to Damian’s and whispered. By being so close Angelo noticed his friend’s eyes had acquired a light red coloring.

“You better not make me do it.” Damian struggled to utter with his faltered voice, he didn’t want to let any moan escape from his mouth to give Angelo that kind of satisfaction, even if it was just a for a short while in a game he knew he would eventually lose.

As promised, Angelo worked on licking and dampening Damian’s horns throughout. Damian had confessed to him he could not feel much in his horns, but what little he could feel was like a tingle to his whole body. A sensation that always persisted and that took long to vanish. Like a drop of water on an ocean, except you could tell where that drop had gone, if just barely.

“When was the last time you had a happy ending in one of these?” Angelo purred and put his hands inside of Damian’s shirt through the neck hole. Angelo knew Damian was enjoying it when he let his body melt over itself on the couch and Damian tossed and turned over himself sitting.

A small bulge became apparent in Damian’s pants as Angelo traveled the sides of his torso, reacting as it was tickles due Escort Malatya to how Angelo touched him. Damian spread his legs to give his crotch space as his hips had little spasms like if he were thrusting something, or rather, someone, with them.

Without warning, Angelo climbed over the couch and pinned Damian down to it, in the process letting a shriek out of shock followed by a short groan in discomfort when Angelo dropped his rear and hips over Damian’s own hips. None of them commented about it, but Damian knew Angelo placed his hips right above his own to rub his bulge against Angelo’s. Damian didn’t let him know, but he gulped feeling how Angelo was not hard yet unlike himself, grumbling in his mind over the fact Angelo was playing with him.

“Agh, what an idiot,” Damian thought of himself. “Of course he is.”

Before Damian could continue cursing Angelo or himself in his mind, his partner stripped of his shirt, exposing his torso and leaving his upper body naked. While not fit in any remarkable way, his body was a skinny one, thin even If one was picky.

As Damian laid there in the couch trying to endure the embarrassing position he was in Angelo fondled slowly his body at the same time he devoured him with his eyes with that stupid pretty smile it never seemed to fall off his dumbass face. Angelo kept him pinned down with one of his hands pressing his chest as the other one extended to his black horns to caress them.

“It’s nice to play with those pretty horns of yours. But now I wanna play with something…more.” Angelo roared in a deep voice. Damian knew exactly what Angelo wanted, he tried to get him off himself in a attempt too futile even for Damian.

“You must be a brainless fuck if you think I will do what you want by just asking.” He tried once more to get Angelo off him.

“Come on Damian, we are alone. If you give me your whole “package”, I will do the same for you. Deal?” Right as he accentuated his words he thrusted his hips against Damian’s to rub each other’s bulges thoroughly, letting Damian feel his burning cock to remind him of what he’s been missing for so long.

“What fucking deal are you talking about? If you already are undressing me like a whore I will not do this shit for you.”

“My Damian~” Angelo fondled the tip of his fingers across Damian’s hairless chest. “If you wanted to see me naked all you had to do was ask me to.” His smile accentuated and he caressed his fingers closer to Damian’s nipples, first lightly and just at the very edges of his little areola to go all for it shortly after, causing Damian to arch his back and twist his upper body once more, as much as he could with Angelo on top of him.

Such actions caused Damian to have goosebumps on his skin. A signal of the clear good job Angelo was doing. And Angelo himself aroused himself the more he pleased Damian, since the bulge in his pant grew tighter every second. He didn’t know how long he had until his pants gave up to the pression or If he even wanted to remove them and let his cock do its work and tear its way through, considering this was their first time together after such a long time. After a quick but intense thinking, Angelo opted for removing his pants, after all those pants were baggy and comfy enough for someone his actual size.

“Last chance to give me what I want before I go all out. And you know how I can get when I put my mind into something.” Angelo put one of Damian’s nipples and squashed it just a bit too hard. At first Damian gave just a very small reaction, something Angelo expected as he maintained strong eye contact with him, so he pressed harder, both creating and taking the opportunity to distract Damian as his other free hand lowered slowly towards his bulge until Angelo could squeeze hard at once, causing the exact reaction Angelo wanted on his partner, he startling and jumping over himself and Angelo only laughed. “If you think this is some kind of warm up then you must have really forgotten about me.” Angelo half warned half teased.

Damian with a pissed off expression and shoulders as high as spikes gulped heavily. Angelo despite being the one to hold the eye contact between them was the one to break it when Damian’s brown skin switched to a strong red tone, many dark dots of various sizes appeared across his skin, some in large groups and others isolated. As his torso turned red, a small but surely noticeable black goatee grew in his chin as a stubble beard appeared at the contour of his face, which made Angelo lick his lips.

As this red coloring extended to his lower body, Damian let out a small grumble in discomfort as he barely managed to lift his hips. Angelo glimpsed over his shoulder to see a red and hairless tail grew ending up with a triangle form with the mark of a pentagram on it. Damian had transformed from his human disguise into his demon, original, form. In his back appeared the figure of a skull of his kind with a great scar across it, disfiguring it severely.

Angelo saw that draw for a second and his smile trembled for a second, but he quickly pushed his thoughts away and focused on the moment and lifted his smile up into a bossy and imperious one, but with tones of relief and comfort. Though he knew Damian would not notice it since he was too pissed off by obliging him to switch, which di…pissed off?

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